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  1. .MAP

    HIGH CHARITY [V2] Well, V2 is now happening! the fixes in this version include: -Sound now works! -Now uses a custom BLF instead of the one from Cortana. Many thanks to Lord Zedd and The404Spartan for helping fix the countless problems I encountered while doing this. OTHER INFO: (read it, its important.) Original Version: NoFlood Version: v1: -Initial release v1.1: -Fixed mapinfo [NOT IN PATCH] v2: -Fixed sound -Now has own BLF's instead of the one from Cortana. 7/16/2014 4:17 AM: - NoFlood Version available, removing most flood structures from the map, separate patch and MapID
  2. .MAP

    V2 HAS BEEN RELEASED! Ive Worked on a project called "WarfareTrap" and it's a basic modded map that includes camouflaged weapons, Vehicles, and some blocks. There's injection's to the map that are awsome! here's the list of what's been injected Here's the list of what's been modified Heres A Picture: This Is My first modded map, so no I didn't do a extremely good job. I decided to make this map because it was the best thing that stood out to me every day modding. And I also made it for those who like mods like I do. the map took me 3 weeks to make. And I was constantly moving my memory unit over, & over again, to my PC, to Xbox, like 50 times! I'm so happy to release this map to you all, I really hope you like it! And If you liked the map, I might make another one. I didn't want to put too more than one picture because I didn't want to make a really big post! Enjoy! Here's the downloads: V2.8: V2: V1: -IM EXTREMELY SORRY THAT MEDIAFIRE SOMETIMES PUTS A CAPTCHA TO DOWNLOAD! If the download link goes down let me know and ill fix it! It's A Big Patch So Be Patient While It's Downloading. The .Zip Contains Instructions on installing If you need it. And also, there's probably not going to be anymore updates on this map . The Batch File In The .zip Of Version 2.8 Is Intructions! I Thought It Looked Cooler! WarfareTrap_V2.8 Virus Scan: (Including Batch File, Was Also Scanned Too). Hope You Enjoy!
  3. .MAP

    File Name: Waterless Forge World File Submitter: Forsaken Winter File Submitted: 06 Jan 2012 File Updated: 08 Dec 2013 File Category: .MAP Mods initially started out as this, just a water removal test. then i decided to make it entirally out of sand for the ground looks to barren so i made it grass to look more lively now im just removing material effects and those water falls. which will only leave finding the forge boundries so you can build litterally anywhere without items being deleted when far out Lastly a version 4.0 upload that includes the longsword so people dont need to look so hard to be able to find it. For this new one it is also using a asmp patch and the map needs to be called when you patch it. Links are in the download section Click here to download this file
  4. File Name: Colored Hogs File Submitter: DeadCanadian File Submitted: 09 Sep 2015 File Category: .MAP Mods Valhalla with extra warthog color patterns added. Click here to download this file
  5. Colored Hogs

    Version V1


    Valhalla with extra warthog color patterns added.
  6. .MAP

    File Name: Mario Slayer File Submitter: JJIJR File Submitted: 22 Aug 2015 File Category: .MAP Mods Items: ​​​​​-4 kinds of blocks and a Warp Pipe- ​Brick Blocks - A forgeable block that can be destroyed. "?" Blocks - Every weapon in the forge list spawns as one. When it takes damage it releases the contained weapon. Used Blocks - Other than the fact that they are a byproduct of "?" blocks, they are a re-skinned brick block. Bullet Bill Launcher Blocks - When this kind of block takes damage it fires a Bullet Bill out of its pipe. Warp Pipe - Acts as a teleporter. ​​​​​-​2 new grenades and 1 new weapon​​​​​- ​Bob-omb Grenade - You can only hold 1 of these. They take 5 seconds to detonate, but unleash a devastating blast. They can also be spawned outside of a "?" block and can be shot on the ground to be ignited the same way as throwing it. Throwable Hammer - You can hold up to 30 of these. They have no blast radius, but will kill you instantly on impact. They can also break blocks. Bullet Bill Launcher - A weapon that launches Bullet Bills which can lock on to bipeds, land vehicles, or flying vehicles. ​​​​​-​2 new vehicles​​​​​-​ ​Mario Kart - A quick vehicle that can fire a Koopa shell which will ricochet off of anything and damages/deactivates vehicles on impact. Koopa Shell - An extremely fast vehicle which can splatter anything in its path. ​​​​​-​2 new screen effects​​​​​-​ ​Outside Desert Effect - Provides the feeling of being stranded in the middle of a sunny desert. Has a radius in which it is in effect. ​Inside Tunnel Effect - Emulates the deep blue underground feeling provided throughout Mario games. Also has an effect radius. Screenshots and Videos: Notes/Known Bugs: If you forgot what a "?" Block you spawned contains, just aim at it in edit mode and press the x button. This will display the objects name.In order to properly create the illusion of going underground/ above ground, place the two screen effects far from each others radius so they don't overlap and have Warp Pipes between the two areas.The Koopa shell projectile on the Kart has the problem that it only seems to be oriented correctly across the projectile's x-axis when looking a certain direction. I never found a solution or workaround to this problem.The Koopa shell projectile also seems to sometimes prematurely detonate as soon as launched when the Kart is in odd angles relative to the ground. Because of this I made the detonation effect harmless. The shell only deals impact damage.The Koopa shell as a vehicle is entirely buggy. It has a unmodified ghost physics model (I didn't know how to go about removing unwanted parts of it without causing balancing problems on the vehicle) and also a somewhat buggy animation. I only decided to keep it in this mod because it's kinda fun to drive around.The Bob-omb grenade sinks partially into the ground when it lands on the floor. I never found a way to fix this as it ignores the objects physics model. The collision radius value in the projectile tag strangely doesn't effect the final landing of the projectile.Credits: Lord Zedd - SupportLehvak - TestingIf this mod seems a bit rushed it's because it was. I'm moving tomorrow morning (actually in a few hours) and don't plan on taking my consoles. This will probably be my last mod (sucks I wanted to make a Mad Max mod). Luckily Lehvak has volunteered to give a shot at sound injection for this mod. Click here to download this file Also feel free to post any map variants made with this mod below.
  7. .MAP

    Adding Tags: Requirements: MapExpand (Blamite Edition) Part A: Prep Before you can do anything anything, you need to make some room in the map for the new tag's meta. Copy mapexpand to the folder with your map and run it from the command prompt as follows: mapexpand 1(You can substitute for any map (forge world here) or more blank meta pages (1 here), but you can always add more pages later.) Once mapexpand does its thing, you'll want to make note of the two offsets it gives you (highlighted) Blue is the memory offset which we will be plugging into the tag list when we add the tag, and Red is the file offset where the blank meta actually starts, which we will need soon as well. Now we need to actually add the tag to the tag list so we can start filling meta in. **Be aware that once you use mapexpand on a map, the header is changed enough to where a standard xex with only RSA bypassed will not load your map anymore. Patch your xex with any of the patches from the following download and it should work: ** Part B: Adding Pop open your expanded map in a hex editor and do a hex search for "00726D63726D2020" to jump right to the end of the map's tag list. Now click right before the selection and add 8 bytes right there. This will give you a blank entry to fill in. Those 8 bytes you added will break up as follows: int16 Class Index int16 Datum Index Salt int32 Memory Address (File Offset + Map Magic) So let's start with the first 2 bytes, or the Class Index. Refer to the following list to decide what value you are putting in: Edit: Next 2 bytes is the Datum Salt, which doesn't really affect anything, but needs to be a value NOT x0000 or xFFFF. For the last 4 bytes, the memory offset, you'll want to enter the memory offset mapexpand gave you (the Blue one above). For an example, here is what adding a new LIGH tag would look like: Part C: Cleanup Next we have to remove 8 bytes from somewhere else so that everything lines up to counter the 8 you added. Luckily, there is an abundance of 00 bytes beyond the class list, so scroll down until you see the text "tags" and select any 8 bytes after it and hit delete on your keyboard. In addition, we also have to adjust a few things to accommodate for the new tag entry. While we are here, let's take care of the 2 values located just above where we deleted the 8 bytes. Go to the byte after the last group of FFs and jump 8 more. This should take you to the Class Index Address... ...Which we'll need to add x8 to, since we added 8 bytes for the 1 entry. This should leave you just after that address, which is the Tag Count. Add x1 to it for 1 tag. Looking good. Last things to fix are in the map's header, so go to the offset 0x10 to see a familiar value. Like before, add x8 for the new entry. Now head to the offset x2B4 for another familiar face. Also like before, add x1 for the new entry. And Save. -- -- -- Congratulations! You have added a tag! Only thing left now is to add meta for it! Filling in the meta: To make this easy, let's just copy and paste the meta of an existing tag and modify it from there with a map editor. Here's how you would go about that: Part A: Copy/Pasting the main meta With your modified map still open in the hex editor, pop the original map in Ascension and open the tag you are duplicating. In the "Tag Information" box, right click the offset and copy the value. Paste the offset elsewhere for safe keeping and head to the "Plugin" tab in the meta editor. Make note of the value given for "headersize" in the first line. Hopefully, the given size will be correct. If it seems very large, please post in this topic and I will help you out. (Apologies in advance if there are errors) Once you've got the offset and size, minimize Ascension. Open the hex editor back up and go to the offset mapexpand gave you in the modified map. (the Red one above). Now open the original map in the hex editor alongside the modified one and go to the offset you copied in it. From that position, select (as decimal) the size you got from the Plugin. Copy the selection. Return to the modified map. From the position you went to with the map expand offset, select the same amount of bytes as you copied and paste. Save and exit. If you've been following this tutorial correctly, you should now be able to open your map in Ascension and go to your new tag without any problems. You're almost done. At this point the only thing left is to copy reflexives and datarefs and point the main meta to them. Part B: Copy/Pasting the other meta There is likely to be more than one reflexive/dataref in your meta, so I'll just outline one of both and you can repeat the process if necessary. Part B.1: Reflexives The easier of the two. Since lights don't have reflexive's I'll use the Spartan's attachments reflexive. There are 3 things in the reflexive layout that you need to note; The size, the count, and the offset. The offset is fine how it is, but you'll want to multiply the size and count together and save the result, that is how much you'll be copying. Close the map out of Ascension and open the map in a hex editor again. Head to the offset you got, which will be in decimal format and select the entirety of the reflexive using the number you got from multiplying (decimal as well) Copy and paste that into a new file for safe keeping. Go back to the file offset from map expand to get back to your blank meta. Take a look at the hex and find where the first meta you copied ends, then to be safe jump to the next offset ending in x00. In my example map, that would be offset x5CF1100. Make note of this offset. Select the size of the amount you copied, copy the meta from the spare file you made and paste it in to the blank area you selected. Save and exit, you're done in hex. Open the map in Ascension and go back to your tag/reflexive. And fill in the new offset. You'll have to convert it to decimal first, which you could do via the Windows Calulator and changing the mode to programmer via the View menu or pressing Alt+3. Tick the Hex radio button and paste in your offset, then click decimal and copy the result. Easy. Take that number and plug it into the Offset box and hit the Save button next to it. If you did it right you'll notice no change at all. You just duplicated a reflexive! Part B.2: Tagdata/Datarefs Datarefs are no different than reflexives, except that you'll be replacing the memory offset using a hex editor. Go to your tag and right click the dataref you'll be copying and choose "Display Information". Only worry about the size and file offset that spits out. Make a note of that then go to the "Info" tab so we can grab the map magic. Copy that somewhere safe and close the map. Back in the hex editor we go, this time going to the offset of the dataref's reference. We'll have to do some more math before we get to the offset of the actual data. Once there, make note of the 4 bytes directly in front, which is the size, then jump ahead x0C/12 bytes more to get to the memory offset of the data and copy it. Paste that into the Windows Calcluator you set up in the reflexive part above with the Hex option ticked. Now subtract the map magic from it and copy the result elsewhere. Then jump there in the hex editor. At that offset, select the amount you got from the size (Hex) and paste it into a new file. Go back to the file offset from map expand to get back to your blank meta. Take a look at the hex and find where the meta you copied ends, then to be safe jump to the next offset ending in x00. In my example map, that would be offset x5CF1200. Make note of this offset, you'll be adding maths to it soon. Select the size of the amount you copied, copy the meta from the spare file you made and paste it in to the blank area you selected. Almost done. Go to the tagdata reference offset you got from Ascension again and jump x0C/12 bytes more again to the memory offset. Open the Calculator back up and paste in the offset you pasted the data to (Hex), now ADD the map magic to it. Copy the result. Paste the result over the old memory offset and Save. You're done! Opening back in Ascension one last time to check your work, you should see a valid dataref still. If so, then you just duplicated a dataref! Getting Duplicated Objects Working If you are duplicating an object, it will not load ingame until you modify the global object pool to allow for it. If you are not duplicating an object, you should be okay skipping this step. Make sure your plugins are updated! Open the ZONE tag in your modified map. Scroll until you see the "Global Pool" reflexive, then the "Objects" reflexive inside it. (Invisibles are OFF in the following pic) The fix is very simple; jump to the last chunk in "Objects", set the value to -1 and save. Simple as that. What remains is referencing your new tag wherever you plan on implementing it, but I'm sure you know how to do that.
  8. .MAP

    File Name: Halo Reach Giant Tag File Submitter: Lord Zedd File Submitted: 21 Feb 2014 File Category: .MAP Mods Created by hand based off the Halo 3 and Halo 4 gint tags. Just inject the .tagc and add your hlmt reference and you should be good to go. Tags included: objects\giants\scarab\scarab.gint camera\scarab_d_camera.trak Click here to download this file
  9. This is only if you have RTH and if you go on Xlink Ok so what this does it if you are host and change the projectial EVERYONE will be able to see the proj. So first open your map in alteration. Push Ctrl "C" To Coppy This Number Now Go To The Worthog Troop Effect That You Used. Push Ctrl "V" To Paste That Number in This Box Then You Can Change What You Want To Shoot Out Right Here And There You Go. This Makes Xlink SO much more fun
  10. I've had this map sitting around a while so I think I should release it. What this map dose is it is a forge world map that has all of the single player vehicles added into forge world. To spawn your selected vehicle go to sandbox palette in scnr and find a banshee. After that simply swap out the banshee for what vehicle you want to use. These tags where injected raw so it should run fine in system link. I really hope people appreciate and like this mod. It took me two week to figure out all of the shaders for each vehicle to prevent freezing One day I am really hoping some one will team view me and teach me to add the vehicles to a forge menu. I would also like to know how to make this map a separate map so i don't have to replace forge world altogether. Well I hope you enjoy the mod it is one of my favorites'>
  11. .MAP

    Does anyone know how to RTE mod your biped colours?
  12. File Name: Expanded Gametype Options for H4 Main Menu File Submitter: Lord Zedd File Submitted: 07 Apr 2013 File Category: Halo 4 You want it? You got it. Via 112 (6 being broken and unused, so more like 106) new, injected tags, this patch adds options for every possible player trait except 3 special cases. (All 3 are still implemented, but hidden. Refer to the layout) Saving from Forge Options now possible all runtime trait menus replaced with standard ones as a lazy solution to adding more options for them Forge Options given a duplicate layout of Customs with the Megalo Options link switched to Editor Traits Editor Traits converted to full fledged trait menu for scaling and other fun stuff, not all options may work all tactical/support spinner values merged and applied to all relevant instances added pokable support for Weapons On Map and Flood/First Megalo Loadout weapon spinner values given none, flood talon, and target locator options and is applied to all relevant instances equipment spinner values given flood thruster pack option and is applied to all relevant instances added 14 new loadout names, partially to support flood loadouts properly. **Includes "menu layout.txt" and "tagnames.txt" for reference** Click here to download this file
  13. .MAP

    i got my jtag 3 days ago and i made this mod. Download link attached. Credits,chrisco for the motorcycle Lazy gamer JC for flying warthog Blood raptor. ENJOY! bloodraptors map mod.rar
  14. .MAP

    I made everything in the video in Real-Time. This map will not be released because I'm going under a map pack with a friend. I decided to advertise for this site, seeing it is how I got all my skills from. So to try to make this forum more active, I hope many people with see this video and go here.
  15. .MAP

    Sandtrap is a great map, most of us can agree on that... but what could make it better? Easy answer. Snow, pelicans, and chaos. First release (CURRENT): Far from finished. Not yet compatible with network games; fix should come soon. Download (New Link as of 4-30-15) Pictures
  16. .MAP

    I Made Another Map, And It's Not The Best But It's Pretty Good. I Made The Map On Snowbound. And I Removed The Snow And Imported Some Sand And Desert To It! And Heres How It Turned Out: It didn't look exactly the way I wanted it to, but it's still really fun and cool to play! The map took me a long time, but not as long as my WarfareTrap project. Here's The List Of Whats Been Injected: Here's A Few More Pictures: This is my second modded map now, so I didn't do a terrific job on everything. I took my time through it and wasn't *too* lazy. There was a few times I felt like Quitting, but I didn't. Instead, I knew that if I had made another cool map, I would enjoy making another one! Which I might! There might be updates, but i'm not to sure, due to my lack of interest on this small boring map. I tried injecting other things, like the warthog, banshee, & scorpion, but the map would either be unbootable, freeze when selected, or I couldn't get in and drive it. We'll I Hope You All Enjoy The Map! It Wasn't Easy To Make, But It Was Done! Here's The Downloads: V_2.6: V_1.7: I Don't Think Mediafire put a captcha to download this time! Scan Of the ReadMe!.bat (for both .zips) : Didn't want to flood the topic with too many pictures Enjoy!
  17. File Name: Sandfort File Submitter: DeadCanadian File Submitted: 21 Aug 2014 File Category: .MAP Mods Sandbox remade with all of sandbox's forge objects injected onto the maps (with exception of a smaller one due to forge lists 64 item limit) as well expanded the existing vehicles palette to include other variants of existing vehicles. The main patch is just shrine_objects.asmp alongside two patches that are made for poking that will change all objects from fixed to keyframed or vice-versa to make editing easier. Click here to download this file
  18. File Name: Cabin Fever File Submitter: Lord Zedd File Submitted: 10 Jul 2014 File Updated: 14 Sep 2014 File Category: .MAP Mods My first attempt at making a map since I believe Stormy Cartographer, and boy have we come a long way since then. This is a BSP Injection of 010 from 120_halo, with bits removed and blocked off to play better. All gametypes are supported by default. Through its creation I've learned a couple new things, most notably new things regarding the Simulation Definition Table. Overall I'm hoping this map raises the bar in some way in terms of complete packages, and I hope everyone enjoys, especially on gamenight whenever that happens. **You may need to update your Assembly if it if from before August 1st as I updated it to allow _variant blfs in patches. Patch, name it, and say yes to the extras. v1.1: The map itself hasn't changed, so you can grab just the updated info and BLFs here: Click here to download this file
  19. .MAP

    I have just downloaded Gamecheat's Cliffside and Club Ererra. I can get the maps to load, and i can start the game, but when the blue, flashing loading screen is on for a while it freezes and says, "This disk is unreadable". I am using Lord Zedd's TU1 default.xex as well.
  20. .MAP

    I'm not done, only a few mods so far. Here's the download: Map: Sandbox
  21. First off I know this tutorial has been done to death on here, but none of them have been done with assembly (at least I think). Also someone wanted me to help them with this so I decided just to right up a tutorial. so without a further of mountain dew™ lets begin. What you will need: RGH/Jtag/Dev kit Map you want to use More information on how to get started: HERE Newest assembly (make sure you download dev branch): HERE How to compile: HERE (the "dev" branch can be compiled automatically by the assembly updater if you change your update channel, assuming you have a build of assembly with said feature) Ok, so you can add a child to almost (if not every) object in halo, in this tutorial I will be attaching a cone to a mongoose. Lets begin for reals now: Open map you are editing in assembly Find the object you want to attach the child to (this object is called a parent) Once you found the object, go to its [HLMT] - model once in [HLMT] go to the 'Objects' block. You can either edit an existing chunk or add a new one. I will add a new one. If you are editing one already there, skip until you see where I tell you to resume. Ok, with this new Assembly build, AMD made all modders life easy as hell, thanks AMD! you can add chunks without going to mapexpand and in just a click or two! Click the '+' to the left of the 'i' Before going on make sure you back up the map. Ok you can either click the '+' circled in blue to add a chunk or hit 'Quick add' circled in red and enter in a number (positive or negative, the prompt tells you more on this) I'm just gonna add one more chunk so I'll hit the '+' once, hit reallocate, save. Now that you have a new chunk RESUME Next to 'Child Object' there is a drop down box, select the tag class that you want to use I.E (make sure you are on the newly added chunk if you added a new one) [bLOC] - blocks [VEHI] - vehicle Etc... for what I'm doing I need to select [bLOC] because the cone is a block. One I selected the tag class use the other drop down menu to find your object save Now, go the the [MODE] - render model of the parent object, again in my case the mongoose. Once there go to the block 'Marker Groups' again you can either edit an existing marker or add a new one, I always add a new one so I don't mess with something important to the render model Adding a new chunk: Now that you have that done under the block 'Marker Groups' is a child block called 'Markers' Again add a chunk (you can add more if you want to use two+ of the same objects, without taking up space in 'Marker Groups') there if you added your own 'Marker Groups' chunk. Now it's time to make the marker name! (YOU CAN JUST ENTER A CUSTOM STRINGID NAME IN THE STRINGID BOX AND WHEN YOU HIT SAVE IT WILL ASK YOU TO CRATE THE NEW STRING) Again (omg..) you can use an existing marker name (I.E the ranks) or add a new on. I'm gonna add a new one. If you are editing one already there, skip until you see where I tell you to resume. In assembly at the top left select the option 'Strings' now under 'Localized strings;' select English or whatever language you want At the top select a string list (I'm 98% sure it does not matter what list you pick) Once you found a list, select 'Add New' at the bottom now click under 'StringID' and a text box will appear, enter a name (note down the name). You don't need to add a value. Hit save all Now, go back to mode of the parent object RESUME Go to the 'Markers' block (go to the chunk you added, if you added a new one) Now, you will see 'Region Index' 'Permutation Index' 'Node index' If you have no idea what they do make 'Region Index' -1' (Specifying region does not matter, so -1 works) 'Permutation Index' -1 (Specifying permutation does not matter, so -1 works) and 'Node Index' 0 (no definitive node index) But if you want to know what they do read: (If you are using an existing 'Marker Groups' and 'Markers' chunk you can skip this until you see resume) Ok now in 'Marker Groups' in the [MODE] of the parent, make the 'Name' the stringID you created save RESUMENo go to the [HLMT] of the parent go to the 'Objects' block and paste that StringID you are using, in the 'Name' box next to 'Parent marker' save Transfer map back to xbox Now you can edit the Co-orbs back in 'Markers' in the [MODE] of the parent!use trial and error to find the proper co-orbs This tutorial can apply to reach, although the block names may differ.' "permutations, its how armor effects get applied in reach" - Zedd
  22. So I will be posting all info about my Star wars mod here Categories: IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank: 74-Z speeder bike: RX-200 Falchion-class assault tank: Weapons if you guys have any ideas you can post them here as well None of the weapons or vehicles are fully finished until the patch is released Release date:Unknown (Srry Just Been Busy Lately)
  23. old but thought i should share 1.Open up [effe] tag objects\weapons\grenade\claymore_grenade\fx\detonation events 3-7 to 6-7 are spikes parts and then change spawned tag to what ever you want to be spawned Video: What you can do with this i know Doom17 did this video:
  24. This tutorial was derived from the tag duplication tutorial made by Lord Zedd. This tutorial is for people that want to just move a reflexive, without adding new tags. For this tutorial, I’ll be adding to the external cache references in [play]. This tutorial can be applied to any reflexive for which you want to add chunks to. What you’ll need! RGH/Jtag/Devkit Injection Assembly Any hex editor (I’ll be using HxD) Mapexpand Blamite Edition Hex Calculator (Windows Calculator, or this) Step 1 Make a folder to hold what we'll be working on. Copy the map for which you want to duplicate reflexives into the folder. I’ll be using Forge World for the example. Also, copy mapexpand to the folder. Open cmd and drag mapexpand into it, then use this command line: Mapexpand (insert the map you want to expand) 1 Example: mapexpand 1 You can add as many pages as you want. I’ll be using 1 because 0x10000 bytes is more than enough… Now get the Offset (highlighted in green) and the memory offset (highlighted in red) mapexpand gave you and keep note of it somewhere for safekeeping. Step 2 Open Injection Assembly and go to the tag that has the reflexive you want to expand. Go to the reflexive you want to copy. Click Information, and note down the count and entry size. For the example, we have a count of 2 and a entry size of 264. On the first value in the first chunk, right click and choose "View Value As..." at the top of the popup box. For the example; we'll do this with Map Path, which gives the value 0x5D01010. Step 3 Now open your map in your Hex editor. Hit control + G (goto) and put the offset you got in the last step (make sure you erase 0x and just put in 5D01010). With your calculator, in decimal mode, multiply the count by the entry size. Then tick hex to get the hex equivalent. So 264 (entry size) * 2 (count) = 528, 528 to hex is 210 bam we need to go to 0x210. Using calculator to find the hexadecimal of a decimal Since things are packed tight in a map, we need to copy the reflexive to the area of the map we injected free space into. So, copy the length of 0x210 starting from the offset Assembly gave you. Paste that in a new document for safekeeping. Now go to the file offset mapexpand gave you. Paste the data you just copied here, and save. Now press Control + G again and type the file offset that mapexpand gave you (my offset is 5CF1000) paste the data you just copied here. save. Step 4 In Assembly, put the memory offset (the one in red) mapexpand gave you in the External Cache’s address and add 1 to the count. Now, you will see that there will be 3 chunks instead of 2 chunks, or what ever you wanted. Special thanks! Orangemohawk for revising the tutorial and helping out with other stuff.
  25. Under the caetegory rmw there should be a single item, riverworld_water_rough.rmw. In that tag you'll want to edit the values of the arguments in Shader Properties->Arguments, which is circled in red below. I messed around with the values a little bit and figured out some pretty cool stuff. CHUNK ARG NUMBER DESCRIPTION INTENSITY TOWARDS 2 2 water roughness 010 1 brightness +- infinity14 1 texturization +- infinity15 1 cloudiness + infinity17 1 rippliness + infinity19 1 opacity 0 to 120 1 color intensity +- infinity21 1 red 0 to 121 2 green 0 to 121 3 blue 0 to 125 1 lines->intensity - infinity26 1 downstream speed + infinity27 1 cross stream speed + infinity28 1 wave height A +- infinity29 1 wave height B +- infinity29 1 wave height C +- infinity33 1 cross stream speed again + infinity34 1 softness just above 0, like 0.0001I think these values will only work for the water on Valhalla, I tried it on Last Resort and the argument chunks were in a different order. The intensity towards column indicates the extreme values for a variable. For example, if you wanted to make the water really bright you'd select the 10th argument chunk and make the value of Arg1=1000. Here are some pictures of all the different effects. Water Roughness Brightness Texturization Cloudiness Rippliness Opacity Color Intensity RGB Lines->Intensity Downstream Speed Cross stream Speed Wave Height A Wave Height B Wave Height C Softness