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  1. .MAP

    third person halo 3 mod! thanks deadcanadian
  2. -Open up alt and goto [sefc] and open up an effect emitted from a weapon or equipment piece. -show the invisibles unless your plugins are edited to show the screen effect values -edit almost anything that seems like it would have an effect on the effects appearance (intesnity,color,darkness) ~Edit the radius to be able to view the effect everywhere (a good distance is 350) ~Thermal Feather is the ammount of heat, good value range under 1.0 ~Darkness and lightness obviously makes it brighter or darker (an ex. of dark is the grav hammer) ~Duration effects the time of the effect to continue To make it last forever set it to -1 An EX. of a screen effect (ty ExcruciationX for the screens) How to make any map be night time; Goto the Regenerator tag under [sefc] in Alt. Select Meta Editor and Show the Invisibles and you should see these ops. Radius= 350 Duration= 100 Red(?)= -0.5329659 Green(?)= 0 Intensity= 0.2 Red(?)= 0 Green(?)= 0 Thermal Feather= 0.3 Brightness= 0 Darkness= 1.789699 Feather Radius= 0.2 Color: R= 0.364706 Color: G= 0.580392 Color: B= 0.937255 [Everything else is unedited] Example of night;
  3. .MAP

    this might be my last post. but its just some pics nothing big soo heres the pics on teh bottom soo thats it hope you like it.
  4. .::How to Resize models the correct way in Halo 3/ODST::. By Xerax Applications: Alteration My latest plugin revision for Bloc and Phmo plugins Thanks To: DarkShallFall - Showed me the original method and mapped out the plugins. Stage 1: (The Optional Stage) Go to phmo and select the object you want. Then in the enum16, select "No object collision, Floats". Now click Poke and Save or Save. Stage 2: Goto mode and select the same object. Not scroll down to the bottom (Bounding Box), and it will have X (min), X (max), Y (min), Y (max), Z (min), Z (max). the (min) one will have a negative number and the (max) one will have a positive number. Now i want to increase my model by a custom amount, but you should start out with a simple multiplication (in the min, never remove the negative, so just have the (max) number with a "-" infront of it. Now press Poke and Save or just Save. Before: After: Stage 3: Now, go to the coll tag (Model Collision Geometry ) and open your object. Scroll down to "Vertices" and change the X, Y and Z values to the (max) X, Y, Z numbers from mode. for each Verticies chunk. Remember to click save each time, just before you select the new chunk! Note-: There will be no visual change atm, and your object will still have no collision apart from the original size. Stage 4: Now to give it real collision . Go to the phmo tag, and select your object, look in the chunk "Parallelepipedal Physic" (yeah I know). It will have X Size, Y Size, Z Size, Z Size 2. Change the; X Size: the X (max) from mode. Y Size: the Y (max) from mode. Z Size: the Z (max) from mode. Z Size 2: the Z (max) from mode. Now press Save and Poke or Just Save. After (i can now put a banshee on it): Stage 5: Now, we are done resizing the model. But you may notice that if you take your camera off the original size of the object, the whole thing will disappear. So go to the bloc tag and select your object. In the Bounding box float at the top, times the number by the number of time you times the numbers in the X, Y and Z values in mode, coll and pmmo. I did it custom so i shall change it to 25. (Note: If it starts to disappear when you place it, make the bounding box smaller). Final: Done You are now done . I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. (Don't judge by post count ). Please don't rip or repost this tutorial without my consent. Thanks, Xerax
  5. .MAP

    just a small mod i did a few days ago. hope you enjoy even if you've already seen it
  6. -open alteration -go to [sEFC] -go to main menu sky in meta editor and show invisables -now go down a little bit till you see Colour: R/G/B -the setting i have set is for a bright white filter. -to remove the filter simply set all these to 0, one of them is the visability
  7. -open alteration -CHARACTER -go to [MATG] in meta grid in idents -scroll down to where it shows some things for the cheif. change the third person model to whoever you want [bIPD], [VEHI], [GINT] -it automaticly saves when you change in the meta grid the following are all in [sCNR] in meta grid in idents -STARTING WEAPON -scroll down to where you see the second set of [WEAP] in the tag classes. -change the weapons corresponding to your starting weapon at whatever rally point you are at to the weapon you want.(special weapons like certain characters or vehicles weapons only work with certain animations(eg. hunter weapon with hunter, scarab gun with scarab, and turret weapons when your a vehicle)) -WEAPONS -scroll down to the first set of [WEAP] and change whatever weapon you want to another or null them out to remove them. this changes weapons on the map and what AI load with -VEHICLES -scroll down to where it shows [VEHI] in the tag classes and change you what vehicle you want instead or null them out to remove them(dont swap for anything other than a vehicle, doesnt work well -AI -scroll down to where it shows [CHAR] in the tag classes and change the character to what you want or null them out to remove them. this changes their bipd, voice, and team. to the normal of the character -MACHINES --scroll down to the first set of [MACH] and change whatever machine you want to another or null them out to remove them. this can remove doors so you can walk freely through a map however it doesnt always load the loading points and you might be unable to finish the map
  8. -open a map in alteration -go to [hlmt] in meta editor -choose the bipd you want invincable and go to the health section -now to to the flags and select "cannot die from damage"
  9. run faster -open a map in alteration -go to [matg] in meta editor -scroll down to player information and change the speeds to whatever you want jump higher -open a map in alteration -go to [bipd] in meta editor -select the bipd you want to jump higher -scroll down to near the middle and find jump velocity and change that to whatever you want
  10. .MAP

    racetrack i made. sometimes theres a part where the barrier stops you but normally you can get by. or if you even have to take to the right. racetrack on highground with a secret DOWNLOADS: sign with your own ids and put onto your account. ill get a bungie link later UserMap Download
  11. .MAP

    This is just me messing around with a hunter on halo 3. Other then that try to see if you guys can see me spell my name.
  12. .MAP

    Here's my video Tj if you want me to take it down I will.