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  1. Alright, so every time i'm playing multiplayer with a friend on "The Pit", those pelicans always looked so tempting to fly! Well now you can! Whats New In Version 2? Added: Banshee, Phantom, Phantom, Green, Profit Chair, Prowler, Scorpion, Hornet, Scarab, Forklift, (Scenery) Forklift, (Drivable) Brute, AI, (With Spawner) Chair, File Cabinet, Monitor, Keyboard, Telephone Box, Telephone, Dead Bird, (And More I Couldn't Think Of At The Moment) Picures! Downloads: V2: V1: Scan of the "ReadMe!.bat": Also know I was inspired by: misterbanshee, to make another update! Enjoy!
  2. NOTE: This WILL NOT work for those who do not have a modded Xbox 360 console. Sorry! There are two parts to this tutorial; part one will teach you how to extract .tag files such as [bipd] which will be what we are using for this and is crucial for part two, part two will teach you how to import the extracted [bipd] Part One - Extracting your [bipd] 1. Open up a .map file of your choosing 2. Choose any campaign .map that you want (preferably citadel because it has the most bipds and char) 3. Once opened, go to the bipd taglist and choose any bipd you want for this tutorial, I will be choosing the grunt.bipd 4. Highlight and right click on the grunt bipd tag and Extract... (With Raw) 5. Now, you will need to drag your .map file over to your neighborhood map folder Part Two - Importing your [bipd] and playing as your character 6. After that, you will go to the .map you're wanting to mod 7. Import the extracted bipd you chose 8. Find the taglist [matg] 9. Search for, "Player Representation" 10. Choose whichever player you are, elite or masterchief I am player masterchief 11. In the red box is what bipd you will be changing and you can change it whatever you want I chose the grunt.bipd once again 12. As you can see, i chose the grunt bipd, once you've chose your bipd, click poke and respawn After I’ve poked, here’s my grunt after respawning Be sure to check out my YouTube channel!
  3. .MAP

    I want to transfer tags from one map to another so should I extract them raw or non raw Thnks
  4. Hey guys, I made a simple mod which basically allows you as well as your friend to play as ODSTs on The Ark. It is in 1st person, meaning that there is kind of no point to this mod, however, if you watch it in Theater mode it is pretty interesting to watch. Also, the gameplay feels like you are an ODST due to the tweaks I made to the health, melee, and speed. I have yet to provide images of the mod and will do so soon. Download link: First player is ODST Captain (ODST with red markings) Second player is regular ODST (ODST with no markings) Melee is decreased to match the melee of a marine Walking speed is decreased to match a marine's Jump stays the same due to difficulty completing mission with small jump
  5. .MAP

    Lockdown Revision. 1.4_3 Lockdown is a .map created from an injected bsp that was pulled from 110_hc, bsp 020. What has been accomplished so far: Important Initial Patch File Download: (107 MB) Update. Patch to Rev. 1.4_3 patch file: (5.80 MB) Notes: - Added invisibility ability to the list. - Added covenant crate to the list. - Added an invisible wall to the list. Things I plan to do in the next revision: - See how gametypes would work for this bsp. - Get suggestions from people. Game Variants: - Purge (Slayer) - Containment (Infection) Pictures: Camping spot
  6. NOTE: This WILL NOT work for those who do not have a modded Xbox 360 console. Sorry! Also, before anything be sure to have Bungie armor on for this tutorial! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Hey there! This is literally my first tutorial EVER, but not to worry, I got you covered! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Here, I will walk you through a simple easy quick 15 step-by-step tutorial on how to get the flaming skull as your helmet/head. Alright, so let's get on with it! To start with, your character should look like this 1. Open up assembly with your .map of your liking 2. In the search box, type in "masterchief" 3. Go to the [hlmt] taglist 4. select, "objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief" 5. Scroll down to where you see, "Objects" 6. Click on the, "+" sign and add 1 chunk to "Objects" 7. ● Type in "head" in the "Parent Marker" box ● In "Child Object", select the [weap] taglist - "objects\weapons\multiplayer\ball\ball" 8. This is what you should have thus far -Click save- P.S. the reason the name of my ball is different than "objects\weapons\multiplayer\ball\ball" is because i made duplication's which are ball weap, hlmt, and mode strictly for the helmet/head so the original multiplayer ball weap would not be affected. IT IS CRITICAL TO READ THIS BEFORE MOVING ON TO THE NEXT STEP! In order for this to work without crashing/freezing, you must now must save and copy/drag the map over into your neighborhood's Halo 3 map folder The reason having to do this is because each time that you add a chunk, it is changing the data byte of the .map, therefore isn't being rendered real time to your xbox .map file hence being the reason having to drag/copy the modified .map over to your maps folder. Once you've dragged folder over, you can successfully null out the skull or add it anytime you want via poking around. Back to assembly... 9. Go to [mode] taglist and expand it 10. Select this, "objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief" 11. Scroll down to where you see, "Materials". Here is where you will null out your helmet and visor of your player. A. Select it to your players' helmet and visor B. Null them both -Click save or poke- If you have done the steps above correctly, this is what your character should look like... a headless spartan We are almost done, hang in there! 12. Now, go to the [mode] tag and select this, "objects\characters\masterchief\mp_masterchief\mp_masterchief" 13. Scroll down till you see this, then make sure that you're on number 11 in the "Marker Groups" which you should see head as the "Name" and copy everything here in the red box to your "Markers" -Click save or poke- LASTLY... 14. Go to [mode] and select "objects\weapons\multiplayer\ball\ball" 15. Scroll down to here, and copy everything in the red box to yours and then!!! -Click save or poke- Now you can either drag your .map file over to your maps folder in neighborhood, re-spawn, and/or change teams, and you shall see the flaming skull mod! Here is the flaming skull head! NOTE: Sometimes for an unbeknownst reason, it will glitch and won't work. Just let me know in the comment section below if this worked for you! If not, shoot me a PM and we’ll figure it out!
  7. .MAP

    File Name: Fly The Pelican V0.9.6.0 File Submitter: bfixer117 File Submitted: 24 Apr 2013 File Updated: 25 Apr 2013 File Category: .MAP Mods -Allow you to drive the pelican and shoot the missile pods -Uploaded To MediaFire Because it said the patch file size was to big Covenant) If Video Is Unavailable then its still uploading Video: Click here to download this file
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Halo 3's Mythic Disk removed the Campaign lobby from the main menu as it was a multiplayer only release of Halo 3 which came bundled with ODST. This Main Menu modification will add back the campaign lobby for those who want it, though please make sure you have the ESSENTIAL files from Halo 3 in order for this to work. Requirements: Halo 3 Mythic Multiplayer Version Modified default.xex Instructions for use: 1: Obtain a clean from Halo 3 Mythic 2: Patch the clean with the provided patch 3: Add your now patched to the maps folder in your Halo 3 Mythic 4: Make sure you have all the files listed below in their proper directories 5: Start your game and enjoy! ESSENTIAL FILES FOR THIS TO WORK: Make sure you have the following files in your "info" directory: [Optional, but you probably want it] Make sure "credits_60.bik" is in your "bink" folder Author's Last Words: Please note that this isn't the final version. I plan on updating this soon with updated main menu text and HOPEFULLY campaign scoring and skulls working. I will also release a version with the blue filter effect for those who like it ol' skool. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy. - L337H4X0RZZ
  9. .map Halo 3 Pelican On Sand Trap

    Version v0.5.8.1


    I have not been able to work on lately so i am releasing the beta version of this i will still work on it when i get time V Video Things To Do: -fix the wind animations -fix the physics model -add Sound may not be the actual sounds How To Play: just start forge as halo 3 loads the to Akarias for the info) when the main menu loads forge and load pelican trap (name may Change) when in game spawn and shoot a magnum to spawn spawning it from the forge menu crashes the game Map: Sandtrap Save patched map as or rename it to BLF Soon but does have map info so there u go Gamecheat lol
  10. I saw this decade old mod of someone who took the teddy bear from the easter egg on jungle and made it into himself. I always thought it was funny so I remade it myself. Original vid. He can punch pretty hard, some weapon proj edits, third person, and ofc you are now a teddy bear. You WILL need to edit your halo3.campaign file and add 3011. DOWNLOAD a gif
  11. .MAP

    Was asked how to do this in a PM, so here you go. Applies to H3 and Reach. Goto your desired weapon tag, jump to "Barrels" (Protip, hit CTRL+F and type Barrels). Make sure to select the correct block index, some weapons have more than one such as the plasma pistol. Jump to "Crate Projectile" and then set it to a crate class object eg Bloc. Set a Projectile Speed. You can also null the initial projectile while you are at it. All done, go shoot some stuff I guess. I'll admit that a lot of basic info from the early days does not translate well into the modern plugins that we all use, if you want anything updated/explained let me know.
  12. File Name: Halo 3 phantom in sandtrap + Hunter and Arbiter File Submitter: Sebo7 File Submitted: 16 Mar 2014 File Category: .MAP Mods This mod includes: -Driveable Phantom- -Chin gun can be controlled- -Seat at phantom cargo- -Select spartan to become a hunter in game- -Select elite to become arbiter in game- -Hunter can shoot- How to spawn a phantom: Just throw a Frag grenade or go to where the elephants are , they are replaced with phantoms. When the phantom is about to blow then the game will freeze so do not shoot at it (This will be fixed) Click here to download this file
  13. You WILL NEED to add 3200 to your Halo3.campaign file. I also highly recommend using my modded xex. The mod will still work with a normal modded xex, but mine will enable modified object spawning sizes, which some of the ai/vehicles use. My xex is using TU1 so im not sure if it works with other TU or not. full picture album So basically this is the warthog trench run campaign map. But now, there is a lot more to do. There are around 20+ different vehicles to choose from, along with optional marines to load into your vehicles (they are blind and have rockets LOL). Edited cutscenes, a whole bunch of driveable bipd, many edited/added/increased ai battles, scripts such as button combos for invincibility toggle, and 100% or 50% gravity toggle, marines will never fall out of their seats when flipped, dodging kamikaze plasma grenade grunts, a nuke gun, giant hunters, there will be no ending cut scene, instead you can jump straight inside of the frigate and play around inside, and much more stuff. In fact so much stuff, I can't even add another chunk of data with the game freezing. Also, the marines can be a real pain sometimes to get in vehicles, you just have to keep honking and get their lazy ass up there. Also in order to use the elephant correctly you have to go through the walls at the islands just like gamecheat13 did in his video. some of this stuff was imported/edited from gamecheat13 and lord zedd, so thankyou to those two for some of their mods. also, select+switch grenades switches 50% and 100% gavity, and a secret combo select+melee for invicible players (useful when the marines keep killing you with rockets) other extra videos
  14. Okay, so I'm trying to inject tags into assembly and nothing is working. I am not quite sure what I've done wrong, i've been looking everywhere on how to do this, but there is nothing for halo 3. Here is what I have set in my assembly settings, -resource cache is in the folder where it has the shared, mainmenu, and -selected the halo 3 game -opened up a file like the citadel map -opened up the vehi/char.taglist and would either extract the hunter char or phantom.tagc RAW into a tag folder -opened up sandbox map -imported those tags -weap then I would make my magnum shoot out and it would freeze when choose those, but it wont freeze when I choose what is defaulted in the bipd or vehi.taglist And when I try to edit the forge menu, it wont work. I go to scnr.taglist and even when I try changing the budget limit from 1500 to 3000, wont work. I don't know if its because I'm not on the original sandbox map because I deleted everything off of there and I already have the budget to 1500? I was using another map called, sandbox canvas whereas everything is deleted and I have $1500, but I even tried all of this on the regular default sandbox map and nothing works. Please guys, help
  15. Working on this the past few months has taught me a lot on how halo 3 script expressions work. This mod includes every hidden cinematic, and many restored animations. Every single cutscene the player could not move around is included. Each campaign map will skip straight to the zoneset with cutscenes and teleport the player straight through each mission. I added enough for up to two players at once to properly play in co-op if needed. Hud and first person models removed for best experience. Characters on a screen are now brought into the room. All annoying cortana scenes are also brought to the player without annoying screen effects. Thanks to akarias and zedd for some help on some of this. Enjoy. Hidden cutscenes and animations restored
  16. .MAP

    You guys sick and tired of that blue tint to the halo 3 mainmenu? well this is the mod for you! it just removes that blue tint and it makes a great alternative menu check it out yourself! sorry for the shitty quality I took them off my phone!kTAUBK5Z!Ql4fDbAgFzknKCgNTJl_v82W00hNiRjcI6bhNu4qDJ4
  17. .MAP

    Its a simple tweak that replaces brutes with blue elites, the spiker had been changed to a plasma rifle and the brute shot has been converted to a covenant carbine have fun!!FfQAkbSJ!e6w65HP2QbVf1wu4WXaw35dgWhjFxWJbc-oC__pmH-U
  18. I know the modding community is dead and all but I'm just throwing it out there so other people can enjoy, this is a simple swap that lets you play as odst third person and gets rid of the brutes and replaces them with elites, I enjoy fighting elites rather than brutes, I have many maps like this I am willing to upload make sure you have modded xex obviously haha.!YD4wQKgC!kQvm0ffosMPaMYWPWNqxIcGbKjpgu8oOUcSS1MYRueI
  19. .MAP

    self explanatory. patches to It can lag when there gets to be a bunch of gutas, which is why I left some jackals in there.
  20. .MAP

    MAJOR EDIT: I updated grasstrap last month which was going to be with the xboxchaos map pack but is not. and link goes here -> Please someone record some gameplay for me cause I can't get a cap card yet Description of the mods is in the patch and please give me feedback,advice,tips anything you guys can think of Reason why title says v1.0 is cause I may update some things. EDIT: This is the final version I modded more projectiles,effects and shaders.
  21. .MAP

    Needed Items: Xbox that can run unsigned/dev signed code - XDK/RGH/Jtag Single player map - Used for extracting needed tags Resource files: - - - Invisibles turned on in Assembly This can be done in Halo 3, but due to the engine differences somethings maybe a bit different. But, if you can figure this out in Halo Reach it wont be hard for you to figure it out in Halo 3. Step 1) Setting up resource files in Assembly Step 2) Needed tags *If you did a conversion map (single player to multiplayer) or campaign in general there is obviously no need to inject a [char], unless that [char] doesn't existence on the map (if you need to extract a [char] because it doesn't existence you can save space if you go through the [char] tag and all it's tagrefs and null weaps/vehis that aren't in your map. When you are complete and go to see your AI in game, and the AI aren't there in game or because you freeze this is probably because that zoneset hasn't been loaded yet. To fix this, you'll need to load designer zonesets you can look HERE on how to do that (recommend just loading them all)* If you are doing this in a Multiplayer map, you'll need to extract the tag. Go to [char] in a single player map, locate the [char] you want and right click on the tag and hit "Extract With Raw" allow Assembly to extract. Again, you can save space if you go through the tags and all it's tagrefs and null weaps/vehis that aren't in your map. Open your target map and inject the tag if needed. Allow Assembly to inject. Step 3) Setting up a Basic Squad This tutorial is only showing you single location squads, if you spend more time in the squads you can figure out more things. This is just a basic squad setup to get you started. I'll be using forge_world so my squads block isn't expanded. If you have a campaign map just add a new chunk to the block using the tag reallocater (the plus sign next to the block). You can do some fun stuff with this. First go to [scnr] in your target map and do a search for "Squads" once you found it use the tag reallocater to expand the "Squads" block. You'll see "Name" you can give this any name as it is a ascii. Make sure the Flag "Initially Placed" is checked. Now make: "Parent Squad Group" - (-1) "Objective Index" - (-1) (in a campaign map looking at the "AI Objectives" block you pick which index you want your AI to be assigned to. (-1) just means they wont follow any) "Objective Role Index" - (-1) (in a campaign map looking at the sub-block of "AI Objectives" known as the "Role" block you pick which index you want your AI to be assigned to. (-1) just means they wont follow any) "Editor Folder Index" - (Don't think this maters too much, but if it does, increment by one until you get your squad to spawn. (-1) works for most maps) Save. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Expand "Single Locations" or if you're feeling crazy you can Expand "Group Locations" You can use any StringID for its name Use Adjutant to get x,y,z positions Now make: Reference frame - (-1) Save. "Character Type" - this pulls from the "Character Palette" index, so do a search for "Character Palette" and expand it than add your [char] to this list, and go back to "Character Type" in "Squads" and give this your characters palette index. This is the same concept for the following: "Initial Primary/Secondary Weapon" - look at the "Weapon Palette" and grab a weapons index that you want your AI to spawn with (-1 for no weapon). "Initial Equipment" - look at the "Equipment Palette" and grab the equipment's index that you want your AI to spawn with (-1 for no equipment). "Vehicle" - look at the "Vehicle Palette" and grab the vehicles index that you want your AI to spawn in (-1 for no vehicle) give a specific seat type using the drop box under it. Use "Vehicle Variant" to select which variant of vehicle you want. Look in the [hlmt] of the [vehi] to see the different variants and there corresponding StringIDs, place the String of the variant you want in "Vehicle Variant". "Grenade Type" - Use drop box to select which type of grenade your AI use. "Emitter Vehicle/Giant/Biped" - (-1) "Command Script Index" - (-1) Second to last "unknown" - (-1) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Expand "Squad A" You can use any StringID for its name "Count" - How many of that specific AI you want (spawns at same coordinates, add another single location to have another ai spawn at different coordinates) again you'll see vehicle "Vehicle" - look at the "Vehicle Palette" and grab the vehicles index that you want your AI to spawn in (-1 for no vehicle) give a specific seat type using the drop box under it. Use "Vehicle Variant" to select which variant of vehicle you want. Look in the [hlmt] of the [vehi] to see the different variants and there corresponding StringIDs, place the String of the variant you want in "Vehicle Variant". "Command Script Index" - (-1) Give the "Unknown" that is a string any string or I recommend the string "none". Second "Unknown" under the "Unknown" that is a string - (-1) Save. Edit - 3, July, 2016 Fixing Grammatical issues and format issues
  22. .MAP

    Doesn't take nearly as long as sounds do, promise. Again, turns out the SDK handles the file conversions. Update 3: New tool, new info Update 2: Oops rawpage no worky for this right now. Update 1: Added new version of Injection Helper, added tutorial for converting an adj bin with unbundler Gonna need some things: Assembly, 360 SDK installation, specifically, bundler.exe and unbundler.exe found in "\Program Files\Microsoft Xbox 360 SDK\bin\win32". (No links)Adjutant!dwlyiS6Q!WCYcmLZE3d1tUNFJj5z8ktmMiZ3HU2EJpAYfzGVRs4QEasy Bitmap Injection tool image editor that can open/save as .TGA (Photoshop works but costs money)Hex Editor (I use Hex Workshop, but any should do)(Manual Only) MapExpand that supports raw (blamite edition) (This particular link is the latest version that doesn't require that extra verbose option)(Manual Only) OrangeMohawk's convenient Raw Page Hash Checker Tool 1. Deciding Your Bitmap As is common in all these injection tutorials, you need to know what you want. While you should be able to replace an existing bitmap without Either way you will be using an existing bitmap as a base to duplicate off of, but are you modifying something existing or plan on making something all new? This will also help you choose your base. With a modification, you are obviously going to want to use what you plan on editing. But for something new, it would be wise to find a bitmap that is applied similarly (UI bitmap if going for UI, HUD for HUD, etc) so the format doesn't need to be changed. This tutorial will use modification but with a modified (upscaled) resolution to demonstrate what you'd do for a "new" image. 2. Tool Preparation Extract the EasyBitmapInjection folder to your desktop and copy bundler.exe to EasyBitmapInjection's directory. Extract the contents of "bitm" to your Assembly directory and overwrite. 3. Map Preparation Make a copy of the map you want (backups, yo) and open it in Assembly. Navigate to your base bitm and Right Click>Extract it using "Extract... (Without Raw)". Extracting without raw will save some space in your map. But before you reinject, you need to open up the tagc in a hex editor and modify the tag's name so it will inject. Nothing fancy, just swap a letter out for now. To find it, do a text search (or just take a look, since the tagc should be pretty small) for "bitm" then the full name. So for me editing the Foundry signs, I need to find "bitmobjects\levels\dlc\warehouse\bitmaps\fence_sign_red" Just going to replace the "o" in "objects" to an "x". That will serve the added function of it sorting at the end of the tag tree for easy access. Once done save it and inject the tagc back and open the new bitm for later. 4. Bitmap Preparation While not necessary, it is highly recommended that you use the original image as a base. And in most cases Adjutant will provide that for you, here's how: Open the map with the bitmap you wish to modify in Adjutant and bring it up. Note down the format and then Right Click>Export This Image. Save it as .BIN and again as DDS. Open the .DDS file in your image editor and give it a look over, does it look like it does in Adjutant? Is the alpha channel intact? If the resolution isn't "normal" (not 64/128/256/etc) your DDS may be the wrong size, but a crop/canvas resize down to the correct resolution will work if everything else is fine (anchor the upper left corner). If there is a major issue with the DDS you will need to convert that .bin you also extracted. But since that requires the tool let's get that mostly filled out first. If the DDS is good feel free to edit and save as .tga, if not make sure the size is still right and save as .tga anyway so it can be used as a dummy for bin conversion. 5. Tool Usage A With the injected bitm still open in Assembly you need to check 4 things; the "Is Tiled" flag, the format, the mipmap count, and the zone Asset Index at the bottom. Open EasyBitmapInjection and get ready to start filling things in as such: If "Is Tiled" is checked, leave the first Format dropdown alone, if unchecked, change it to "Linear" Set the second Format dropdown to match the Format value in Assembly. If you have to convert a .bin from Adjutant, just write down the mipmap count for now and keep it at 0/1 in the tool. Lastly, enter the Zone Asset Index for the bitmap data. Close the map in Assembly. Current Notes: For formats like DXT*a_mono use DXT*a, the only difference is that they may use a single channel or something. If you having to convert a .bin it was probably one of these formats. 6 Manual Bitmap Conversion This can be skipped if your DDS worked fine. In the tool, tick "Keep XPR" but NOT "Inject Into Map" and run the tool, which will ask for your .tga. What we are doing here is creating a dummy file that we can put the bin file into. Go ahead and delete the "convertedBitmap.bin", "convertedBitmap_mipmaps.bin" and CustomImageNoMip.xpr" files that got made Open CustomImage.xpr in a hex editor as well as the Adjutant .bin. Look at x4 in the file and ensure the 4 bytes after are equal to the size of the .bin. It should be. Now go to offset x80C, hold shift, then press the End key on your keyboard. This will select everything past the offset. Delete the selection. Switch to the .bin and do select all then copy. Switch back to the XPR file and paste at the end. Save and close the Hex Editor. Now make sure unbundler.exe is in the same location as your XPR, then right click>Open Command Window Here somewhere. Enter the following: unbundler customimage.xprThen hit enter. This will spit out a couple files, but among them will be InitialImage.tga. That is your image so go ahead and open it in your image editor. This should be a perfect file so edit as you will and save as a new .tga (or the same, whatever) when done. 7. Tool Usage B If you had to convert the .bin, you will need to remove any extra non dll or exe files from the directory to continue. The tool should still be open so uncheck "Keep XPR" if needed. Enter the Mipmap count Select your map that you reinjected the bitm tag to and once again check the Asset Index one more time. Run the tool and give it your .tga. If you have been following along it should tell you when everything is done with no problems. The process shouldn't take very long. 8. Applying The Bitmap So open your map back up in Assembly and go to your bitm tag. If you made any modifications to width/height or mipmaps, update them here and save, Now open whatever shader or relevant tag that you wish to use your bitmap in, then swap it and save. Congratulations You Did The Thing! Copy the map over and (hopefully) enjoy Below is that manual later-half of the original tutorial. At this point it probably isn't very coherent and I don't really care to fix it but here it is:
  23. I made an alternate version of Mombasa streets and the night firefight maps. It includes the Battle Rifle, SMG and Magnum injected from Halo 3, complete with their firing sounds to make them as Halo 3 as possible. The weapons are obtainable via weapon cache's and the racks at the start of firefight. In firefight, it is possible to play as an elite by selecting Dare as your player character. The elites colour is based off your selection in the appearence editor too. Dual wielding works with the elite too. Oh and the elite has a light to replace VISR. Thanks Zedd, Gamecheat and Lehvak for the tips on getting things to work Images ----------- Download (campaign only) -----------!6IJRWATb!W8Do4OoHAqCY5Zdf5g07OOQ-ZPAW1M6Qt29QX_2R3ag Download (firefight only) *Recommended -----------!eRo0zaba!4xkb1_VZSI9IzTheaNq7WoHMh0NxlSbQptm9H48OuRQ Finally got to separating the maps from campaign (ty Zedd) so the firefight only download is the more feature packed one, it comes with a halo3.campaign file which may not work (it doesn't confirmed) but if you want to edit your own one, add 8956 to the next free box in the campaign file. The campaign only download is so you can play campaign with the weapons BUT they are downgraded to fit the file size so the map doesn't crash. Scroll to the very bottom of the firefight maps list in the main menu to see the maps names "Crater (mod)" and "Rally (mod)" THINGS I ADDED: - Actual shield bar for the Elite that depletes and regens, the color of the bar still indicates health. - Got rid of the crap red damage effect when taking fire. -The color for the HUD is now the elite blue/green from H3 (for both ODST and Elite) Now the turret anim still hasn't been fixed because that's pretty much the only vehicle that's in those maps and cbf doing it just for that.
  24. id appreciate the help
  25. You WILL NEED to add 3210 to your Halo3.campaign file. I also highly recommend using my modded xex. The mod will still work with a normal modded xex, but mine will enable modified object spawning sizes, which some of the ai/vehicles use is the whole point of this mod. My xex is using TU1 so im not sure if it works with other TU or not. full picture album Think you can fight the gods? There are four diffferent rounds, one after the other after each die, then a final round. This map has lots of scripts, in fact just about everything is scripted, the ai, everything they do, a garbage collection script to keep the map going without lag, scripted working elevator, scripted giant moving doors for the bonus round, pelican weapon capsules constantly scripted to drop from the sky for replenished ammo, friendly ai will constantly respawn when low on numbers, music is scripted to switch for the bonus round, etc. Also, some edited projectiles, a some extra weapon capsules way out there, if you dare enough to go get them, edited effects, the scarabs will chase humans all around the map. First there will be two giant stalker brutes with red loud laser beams from their heads, then giant hunters, then scarabs, then giant brute chieftains with hammers, then the bonus round with everybody at once. Also imported the same scripts from the trench funrun mod, select+switch grenades for switching 50% and 100% gravity, and select+melee for toggling invincible players. thanks to gamecheat13 for the base map I worked from, and also lord zedd for various tutorials n stuff. I threw in my scripting notes to the folder as well if anyone is interested in understanding the scripts. It's a serious mess in there, it's not elegant at all, it just works, just for research/examples or whatever.