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  1. .MAP

    File Name: Better Pelican on Spire File Submitter: Lord Zedd File Submitted: 15 Mar 2012 File Updated: 29 May 2012 File Category: .MAP Mods Landing gears and cargo door are down/open with no driver, up/closed otherwise (no collision on closed door however)* All but 2 seats work (but you probably didn't know they even existed anyway) Gunner is first person. (try it out!)* Seat animations are the best Spire has to offer. Enter Pilot/Gun from the inside. (Left side is Gunner, Right is Pilot)* Falcon Menu in Forge: Block 1x1: Default Pelican with Turret Block 2x2: Default Pelican without Turret Block 3x3: Damaged Pelican with Turret Block 4x4: Damaged Pelican without Turret *Personal Touches that didn't normally exist for a Pelican. Click here to download this file
  2. Thought I'd drop this map, I've been sitting on it for a while. The mod replaces the ODST's with each member of Noble Team (excluding Noble 6). .MAP name is cex_ff_halo *edit* Helps if I put the download link in:
  3. .MAP heres my first map mod for sandbox. ENJOY Projectile edits: yes texture edits: yes barrier edits: yes tag injections: yes text edits: yes AND MORE!!
  4. .MAP

    Sup, Thunderdome is a map I've been working on for about a week now, stumbling into manual script editing has put me on hold for a while so I'm releasing a slightly older version for anyone to use. There is nothing really custom about the map, it has all of sandboxes assets with some of them reskinned to go along with the theme of the map. All kill zones and invisible walls have been removed for this release. If you download this, I specifically want you to collide with the BSP geometry and note any locations that cause a soft lock. I'm pretty sure I've fixed all clusters and instances but if you do soft lock, report it here. WIP version contains custom scripts, and weapons that drop in from drop pods. You are welcome to use this in any way that you see fit, just don't be a knob. Below are two downloads, one patch is smaller and can only be applied if you manually inject the BSP from voi - bsp_040 into a clean then apply the patch. This keeps the download size small, or alternatively you can download the 143mb patch. Known issues: All versions: Soft lock occurs when loading a theatre session, regardless of usermap. 0.3p: Overloading objects can be done very easily due to default sandbox scenery still spawning, fixed in 0.4p. DOWNLOAD: Public 0.3, no scripts. Small: (It's dead jim, enjoy the 143mb download ) Large: Download (Link is dead, lost the original file. Working on a new map setup.) Public 0.4, progressive spawn point script. Large: [Link] WIP:
  5. Didnt see a tutorial for this any where so here it is so for this tutorial i will be using the crow bar and the gravity hammer on sandtrap ( 1.)Scroll down to the gravity hammers weap tag 2.)Scroll down to first person use 1-1 if your using a elite and 1-0 if your using a spartan and change the model to objects\gear\human\industrial\crowbar\crowbar 3.)Goto the gravity hammers first person jmad: Spartan: objects\characters\masterchief\fp\weapons\melee\fp_gravity_hammer\fp_gravity_hammer Elite: objects\characters\dervish\fp\weapons\melee\fp_gravity_hammer\fp_gravity_hammer 4.)In skeleton nodes and find a name that looks suitable im gonna use the one with the name of shaft 5.)Goto the crowbars mode tag. 6.)Scroll down to nodes and change the name of crowbar to shaft. Before: After: 7.)Scroll down to default rotations and change them to these 8.)Scroll down a little bit to inverse position X,Y, and Z and move the object around Important!!!! Note: These Rotations and Positions might be different for different models these are just what i found and I liked Positions : X: 0 Y: -0.025 Z: -0.15 In Game Picture: In Game Video: Q&A 1.) Q:Why do i rename the crowbar to shaft? A:Cause it is already in the jmad and it is a name that is in the gravity hammers mode tag which is linked to the jmad Example: The gravity hammer has two nodes one named shaft and one named hammer in the jmad in the Skeleton Nodes at the end and it also has two named shaft and hammer in its mode tag Example 2:The assault rifle has 4 names gun, magazine, ophandle and safety which are all both in the mode tag and skeleton nodes in the jmad tag so if i wanted to make the assault rifle a crowbar(or anything else)i would apply the same tutorial but instead of renaming crowbar in the crowbars mode tag I would rename it gun, magazine, ophandle or safety and change the first person model in the weap tag to the model wanted but might still need to move and rotate it.
  6. Requirements: -Jtag/RGH/Dev-kit -Computer -Assembly (make sure its set to Wumbo) Part 1: Preparation Step 1: Open Assembly and goto Tools>Settings>Map Editor under Game Specific Resource Cache change selected game to Halo 3 Step 2: Find the directory that has you clean maps or has a clean and EX:E:\Halo\Halo3\Maps\ I'm not 100% positive if you have to have the \ on the end to tell it its a directory or not. Step 3: Now open the map that you want to use to get your bipd I'm going to use I'm going to be using the hunter for this entire tutorial just apply it the same way for other bipds Step 4: Goto Tags>bipd then select objects\characters\hunter\hunter now right click and select Extract... (With Raw) Save and name the tag Where you want I'm going to use a made up directory such as saving it in E:\Halo\Halo3\Tags\ Part 2: Injection and Adding Step 1: Open up the map that you want to inject the bipd into. I'm going to be using for my map. Step 2: Goto tags then next to Save Tag Names click Import... then select the tag you saved in Part 1 Step 4 Step 3: Now we are going to add a custom marker so that we are replacing or using a current one so that also it can familiarize you guys with adding custom string and using them I'm going to be using then English strings so goto Strings>English​ and then click on the drop down box next to String List. I'm going to be adding my string to ui\global_strings\global_strings now click Add New at the bottom I'm going to name my string Custom0015 Optional: if you want it to say hold <_button_action_reload> to Drive bipd or what ever you want then open the string list ui\hud\hud_messages and add a custom string here also. adding it here make it easy to keep things clean. Step 4: Now goto tags>bipd>objects\characters\hunter\hunter (or your custom bipd) Step 5: Scroll down to Seats next to count click the + in between the count and the I now next to New Entry count: change to 1 or you can use Quick Add... Hunter will already have a seat ​the seat should look like this make sure you uncheck boarding seat also Invisible is optional all id does is when your fully in the vehicle it makes you invisible Step 6: Now scroll down and expand the Camera Track Part 3: Fixing Things Up Step 1: Now that we have the seats added change the Seat animation under Seats to something like warthog_d Step 2: Change the seats marker to Custom0015 and change Enter Marker Name to Custom0015 I you want to know what these are a bit more -Seats animation is the animation that plays when you enter a vehicle EX: change the warthog to a different vehicles seat animation and you will see a different animation -Seat marker is where your character sits when the character is in the vehicle -Seat entry marker is where you enter the vehicle EX: when it says Hold RB to Drive Warthog Optional Continued: If you added the custom enter string. then scroll down to Enter Seat String and enter the custom sting you added to in ui\hud\hud_messages if you chose to add it into that String List Note: You may have already did this in Part 2 Step 5 if you followed the picture. Step 3: Now open the Hunter (or your bipds) mode tag and scroll down to marker groups click the + next to the count and add 1 this should pop up. Step 4: Go down to the new added count in my case I'm going to be going to 18-18 (19) since that is our newly added count. Step 5: Now we are going to add a count of 1 to the markers make sure you have the newest marker group you added selected markers should be grayed out and the count box should have no number in it currently now click the + next to the i and make the new count 1 or you can do Quick Add... Step 6: Now have the new marker group selected and change the Name to Custom0015 (or your custom String you added in Part 2 Step 3) Now when you spawn your bipd you should now be able to walk up to the bipd hold the action button and enter the bipd if there are any errors or anything I left out please let me know I may have left something out by accident not even thinking about it. but i am pretty sure everything is here. As always thanks to the whole Assembly team for Assembly.
  7. Old post removed, was terrible. Please refer to:
  8. .MAP

    UPDATED 10/8: Updated naming again, "Scenario Zoneset Group Audibility" is now "Scenario BSP Audibility", and it is indexed instead of matching counts. UPDATED 9/8: Updated some naming according to today's plugin update. If I missed something, "Scenario Zoneset BSPs" got changed to "Scenario Zoneset Group Audibility" along with some of it's child blocks. Let me know if I did miss something so I can fix it. Also replaced link for rawpage Assembly. UPDATED 7/11: Modified bsdt plugin for injecting extra blocks from scnr to solve various problems and blindly help those using multiple BSPs. UPDATED 4/8: Adjutant integration. UPDATED 3/14: Inclusion of decals, new plugins and rawpage push. UPDATED 3/5: Accommodation for new push to rawpage branch, easier way to handle zone salt 2. So today we are gonna be injecting a BSP from one map to another. Which is surprisingly easier to do than you may think. And while this tutorial can be applied to all 3rd gen games basically, the process isn't exactly set in stone for not-Halo 3. YMMV You're gonna need the following: -Rawpage Assembly -This bsdt plugin -Adjutant Link (Thanks Elijah for the link) Part 1: Setting up Rawpage Assembly I think other tutorials cover this, but I'll give a rundown. The latest rawpage now includes the necessary plugins, so nothing needs to be done there, but we need to put that bsdt in. Navigate to your Assembly directory, then Plugins\halo3. Rename the bsdt.xml in there to something different like "bsdt_orig.xml". Now copy the bsdt you downloaded into the halo3 folder. Rawpage Assembly needs to be given map folders in order to extract. So open Assembly and head into Settings, go to the Map Editor tab. You should see this: Use the dropdown to choose the game you want to set, and go to that folder in Windows. You can click the url bar and turn it into text you can copy. Go back to Assembly and paste that path to the box below the dropdown. Changes will save automatically and you can close the Settings tab. All set! Part 2: Finding A BSP with Adjutant Now finding a BSP couldn't be more simple with the help of Adjutant. All you gotta do is open the map you want, and browse each BSP in the model viewer. It's gonna look something like this: Once you've found the bsp you want let's take this time to move the camera (Click and drag along with WASD) to where you'd like to spawn. The coords in the bottom left are identical to the world coords, so when you've picked a spot copy the xyz (and the 2 facing degree values if you choose) to notepad or something for later. Close Adjutant. Part 3: Prepping The Source Map So open the map you want to take the BSP from in Assembly now; we've got to be hacky and mutilate a tag to host the stuff we want to extract. I like bsdt. First off you want to rename the tag, because every map has the 2 bsdt tags. Right click either bsdt and choose "rename". Name it whatever you want and click Continue. Right under the tag tree is a button that says "Save Tag Names". Click that, then open your renamed tag. Once the host is open, open up scnr as well. Find your BSP in the Structure BSPs block and remember its index. Scroll down to "BSP Groups" and dig through it, watching the Included BSPs flags for your BSP to be the first/only checked. When/if you find one, right click the Included BSPs flags control and View Value As so you can grab the memory address from the Raw Example near the bottom. Paste that address into the appropriate place in bsdt, with a count of 1 and save. Back in scnr scroll to Scenario Zoneset Groups and find the index that uses the same BSP group you just copied as well as the Audibility index at the bottom to follow into Scenario Zoneset Group Audibility right above and use View Value As again on the first Unknown inside before Unique Cluster Count to grab the memory address. Add that to bsdt too now with a count of 1 again and save. Do a search in scnr for "decal" which should take you to the Decals block. what you need to do here is click the "i" button next to the index dropdown, then note the count and address of it. Do the same for Decal Palette right below it. If there is nothing in these blocks, just continue reading. Go back to your bsdt tag, and plug the information you just grabbed into the convenient Decals and Decal Palette blocks in it. [Note: this plugin was modified to add those blocks, which didn't change anything to the game or map. It's just so Assembly will read those x18 bytes as 2 blocks so it can extract them.] Now that all 4 blocks are filled we need to modify them a bit. You can start by unchecking the Included BSP flags in BSP Groups then checking only BSP 0. (And more if you are trying multiple at once) Reduce the BSP Checksums block count to 1/the number of BSPs you are using so only they are shown, and do the same for the following "BSPs" blocks: (More than 1 BSP will need you to go into each BSPs index and reduce the counts there as well) At the bottom of BSP Groups is another BSPs block with a count for every BSP on the map, like so: Visit the indexes for the BSP(s) you are using and see if the blocks inside are filled. If they are copy them to the first few and reduce the size. If not just reduce the size and move on. Now for Scenario BSP Audibility you want to set the count for Encoded Door PAS and Cluster Door Portal Encoded PAS blocks to 0, they shouldn't be needed: Go down to the BSPs block and head to your index(es), note the start and count values and move them to the first indexes then change the block's count to match. Do the same for BSP Cluster List. Then whatever number the start and count values equal on the last index equals you want to change the Cluster Mapping block count to that number. After all that, replace the tagrefs at the top (conveniently labeled for you) with the relevant tags (design and cubemap isn't required but would complete that map). Include some other tags if you'd like but please fill any remaining tagrefs with a random tag and re-null to clear any bogus data hiding under them from the original bsdt layout. Save changes. To reduce the filesize, you can also head into sLdT and isolate the index of just your BSP(s) with the View Value As method used for BSP Groups. Save changes when done. Part 4: Extraction Straightforward. Right click your bsdt and select extract. Name the tagc files whatever you want. Part 5: Injection Open the map you want this BSP in. Shouldn't matter which you choose, but remember to think of the forge palette and sky. Below the tag tree there is an Inject button. Inject the tagc you made. Step 5.5: Quick Test To prevent issues, copy your map over to your Xbox and load it. The map should load fine and you should spawn fine, though it may take a little longer to start. This is just to ensure the injection worked fine and didn't corrupt your map or anything. Reboot the game and go back to your computer. If you got a black screen freeze, you may want to consider trying a different map to inject into, or a different bsp. Play around with it. Part 6: Fixing Stuff Hooray! You have your tags injected! Now, if your BSP was not the first in the original map, there are some index values you have to change, one in every one of the sbsp's Instanced Geometry's Collision Definitions and one in sldt. If it is the first, scroll down a bit and continue on. First up is Instanced Geometry. Chances are there are several hundreds of these suckers in your BSP, so doing it by hand is out of the question unless you are crazy. We are going to use a hex editor to do this job. Go back to your sbsp tag and head to the Instanced Geometry block and note its entry count, then go into the Collision Definitions block inside. Scroll until you see BSP Index like in this image. Right click the Unknown above the -1 you see and choose view value as. Copy/note the file offset. Make sure you saved any changes from before and close your map. Now open it in your hex editor of choice. Go to the file offset you got. Select 0xE bytes from that point and copy them. Now open your hex editor's replace tool and paste your selection in both fields, but modify the replace field so that there is a 00 before the 02 at the end. This is risky but the easiest way to replace these values. You're going to want to hit replace all. But luckily you noted the Instanced Geometry count so you can feel at least somewhat safe. Your hex editor should tell you how many were replaced, and that number should be LESS THAN the IG count. If it is more than you are gonna have a bad time and probably just corrupted your map. If this was the case (though I highly doubt it will happen) you can run the replace on the tagc itself before injecting. When the deed is done save the map, but if you are doing multiple BSPs repeat the above steps but with 01 instead of 00. Close the editor, and open the map back into Assembly. Open sldt, and since you trimmed it down before extraction, only the relevant index(es) will remain. set the first BSP index to 0 and count up for any further BSPs. Save changes. If your BSP was the first in the map, continue reading here: The final step is to reference everything in scnr and clean some things up. So open scnr and replace the sbsp reference with your injected one (along with anything else you added if any) and null the sddt. Do a search to sldt and replace that reference with the injected one. Now search "Kill Zones" and set the count for both Kill Zones and Safe Zones to 0. Save changes. Open your bsdt and copy the address and count of the 4 blocks into scnr one by one, replacing the the original values. Save changes. Almost done! Now all we need now is to set the scenery count to 1 and make it a spawn point so you actually spawn in the map. Go to the scenery palette and find the index for the respawn point object and plug it into the lone scenery entry, making sure the name index is -1 and the team is neutral. Lastly give it the coords you got from Adjutant. The final thing you should do is do a search in scnr for "Background Sound Environment Palette" and grab its address/count. Search the same in sbsp and replace them with the scnr ones. Once you do that save changes and copy the map over to your xbox, and the map should start with no issues. Bonus recommendations: Null the Sky Parameters tag in scnr to get rid of any fog. BSP too dark? Inject the sldt tag from the mainmenu and use its primary/intensity bitmaps. There may also be cfxs and sefc tags you can inject from the original map to help things. 110 from 020_base is a big cube that you can do stuff in once you swap the shader and lightmap:
  9. Halo: Reach Scarab gun

    Version 1.0


    You spawn with a Plasma Rifle or 'Scarab Gun' and are invincible, otherwise you'd be dying a lot. Use this patch on (The Pillar of Autumn)
  10. View File Campaign in Halo 3 Mythic - mod Halo 3's Mythic Disk, included in the retail version of ODST, removed the campaign lobby from the mainmenu but kept the maps for theater use. This mod fixes that. Apply the patch to your original with Assembly and enjoy! Submitter L337H4X0RZZ Submitted 06/21/2017 Category .MAP Mods  
  11. .MAP

    You'll need: Console with ability to run unsigned/dev signed code. - RGH/Jtag/XDK Resource files: - - - Assembly (newsiest build) Adjutant Clean single player map you want to convert Clean multiplayer map Step 1) Setting up resource files in Assembly You can find how to do that HERE Step 2) Preparing your Campaign map Open your single player map and search for [mulg] once found rename to something like this: multiplayer\multiplayer_globals_old hit "Save Tag Names" Step 3) Extracting [MULG] *this step is very buggy so you may fail multiple times, [matg] has so much meta data that some doesn't extract properly* To avoid this you could go through the mp's [mulg] tag and null all the references to weapons and vehicles and hit save, But, if your single player map has those vehicles on it already it, it won't be an issue as Assembly wont inject tags that's already existent in the map. But like I said, this step is optional. Once you located the the multiplayer maps [mulg] right click and extract with raw. Allow Assembly time to extract (may freeze assembly, just leave it alone) Once done inject into you campaign map Allow Assembly time to inject (may freeze assembly, just leave it alone) Once the tag is in close and reopen the map Step 4) Extracting [WGTZ] In your multiplayer map search for [wgtz]. Once found right click on ui\multiplayer and hit extract with raw. Allow Assembly time to extract (may freeze assembly, just leave it alone) Once done inject into you campaign map Allow Assembly time to inject (may freeze assembly, just leave it alone) Once the tag is in close and reopen the map Step 5) Injecting Your Tags With both tags injected navigated to [matg] search for "Multiplayer Globals" change the tagref to the newly injected one. Now do a search for "Multiplayer UI Globals" add the newly injected [wgtz] Save. Again in [matg] go to "Player Representation" go to chunk 2 and fill it out with either masterchief [bipd] and first person models or mp_masterchief [bipd] and first person models Step 6) [SCNR] Edits In order for the map to load you need to go to crates and make the count zero. If your map freezes even after this remove some scenery. this happens because some single player maps have too much data for the mp object pool. save. Go to "Maptype" and make it Multiplayer and change the mapID, note your new mapID down. [optional] change campaign ID to 0. Step 7) Setting Spawns Open up your Clean multiplayer map again and grab the invisible spawn point, extract with raw. Inject into your single player map. Close and reopen. Go to [scnr] and go to "Scenery Palette" add a chunk with the block reallocator. Now go to Scenery and again add a new chunk and give the new chunk the index of the spawn point in the scenery palette. Make: "Name Index" - (-1) "Type" - Scenery "Parent Name Index" - (-1) "Unknown" [one above "Multiplayer Data"] - (-1) "Team" - Neutral "Attached Name Index" - (-1) Use Adjutant to grab x,y,z coordinates (recommend having spawns for each bsp, as progressing in the level, when you die you'll might spawn in a de-spawned bsp. or you can just put your spawn in the first one for a quick test of your map) check either all or the first three sets in "Allowed Zonesets" save. or you could just replace a scenery palette index to the spawn and adjust the scenery that uses the index you replaced. Set 8) Scripts? You can leave scripts or remove them up to you fam Set 9) Fixing Your Mapinfo Open a multiplayer mapinfo give it your single player maps MapID you noted earlier Change the map filename to whatever your campaign map name is/will be Change map type to multiplayer save and close. Errors if your map freezes black screen this will be an issue with [mulg] or too much meta in your map restart with a newly extracted [mulg] or remove more from the scenery palette. If scoreboard crashes: issue with [wgtz] tag. map loads but you don't spawn: issue with spawn in [scnr] --------------------------- Once you get it loaded and working you can expand the sandbox palettes Create backups! you can add mp_masterchief bipd you can load all designer zonesets (be careful with this, your map may crash due to not enough memory) Thanks to Gamecheat and Zedd. For Reach you might not have to have your campaign map loaded as Multiplayer in order to forge on it. i'll confirm this later. any grammar issues? let me know.
  12. So, I saw this cool video that bfixer117 did on his video: and it's not working for me, I followed every single steps and nothing is happening. I tried switching seats around and nothing.
  13. Halo: Reach Scarab gun View File You spawn with a Plasma Rifle or 'Scarab Gun' and are invincible, otherwise you'd be dying a lot. Use this patch on (The Pillar of Autumn) Submitter Krazy Pigeon Submitted 02/28/2012 Category .MAP Mods  
  14. .MAP

    Citadel Creek Revision 5 Rev. 5 Download: Creek Rev. (102 MB Download) Call the output map "citadelcreek"Extract the mapinfo and blf files that are included the patch and place them in their respective places.Rev. 5 Notes: Removed unnecessary sldt pages.Water effects work.Sound is permanently fixed in the inner building.Added invisible walls to the scenery. They're placed near the back so people don't end up wandering off.Attempted to add a wall to the inside of the building to cut off the scenery. Coordinates did not cooperate so that's a no go.Over all file size has been cut down from 305 MB? to 226 MB.Blfs still don't work :/Revision. 5.5 Plans Add the bsp inside of the tower to hopefully improve gameplay. Pictures: More pictures:
  15. .MAP

    I made a little map with split screen in mind. Have biped battles and stuff like that! I really want to make this map into something big, so if you have an idea for the map, let me know about it because I can't think of anything else to do, I've modded myself dry (not with this map.) A semi-special thing about this map is the automag and silenced smg sounds injected from odst, huge credits to Lehvak for helping me out with that and the huds for the weapons. I try to keep my maps as vanilla as possible aswell, I dont like to shader swap that much, so its pretty much normal sandtrap with a few extras added in, I just made it for me and a mate to play, it is actually pretty damn fun too when you get a game going (not sure how it would go in a link game) Links: -Click Here For Version 1 -Click Here For Version 2 (Thanks Lehvak for the screnshots too)
  16. Download link : Patch will be updated within the next hour! (or whenever the hell i can figure out more stuffs) Requirements : - Jtag/XDK (obviously) - Clean to patch over - Lord Zedd's Custom .effe spawn default.xex enjoy!
  17. .MAP

    What you need: -Assembly (Zedd's no sounds blocked) -Assembly (latest DEV branch) -something to make notes on, EG: paper -A modified xbox 360 (EG: JTAG) Step 1: Find the sound(s) that you wish to inject using the no sound blocked assembly and extract them. I will be using the "sound\vehicles\truck_cab\truck_cap_backup\track1\loop" from Make sure you have your resource cache setup. TIP: if you are extracting a sound with an "_in","_loop","_out" than just extract using the [lsnd] tag rather than each individual [snd!] tag. DO NOT EXTRACT [uGH!]. EVER. Step 2: Close the no sounds blocked assembly and open the latest DEV branch. Open the [uGH!] of both maps (in my case it is and ans the [snd!] tag in each map. Check that the tag you injected is identical to what was extracted. Step 3: Fixing stuff in [uGH!]: 1. Check that the "Platform Codec" indexes line up. For example, the settings in index 1 in may be in index 2 of the new map. I they are the same, good, if they are not then change the "[ugh!] Platform Codec Index" in the [snd!] tag to where the correct data is held (on the new map, obviously). 2. Making the new pitch range index. Click the plus icon next to the "pitch ranges" reflexive and add the number of sounds you are injecting (for this example it is 1). Now go to the original map's [snd!] tag and find the original "pitch ranges" index in the [ugh!] tag. Make notes of each of the values wherever you want and then apply them to the new index in the new map. Finally change the "[ugh!] Pitch Range Index" in the [snd!] tag to the new one. 3. For most other blocks in [ugh!] it is mostly the same as above, although you will need to change the following values to the new indexes -First Permutation Index in "Pitch Ranges" to "Permutations" block index -First Permutation Chunk in "Permutations" to first of the new "Permutation Chunks" indexes -Add the value of "Permutation Chunk Count" to the "Permutation Chunks" reflexive, add fill each in. The "import name" indexes may need changing but can be set to 0 without any negative effects. 4. Make sure the injected [snd!] tags [ugh!] indexes match with the new ones you have made and save all. Step 4: Make sure the sound is used by something you can spawn, EG: a vehicle, and transfer to your xbox. Congratulations, you did the thing! if it does not work then tell me the tag and i will try and find the issue. I used this a while ago on the truck_horn and it worked fine.
  18. .MAP

    MiddleCorn here. What I'm doing is simple and cool for old school players who like killing Elites rather than Brutes. I'm modding all campaign levels replacing the Brutes with Elites and the Arbiter with another Spartan. Most levels don't require tag injection for most stuff, so this shouldn't be hard to finish. Not just gameplay, but also some cutscenes will be changed. This is a work in progress, and so far I have the first two levels working. You play as the Hayabusa Spartan and you have the Master Chief as an ally. You must face the Covenant in order to stop the Great Journey. But the Great Schism never happened, so Elites will still attack you while you finish the fight. Changes: Got no previews yet. IDK how to use the "camera" the RGH usually has, so I might use my old Capture Device. So far, I've done Sierra 117. Current version: v.01 Download: Help needed: Does somebody here know how to make Ultras and Zealots properly? I need help with that bit. Also, AI Master Chief spawns with Arby's weapons. If I replace them in [scnr], the Elite's Carbine will also change to whatever weapon I changed. Glitches so far: Things to add: Enjoy mission one!
  19. I need help with figuring out why everytime i load the map blizzard it says "Disk unreadable"?
  20. Needed Items: RGH/Jtag/Devkit Any hex editor (I’ll be using Hex Workshop) Mapexpand Blamite Edition Hex Calculator (Windows Calculator, or this) Drop your map in the folder with mapexpand.exe than shift right click and hit "open command window here" type in the code: mapexpand.exe <.map file name>.map <number of 0x10000 byte pages to inject> 1 - 0x10000 bytes 2 - 0x20000 bytes ect... 0x10000 bytes should be more than enough for filling out a dataref. So for me: mapexpand.exe 1 Once it's done note the memory offset NOTE THAT THIS IMAGE IS OLD AND IS TO DEMONSTRATE WHAT YOU NEED TO LOOK FOR The memory offset is in red As I stated above the memory offset in the image isnt my actual memory offset, I really have the memory offset 0xBE0A0000 Open the map in Assembly and navigate to the dataref you want expanded right click on function or anywhere next to it and click "View Value As" note it's file offset: For What I'm doing, I'll be giving flashlight_sg a brightness function of the data_core. But, you'll notice the flashlight_sg has a table length that is 32 bytes, and the data_core's is 52 bytes, and on top of that you can't edit length or offset in Assembly. Once you grabbed the file offset close the map and open the map in a hex editor, i'll be using hex workshop. Do a search for your file offset you noted eariler by hitting "ctrl-g", or whatever your goto shortcut is, make sure hex is ticked and search make sure to remove the 0x Where ever it drops you off at the first 4 bytes are the length of the dataref, than it's 8 bytes of padding, than a 4 byte memory offset, than after that (not pictured) are 4 more padding bytes. Look at the picture you'll see that for the length of this dataref is 32 (20 converted from base 16 to base 10) (Note that it's from right to left) So what I want to do it make this dateref 52 bytes long, so what you do is convert the length you want from base 10 to base 16, so for me 52 will be 34 in base 16. How to convert: First, open calculator. click view and pick Programmer. tick Dec, type in the length you want for me again it's 52. Than tick Hex, that is your base 16 number (mine is 34). Now in your hex editor replace the old length with your new length (in base 16) After: Now time to replace the offset. Using the memory offset you noted from mapexpand (in red). Replace the memory offset after the 8 bytes of padding: Save. Open Assembly navigate to you dataref you'll see it should be filled out now just add your new bytes. Flashlight_sg with data_core brightness function:
  21. Needed Items: Xbox that can run unsigned/dev signed code - XDK/RGH/Jtag Map you want this done in. I'm making this because I get asked a lot so I might as well make a formal tutorial for the site. This applies to all Halos that use the third generation blam engine. This Is very hacky but it's cool to do. Why do you want to do this? - You can view assassinations in first person. - Use armor abilities (equipment) in first person. - First person any [bipd]. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Prepping your [bipd] Go to the [mode] of the [bipd] you want this done to. Once there, you have two choices. you can either: 1) Look for an existing marker that would make for a good position for the first person camera, the marker "head" works well for most, if not all, [bipd]'s. 2) Add a new chunk to "Marker Groups" using the tag reallocator (by hitting the plus sign), than expand the sub-block "Marker", again, using the tag reallocator and give this marker a custom string and apply a proper node index and give coordinates to make it look decent. If you go with the first way, and you don't want to tamper with the head marker you can add a new marker (with a new stringID) than copy the information from the head marker to your newly added marker. Either way you do, sometimes the head of the [bipd] gets in the way, so, you can either move the coordinates of the marker to avoid the head or just remove the head. To remove just go to nodes find the head index and make the scale 0 (you can also remove the helmet and helmet flair regions, but just making scale 0 in nodes is easier). Now that you did that it's time to move on. First person for armor abilities and [bipds] that don't have fp models: Go to the [bipd] you want these changes in, search for "Camera Marker" the one under "Unit Camera" give this your marker you prepared above. Once that is done under it you'll see "Camera Tracks" make this block's chunk count 0. Save/Poke. You're done with the [bipd]. For this to work you need to set weapons to third person by checking the flag "is third person" in the [weap] tag (of whatever you want) (you can only just poke global third person using zedds offsets HERE) and for equipment you need to make them first person, so go to the [eqip] tag (of whatever you want) and make sure the flag "Is Third Person When Active" is unchecked. Save/Poke. First person assassinations: Go to the [bipd] you want these changes in, search for "Camera Marker" the one under "Assassination Camera" give this your marker you prepared above. Once that is done under it you'll see "Camera Tracks" make this block's chunk count 0. Save/Poke. Now when you assassinate (or get assassinated) it'll be in first person.
  22. Hardware Needed: RGH/JTAG Files Needed: XBDM.xex Plugin - XBDM Halo4 Disk1 & Disk2 Extracted - (Not Provided) Halo4.Xex With RSA checks removed - (Warez, removed. Use this instead.) Programs Needed: Xbox360SDK(Neighborhood) - (Not Provided) Assembly/Ascension - Ascension (I will Not Provide Assembly, But it is not required) WixPris - WxPris (Or your Favorite DLC Extractor) HxD - HxD Index: 1: Setting Up Ascension 2: Setting up Dashlaunch (xbdm, contpatch) 3: Extracting Spartan Ops Files and Modding them 4: Poking your Profile to Unlock Maps 5: Playing/Troubleshooting Maps 1: Setting Up Ascension For Ascension to Work right with everything you will need the Xbox360 SDK! 1; Open Ascension and go to Edit, Settings and edit your xbox's IP (Hit OK) 2; File, Open Up The Sparten Ops Map you Want to Play on 3; Now go to Tools, "Advanced Poker" Wait for that to open 4; That is all for now. We will come back to this program later, so don't close it. 2: Setting up Dashlaunch (xbdm, contpatch) 1 This is Very Simple, Add your Xbdm.xex to the root(top)of your HDD, Then just start up your dashlaunch and in the plugins section, Point this to your Xbdm.xex (Remember, you MUST restart your xbox in order to activate the Plugin) 2 MAKE SURE CONTPATCH IS FALSE!!! 3: Extracting Spartan Ops Files and Modding them Extract 1; Open your Spartan ops DLC File in WxPris and Extract it to your Desktop 2; ON YOUR XBOX, Put All Maps in the Halo4/maps Folder and put all .mapinfo in the Halo4/maps/info Folder. Modding 1; Take All .Mapinfo Files And place them into 1 folder 2; take your Midnight.campaign file and place it in the same folder 3; Open All Files In HxD 4; For ALL .mapinfo files, Edit 0x40 to be " 00 00 00 2C " 5; For Midnight.Campaign file, go to 0x19C4 & edit this to be 00 00 2E E0 00 00 2E EA 00 00 2E F4 00 00 2E FE 00 00 2F 1C 00 00 2F 08 00 00 2F 26 00 00 2F 30 00 00 2F 3A 00 00 2F 44 00 00 2B 99 00 00 2B 8F 00 00 2B 85 00 00 2B 67 00 00 2B 5D 00 00 2B 4C 00 00 2B 3F 00 00 2B 49 00 00 2B F2 00 00 2C 26 00 00 2B C0 00 00 2B CA 00 00 2B DE 00 00 2B E8 00 00 2B 355(2); The Hex in Part 5 are the names of the mapIds, You can find the map Id's in the Scnr plugin of Ascension. 6; Now just Save these Files And replace them with the original files on your Xbox. 4: Poking your Profile to Unlock Maps (make sure your xbdm plugin is running) 1; Start your Halo 4 Game with your .xex that has RSA Checks removed. NO TU!!! 2; Go to the Campaign lobby. 3; in Ascensions Advanced Poker Make the Offset 0xC274FAD0 and make sure the drop bar to the left is on bytes, and 4 to the right of that. 4; Hit GET VALUE (you should see some numbers pop up now under your offset(blue). 5; Change this value to 0FFFFFFF & hit Poke 6; Now try and select your campaign mission. you should now see your spartanOps mission. 7; Before you play, Start up Prologue, Skip the video. When The Mission Dawn Starts up Hit Pause and Save and Quit. (This will make it so your unlocked campaign missions is permanent.) ONLY IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THE NEWEST SEASON! 1; Go back to your dashboard and start your game with the (Warez, removed. Please use this, which will have TU3 shortly. 2; Select your map and play 5: Playing/Troubleshooting Maps - understand that playing on spartan ops maps is still very new and if you are not modding the map file there is really not much you can do. We are working on making them fully functional. Please be patient. Troubleshooting 1; if you spawned outside of the map... - You Will Need to edit your Starting location, Go into Scnr, Player Spawns, and edit the X,Y,Z values to edit your location when you restart your mission. 2; If you die as soon as the game starts... - Go into Hlmt and set the Invincibility Enum 1 &Invincibility Enum 2 to True Then Poke and Restart the map. *If you want to Spawn Characters that you can fight you will need to edit the strings inside the map. 1; Go to "Scnr" 2; Set "Loadouts" to -1 (Under Functions) 3; Go to "HSDT" 4; Select your Chunk (in Ascension it will be random, this is why you will want Assembly) 5; Set that chunk to "Startup" under "script options" 6; Restart your map. (Now after you restart your map, maybe something will change maybe not. Just keep trying until you find good ones to change. WRITE DOWN THE GOOD ONES!) *Credits* - Lord Zedd (Really for everything) - Chrisco (Making the Tutorial)
  23. .MAP

    Introduction What I have here for you all today is a .map mod that swaps out the Covenant in Firefight for human counterparts, weapons included. I've scaled the health of the enemies so that they're not a chore to kill. That said, this is my first mod, so it is far from perfect. If you have any suggestions or fixes to the bugs below, feel free to let me know. Features Scaled health for the humans Pelicans in lieu of Phantoms ODST, Civilian, Spartan, and Trooper enemies Play as a Trooper (Only on blue team, buggy) Known Bugs The eyes Melee detection is iffy on Civilians Pelicans don't do anything other than look pretty Everything about playing as a Trooper Screenshots Video Credits Assembly Developers (Without that tool, this mod would not exist) The404Spartan (For giving me the idea) Am I forgetting anything? No, of course not. Just kidding! ("Just kidding!" is the download link if you missed it, bub) NOTE: This mod works best when Hazards are turned OFF in firefight. Leave your thoughts in the comments!
  24. .MAP

    This is my first release so it isnt really fancy. This mod adds more effect to by adding flood ai and some weapon mods, more info in the readme.txt, please read the readme ***I am open to suggestions*** Links: V3.5beta V3.0beta V2.0beta 1.0beta ***UPDATE*** Re-Skinned Elites, tell me how you feel about it. Flood plasma rifle re skinned. Missile pod is now 1st person! More in readme.txt Most firing effect tags have been edited (mostly sounds) to make the weapons sound better. I'm back In business baby! Jtag is back!
  25. File Name: Matrix Menu (Now SD Friendly) File Submitter: Lord Zedd File Submitted: 27 Feb 2012 File Updated: 28 Feb 2012 File Category: .MAP Mods A fun project turned into public patch. Features CUSC and RAIN editing. Click here to download this file