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  1. Halo: Reach Scarab gun View File You spawn with a Plasma Rifle or 'Scarab Gun' and are invincible, otherwise you'd be dying a lot. Use this patch on (The Pillar of Autumn) Submitter Krazy Pigeon Submitted 02/28/2012 Category .MAP Mods  
  2. .MAP

    Citadel Creek Revision 5 Rev. 5 Download: Creek Rev. (102 MB Download) Call the output map "citadelcreek"Extract the mapinfo and blf files that are included the patch and place them in their respective places.Rev. 5 Notes: Removed unnecessary sldt pages.Water effects work.Sound is permanently fixed in the inner building.Added invisible walls to the scenery. They're placed near the back so people don't end up wandering off.Attempted to add a wall to the inside of the building to cut off the scenery. Coordinates did not cooperate so that's a no go.Over all file size has been cut down from 305 MB? to 226 MB.Blfs still don't work :/Revision. 5.5 Plans Add the bsp inside of the tower to hopefully improve gameplay. Pictures: More pictures:
  3. .MAP

    I made a little map with split screen in mind. Have biped battles and stuff like that! I really want to make this map into something big, so if you have an idea for the map, let me know about it because I can't think of anything else to do, I've modded myself dry (not with this map.) A semi-special thing about this map is the automag and silenced smg sounds injected from odst, huge credits to Lehvak for helping me out with that and the huds for the weapons. I try to keep my maps as vanilla as possible aswell, I dont like to shader swap that much, so its pretty much normal sandtrap with a few extras added in, I just made it for me and a mate to play, it is actually pretty damn fun too when you get a game going (not sure how it would go in a link game) Links: -Click Here For Version 1 -Click Here For Version 2 (Thanks Lehvak for the screnshots too)
  4. Download link : Patch will be updated within the next hour! (or whenever the hell i can figure out more stuffs) Requirements : - Jtag/XDK (obviously) - Clean to patch over - Lord Zedd's Custom .effe spawn default.xex enjoy!
  5. .MAP

    What you need: -Assembly (Zedd's no sounds blocked) -Assembly (latest DEV branch) -something to make notes on, EG: paper -A modified xbox 360 (EG: JTAG) Step 1: Find the sound(s) that you wish to inject using the no sound blocked assembly and extract them. I will be using the "sound\vehicles\truck_cab\truck_cap_backup\track1\loop" from Make sure you have your resource cache setup. TIP: if you are extracting a sound with an "_in","_loop","_out" than just extract using the [lsnd] tag rather than each individual [snd!] tag. DO NOT EXTRACT [uGH!]. EVER. Step 2: Close the no sounds blocked assembly and open the latest DEV branch. Open the [uGH!] of both maps (in my case it is and ans the [snd!] tag in each map. Check that the tag you injected is identical to what was extracted. Step 3: Fixing stuff in [uGH!]: 1. Check that the "Platform Codec" indexes line up. For example, the settings in index 1 in may be in index 2 of the new map. I they are the same, good, if they are not then change the "[ugh!] Platform Codec Index" in the [snd!] tag to where the correct data is held (on the new map, obviously). 2. Making the new pitch range index. Click the plus icon next to the "pitch ranges" reflexive and add the number of sounds you are injecting (for this example it is 1). Now go to the original map's [snd!] tag and find the original "pitch ranges" index in the [ugh!] tag. Make notes of each of the values wherever you want and then apply them to the new index in the new map. Finally change the "[ugh!] Pitch Range Index" in the [snd!] tag to the new one. 3. For most other blocks in [ugh!] it is mostly the same as above, although you will need to change the following values to the new indexes -First Permutation Index in "Pitch Ranges" to "Permutations" block index -First Permutation Chunk in "Permutations" to first of the new "Permutation Chunks" indexes -Add the value of "Permutation Chunk Count" to the "Permutation Chunks" reflexive, add fill each in. The "import name" indexes may need changing but can be set to 0 without any negative effects. 4. Make sure the injected [snd!] tags [ugh!] indexes match with the new ones you have made and save all. Step 4: Make sure the sound is used by something you can spawn, EG: a vehicle, and transfer to your xbox. Congratulations, you did the thing! if it does not work then tell me the tag and i will try and find the issue. I used this a while ago on the truck_horn and it worked fine.
  6. .MAP

    MiddleCorn here. What I'm doing is simple and cool for old school players who like killing Elites rather than Brutes. I'm modding all campaign levels replacing the Brutes with Elites and the Arbiter with another Spartan. Most levels don't require tag injection for most stuff, so this shouldn't be hard to finish. Not just gameplay, but also some cutscenes will be changed. This is a work in progress, and so far I have the first two levels working. You play as the Hayabusa Spartan and you have the Master Chief as an ally. You must face the Covenant in order to stop the Great Journey. But the Great Schism never happened, so Elites will still attack you while you finish the fight. Changes: Got no previews yet. IDK how to use the "camera" the RGH usually has, so I might use my old Capture Device. So far, I've done Sierra 117. Current version: v.01 Download: Help needed: Does somebody here know how to make Ultras and Zealots properly? I need help with that bit. Also, AI Master Chief spawns with Arby's weapons. If I replace them in [scnr], the Elite's Carbine will also change to whatever weapon I changed. Glitches so far: Things to add: Enjoy mission one!
  7. I need help with figuring out why everytime i load the map blizzard it says "Disk unreadable"?
  8. Needed Items: RGH/Jtag/Devkit Any hex editor (I’ll be using Hex Workshop) Mapexpand Blamite Edition Hex Calculator (Windows Calculator, or this) Drop your map in the folder with mapexpand.exe than shift right click and hit "open command window here" type in the code: mapexpand.exe <.map file name>.map <number of 0x10000 byte pages to inject> 1 - 0x10000 bytes 2 - 0x20000 bytes ect... 0x10000 bytes should be more than enough for filling out a dataref. So for me: mapexpand.exe 1 Once it's done note the memory offset NOTE THAT THIS IMAGE IS OLD AND IS TO DEMONSTRATE WHAT YOU NEED TO LOOK FOR The memory offset is in red As I stated above the memory offset in the image isnt my actual memory offset, I really have the memory offset 0xBE0A0000 Open the map in Assembly and navigate to the dataref you want expanded right click on function or anywhere next to it and click "View Value As" note it's file offset: For What I'm doing, I'll be giving flashlight_sg a brightness function of the data_core. But, you'll notice the flashlight_sg has a table length that is 32 bytes, and the data_core's is 52 bytes, and on top of that you can't edit length or offset in Assembly. Once you grabbed the file offset close the map and open the map in a hex editor, i'll be using hex workshop. Do a search for your file offset you noted eariler by hitting "ctrl-g", or whatever your goto shortcut is, make sure hex is ticked and search make sure to remove the 0x Where ever it drops you off at the first 4 bytes are the length of the dataref, than it's 8 bytes of padding, than a 4 byte memory offset, than after that (not pictured) are 4 more padding bytes. Look at the picture you'll see that for the length of this dataref is 32 (20 converted from base 16 to base 10) (Note that it's from right to left) So what I want to do it make this dateref 52 bytes long, so what you do is convert the length you want from base 10 to base 16, so for me 52 will be 34 in base 16. How to convert: First, open calculator. click view and pick Programmer. tick Dec, type in the length you want for me again it's 52. Than tick Hex, that is your base 16 number (mine is 34). Now in your hex editor replace the old length with your new length (in base 16) After: Now time to replace the offset. Using the memory offset you noted from mapexpand (in red). Replace the memory offset after the 8 bytes of padding: Save. Open Assembly navigate to you dataref you'll see it should be filled out now just add your new bytes. Flashlight_sg with data_core brightness function:
  9. Needed Items: Xbox that can run unsigned/dev signed code - XDK/RGH/Jtag Map you want this done in. I'm making this because I get asked a lot so I might as well make a formal tutorial for the site. This applies to all Halos that use the third generation blam engine. This Is very hacky but it's cool to do. Why do you want to do this? - You can view assassinations in first person. - Use armor abilities (equipment) in first person. - First person any [bipd]. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Prepping your [bipd] Go to the [mode] of the [bipd] you want this done to. Once there, you have two choices. you can either: 1) Look for an existing marker that would make for a good position for the first person camera, the marker "head" works well for most, if not all, [bipd]'s. 2) Add a new chunk to "Marker Groups" using the tag reallocator (by hitting the plus sign), than expand the sub-block "Marker", again, using the tag reallocator and give this marker a custom string and apply a proper node index and give coordinates to make it look decent. If you go with the first way, and you don't want to tamper with the head marker you can add a new marker (with a new stringID) than copy the information from the head marker to your newly added marker. Either way you do, sometimes the head of the [bipd] gets in the way, so, you can either move the coordinates of the marker to avoid the head or just remove the head. To remove just go to nodes find the head index and make the scale 0 (you can also remove the helmet and helmet flair regions, but just making scale 0 in nodes is easier). Now that you did that it's time to move on. First person for armor abilities and [bipds] that don't have fp models: Go to the [bipd] you want these changes in, search for "Camera Marker" the one under "Unit Camera" give this your marker you prepared above. Once that is done under it you'll see "Camera Tracks" make this block's chunk count 0. Save/Poke. You're done with the [bipd]. For this to work you need to set weapons to third person by checking the flag "is third person" in the [weap] tag (of whatever you want) (you can only just poke global third person using zedds offsets HERE) and for equipment you need to make them first person, so go to the [eqip] tag (of whatever you want) and make sure the flag "Is Third Person When Active" is unchecked. Save/Poke. First person assassinations: Go to the [bipd] you want these changes in, search for "Camera Marker" the one under "Assassination Camera" give this your marker you prepared above. Once that is done under it you'll see "Camera Tracks" make this block's chunk count 0. Save/Poke. Now when you assassinate (or get assassinated) it'll be in first person.
  10. Hardware Needed: RGH/JTAG Files Needed: XBDM.xex Plugin - XBDM Halo4 Disk1 & Disk2 Extracted - (Not Provided) Halo4.Xex With RSA checks removed - (Warez, removed. Use this instead.) Programs Needed: Xbox360SDK(Neighborhood) - (Not Provided) Assembly/Ascension - Ascension (I will Not Provide Assembly, But it is not required) WixPris - WxPris (Or your Favorite DLC Extractor) HxD - HxD Index: 1: Setting Up Ascension 2: Setting up Dashlaunch (xbdm, contpatch) 3: Extracting Spartan Ops Files and Modding them 4: Poking your Profile to Unlock Maps 5: Playing/Troubleshooting Maps 1: Setting Up Ascension For Ascension to Work right with everything you will need the Xbox360 SDK! 1; Open Ascension and go to Edit, Settings and edit your xbox's IP (Hit OK) 2; File, Open Up The Sparten Ops Map you Want to Play on 3; Now go to Tools, "Advanced Poker" Wait for that to open 4; That is all for now. We will come back to this program later, so don't close it. 2: Setting up Dashlaunch (xbdm, contpatch) 1 This is Very Simple, Add your Xbdm.xex to the root(top)of your HDD, Then just start up your dashlaunch and in the plugins section, Point this to your Xbdm.xex (Remember, you MUST restart your xbox in order to activate the Plugin) 2 MAKE SURE CONTPATCH IS FALSE!!! 3: Extracting Spartan Ops Files and Modding them Extract 1; Open your Spartan ops DLC File in WxPris and Extract it to your Desktop 2; ON YOUR XBOX, Put All Maps in the Halo4/maps Folder and put all .mapinfo in the Halo4/maps/info Folder. Modding 1; Take All .Mapinfo Files And place them into 1 folder 2; take your Midnight.campaign file and place it in the same folder 3; Open All Files In HxD 4; For ALL .mapinfo files, Edit 0x40 to be " 00 00 00 2C " 5; For Midnight.Campaign file, go to 0x19C4 & edit this to be 00 00 2E E0 00 00 2E EA 00 00 2E F4 00 00 2E FE 00 00 2F 1C 00 00 2F 08 00 00 2F 26 00 00 2F 30 00 00 2F 3A 00 00 2F 44 00 00 2B 99 00 00 2B 8F 00 00 2B 85 00 00 2B 67 00 00 2B 5D 00 00 2B 4C 00 00 2B 3F 00 00 2B 49 00 00 2B F2 00 00 2C 26 00 00 2B C0 00 00 2B CA 00 00 2B DE 00 00 2B E8 00 00 2B 355(2); The Hex in Part 5 are the names of the mapIds, You can find the map Id's in the Scnr plugin of Ascension. 6; Now just Save these Files And replace them with the original files on your Xbox. 4: Poking your Profile to Unlock Maps (make sure your xbdm plugin is running) 1; Start your Halo 4 Game with your .xex that has RSA Checks removed. NO TU!!! 2; Go to the Campaign lobby. 3; in Ascensions Advanced Poker Make the Offset 0xC274FAD0 and make sure the drop bar to the left is on bytes, and 4 to the right of that. 4; Hit GET VALUE (you should see some numbers pop up now under your offset(blue). 5; Change this value to 0FFFFFFF & hit Poke 6; Now try and select your campaign mission. you should now see your spartanOps mission. 7; Before you play, Start up Prologue, Skip the video. When The Mission Dawn Starts up Hit Pause and Save and Quit. (This will make it so your unlocked campaign missions is permanent.) ONLY IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THE NEWEST SEASON! 1; Go back to your dashboard and start your game with the (Warez, removed. Please use this, which will have TU3 shortly. 2; Select your map and play 5: Playing/Troubleshooting Maps - understand that playing on spartan ops maps is still very new and if you are not modding the map file there is really not much you can do. We are working on making them fully functional. Please be patient. Troubleshooting 1; if you spawned outside of the map... - You Will Need to edit your Starting location, Go into Scnr, Player Spawns, and edit the X,Y,Z values to edit your location when you restart your mission. 2; If you die as soon as the game starts... - Go into Hlmt and set the Invincibility Enum 1 &Invincibility Enum 2 to True Then Poke and Restart the map. *If you want to Spawn Characters that you can fight you will need to edit the strings inside the map. 1; Go to "Scnr" 2; Set "Loadouts" to -1 (Under Functions) 3; Go to "HSDT" 4; Select your Chunk (in Ascension it will be random, this is why you will want Assembly) 5; Set that chunk to "Startup" under "script options" 6; Restart your map. (Now after you restart your map, maybe something will change maybe not. Just keep trying until you find good ones to change. WRITE DOWN THE GOOD ONES!) *Credits* - Lord Zedd (Really for everything) - Chrisco (Making the Tutorial)
  11. .MAP

    Introduction What I have here for you all today is a .map mod that swaps out the Covenant in Firefight for human counterparts, weapons included. I've scaled the health of the enemies so that they're not a chore to kill. That said, this is my first mod, so it is far from perfect. If you have any suggestions or fixes to the bugs below, feel free to let me know. Features Scaled health for the humans Pelicans in lieu of Phantoms ODST, Civilian, Spartan, and Trooper enemies Play as a Trooper (Only on blue team, buggy) Known Bugs The eyes Melee detection is iffy on Civilians Pelicans don't do anything other than look pretty Everything about playing as a Trooper Screenshots Video Credits Assembly Developers (Without that tool, this mod would not exist) The404Spartan (For giving me the idea) Am I forgetting anything? No, of course not. Just kidding! ("Just kidding!" is the download link if you missed it, bub) NOTE: This mod works best when Hazards are turned OFF in firefight. Leave your thoughts in the comments!
  12. .MAP

    This is my first release so it isnt really fancy. This mod adds more effect to by adding flood ai and some weapon mods, more info in the readme.txt, please read the readme ***I am open to suggestions*** Links: V3.5beta V3.0beta V2.0beta 1.0beta ***UPDATE*** Re-Skinned Elites, tell me how you feel about it. Flood plasma rifle re skinned. Missile pod is now 1st person! More in readme.txt Most firing effect tags have been edited (mostly sounds) to make the weapons sound better. I'm back In business baby! Jtag is back!
  13. File Name: Matrix Menu (Now SD Friendly) File Submitter: Lord Zedd File Submitted: 27 Feb 2012 File Updated: 28 Feb 2012 File Category: .MAP Mods A fun project turned into public patch. Features CUSC and RAIN editing. Click here to download this file
  14. Things you will need - Assembly can be found here skips over sounds and how to compile here. - Campaign, shared, and mainmenu maps for the selected Halo game you want to do this in - RGH/Dev kit/JTAG - Xex with checks removed and AI in mp Halo Reach Halo 3 Updated:
  15. Thanks to Matt for the video! I'm going to start out by saying this is a work in progress. There is alot to do to get these conversions fully working, but I do plan on updating these regularly until they are fully functional. What this is This is a thread where I'll be posting progress and patches for firefight maps converted to multiplayer. Yes this requires a Jtag/RGH/DevKit. Everything except Unearthed and Installation 04 will require pre-loading. Current Version - v0.3 Locales added for in_game_multiplayer_messages and global_multiplayer_messagesv0.25: Multiplayer Globals and UI re-injected with the newest version of Injection Assembly to include stringidsEnglish locales for random_player_names and team_names addedMonitor model properties revised to have shield vitality v0.1: Fly around in forge (no forging or editing existing items yet, monitor's bipd and null's hlmt, so low shields will beep when you're in monitor mode)Play infection. I briefly tested Gun Game and Double Agent since Teancum posted his collection earlier and those seemed to be working, but everything else requires gametype labels which would require full forging capabilities to add.After transferring the new maps to your console, you will find them listed as their firefight map name with "MP" before the name. I have it set up this way so they are all listed together and easier to find. If you've read enough and want all the patches, here's a rar archive of them all. Now onto each individual map... Overlook Download Courtyard Download Waterfront Download Corvette Download Beachhead Download Outpost Download Glacier Download Holdout Download Unearthed Download Installation 04 Download Finally, here's a link to the parent folder of everything on mediafire. New versions will be posted to the same folder. Enjoy! Feel free to use these as a base for whatever mods you feel like doing. Just don't forget to give credit where it's due Thanks to: The Assembly Team for a great modding tool, and again for automating injection. Lord Zedd for this post on porting UI and campaign maps to multiplayer (although you do need to null scripts for firefight ). Akarias for briefing me on the essentials for firefight conversion.
  16. I have created patches for each campaign map in 3, ODST, Reach, and 4 and figured I would share it. I'm sure there are easier ways to go about this, but it didn't take much time and I wanted to just use Assembly. Short Guide: Open Assembly, go to TOOLS>Map Patcher, go to "Poke Patch", open the patch for the chapter you are on, then click "Poke Patch" then "Yes." Long Guide: Downloads: Additional Credits:
  17. .MAP

    Edit 9/12/15 - Fixed grammar and fixed somethings. Things you will need - Assembly can be found here and how to compile here. -,, and for the selected Halo game you want to do this in - Console that can play unsigned code - xex with checks removed, AI in multiplayer and the ability to spawn AI via effect tags. Halo Reach Halo 3 *Make sure you have "Show invisibles" on. Step 1: First open a campaign mission and extract any [char] tag(s) you want, I'll be doing the Brute [char]. Give Assembly a minute to extract the selected [char] tag(s). TIP: extracting the [char] tag brings the [bipd] tag as well, but some [char] tags are variants of the original and some may not contain the [bipd] tag it's always safe to just extract the main base [char] for what AI you want and if you have to have a different variant then change it in the [hlmt]. once you have the [char] tag(s) you extracted somewhere leave them and open the map you want the AI to be in. I'll be opening Sandbox. So now it's time to prepare a [effe] tag so we can have our AI spawn. You have 2 options to attack this, both methods require you to duplicate a [effe] tag the first one: Pick a random [effe] tag, duplicate it and add the "Parts" block with Assembly. or Find an [effe] tag that already has a parts block and fix it accordingly (look at the first way to see what I changed). Step 2: Do a search for objects\multi\spawning\respawn_point once you found it again right click it and click duplicate tag and make the name something you'll remember, something to do with your spawn, like "objects\multi\spawning\brute_respawn_point"; now you'll need to close the map and reopen it so the newly duplicated tag shows up. First go to "Multiplayer Object Properties" Change the "Type" to "Equipment" And in flags uncheck bit 3. save. Now go to the "Functions" block and click the "+" next to the chunk count to bring up the "Tag Block Reallocator" and add 1 new entry count. Once done, check always active in flags and change both "Export Name" and "Import Name" to either respawn_point, spawn, or active (they all should work). Save. Now go the the "Attachments" block and click the "+" next to the chunk count to bring up the "Tag Block Reallocator" and add 1 new entry count. At "Attachments" use the first drop down box to find [effe] class and use the second to find the edited [effe] tag I.e for me I'll find fx\spawn_effects\spawn\AI\brute_minor. Lastly, at "Marker" change the stringID to "spawn" Save. Once done, go to [scnr] and search for "Sandbox Goal Objects", and add the spawn point there. Save. Or add it to whatever sandbox palette you want. Halo Reach: In order to get the spawns to work in Halo Reach you'll need to change the spawn point hlmt to "objects\multi\models\mp_spawn_point\mp_spawn_point" in addition for Halo Reach go in the effect under the "parts" block make "Location index" 0 instead of -1 JJIJR had the idea, I just decided to figure it out myself and make a tutorial. Want the tutorial as a pdf? Download here: MEGA outdated tutorial Virus scan here: Old tutorial here:
  18. NOTE: Due to plugin changes, "flair" in this tutorial will be "instance" in Assembly. Take this into account when reading. Custom Permutations: Use Adjutant to find to parts that you want to use in your armor piece. Make notes of the names for later. Find a permutation that you are going to replace or add to. I am using “flair_chest_a”-“Player_skull” because the skull chest is used in my armor piece. Find the indexes of the instance that you are going to use, use the notes you made earlier to use the string_id to find the correct parts. Use these indexes to select the flair in the “instance flags” boxes in the permutation section you found earlier. Remove any that you do not need, note that boxes 103 onwards are always ticked, so you don’t need to null them. Next ensure that the permutation you selected is referenced in the [pmcg] or the armor will not appear. I don’t know if you can add entries so I normally replace the ones I don’t use. I have replaced the grenadier UA. Finished version: (sorry for bad quality image) Custom colours and Forced colours: To get custom colours for all your armor, go to the [matg] and search for the “player colors” reflexive, change the colour(s) to anything you want. To get forced colours on certain armor pieces, you can null out the _cc [bitm] in an armor piece’s shader by replacing it with a _zbump or _normal. Then you can follow Krazy Pigeon’s changing shader colour tutorial (here: Armor that uses this will never change colour, like emile’s security shoulder. I am not taking credit for researching this, I am only giving a tutorial on what I think is a cool mod that uses the function Assembly has. I have used this at least once for each main character in my Machinima. If I have missed anything or you know a better method please let me know. Edit (30/12/2015): update to accommodate for mode plugin change from "flair" to "instance"
  19. .MAP

    Updated: Resized wings Shadered Hog Took off engines and tires New Hud Shoots Hornet missles Guardians have no gun Grasstrap download:http://www.gamefront...089/plane v1.1.
  20. .MAP

    due to a lot of comments on my youtube video i have decided to make a tutorial for this, and yes it is very simple. first of what your going to do is go into the biped that you are playing as, scroll down to the flags and scroll down them until you see a bitmask with alot of unnamed options. scroll in it till you see able to dual wield, check this and poke/save. now for the final thing you need to do which is the exact same as halo 3, go to the weapon that you wish to dual wield and go to its flag and check the one that enables the weapon to be dual wielded. simple poke/save and your done. enjoy only few bugs i have had while doing this is i somehow managed to make it so i held the four weapons separately as well as my right arm fell off and ended up holding a weapon only in my left hand.
  21. For this guide, I will be using the "Halo Reach: Noble - Map Pack." Needed Supplies Modded Console Velocity A way to transfer files to your RGH or J-Tag Any DLC you would like to use 1.) To hit things off, we will to extract our DLC container to our Desktop. Assuming you already know how to do this. (IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, COMMENT DOWN BELOW AND I WILL UPDATE THIS WITH INSTRUCTION EXPLAINING HOW TO DO THIS!) 2.) Now will we need to open Velocity. Once you have Velocity opened, you should be greeted with a screen like this. 3.) Now you will need to click FILE>>OPEN>>PACKAGE and locate your DLC Container file. Once located, you should be greeted with a window similar to this, depending which DLC Container you are using. 4.) Now scroll down and find the files you want to extract. For this, I will be using I will be using the map: "Condemned." 5.) Once you have found the files you want to extract, make a folder on on your Desktop and name to whatever you like. For this, I will be naming the folder Condemned. Right click the file of your choice and click EXTRACT SELECTED. Velocity is known for randomly crashing when pressing EXTRACT ALL. 6.) When you have clicked EXTRACT SELECTED, you will be greeted with a window similar to this. 7.) Locate where you want to save the file(s). And save them in your destination(s). 8.) Now you have successfully extracted files from a DLC Container. Transfer them to your modded console or you can edit them however you want. I hope this tutorial helped you guys, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and I will help to the best of my ability. Virus Scan Downloads
  22. .MAP

    Programs I will be using: Paint.netDXTBmpZmodeller2 (not necessary)examples of what can be dene with this: Step 1: After choosing the weapon(s) you wish to repaint, you must extract the corresponding “_diffuse” bitmap as a “.dds”. This is the primary bitmap and holds the colour and the detail. For this tutorial, I will be reskinning a sniper rifle and a shotgun to show different techniques and one of the things that cannot be done on most bitmaps. Step 2: Open the weapon dds with DXTBmp. You should see something like this: The first time you open this you will need to press the button under the alpha image (should be an ms paint logo) to select as your image editor. (Other programs will work, but the tutorial will be using When the editor is set as, double-click the main image, which will be loaded into You will want the “tools”, “layers” and “colors” boxes open while editing. From here I will show you how to do different things, for example making a rust effect, and provide useful links at the end. Saving: To save what you have done you can simply hit save in Then go back to DXTBmp and (on the top toolbar) go to image – Reload after edit. Then (in DXTBmp) save as targa with alpha. If you have used layers in, you will need to “flatten” the image first. DO NOT close if you think you may tweak your image later. To preview a bitmap I prefer to use Stu’s tutorial (link below), although I personally use Zmodeler2. Painting colors: Say, for example, you want a sniper rifle with a red front barrel. It will be easy to just paint over it, but in doing that you WILL lose the detail. Create a new layer above the background and set the mode to “multiply” Now you can paint on the barrel (or any other part) and retain the detail from the diffuse map. On the model: You can also use the Xbox Chaos background instead of plain colours: Adding logos: Most of the time, this should be avoided, as the textures are mapped so that they are symmetrical, the logo will always be backwards on one side. One of the few exceptions to this is one part of the sniper rifle: This can have logos on it that work correctly, but most of the time asymmetrical logos should be avoided. Adding rust/weathering: Rust can add a nice effect to a weapon that is meant to look old and damaged and can be created with relative ease. First you need to select the colours you want in the rust, I generally use a brown (hex: 7F3300, Opacity: 255) and a clear (Hex: any, Opacity: 0) Then you want to go to effects > render > clouds. These are the kind of settings I usually use (note that I have used a multiply layer for the effect). If you have used a separate layer then the blend mode is unnecessary. The reseed just changes where the main spots are. Selecting an area before selecting the effect will only affect that area. This is a very rough version and not isolated to any specific area properly: Change the colours to get an effect that you like. This is a rust mask I made a while back, so here it is in .png format for you to use freely. This was generated by multiple layers of the rust effect I just showed you. Extra advice: Inject into a donor map, and then your mod, to save on space.Apply using the _rubber shaders to avoid the alpha making them shinier than most mirrorsDon’t drink and drive Useful links: DXTBmp homepage: homepage: Stu’s bitmap preview tut:
  23. .MAP

    I decided to make a tutorial in order to compensate the problems I've given recently to some users. Also, I haven't seen any tutorial regarding this, so here we go: Ok, if you don't know what am I talking about this firefight mode, then check Lord Zedd's video of it. As you can see, the Covenant has made teams (sorta) like in Halo 2 and attack each other. This is not a gametype mod, sadly. So JTAG only. Also, Lord Zedd actually posted in a thread a while ago about how to do this, but I wanted to give a further explanation. This mod might be so simple, but I thought it would need a tutorial. Things you'll need: -Assembly -Console that can play unsigned code, and files. -xex of the game (Reach) with checks removed. It is reccomended that you have "Show Invisibles" on Let's start: 1 Open any Firefight map you would like to have this. Mine will be Corvette ( Make sure it is not "Read-Only". 2 Do a search for the [scnr] tag and open it. 3 You'll need to find the "Globals" block and look in the list for the "g_survival_bedlam". In the case of this map, it is number 175-176 (177). I mean, before the last one. In this picture you'll see what I mean you have to find. 4 You'll see 2 Expression codes: "Initialilazion Expression Salt" and "Initialization Expression Index" The "Index" one is the one you're going to write down, remember, etc. Don't do ANYTHING to it. Just either remember it or write it down. 5 Look for the "Script Expressions" block. Once you find it, open the list and search the number you just wrote down/remembered. In my case, the number is "14772". 6 Here comes the magic. You just need to change the "Value 03 (MSB) to "1". I already have it changed as you can see in the image, but it is normally set to "0". So, change it to "1" and that's it. Save. That should be it. Now go and test it on your Xbox. If your enemies are fighting each other, then you did it right. Another way to make sure you made it, is to play as an Elite. If your allies are marked as enemies by the radar and your reticule, then you MADE IT. Oh, and they will attack you too. Bugs: No problems at all, I believe. 1. In this map (Corvette), the first Covenant to appear before the Waves will always be sleeping Grunts no matter what. Those Grunts will ALWAYS be allies of you (if you're an Elite). And you can still trade weapons with them. The first Engineer to spawn will also be your ally. 2. Somehow, the Covenant is split in "teams". If they eventually stop attacking each other, then those enemies are allied and will just focus on you until "reinforcements" come. Should work for all Firefight maps, and this is not possible on Halo 3 ODST.
  24. here is a first person warthog remake from my mod in halo 3 v 0.1 first person warthog enter location is passenger seat download link for v 0.1 : http://www.mediafire...o2296zo0j2oinzr v 0.2 first person warthog better first person falcon first person revenant first person mongoose first person warthog passenger download link for v 0.2 : http://www.mediafire...9mzo9za6lj99dg6 future updates v 0.3 first person shade turret, scorpion, wraith ,ghost fix any little glitches Pictures: link to halo 3 first person vehicle mod, has alot more vehicles : http://www.xboxchaos...patch-download/ message me if their are any errors so i can fix them
  25. First off, I'd like to thank all of the staff and the wonderful community of this site. I love Halo modding and I wouldn't have been able to do anything if it weren't for you guys. Requirements: Halo 3 copied to your HDD XEX capable of real time editing. You can get Zedds PFFs in the downloads section if you need them Assembly or Alteration should work. Step 1. In assembly, open the .map file you want to do this on. Step 2. Open the bloc tag and select the object you want to change to a ragdoll. Step 3. NOTE: IT IS VITAL TO DELETE ALL OF THE OBJECT YOU ARE CHANGING OR YOUR XBOX WILL FREEZE. (Ex: If you change a fusion coil to a spartan, you must delete all of the fusion coils on the map before poking.) Change the object properties to the HLMT of a biped. Step 4. Poke or save changes, spawn your new ragdoll, and have fun! P.S. In the HLMT of the biped you swapped the object with, enable "Cannot die from damage" in the flags box under Health/Damage Properties.