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  1. .MAP

    This is just a copy and paste of Gamecheat13 map called firefight support just recreated for halo reach MCC so all credit goes to him I take no credit, also thanks for Akaries for the script compiler that made this a whole lot simpler. This is still a WIP known bugs so far is Ai not spawning in phantoms. I believe it's just a bug from the script compiler when recompiling. Enjoy Map Download: Just drag and drop into wherever your map file directory is. ex: D:\Program Files\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\maps Makes sure to back up your original .map files if you want to play matchmaking.
  2. .MAP

    So I'm looking for a way to make the pelican that spawns at the end of every round to spawn let's say spawn at the end of every couple of waves or so. also, I'm looking for a way too add more odst that spawn out the back of the pelican I have tried to change the count in the scnr tag but it always spawn only one in the gunner seat even when I tried to make it spawn outside the warthog the odst seems to always spawn in the gunner seat. the picture I provided probably has something to do with the problem im having but im unsure what all the code means. any help would be much a appreciated.
  3. This is a modified version of ff50_park/Beachhead that reverses the roles based on a map mod i did a long time ago for the original version of reach. Instead of fighting the Covenant, you fight the UNSC instead. Downloads: ModDB Nexus Mods Features: Announcers have been swapped. Elite HUD Player Spartans on the blue team. (WIP) Working FP animations for elites Player Elites have custom armour colours and armour effects. Fight against Marines and more! Issues: Player Spartans have elite hud colours Player customization is not fully working due to me trying to get player elites to have custom armour on the red team. (Player Customization Globals are finicky) Jetpack ODST's drop their jetpack equipment that is not synced in MP. (Appears for non-hosts) Not all waves have been replaced so you might wanna use the ones down below or use the preset gametypes in the downloads.
  4. This mod replaces Penance ( with The Pillar of Autumn ( The map has been mostly cleared of objects. However, default weapon spawn locations still exist. The incorrectly setup sandbox palette (forge mode) allows the placement of some items. Many of the objects do not spawn. The semi-truck and its variants spawn. including most of the other vehicles. No guns added to the palette. Thanks to Arttumiro on reddit for providing me a guide and Cheatengine13 and others for writing it. Feel free to download and complete the map or provide advice in fixing its issues. I uploaded the map in this condition because its fun to experiment with the vehicles and others can mod it further without reinventing the wheel. Download: Install: Goto Steam\steamapps\common\haloisbetteronPC\haloreach\maps Rename to to backup the original mov the downloaded .map file into the maps folder. Choose "Create" at the main menu and choose Penance as the map. Have fun!
  5. Features: All items in map added into the forge menu No barriers of any kind. Working Target Designator Usable Jackal and Skirmisher shields. All vehicles are drivable. Issues: Hologram and Active Camo have missing textures but still work fine! TU and Juggernaut gametypes do not work. Some sounds are missing for the elite and vehicles. (Unfixable at this time!) Textures are missing for some elite armor permutations causing weird stuff to heppen to them. Installation: 1. Go to your games directory 2. Backup and 3. Patch m70_bonus and replace cex_damnation with it. 4. Your done! Downloads: ModDB Nexus Mods
  6. Here is a download link for my modded Reach campaign:!6kN2nKoJ!ysNZLy4PpvEm3v0mk23kCA The download link is set to expire on 04/03/2020... but I will renew it again afterward. This mod aims to make Reach feel more in line with Combat Evolved by way of weapon tuning, player health and shields, and a few other tweaks. Also, this mod has had certain weapon view-models changed for usage with centered crosshairs, to make the game feel more like Combat Evolved. The player is also now able to swap weapons with their NOBLE AI teammates, except Jorge, who keeps his turret at all times because I think it's actually part of his biped. Health and Shields are now much higher than in the base game. Player Health: 75 points. Player Shields: 75 points. Globals have been changed as well. Enemy damage has been increased on Easy mode from 0.2 to 0.25, and decreased from 0.9 to 0.75 on Normal, 1.2 to 1.0 on Heroic, and from 1.6 to 1.25 on Legendary. Friendly AI damage has been increased from 0 to 0.5 on Easy, 0.5 to 0.75 on Normal, and untouched on Heroic and Legendary. Enemy and Friendly AI vitality have been untouched in Globals. Enemy Melee chance has been modified slightly for Legendary, because the Melee attacks are still fatal on that difficulty. Also, the Armor Abilities have received a few tweaks. Sprint, Jet Pack, and Armor Lock now last a few seconds longer than in the vanilla game, while Sprint, Jet Pack, and Active Camo now put the player into a third-person perspective when activated. Hologram and Drop Shield remain unchanged. Active Camo also no longer dampens sound, but due to it putting the player into third person, zooming with a weapon is disabled, meaning it will need to be used as a stealth option for hiding and/or sneaking up on enemies for assassinations. Elites have received the following changes. Minors: 100 Health and 100 Shields on Normal, 100 Health and 125 Shields on Legendary. Officers: 100 Health and 125 Shields on Normal, 100 Health and 150 Shields on Legendary. Officers are also now red all over. Ultras: 100 Health and 150 Shields on Normal, 100 Health and 200 Shields on Legendary. Generals: 100 Health and 200 Shields on Normal, 100 Health and 250 Shields on Legendary. BOB: Health and Shields vary from mission to mission. Jetpack Elites no longer dual wield on Long Night Of Solace, as they made progression almost impossible on Legendary, even with the increased shields and health for the player. Jet Pack Elites are also now a green color instead of pale white, because I think it looks cool. SpecOps Elites are now totally black in coloration, as they were in Combat Evolved. Elite Zealots are now yellow/gold in color, although the Field Marshal retains his maroon coloring for his sporadic appearances. Zealots, when they show up, have 100 points for Health and 250 points for Shields on Normal, with 100 Health and 300 Shields on Legendary. Brutes have received the following changes. Minors: 150 Health and 50 Shields on Normal, 150 Health and 100 Shields on Legendary. Captains: 150 Health and 100 Shields on Normal, 150 Health and 150 Shields on Legendary. Chieftans: 150 Health and 200 Shields on Normal, 150 Health and 250 Shields on Legendary. Grunts: Grunt Majors are now totally red, and Specops Grunts are now mostly black. Jackals and Skirmishers remain unchanged. Engineers remain unchanged. Drones remain unchanged. Hunters can now be boarded once their back armor has been removed. Once boarded, the Player can kill the hunter by either planting a grenade into their back or they can use a melee attack. The grenade guarantees the Hunter's death, while the melee attack is only fatal if the Hunter has already taken significant damage prior to being boarded. WEAPON CHANGES. Many weapons have had their maximum ammo reserves increased dramatically to match levels seen in Combat Evolved. The game takes place on Reach, so ALL of the ammunition for UNSC weapons is available to you. And because this takes place prior to Combat Evolved, some weapons now have at least 20 spare magazines of reserve ammunition. Combat Evolved had at least 10 magazines fo spare ammo for its primary UNSC weapons, so the prequel has 20 spare magazines for its primary UNSC weapons. The DMR has 300 maximum ammo reserve of 300 spare rounds and does 25 points of a damage per bullet, similar to the M6D Pistol of Combat Evolved, while also firing fully automatic at 3 rounds per second. Bloom is still present, so pace your shots. The Assault Rifle now does 10 points of damages per bullet, just like the MA5B of Combat Evolved. It also has a maximum reserve ammo capacity of 640 rounds. Its error angles have been increased slightly to make up for its damage output, so it feels balanced. The M6G Magnum now has a maximum ammo reserve of 160 rounds, and is now fully automatic, firing at 4 rounds per second. Just hold down the trigger/firing button. The Shotgun has received a boost in range and accuracy and now has a maximum reserve of 60 rounds, just like the M90 of CE, while also being fully automatic, firing at 3 rounds per second if you hold down the trigger, although there is no increase in firing speed at full auto. The Sniper Rifle has an increased ammo reserve of 40 rounds and a slightly increased damage output, along with a firing rate of 4 rounds per second. The Grenade Launcher now does more damage on impact and detonation, while its EMP blast has been given a wider radius. The Rocket Launcher now carries 8 spare rockets, just like it did in Combat Evolved. The Spartan Laser remains unchanged, aside from a slightly altered view model. The Target Locator remains untouched. The Needle Rifle now has a maximum ammo reserve of 210 needles, and a slightly decreased reticle bloom. It can also pick up ammunition from Needlers as well, since both weapons use the same ammunition. The Needler now has a maximum reserve of 96 spare needles, and the First Person view model is now held in a manner similar to Combat Evolved, and it can pick up ammunition from Needle Rifles, as both weapons use the same ammunition... sort of. The Spiker now has an increased ammo reserve of 400 spikes. The Plasma Repeater now does more damage per bolt (7.5 points across the board), and has a slightly longer battery life, making it a more viable weapon in general. The Concussion Rifle now has a slower firing rate of 2 rounds per second, while also being capable of automatic fire. The Focus Rifle remains unchanged aside from a slightly altered view model. The Energy Sword remains untouched. The Plasma Launcher remains untouched. The Gravity Hammer remains untouched. The Fuel Rod Gun now has 50 spare rods instead of only 25. The Plasma Grenade now has an EMP effect when detonating (except when boarding), making it more dangerous, both to the enemy AI and the player. The Frag Grenade has an increased blast radius and damage output, making it feel more like the CE Frag Grenade... so be CAREFUL on Exodus because on the high number of civilians you'll be around. The Plasma Pistol remains unchanged, as does the Plasma Rifle. Both weapons were already tuned pretty well in the vanilla game. However, the Plasma Rifle now has its viewmodel changed to match the viewmodel seen in Combat Evolved, while the Plasma Pistol has a slightly altered view model as well. Also, the player can now carry 8 grenades maximum, 4 of each type, as was seen in the glory days of Combat Evolved and Halo 2. VEHICLES. Vehicles remain mostly unchanged, with only the Sabre receiving any substantial modifications. Sabre: The Sabre now has more base and shield health, along with a slightly faster recharge rate. It also fires six missiles instead of 4 now, and the missiles no longer bounce upon impacting a Seraph's shields. Rocket Warthog: The rockets now do more damage on impact and detonation. In a few levels, Friendly AI, such as Army Troopers, now have fatigues and armor more reminiscent of those worn by the Marines in Combat Evolved, being gray and brown. This shows what the Marines in Combat Evolved Anniversary SHOULD have looked like, and I can guarantee you that I will try to make these changes when the PC port of CEA is released as well. Video Link: At 03:48 note the degenerate Army trooper who appears to be trying to T-Bag a dead jackal.
  7. Hola qué tal gente de XboxChaos, here's Maydelcore with a new tutorial on how to replace the weapons certain AI enemies/allies are holding in campaign mode. This applies to both Halo 3 and Reach, so there are no differences at all. However, this is meant to be done for the RGH/JTAG version so I'm not sure if this would work on PC. Although it should in reality. There might be simplier ways to do this but this is the way I've succesfully replaced some AI's weapons. Two methods I know work perfectly. Take in mind this is not for the AI Spawns as it is a completely different process. This is meant to modify enemies spawned via squads. I know there might be tutorials that talk about this, but as far as I've seen none of them sets this part clear. Let's get to it: Things required: Assembly. .MAP file you want to mod. Adjutant (optional). Notepad (optional). Lots of patience. =Method 1 (Halo 3)= 1. Open Assembly and open up the campaign map you desire. Mine will be (The Covenant) from Halo 3. 2. On the tag search bar look for [scnr] or scenario tag and open it. 3. Once opened, you'll have to take in mind three specific blocks, but only one of them will be modified. These blocks are Character Palette, Weapons Palette and Squads. You can look for them in the Search bar inside the tag tab. Character Palette Weapon Palette Squads The Character and Weapon Palettes are to know which IDs correspond to which AI characters or weapons. In The Covenant's case, there are 21 IDs for weapons and 33 for characters (all start from 0). 4. So now I want all Elite AI to spawn with Fuel Rod Guns right when they first appear (out of the Phantoms). What I have to do is find the correct squad and modify the weapon ID so it matches the Fuel Rod Gun. Now, all Halo games have high amounts of squads for each level, and this level's case is 250 squads. While it can be tough to find the correct one, once you get it it won't be too much problem. It helps to take a look on the character ID shown on "Character Type" under the Base Squad block under "Squads" block (Elite's case is 19). (Note: Adjutant can come to help here to find the locations of the squads) 5. Once I've found the correct squad, now I have to check on the weapon palette. As the Elites on those two Phantoms of the third tower all spawn with Plasma Rifles, all I need to modify is the "Initial Primary Weapon". Plasma Rifle's ID is 6, and the Fuel Rod's is 14, so I just have to switch them. As an extra, the "Initial Secondary Weapon" bit obviously gives them a secondary weapon, though somewhat useless for them to use. As there are actually many squads that feature Elites in this level, but most are useless, I just modified all Elite squads that had the Plasma Rifle as a weapon as there are some that appear weaponless. (Note: In that pic I placed the wrong number on the Primary Weapon, and this obviously makes them spawn with a different weapon). 6. Once you're done with this, hit "Save", then play the mission until you get the desired moment. If the AI spawned correctly with the weapons you made them spawn with, then you're done. You can do this for nearly any AI in the game. Although there might be some trouble with weapons that don't exist on certain zonesets, so you might need to do other stuff I'm not well informed. On my first test, I gave the Elites the Energy Sword. However, due to the sword not being loaded in that area outside of the third tower, all Elites spawned weaponless. I thought the sword appeared in the whole level all along, but I guess I was wrong. For this method, if you place two dual wieldable weapons in the Initial Weapon bits and the character is able to dual wield, then the character will spawn dual wielding both weapons. Although so far this only happens to Elites and Spartans on Halo 3. Haven't tried this dual wield thing for Reach, but I guess it works the same way. =Method 2 (Reach)= Follow the same first steps and the same blocks. However, Reach functions differently on it's squads' coding and there are three new blocks specifically for the characters and the weapons the AI uses. The blocks it uses are "Squad A", "Actors" and "Weapons", all of them under the "Squads" block. They look like this: Following the steps 3-5, just replace the correct values in the corresponding block. Remember all maps have different IDs for any AI and weapon, so always check the "Character Palette" and "Weapon Palette" In this map's case (m10), the character ID 12 is for "marine" (Army Trooper), and the weapon ID 4 is for the Magnum. If you play with the numbers shown on the palette, then many results can come. This should affect Firefight maps as well. And due to all weapons being available for those maps, no zoneset stuff needs to be made. =Method 3 (not perfect, applies to both)= 1. Open the [scnr] tag and go to the "Weapon Palette". 2. Just replace the weapon AI normally uses with the one you desire. As a note, when doing this one you're forcing that weapon to be replaced by another anywhere it is supposed to spawn. Anywhere means anywhere, even if they are set to spawn on the floor. If a certain AI character cannot wield that weapon, there is a chance for it to spawn weaponless, though some enemies such as Brutes and Elites are actually able to wield almost any weapon. Again, if the weapon you desire isn't loaded in a zoneset, it will just not appear there. In Halo 3 this normally happens to the Energy Sword and the Rocket Launcher, but most other weapons seem fine. Hope this tutorial is useful. As always, any doubt or bug you come to notice you can always post it here and I'll try to check it out. One last thing: If you place any number that doesn't link to any character or weapon, then nothing will spawn and can make the AI weaponless. This is why some squads appear with their "Initial Primary Weapon" bit with a "-1", meaning they're not supposed to carry a weapon.
  8. .MAP

    Bumper Man is about bumping your fends off the map. The download link:
  9. .MAP

    I’ve managed to change my character to hunter but there’s one problem how do I enable to use the cannon beacouse instead it’s using the weapon that the game give you
  10. .MAP

    Hi there I'm trying to make spawned bipeds in campaign rideable. I've looked over some old tutorials from halo 3 and etc, and have created a seat block and changed the seat animation along with all the corresponding strings to simulate that of a warthog. I also edited the camera tack to be biped_follow_camera. Not sure if im missing something, or if somethings different with how its done in reach any help would be appreciated
  11. Muy buenas, comunidad del modding. This is the first release of the overhaul mod for Halo 3: The Great Schism. This mod brings some new features to the game as well as bringing back some others that went absent from previous games, mostly the reincorporation of old Elite enemies. Missions uploaded: Sierra 117, Crow's Nest, Tsavo Highway and The Storm. Next update: Floodgate, The Ark and the Covenant What's new to the mod for version 1.0: =Weapons= =Enemy encounters= =Other stuff= DL: Sierra 117 Crow's Nest Tsavo Highway The Storm =Known bugs= Credits: TheVengeful'Vadam- Testing and tips for certain weapons. Akarias- Helping me edit Brute Plasma Pistol's propierties. ShrektFam- For his idea of injecting H3:ODST's BPR shaders. =Previews (Sierra 117)=
  12. Hello I can not play in campaign forge mode I download the card on I put it on my usb stick then I put it in the xbox and I have nothing forging menu. if someone can help me it would be very nice thank you
  13. .MAP

    hi, I've been looking for that mod or Spartan map for some time, but I have not found it. Did you want to know if someone has another download link? or if you have the mod that could happen to me pls :,
  14. All credit goes to Lord Zedd for his research on this subject. I just made the tutorial. I also haven't went over this in a while, since leaving a few years ago so if there's something wrong please let me know and I will fix! [HALO 3] I’ll be having the grunt animation inherit MC’s animation’s. (parent) MC = inherited animation (child) Grunt = Local animation In the animation you want to have Inherit some other animation, expand the “Inheritance List” block. Now, you’ll see a tagref “Inherited Graph,” add the reference to the animation you want to Inherit (MC in my case). Open that animation. Navigate to the “Skeleton Nodes” block and note the count size and go back to the local animation and expand the “Node Map” with the same count. For example, the count size for MC, is 51 so I’ll be adding 51 chunks to the “Node Map” block. Go back to the animation you want to Inherit (MC in my case) and go through each “Skeleton Nodes” chunk and note the “Name” StringID for each chunk as well as the chunk. Now, go back to the local animation, (in my case the Grunt) and go through its “Skeleton Nodes” block and note each “Name” StringID for each chunk and the chunk number itself. Each chunk in the “Node Map” block corresponds to a chunk in the inherited animations “Skeleton Nodes” block. Go through the local animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” and note the indexes of the strings that show up in the inherited animations “Skeleton Nodes” block. So for instance, the first chunk (0) in the inherited animations “Skeleton Nodes” block is “pelvis,” and the first chunk (0) in the local animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” block is also “pelvis.” (remember, the chunks in the “Node Map” match up with the chunks of the inherited animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” block, so chunk 0 in “Node Map” corresponds with chunk 0 in the inherited animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” block) so for the first chunk of the “Node Map” block make the “Local Node” control the index of the corresponding “Skeleton Nodes” index. So for me index 0 of the “Node Map” block is 0 as that is local animation’s corresponding node value: If the StringID appears on a different index in the local animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” but appears on some other index in the inherited animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” block, then in the corresponding chunk in the “Node Map” (remember, the chunks in the “Node Map” match up with the chunks of the inherited animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” block, so chunk 0 in “Node Map” corresponds with chunk 0 in the inherited animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” block) give the “Local Node” control the index of where that StringID shows up in the local animation. For example, in the inherited animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” block chunk 2 is “r_thigh” but in local animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” block “r_thigh” appears on chunk 3. So for the “Node Map” block I gave the “Local Node” control 3 as that is local animation’s corresponding node value. If there is a chunk in the inherited animations “Skeleton Nodes” block that doesn’t appear in local animation’s “Skeleton Nodes” block, make it -1. Now, in the local animation expand the “Node Map Flags” block inside the “Inheritance List” block. The “Node Map Flags” reflect which nodes in the “Node Map” block are used, meaning a bit should be unchecked if you made the “Local Node” control -1. Each chunk corresponds to the first set of numbers in the series. Node 0, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192, 224 Node 1, 33, 65, 97, 129, 161, 193, 225 Node 2, 34, 66, 98, 130, 162, 194, 226 Etc… The first chunk (0) of “Node Map Flags” corresponds to 0 – 31. Second chunk (1) of “Node Map Flags” corresponds to 32 – 63. Etc.… So add the proper number of chunks to “Node Map Flags” to encompass the total number of chunks in “Node Map,” since MC has 51 chunks you’ll need to add 2 chunks, 0 – 63. Duplicate the inherited animations [jmad] and steal its “Modes” block address and count and replace the “Modes” address and count in the local animation. Now go through every block and sub block in “Modes” and replace “Graph Index” with a reference to the “Inheritance List” index where you made all the edits, so for me it’s 0. You can sorta speed up the graph index process by: - hex replace a good pattern that includes the -1 This process is a bit different for halo reach. You use the “NEW Inheritance List” instead of the normal “.” From there you duplicate the Parent/animation you’re inheriting, rip out its animation block, plug it into the child (the animation you want to have inherited the child), and remove the inner block, set each blocks tagref to the original parent. Hex > line it up to a block a line > notepad++ then you can hold alt and select the tagref of everything and type it in once to fill it all To increment from 0 by 1: Edit>column editor What you are essentially doing is keeping the Spartan animation ordering and self-referencing to the original Spartan jmad, which is why you can then get away with notepad++ counting because everything is now going line up 1:1 the inner animation block holds like the raw index and stuff so that’s why you remove that the tagref says "get your raw info from this jmad and this index" If you animation breaks while you perform certain animations go to that specific animation in the parent animation go to the “Animations” block go to “Object-Space Parent Nodes” and either fix it or null it for that animation, or you can just null all of them for each animation to fix them all.
  15. .MAP

    Well, I make this thread to release an old .MAP mod I made almost 4 years ago. Since I saw that H3 AI PG I always wondered to have a Reach version of it, as Reach's AI was the best for me. Although a Reach version was never made in the end so I thought why don't I do it myself? So I did. But a bug involving Kat didn't let me continue so I stopped there. I saw someone else ask for it quite a while ago, but it took me a while to release it LOL So here's my most stable build: It cannot be considered an AI PG because it is not perfect. Might/might not continue it, although I may start it over. Contains: Known bugs: Hasta la próxima, Spartans. Maydelcore, fuera.
  16. This mod allows you to customize, colour and play as your own brute in multiplayer though its in very early development at the moment and I haven't tested it with more than one person as I'm using Xenia. The helmet and the body work perfectly apart from one or two helmets but most work fine. The armour does not load in-game for some reason and I will figure out for the next update which should be a polish like make sure everything loads and the armour works properly. All aniamtions work and I've added a fp model with some brute shaders on but will try to mess around with nodes and custom bitmaps to make it look better in the future. Download link - Hope you enjoy because I didn't get very good sleep yesterday lol Also a big thanks to Lord Zedd, Tuco Studios and Akarias
  17. Hello! I was messing around on Gamecheat13's Fireteam Support map and I was wondering how to do this with other maps?
  18. .MAP

    Hello, I've recently figured out how to .map mod with assembly and I was wondering where the text colour on the menus would be located on Halo: Reach. I'm trying to change the text colour on the matrix menu to be purple instead of green. I also wanted to know where other text colours are located as well. If anyone can please tell me where the text colours are located on Assembly, then I would really appreciate that.
  19. .MAP

    Campaing vehicles
  20. (Took about a week, but I finally managed to get this fully functional and up and running. first attempt: Black screen; frustrated second attempt: Freeze at certain point in mission; irritated third attempt: Success. Had to play through the clean Tsavo Highway mission first before conversion) Anyway! Welcome to Forge in Campaign - Tsavo Highway. This conversion is my first map conversion for Halo 3, and it includes just about everything added to forge palette such as: Selectable Weapons Vehicles Equipment Scenery Respawn Point This is indeed, my first conversion, so don't expect anything spectacular other than playing through the mission with Forge. Gamecheat13 plans on creating a whole series in Halo 3 for Forge in Campaign; AI scripts, and much more... Select GREEN team for Human, I think ORANGE for covenant? PATCH Be sure you patch the original campaign map, then just toss it into your maps folder with the info!
  21. .MAP

    Couldn't have done it without referencing the truck in ai_generic - Thank you so much Gamecheat! I thought this mod would be significant enough to post here, after all, it did take some time to remake. There are a total of 12 trucks set up in Squads for scnr (feel free to add more) and you can mess around with different objects that are attached to the containers. Some things you should know: Trucks spawn at -860, 662, -48 (may need to do some flying around to find them) Original map to patch is (just obtain the original conversion off gamecheat's blamdepot) Convoy tends to slide around sometimes; had to continuously mess around with the bed_long's moving friction & mass to get the trucks moving. PATCH
  22. Gamecheat13 did this for one of his videos (can't remember which) so I did my best to recreate this experience. I simply set up the AI within the Squads from Lehvak's tutorial and went from there (we miss you Lehvak!) Team should spawn through easy, normal, legendary ect... Also. Be aware of the zombies when they die; they start walking around without a gun. Modifications: Injected Noble Team Lowered fog intensity Changed wraith's projectile to revenant bolt. PATCH
  23. I have just started a project that i have always wanted for a very long time now and yes gamecheat13 (Inspired me to actually do this) did make the covenant and the storm forgeable i plan on expanding on that, i have started on floodgate which i have broken many times (i believe around 20x) just trying to convert it and make Ai. Floodgate is very gltichy at the moment as i used it to test stuff out. i have completed sierra 117 and i am now on crows nest. I planned to complete this by saturday but due to me wanted to add as much as possible that people want (i have gotten a few suggestions by GeneralKidd, Tuco (A good youtuber: TucoStudio) and a few other suggestions, it will be a week to a month long project (probably week long). If people like this i will try to do it with both odst and reach. Also feel free to suggest any other mods you would like me to do. And if anyone has any knowledge about maps or whatever you think would help me out that would be appreciated as well!
  24. Cambiar a español hello community, I'm a lover of halo but I'm bored of the campaign and my most precious desire is to have a map with the bots in halo reach that really works
  25. Salutations, and welcome to Halo Reach: Evolved, my first modding project. This is a campaign overhaul for Halo Reach that aims to bring in certain aspects from the original trilogy of Halo games, edit some of the enemy encounters, and alters the weapon and vehicle sandbox to give each tool of destruction its own distinct niche in the game, similarly to how every available weapon in Halo: Combat Evolved had a unique role to fill in that game. VERSION 2 EDITS WILL BE BOLDED IN THE POST! Preview: Changes: General: Armor Ability usage is removed with the exception of the Jetpacks on Exodus since it's required to finish the level. Player movement speed is 10% faster and jump height is 25% higher. Carry up to 4 of each type of grenade, and frag grenades only explode "when at rest" like they do in Halo: CE while also using the Halo: Reach Beta damage values. Crosshair has been centered, but there's also a non-centered crosshair version for those who prefer the original crosshair location. Film Grain effects removed from each mission. Edited encounters on some of the missions. Edited view model positions, but uses original positions in the non-centered crosshair version of this mod. This mod has had its Legendary difficulty rebalanced: projectile tracking vs player uses Normal difficulty value, and Elites do less melee damage. Weapons: MA37 Assault Rifle is now called the MA37B; like in CE, it has a 60 round magazine, fires in 15 rounds per second, and has a wide firing spread. It can now be burst fired for more accuracy like the original Reach AR. View model positions akin to CE counterpart. M6G Magnum is now the XM6D, a prototype of the famous Halo 1 Pistol: 8 round magazine, full-auto capability like in CE, slightly higher damage per shot than the standard Reach pistol, and the exact same bloom mechanics from the multiplayer version of the CE Pistol. View model positions akin to CE counterpart. M392 DMR is now the M392 Battle Rifle: 3x magnification, 3-round bursts, zero-bloom, and a sage-green numbers plate like in the Reach Beta. Needle Rifle has a 4x magnification, double the damage per shot than standard Reach NR, only takes 2 needles to supercombine unshielded enemies, but has a slower rate of fire and only a magazine size of 10 needles. Plasma Repeater is now the Plasma Spate: 5-round burst plasma weapon that works well in close-mid range firefights. Also uses a new dark-blue color scheme. Slight damage buff from v1. NEW WEAPON: the Brute Plasma Spate. Fires slower 4-round bursts with less accuracy and worse heat regulation, but has way more stopping power than the Elite variant. Plasma Rifle's damage has been buffed to Combat Evolved levels of power, and it uses a color scheme that's reminiscent of the CE variant. View model positions akin to CE counterpart. Plasma Pistol view model positions akin to CE counterpart. Spiker is now the Eviscerator: a fully-automatic Brute shotgun that fires 5 spikes per shot, with a max range of 15 world units. Concussion Rifle received a 50% damage buff, is now a Brute-exclusive weapon. NEW WEAPON: PROTOTYPE PLASMA CASTER! Elite-exclusive Concussion Rifle variant equipped with two firing modes: standard shot that has its projectile airburst after bouncing once, and a charged shot that fires a stronger tracking round at a very high velocity, and it can stick to anything. However, it costs double the ammo to fire. Fuel Rod Gun now takes heavy inspiration from the Combat Evolved variant: battery-powered, dark-purple color scheme, a more pronounced arc for the projectile, and a wider firing spread. Sniper Rifle fires about as fast as the Halo 1 and Halo 2 variants, but its heavy vehicle damage has been significantly reduced. Rocket Launcher now locks on to ground vehicles as well as aircraft a la the Halo 2 variant. Spartan Laser has one extra shot, giving it 5 total like its Halo 3 counterpart. Appears near the end of ONI Sword Base. Energy Sword is now usable again, and can melee immediately upon switching to it like in Halo 2. Plasma Launcher is now usable again, and has its Halo: Reach Beta values. Vehicles: All vehicles received a 50% base health increase. Warthog Chaingun received an accuracy buff, returning it to its Halo 3-era settings. Troop Transport Warthog has its own segment on the ONI Sword Base mission. Mounted Machine Gun Turret received an accuracy and damage buff, but at the cost of a slow start-up time, returning it to its Halo 3-era settings. Two more have been added at the end of The Package. Rocket Warthog's projectiles do 50% more damage. Falcon Chin Gun is now fully automatic with an overheat function. The Revenant is now the Apparition, a mobile Covenant Flamethrower platform that does massive damage to infantry, but has a worse heavy vehicle matchup. Characters: All Grunts wear the Minor's backpack. Majors are a more defined red like their original trilogy counterparts. Heavys are a more defined green like their original trilogy counterparts. Spec Ops use the same armor colors as the new Spec-Ops Elite. Elite Officers, Ultras, Stealth, and Zealots wear the Minor armor. Elite Zealots wear Goldenrod primary and Black secondary. Field Marshalls wear Black primary and Goldenrod Secondary, uses the Field Marshall armor once again. NEW ELITE RANK: THE "TRUE" SPEC-OPS! Midnight-colored armor w/ the Spec-Ops armor set, uses Needle Rifle, dual Needlers, or Prototype Plasma Caster. The only Elite rank to throw Plasma Grenades now. NEW ELITE RANK: THE STEALTH ELITE! Basically the same as the standard Reach Spec-Ops Elite, but uses the Minor armor set. NEW ELITE RANK: THE ZEALOT CHAMPION! Zealot variant that wields an Energy Sword and a Jackal Shield. Elite Generals now use the old purple Zealot colors. Elite Officers wear a more defined red color like the Majors did in the original trilogy. Elites can now dual wield the Plasma Pistol and Needler alongside the Plasma Rifle. Elite Ultras and those of a higher rank will pull out an Energy Sword when they berserk. Hunters can now be boarded from behind once their back armor is broken off. Human AI allies have double the health and fire the rocket launcher at slightly further distances. Noble Team uses original armor colors once again. Shoutouts: AltSierra117 - for helping me figure out shader editing, weapon/equipment swapping in the scnr tags, hunter boarding, CHDT swapping, AI Generic Firing Pattern editing, and a bunch more stuff. Lord Zedd - helping me get the gate on Sword Base to open when I swapped out the Target Locator for the Rocket Launcher, helping me figure out some things relating to squad editing, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember rn. Gamecheat13 - for various ideas JJIJR - Flame Projectile for the Apparition. EDIT: Fixed an oversight on m35 (Tip of the Spear) where Kat still used her v1 armor colors in the cutscene. Fix applied to both standard and uncentered crosshair patches. EDIT 2: Important disclaimer: On New Alexandria when attacking the Hunters in the Disco Room, do NOT board them AFTER destroying the jammer. If you do, the game thinks you're back in your Falcon and it'll de-load the entire area as well as everything in that BSP's vicinity, including yourself since you'd be attached to a Hunter. I don't know a way to fix this as the script itself is super important to the mission in order to prevent massive frame rate drops, I believe. You can board the Hunters just fine beforehand, though. Also, the Hunters that show up in the side missions will do the same thing, so I don't recommend boarding them period and just kill them with your Falcon or via whatever other means you wish. Download Link:!AgBNuu4h4p5cxCYa80zapaPWolnH!AgBNuu4h4p5cxzhjI6klZPDj7V1I?e=XmeVjw (Uncentered Crosshair mode)