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  1. I need a download link to unmodified Halo reach .map files. I done fucked up while learning to mod and I unfortunately didnt make any backups. Any help is appreciated
  2. Support

    @Lord Zedd @Akarias Thank you guys I finally have it working properly. I know I am asking a lot of questions but I am using google before I ask and what they have suggested has not worked. However now that I have him working right how do I change permutations make him an odst for example? And in the capture below you can see he has a tan and blue color scheme. I tried changing the colors in "mode", "matg", and "marine.bipd" all with no effect Thank you in advance yall have been great
  3. Support

    I have changed that as well as the model under the spartan.bipd
  4. So i am trying to change my bipd to that of a marine and when I do and go in third person he appears like this: I have changed the model under matg And have changed the model in the spartan.bipd
  5. Support

    I have done everything listed above and I get this: the phantom also still falls through the floor and neither are driveable despite changing the seat properties in the vehi tag
  6. Support

    I know it can be done because The404Spartan does it in his videos I just have no idea how
  7. So i have successfully gotten the phantom and spirit into the forge pallet and gotten them to spawn however when I drop them they fall through the map and cannot be flown. I have tried looking around in assembly but cant find anything that works. Any solutions?