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  1. Okay, so I'm trying to inject tags into assembly and nothing is working. I am not quite sure what I've done wrong, i've been looking everywhere on how to do this, but there is nothing for halo 3. Here is what I have set in my assembly settings, -resource cache is in the folder where it has the shared, mainmenu, and -selected the halo 3 game -opened up a file like the citadel map -opened up the vehi/char.taglist and would either extract the hunter char or phantom.tagc RAW into a tag folder -opened up sandbox map -imported those tags -weap then I would make my magnum shoot out and it would freeze when choose those, but it wont freeze when I choose what is defaulted in the bipd or vehi.taglist And when I try to edit the forge menu, it wont work. I go to scnr.taglist and even when I try changing the budget limit from 1500 to 3000, wont work. I don't know if its because I'm not on the original sandbox map because I deleted everything off of there and I already have the budget to 1500? I was using another map called, sandbox canvas whereas everything is deleted and I have $1500, but I even tried all of this on the regular default sandbox map and nothing works. Please guys, help
  2. .MAP

    You guys sick and tired of that blue tint to the halo 3 mainmenu? well this is the mod for you! it just removes that blue tint and it makes a great alternative menu check it out yourself! sorry for the shitty quality I took them off my phone!kTAUBK5Z!Ql4fDbAgFzknKCgNTJl_v82W00hNiRjcI6bhNu4qDJ4
  3. I know the modding community is dead and all but I'm just throwing it out there so other people can enjoy, this is a simple swap that lets you play as odst third person and gets rid of the brutes and replaces them with elites, I enjoy fighting elites rather than brutes, I have many maps like this I am willing to upload make sure you have modded xex obviously haha.!YD4wQKgC!kQvm0ffosMPaMYWPWNqxIcGbKjpgu8oOUcSS1MYRueI
  4. .MAP

    Its a simple tweak that replaces brutes with blue elites, the spiker had been changed to a plasma rifle and the brute shot has been converted to a covenant carbine have fun!!FfQAkbSJ!e6w65HP2QbVf1wu4WXaw35dgWhjFxWJbc-oC__pmH-U
  5. Working on this the past few months has taught me a lot on how halo 3 script expressions work. This mod includes every hidden cinematic, and many restored animations. Every single cutscene the player could not move around is included. Each campaign map will skip straight to the zoneset with cutscenes and teleport the player straight through each mission. I added enough for up to two players at once to properly play in co-op if needed. Hud and first person models removed for best experience. Characters on a screen are now brought into the room. All annoying cortana scenes are also brought to the player without annoying screen effects. Thanks to akarias and zedd for some help on some of this. Enjoy. Hidden cutscenes and animations restored
  6. id appreciate the help
  7. You WILL NEED to add 3210 to your Halo3.campaign file. I also highly recommend using my modded xex. The mod will still work with a normal modded xex, but mine will enable modified object spawning sizes, which some of the ai/vehicles use is the whole point of this mod. My xex is using TU1 so im not sure if it works with other TU or not. full picture album Think you can fight the gods? There are four diffferent rounds, one after the other after each die, then a final round. This map has lots of scripts, in fact just about everything is scripted, the ai, everything they do, a garbage collection script to keep the map going without lag, scripted working elevator, scripted giant moving doors for the bonus round, pelican weapon capsules constantly scripted to drop from the sky for replenished ammo, friendly ai will constantly respawn when low on numbers, music is scripted to switch for the bonus round, etc. Also, some edited projectiles, a some extra weapon capsules way out there, if you dare enough to go get them, edited effects, the scarabs will chase humans all around the map. First there will be two giant stalker brutes with red loud laser beams from their heads, then giant hunters, then scarabs, then giant brute chieftains with hammers, then the bonus round with everybody at once. Also imported the same scripts from the trench funrun mod, select+switch grenades for switching 50% and 100% gravity, and select+melee for toggling invincible players. thanks to gamecheat13 for the base map I worked from, and also lord zedd for various tutorials n stuff. I threw in my scripting notes to the folder as well if anyone is interested in understanding the scripts. It's a serious mess in there, it's not elegant at all, it just works, just for research/examples or whatever.
  8. You WILL NEED to add 3200 to your Halo3.campaign file. I also highly recommend using my modded xex. The mod will still work with a normal modded xex, but mine will enable modified object spawning sizes, which some of the ai/vehicles use. My xex is using TU1 so im not sure if it works with other TU or not. full picture album So basically this is the warthog trench run campaign map. But now, there is a lot more to do. There are around 20+ different vehicles to choose from, along with optional marines to load into your vehicles (they are blind and have rockets LOL). Edited cutscenes, a whole bunch of driveable bipd, many edited/added/increased ai battles, scripts such as button combos for invincibility toggle, and 100% or 50% gravity toggle, marines will never fall out of their seats when flipped, dodging kamikaze plasma grenade grunts, a nuke gun, giant hunters, there will be no ending cut scene, instead you can jump straight inside of the frigate and play around inside, and much more stuff. In fact so much stuff, I can't even add another chunk of data with the game freezing. Also, the marines can be a real pain sometimes to get in vehicles, you just have to keep honking and get their lazy ass up there. Also in order to use the elephant correctly you have to go through the walls at the islands just like gamecheat13 did in his video. some of this stuff was imported/edited from gamecheat13 and lord zedd, so thankyou to those two for some of their mods. also, select+switch grenades switches 50% and 100% gavity, and a secret combo select+melee for invicible players (useful when the marines keep killing you with rockets) other extra videos
  9. Four different maps. The only enemies are kamikaze grunts. It will seem easy to kill them until one sneaks up right behind you and instantly blows you up. The night maps make the plasma grenades look even cooler. You will need to add 6145, 6115, 6105, and 5005 to halo3.campaign in order to see these maps
  10. .MAP

    self explanatory. patches to It can lag when there gets to be a bunch of gutas, which is why I left some jackals in there.
  11. I need to get motivated, so here is a guide to writing and editing scripts. Previously I upload a few terrible videos and tid bits on script editing before I had a proper grasp on it, now its like having a second language. The xbox modding community has slowed down a lot over the past few years and I don't think we will ever get a community as active as it was during 2010-2013-ish. But I've got some free time so hopefully this guide will make you want to poke around the halo scripting engine and make a few maps. Now ideally we need some proper tools to really speed up the process but as long as you adhere to some simple rules you will find that pumping out large scripts does not take a huge amount of time at all, well in comparison to wondering why everything is crashing and not working that is. I'll keep adding to this post with corrections and specifics as I discover them. If anyone else would like to chip in just post a reply and I'll quote it in the main post. Okay we will start but discussing the layout of a basic script and some of the quirks with assembly when it comes to previewing scripts. All of our work is done under SCNR in the SCRIPTS, SCRIPTS EXPRESSIONS blocks. If we need to preview all of our scripts, just click on the "Scripts" tab in assembly and it will do its best to show you a semi-accurate representation of what is actually going on with them. EG: Tsavo Highway, gutted of its scripts and replaced with my own. Here we can see a that there is a script that runs on startup and does nothing else, then we also have a command script. Command scripts are scripts that are ran on AI squads and allow you to do things such as giving orders to AI and other effects like controlling the speed of a vehicle being piloted by an AI. We will cover commands scripts in greater detail later, for now we will focus on general scripts. Open up that has the player_count script, it is in most maps but not all. I'd recommend a multiplayer map as they have far less script data and are easier to navigate. We are going to investigate this script and work out what it is actually made of in terms of script expressions. Something to also note here is that the assembly script decompiler is a bit quirky and that was you read in the decompiler is a lot of the time not the full story. A perfect example is the phantom_show_1 script in the example above, there is actually a begin expression there that is not show. This can be confusing when trying to find where you are in the expressions list as things do not match up visually. Overtime to you begin to remember OPCODES based on their numbers and tell when assembly is having a bit of a moment. Hold up cowboy time for a boring bit. Lets talk about these "expressions" I keep rambling on about. Expressions are the raw data that is read by the games scripting engine, its the reason why we cant just go and type nice big scripts and hit save/compile like we can in Halo CE. In HEK (Halo Editing Kit, for Halo CE) we can use sapien to compile our text based script into lovely expressions that are then stored in the .map file when compiled. The only current way of making our scripts is to manually create these expressions from scratch or by altering existing ones. Lets take a look at the player_count script and see what expressions it uses: <-- as per the decompiler First we find our desired script using the drop down box, then we follow its Root Expression Index. The "REI" is where the script begins, this first expression does a few things. It states what type of script it actually is, such as a startup script that does exactly what you think it does, it runs once when the map is start or a new round is started. It also states the return value of the script, see "Value Type" to find out. So in theory if we ran this script from within another script it would return the number of players within the game as a number, specifically a short. We could use this for say, making sure we spawn at least one vehicle per player for a race map or adjust the amount of AI that spawn. You get the idea. You can ignore salts for the most part, they just add more work for us if I'm honest but can also be useful for double checking you are in the right place. Its up to you if you want to use them. So we have found the start of the script, now here is where things can be bit confusing. Expression type does what it says on the tin, there are different types of expressions. Most of the time you will be only using two of them, they are: Expression Type 8 "GROUP" - States anything inside of it as a group, so a open parentheses and close parentheses. Value type will be the return type of that group, set as VOID if nothing is returned. Expression Type 9 "FUNCTION" - The meat and potatoes, this will actually do stuff! Uses OPCODE to set the function, I have yet to find a situation where values are used for functions at all. (Correct if wrong) It's important to understand these greatly, so please don't rush through all of this massive post then complain about stuff not working. Let's talk about Opcodes, it's short for operation code and is what we use to define a function when expression type 9 is used. You can find every single Opcode for the scripting engine in your H3_Scripting.xml. An important note is that opcodes are in decimal format inside assembly, you will need to convert them back to hex and vice-versa when looking through your opcodes xml file. Back to inspecting our script. Now something that will stand out is that the NEI for our very first expression is set to 65535? (FF) This is the first part where people stumble, when we use a expression type of 8 the NEI is actually the next line in the script, and instead the expression data is used to define the next expression on our line. Value 00 (LSB) is actually used to define the next expression on the line but ONLY when the value type is 8. So to find our next expression we follow Value 00 (LSB) to find the next expression on our line. If the script engine lands at 65535 it will run any expressions on that line as defined by Value 00 (LSB) and then it will end. The script is finished. The only time this is not correct is at the very start of a script, if you are using a begin you will need to set the second expression to function type 9 and then use NEI to point to the next type 8 expression. Confusing but you will see what I mean. Time for a double whammy, when you are looking a bungie made script in a campaign map the extra data at the bottom that you see is not strictly true at first glance. This is due to the way assembly reads this data as told to by our scnr.xml plugin. You have to right click view value as on Value 00 (LSB) in order to find the correct index to go to. If all else fails generally speaking a expression type of 8 will have is accompanying expression type of 9 right after it in chronological order. By the way as far as I can tell the extra 00 00 at the end of the expression 0x18 length is completely unused, it is normally set as invisible but I'd recommend editing your plugin so you can see it. Helps for getting offsets when copying scripts from one map to another. (Ill leave a link to my plugin at the bottom of this post. LAZY BOIS) Going back to op codes, when an expression has a type of 8 it doesn't necessarily need to have a opcode of any kind, but for the sake of making your expressions easier to read please make them the same as your follow up expression type 9 function opcodes as bungie's compiler seems to have done this (makes working out their scripts sooo much easier). So the above expression has an opcode of 0. Thats the opcode for "begin" so we can assume by default that the type 9 for the next expression has the same op code and thus this has gotta be the start of the script.(Again, useful for trawling through expressions and finding the start.) Please refer to a Halo CE or Halo 2 scripting guide for what this actually does, and yes its not required but just do it. Next is the "String Address", this value represents a decimal offset that the engine will look into the string table and in most cases is not needed. Even for functions that have quotes in them such as #cs_go_to "path/p0" 1# they don't actually rely on the string to work, instead they use the extra data from values 03 to 00. (In the case of cs_go_to it uses value 02 as the point set index and 00 as the point index.) I could change the string to anything and it would still do the same thing. The only time they really matter is on some specific functions such as #print "My string"#, the function will actually use the data from the string table in this case and ignore any extra values. This is on a function by function basis. So having strings is nice and all but does not really matter for most things you are doing, unless of course they are required. Don't waste time entering strings for every single freekin' expression, that's how people go insane. :v Okay with this all in mind, lets go back to looking at our player_count script and I'll show you the layout of the expressions in a more visual format: Fantastic, you can now navigate expressions according to the script itself and hopefully will be able to see any "invisible" expressions that assembly does not show. Let's have a go at writing our first expressions, the classic low-gravity script. Good stuff, you can now write a basic script. All you really need to do now is read some example scripts or the single player scripts for examples on how to write certain values and expressions. Below will be some examples of logic and detecting player input.
  12. Pretty straight forward, jump to the map's script expression data in a hex editor and copy and paste the required expressions into a new map. Be sure to take the string table over too in case it is needed, or you want to be able to read the script in assembly's decompiler. (In most cases, strings are not actually needed at all. But do them anyway for the sake of it.) To find the file offset for the expressions you need, find the expressions related to your target script. (Bungie tends to place the starting expression at the end of the relevant data, so be sure to make your way back up so you don't copy any bogus or unwanted expressions. WE WILL NOT BE MERGING SCRIPTS MANUALLY, THAT SHIT IS TEDIOUS AF BRUV. (Fixing indexes is horrible, its the only thing BH can do that is useful. pls) Go check out my blog post here if you want some scripts to try out, or even merge. I'll use in the following example and we will copy the auto turret setup script to another map: Copy the file offset Ctrl+G = Hey look, its our expressions and also the very end of the string table! (Expressions in Halo 3 have a hex length of 18 and 24 as decimal.) Okay cool, we found our expressions. Lets find the end of our relevant expressions so we can paste them into our target map: We do the same as before, find our last expression in assembly, view value as etc. Neato, lasts our last expression. (Confusingly it actually throws us to index number 4 then continues the script, go figure) We have our beginning and an end, so select it all and save it to a txt file for later. (Noice meme) Data Scroll up a bit above the script expressions and you will see the end of the string table, copy everything up to BA and save it. Not having these in our new map will mean assembly wont be able to show you the script, missing bits etc. (Note: the script will still work without these, but some functions require the relevant string. EG: forced animation scripts) We got our scripts, lets goto our target map's expressions and strings, paste them in and setup our script entry. Matching starting indexes of our data... Expression index 4, lets paste our data in with ctrl+b to overwrite... Dope, hit ctrl+S to save. Ctrl+S.... Okay we are done with the hex editing, close your editor and jump into assembly and double check everything is hunky dory. Nice, lets finish up by adding our script entry as per the original map. Expanding our entries... (And dongs, oof) Script names don't matter unless the coincide with another script (EG: Command Scripts) And that's it, go check it out and make sure everything is as it should be. Now this is not very useful as of right now, but you could always be a cheeky sod and copy some example scripts from existing maps. Ill put a few up later on so you can have some fun without needing to spend the time writing the scripts yourself.
  13. I made an alternate version of Mombasa streets and the night firefight maps. It includes the Battle Rifle, SMG and Magnum injected from Halo 3, complete with their firing sounds to make them as Halo 3 as possible. The weapons are obtainable via weapon cache's and the racks at the start of firefight. In firefight, it is possible to play as an elite by selecting Dare as your player character. The elites colour is based off your selection in the appearence editor too. Dual wielding works with the elite too. Oh and the elite has a light to replace VISR. Thanks Zedd, Gamecheat and Lehvak for the tips on getting things to work Images ----------- Download (campaign only) -----------!6IJRWATb!W8Do4OoHAqCY5Zdf5g07OOQ-ZPAW1M6Qt29QX_2R3ag Download (firefight only) *Recommended -----------!eRo0zaba!4xkb1_VZSI9IzTheaNq7WoHMh0NxlSbQptm9H48OuRQ Finally got to separating the maps from campaign (ty Zedd) so the firefight only download is the more feature packed one, it comes with a halo3.campaign file which may not work (it doesn't confirmed) but if you want to edit your own one, add 8956 to the next free box in the campaign file. The campaign only download is so you can play campaign with the weapons BUT they are downgraded to fit the file size so the map doesn't crash. Scroll to the very bottom of the firefight maps list in the main menu to see the maps names "Crater (mod)" and "Rally (mod)" THINGS I ADDED: - Actual shield bar for the Elite that depletes and regens, the color of the bar still indicates health. - Got rid of the crap red damage effect when taking fire. -The color for the HUD is now the elite blue/green from H3 (for both ODST and Elite) Now the turret anim still hasn't been fixed because that's pretty much the only vehicle that's in those maps and cbf doing it just for that.
  14. Thought I'd drop this map, I've been sitting on it for a while. The mod replaces the ODST's with each member of Noble Team (excluding Noble 6). .MAP name is cex_ff_halo *edit* Helps if I put the download link in:
  15. .MAP heres my first map mod for sandbox. ENJOY Projectile edits: yes texture edits: yes barrier edits: yes tag injections: yes text edits: yes AND MORE!!
  16. So while I'm busy working on Blam3 Hammer I thought this would be a good idea. This is far better than that half assed thing I put out the other night. Here you will learn how to create and format scripts correctly, with a single argument. (Such as a real, floating point decimal value that is used in this script) Using logical, arithmetic, equality functions will come later as they required a tad more hoping about inside the expressions and can get somewhat confusing to the untrained eye. The "begin" used in this script is not actually required, but as a means of habit I tend to put it in anyway. Essentially the void used here states the return of the expression after it, of witch is specified in value 00. The function (in this case, set gravity) then specifies its argument using the next index. After this, the real has its next index set to 65535 thus ending the line as there are no more expressions to go to. The void can then state a next expression to go to (such as another void that specifies a new function that returns void and so on) or end the script by setting its next index to 65535. Video showing doing this is below, hopefully this is far better than the last one. It's actually quite fun and rewarding editing in everything by hand when you get the hang of it, just the complex stuff becomes a head ache. Good luck! Did snipestyle ever show how do anything like this?
  17. Sup, Thunderdome is a map I've been working on for about a week now, stumbling into manual script editing has put me on hold for a while so I'm releasing a slightly older version for anyone to use. There is nothing really custom about the map, it has all of sandboxes assets with some of them reskinned to go along with the theme of the map. All kill zones and invisible walls have been removed for this release. If you download this, I specifically want you to collide with the BSP geometry and note any locations that cause a soft lock. I'm pretty sure I've fixed all clusters and instances but if you do soft lock, report it here. WIP version contains custom scripts, and weapons that drop in from drop pods. You are welcome to use this in any way that you see fit, just don't be a knob. Below are two downloads, one patch is smaller and can only be applied if you manually inject the BSP from voi - bsp_040 into a clean then apply the patch. This keeps the download size small, or alternatively you can download the 143mb patch. Known issues: All versions: Soft lock occurs when loading a theatre session, regardless of usermap. 0.3p: Overloading objects can be done very easily due to default sandbox scenery still spawning, fixed in 0.4p. DOWNLOAD: Public 0.3, no scripts. Small: (It's dead jim, enjoy the 143mb download ) Large: Download Public 0.4, progressive spawn point script. Large: [Link] WIP:
  18. .MAP

    Patch Link:!kx1QnTgQ!IP-noH-JjxPsL8qlFWOcKDxick8PilLRmaWG_4l5-QE
  19. View File Campaign in Halo 3 Mythic - mod Halo 3's Mythic Disk, included in the retail version of ODST, removed the campaign lobby from the mainmenu but kept the maps for theater use. This mod fixes that. Apply the patch to your original with Assembly and enjoy! Submitter L337H4X0RZZ Submitted 06/21/2017 Category .MAP Mods  
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Halo 3's Mythic Disk removed the Campaign lobby from the main menu as it was a multiplayer only release of Halo 3 which came bundled with ODST. This Main Menu modification will add back the campaign lobby for those who want it, though please make sure you have the ESSENTIAL files from Halo 3 in order for this to work. Requirements: Halo 3 Mythic Multiplayer Version Modified default.xex Instructions for use: 1: Obtain a clean from Halo 3 Mythic 2: Patch the clean with the provided patch 3: Add your now patched to the maps folder in your Halo 3 Mythic 4: Make sure you have all the files listed below in their proper directories 5: Start your game and enjoy! ESSENTIAL FILES FOR THIS TO WORK: Make sure you have the following files in your "info" directory: [Optional, but you probably want it] Make sure "credits_60.bik" is in your "bink" folder Author's Last Words: Please note that this isn't the final version. I plan on updating this soon with updated main menu text and HOPEFULLY campaign scoring and skulls working. I will also release a version with the blue filter effect for those who like it ol' skool. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy. - L337H4X0RZZ
  21. .MAP

    I was planning to update the file in the download section, but it seems that I can't use links when submitting a file anymore, and there is a file size limit of 8 MB. I'm pretty sure people don't want to download 13 split rar files, so here's the link: Changelog: Fixed telekinesis grabbing Fixed UI Fixed network games Includes Arena forge variant General improvements Video: Note: There were some fixes done after the video was recorded. Credit to Gamecheat13 for testing and fixing for network games.
  22. So, I saw this cool video that bfixer117 did on his video: and it's not working for me, I followed every single steps and nothing is happening. I tried switching seats around and nothing.
  23. .MAP

    I made a little map with split screen in mind. Have biped battles and stuff like that! I really want to make this map into something big, so if you have an idea for the map, let me know about it because I can't think of anything else to do, I've modded myself dry (not with this map.) A semi-special thing about this map is the automag and silenced smg sounds injected from odst, huge credits to Lehvak for helping me out with that and the huds for the weapons. I try to keep my maps as vanilla as possible aswell, I dont like to shader swap that much, so its pretty much normal sandtrap with a few extras added in, I just made it for me and a mate to play, it is actually pretty damn fun too when you get a game going (not sure how it would go in a link game) Links: -Click Here For Version 1 -Click Here For Version 2 (Thanks Lehvak for the screnshots too)
  24. .MAP

    MiddleCorn here. What I'm doing is simple and cool for old school players who like killing Elites rather than Brutes. I'm modding all campaign levels replacing the Brutes with Elites and the Arbiter with another Spartan. Most levels don't require tag injection for most stuff, so this shouldn't be hard to finish. Not just gameplay, but also some cutscenes will be changed. This is a work in progress, and so far I have the first two levels working. You play as the Hayabusa Spartan and you have the Master Chief as an ally. You must face the Covenant in order to stop the Great Journey. But the Great Schism never happened, so Elites will still attack you while you finish the fight. Changes: Got no previews yet. IDK how to use the "camera" the RGH usually has, so I might use my old Capture Device. So far, I've done Sierra 117. Current version: v.01 Download: Help needed: Does somebody here know how to make Ultras and Zealots properly? I need help with that bit. Also, AI Master Chief spawns with Arby's weapons. If I replace them in [scnr], the Elite's Carbine will also change to whatever weapon I changed. Glitches so far: Things to add: Enjoy mission one!
  25. I need help with figuring out why everytime i load the map blizzard it says "Disk unreadable"?