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  1. happy birthday paul! :)

  2. I been wondering for a while how to start out i think once i get my computer fixed I should try modding with something simple like a GT mod in moder warfare 2. Ill pprobobly use a simple USB drive to start and see if i do well then work my way up to a JTAG (most likely not...)
  3. General

    I dont know the price but look at the company dazzle they have standard quality capture cards and a huge price range. if you wand awesome quility use a "Black Magic Intesity Pro" its better that a Haupaugge HD PVR
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  5. I have been through all the "big" browsers for windows such as Firefox, Chrome (Which I'm using now), and of course Windows Internet Explorer. They are all good but, i can't really decide on one to use. They all have good traits and i have a hard time deciding so here are my thoughts... Windows Internet Explorer: Positives: Simple, Easy-to-use Negatives: Laggy at times, freezes a lot (or maybe my comp is just bad) Mozzila Firefox: Positives: Very customizable, huge variety of add-ons Negatives: Sometimes slow, Not too user friendly Google Chrome: Positives: Very fast browser, easy to use, IT LOOKS FREAKING COOL Negatives: All it is, is fast nothing else stands out
  6. General

    Search the south for a yellow hummer with uzi's and m4's in the trunk (zombieland reference)