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  1. Texas Tech has filled its football head coaching vacancy just weeks after parting with former head coach Matt Wells, and the hire is a former Baylor assistant coach.Joey McGuire will leave Baylor immediately to assume his role as head football coach at Texas Tech. Sonny Cumbie will continue to serve as the interim head football coach for the rest of the season, but McGuire will likely spend the next few weeks getting settled in Lubbock and hitting the recruiting trail ahead of the early signing period.We have our guy. Let's gooooooo! In 1997, McGuire took a job as an assistant at Cedar Hill High School and was promoted to head coach at Cedar Hill in 2003. McGuire won three State Championships at Cedar Hill before leaving to become an assistant coach on Matt Rhule's staff at Baylor in December of 2016. McGuire spent the last five years as an assistant at Baylor before making the jump to head coach at Texas Tech. Why Oklahoma State Fans Should CareWhen McGuire was hired to take over as the head coach at Cedar Hill, he took a program that had not won a playoff game in school history and hadn't had a winning season in eight years and turned it into a perennial powerhouse, amassing a record of 141-42. McGuire's job now is the same beast but a different animal. Turning around a Big 12 program will be more complex than turning a Texas 6A program around, but McGuire has done it before. He knows how to build a program from the bottom up. That's not to mention the two transitional periods he helped guide Baylor through. When McGuire got to Baylor, it was going through possibly the toughest stretch it's ever experienced in program history. The fallout from the scandal and the departure of Art Briles was massive and Baylor won just one game in McGuire's first season on the staff. Baylor got it turned around and it culminated in a Sugar Bowl appearance in 2019. Unfortunately for Oklahoma State fans, this isn't another Matt Wells type hire. McGuire has the all the tools to rebuild Texas Tech into a contending program again. It comes at a perfect time for Texas Tech fans with the makeup of the Big 12 set to change with Oklahoma and Texas set to leave the conference. Ask anyone who knows anything about football in the state of Texas and they should know who Joey McGuire is A.J. Reed Jersey. McGuire was a 2020 inductee to the Texas High School Coaches Association Hall of Honor and has strong relationships with high school coaches in every corner of the state. McGuire has long been considered one of the best recruiters in the state of Texas. His strongest ties are in the talent rich Dallas Fort Worth metroplex when he coached for 21 years. Recruiting the Lone Star State is critical for every Big 12 team other than maybe Iowa State and West Virginia. The Texas and Oklahoma schools wouldn't be able to compete at the power five level without talent from the state of Texas. The Kansas schools would struggle without Texan talent. Ask Nebraska how life in the Big Ten is going without a pipeline to Texas. For those schools located in Texas, keeping Texan talent home should be the top recruiting priority. Texas Tech hasn't been recruiting the Lone Star State well as of late. In the 2021 class, the Red Raiders have just four commitments in the top 1,000 players. Of those four, two are from Oklahoma and two are from Texas. Texas Tech's class currently ranks 75th in the nation and ninth in the Big 12, ahead of only Kansas. McGuire, on the other hand, has played a role in keeping Baylor in the top half of the Big 12 in recruiting class rankings since he arrived in Waco. Bringing in McGuire shows that Texas Tech recognizes its problem and the athletic department just made the best hire it could to address the issue.It looks like McGuire is already putting in work on the recruiting trail just hours after it was announced he would be the head football coach at Texas Tech. Hebron High School athlete Carson Dean announced an offer from Texas Tech on Twitter and tagged McGuire in the tweet. Blessed to receive an offer to Texas Tech! Traylor almost exclusively recruits the state of Texas at UTSA. He has been an expert at identifying under-recruited talent and turning those players into stars at UTSA. Quarterback Frank Harris, running back Sincere McCormack and receiver Zakhari Franklin form a three-headed monster on offense that has powered UTSA to a 9-0 record. All three are from the state of Texas and Franklin is from Cedar Hill. Obviously McGuire will need to recruit above UTSA, but the blueprint is there. Sonny Dykes' formula at SMU has also revived the Mustangs program. The campaign has helped in recruiting local kids to stay home and play for the Mustangs. SMU has put up billboards in every city around the metroplex that has pictures of SMU players from that city. I passed one last weekend driving down Interstate 635 in Mesquite. On top of that, the Mustangs have cleaned up the transfer portal leftovers from schools like Texas and Oklahoma. Ra'Shaad Samples, son of legendary Duncanville High School head coach Reginald Samples, has been a big part of that recruiting effort Samples was named by 247sports as a top-30 recruiter in the nation and has been instrumental in helping Dykes revive the SMU football program. McGuire will need someone like Samples on his staff to help him rebuild the talent at Texas Tech.Put on for our city. #PonyUpDallas Houston coming to the conference adds another power five mouth to feed in the state and will certainly take talented recruits from the Houston area away from the Red Raiders. It will take time, but Joey McGuire is the last person Big 12 fans should bet against when it comes to building up Texas Tech's program.
  2. With the recent addition of both our 4x4 Closure Wig, we aim to cater to all your hair needs this summer. But you still might be wondering, what option is the best? Well, the truth is that both options are a good choice and, your decision will really come down to your hair needs as well as your personal preference. What you can expect from both options: A pre-plucked hair line. Our Closure Wig are equipped with a natural looking hairline in order to give the most realistic look. A Natural and soft hair texture. Whether you opt for our straight, body wave or deep wave, you can expect the very best from our units. With full and healthy ends, you will surely be the star of the show where ever you go. Transparent/HD 4x4 Lace Wig. Our wigs are equipped with lace that will give the illusion of a scalp-like look. You will have everyone wondering! As mentioned before, you can choose either option based on whatever you deem to be in your best interest. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy fix that can be easily removed at the end of the day then a closure wig option will be a good pick for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that can mimic your entire hairline then a frontal option is the best pick. So what are the pros and cons of 4x4 closure wigs? The pros of a 4x4 wig generally rely on its more convenience and easier installation. Compared to traditional 13x4 lace frontal wigs, you don't bother to cut longer lace edges,just put it on and manage it in much easier ways. Besides,the price is relatively more affordable than that of general lace frontal wigs. Then how about the cons of 4x4 closure wigs? I think most part of them will come to its narrower parting space. Pretty clear to the eye, the lace size is 4x4, which means 4 inches vertical and across the hairline, so if you part horizontally, 13x4 will offer more versatile hair styles to choose while 4x4 is limited. Since 4x4 closure wigs have become ever more favored by customers, it is a new fashion trend to buy for 2022,where can you buy 4x4 wigs from? Our website has come new arrivals of various styles for you to choose from,here we go! I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  3. Most wig wearers want to have a most natural-looking wig so that no one can tell it is a wig, so for hundreds of years, many people tried to mimic the real human scalp using materials such as silicone, silk, and now lace. Now, we have a V Part Wig ! You can finally wear your real scalp with leave out or no leave out. What Is A V Part Wig? The v part wig is a new type u part wig, you can call it an upgraded u-part wig, the part shape shows “V”, so we also can call it V Part Wig Human Hair. It was available very long ago. But there are some differences between the classic v part wig and the newly graded ones. This wig is perfect for women who prefer their extensions to look natural and authentic up close in real life. You won’t have to deal with concealing lace holes, aggressive baby hair, or trying to blend a leave-out. Now you can wear your real part with no leave-out or with just v strands of your hair out. Yes, there are many advantages of this upgraded V Part Curly Wig. This is the reason why it has received a lot of attention since it was on the market. Some new users will ask, what is the difference between a v part wig and the traditional u part wig. As there are some users who have shared their real experiences of wearing v part wig and u part wig, now we will share with you some content here: V Part Wig VS U Part Wig User1 asked: Can you guys tell me the difference or the advantages/disadvantages of each? User2 replied: I think it's personal preference or as in my case a couple of times the wefts are stiff and it's difficult to get them to lay flat in that u-shape. User3: It is a personal preference. I usually make mine V, that just makes for less hair for me to leave out. I don't like a lot of hair out. You can always make a slim U. User4: Yep exactly and also if you have thin/fine hair the V shape is much better. I have been wanting to take down my U part wig because with my thinning hair at the top I can barely cover the tracks. I have a V part wig but that was made with a lace closure that I cut a slit in the middle and it made a V. User5: So, I have thin and fine hair, and was wondering about the V part.. the thing I was scared about with it is that the point of the V area will be hard to cover because of the tiny amount of real hair that meets that part. I don't know if the makes sense.. but I keep trying to picture it, and it seems like my hair wouldn't be enough to cover the pointed part of the V. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  4. 13x4 Lace Wig is also called 13x4 hair closure. It is a closure piece made up of human hair and base used in the front to make a full head. The size of 13x4 means 13 inches across and 4 inches of back The 13x4 Lace Frontal are made up of medium brown lace; it is called the lace front human hair wig for black women because of the lace color, here we are talking about the hair color suitable for black women. The 13x6 transparent lace front wigs are also called the lace front wig for white girls because of the delicate lace. But nowadays, fine lace wigs are equally trending with both white and black ladies. It gives the most natural-looking appearance, although the 13x4 Lace Front Wigs is a human hair wig as the ear-to-ear lace front of a human hair wig. The lace wigs are of different styles and different sizes according to the fashion. Choice of the correct lace wig or extension means to choose cheap front lace wig, high quality and with long timing and durability suitable for your head and suitable according to your skin color and tone If we talk about cost, the cost is essential to consider when selecting the best lace wig. As we know that the lace used to sew in the lace front wig. Wigs that are made from Brazilian hair are the highest quality wigs, so the cost of the 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig is much cheaper than others if you want to consider your budget, then you have to consider the different cost of the 13x4 affordable lace wig. In our search, before getting your lace wig or extension, you have to work out the following points: essential for everyone. THE DONOR OF THE HAIR There are various wigs, such as wigs with full lace, with front lace, closure wigs, BOB wigs, color wigs, and customized wigs. Full lace wigs as the name show made of a fully laced theme, other hand frontal lace wigs are not fully laced. These types of wigs or extensions are more versatile and expensive because you can adopt more styles with these wigs. The hair on a single donor full lace wig comes from one single donor. It is cut carefully using handcrafted Japanese titanium blades scissors for sharp precision cutting. This method ensures the hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction for minimal tangling. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  5. This is the latest best hair to buy for 360 Wigs in hair extension and weaves trend. They are full lace closure designed to go all around the head perimeter, unlike the regular lace frontal that is installed only on the front of the head.Women care about their beauty, and many of them who cares about their hair may have the experience of trying to wear a 360 Lace Wig. The 360 lace wig: The pre plucked 360 is a type of a lace wig. It is one of the best of its type. It covers the 360 degrees of your head without any problem. Also. it is made of baby hairs. The concept is very simple. Most of the 360 Lace Frontal we wear, do not have pre plucked baby hairs. And it is one of the major reasons why it can be easily passed off as a fake hair. With the pre plucked ones, people can easily get through with that natural look. It replicates the baby hairs on our forehead. Following are the various reasons why it is so beneficial: The natural look: The very first reason why it is beneficial is because of the natural look it provides the people with. There is no doubt in the fact that you will have to understand the relevance of the natural look when it comes to wearing 360 Lace Front Wigs. The format of the baby hair helps in the same. The feeling of luxury: Helps with the luxurious feeling. Nothing can be more advantages to the same. The people must understand that the lace wigs are already expensive. They offer a luster to the hair. They also help you understand that you I am going to portray only the natural look. The ease of maintenance: The ease of maintenance is another of the most important reasons of all. There is no doubt in the fact that if a person wants to get through with the best wigs, then these are the ones. These are low maintenance and easy to wear as well. One will have no real problems with the same. The enhanced look: With these wigs you can enjoy an enhanced look at any point of time. No one will tell you that it looks bad on you and of course no one will claim it to be a fake. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  6. When a rousing exhibit of clutch hitting Friday evening, the Cleveland Guardians became bitter in just an early Saturday activity. Maybe the 6:10 p.m. ET start off period all through them off. Or, maybe, they can depend upon Ernie Clement toward be Superman each and every night time. Jos Ramrez did his simplest in direction of decide on up that mantle tonight, relocating 2-for-5 with a triple and double 2 of the toughest-strike balls of the activity. Zimmer experienced 2 hits as very well hitting out of the 2-gap, still the chill out of the lineup unsuccessful towards offer a great deal out of a spare strike and stroll As a staff members, they struck out 12 instances, still left 9 upon foundation, and went simply 3-for-15 with runners in just scoring placement. Within the moment inning, a add-off wander adopted through a double versus Oscar Mercado really should include mounted up some sort of more scoring. Yet with a runner in just scoring stage and no outs, the Guardians preceded towards hit out a few days inside of a row in direction of conclusion the inning. And once again, within the 3rd, with runners upon the corners and no outs, they arrived absent vacant-passed due toward a few of flyouts and a Ramos whiff. The deficiency of clutchness was upon clearly show utmost within just the 7th inning. Down via one particular at that truth, Franmil Reyes caught out with runners upon instant and 3rd. Ramos adopted it up through grounding out and turning out to be a work household inside the highest excruciating course likely Franmil Reyes Jersey, however Oscar Mercado flied out in the direction of conclude any semblance of a rally.Toward be affordable in the direction of Franmil, the activity wouldn even comprise been a a single-work change if he didn plate a operate in just the ultimate of the 5th However, male, accomplishing nearly anything other than putting out would consist of been superior. 1 work sport, courtesy of the Franimal.#OurCLE Bally Sporting activities Cleveland August 15, 2021Against that stage upon, Cleveland preserved specifically a single foundation-runner and struck out 4 instances within the past 2 innings. The Guardians went with an improvised bullpen match, and it approximately form of labored. Sam Hentges brought on exactly 3 swinging strikes with his 44 pitches, nevertheless he simply authorized 3 acquired operates inside 2 innings. That a optimistic working day at the office environment directly there. The sport wasn really out of just about every right until Bryan Shaw gave up a 2-function solitary toward Eric Haase inside the 8th.
  7. 4x4 Lace Wig are made of lace closure, wig caps, and 100 human hair weave. It's different from the 4x4 lace front wig. The hairline and hair seam of 4x4 lace closure wig is made of lace closure. Mslynn 4x4 Lace closure wig design can not only build a natural and beautiful hairline but also give you a soft and breathable feeling after wore within affordable price. How To Install On Transparent 4x4 Closure Wig? Make sure all the items are ready to install the Closure Wig. Step 1: comb your hair and put on a wig cap to keep your hair as smooth as possible. Step 2: Put on the wig and position it in a comfortable position Step 3: Trim the extra lace from the wig's forehead.Create a natural hairline Step 4: Fix the wig Step 5: Create a baby hair style Step 6: Comb your wig, then make your own hairstyle. Why choose a 4x4 lace closure wig? Why choose a 4x4 lace closure wig? What are the advantages of a 4x4 Closure Wig? Keep reading! Protect the edges of your hairline The 4x4 lace closure human hair wig can protect the edge of the hairline from damage. Because the front one is similar to lace protection. The lace is very thin, soft, light, and breathable. On the one hand, lace acts as a barrier between natural hair and wig and can prevent wear and tear of the wig on the hair and scalp. Cheap A 4x4 lace closure wig is less expensive than a front lace wig. Mslynn Mall is now running a promotional campaign, offering a 45% discount on all 4x4 lace closure wigs. 4x4 lace closure wig just makes it easy to naturally straighten your forehead, and you can instantly achieve beautiful and comfortable human hair. Natural look 4x4 lace closure wig looks natural. The lace material provides the color of the scalp for the hair seam and hairline, so the front of the lace closure wig looks particularly realistic. There's nothing more realistic than your real hair.4x4 human hair lace closure wigs are your best bet. Don't miss them. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  8. My anniversary copy did not come with the funeral it possible to somehow hex edit it or enable it or something?
  9. Is it possible to mod halo anniversary to where enemies can drop their energy sword/fuel rod gun upon death instead of those weapons exploding? What programs do I use to mod halo anniversary? I cant even figure out how to mod the xex tho lol(yeah im a green noob).
  10. Anniversary

    CEXPatcher, was developed by Me (Xerax) to aid kiddies in patching their CEX xex's to enable feautres or remove checks. It is 100% open source under GPLv2, so feel free to download the source and poke around in it. - Xerax: Backend Code/GUI/Research- iBotPeaches: (Debug Mode)Research- DeadCanadian: (Debug Mode)ResearchAnd we would also like to thank; - MasterChafe: Testing- Renegade: Testing- Xbox Chaos Community- 343i- Bungie: For being kickass, and leading the way in FPS's over the last 10 years. Q: I get an exception when i drag my xex on the form, it says it's "not uncompressed". whatdo? A: Well, that means it either isn't a valid Halo CEA xex, or it hasn't been decompressed. (To decompress it, check the readme with the application). Q: I get exceptions saying I don't have the correct file permissions? A: Make sure you are running the application as Administrator.
  11. I've attempted modding Anniversary Campaign maps, I'm able to get the modding tools HMT3.5 and HHT to read the map and make changes to offset values and save. However when attempting to run the maps, the Xbox just restarts when loading into the mission. I've tried just changing offsets for bipeds - Crewman to Grunt, as well as actor variants and dependencies in the scenario tag, but nothing seems to work. Even though some of these things work on the PC version. Does anyone know why? I'm using a dev.xex, should I be using something else?
  12. I use the No local limit mode created by Lord Zedd. Thanks to that, I was able to proceed with the Halo Series by four people. Will Halo Anniversary be possible? I really want to enjoy the campaign with four people.
  13. Not sure if many people are interested in modding or exploring Halo Anniversary, but for those that are interested in exploring around during cutscenes, it's actually possible with the debug flycam. Normally you can't use the flycam during cutscenes, you simply won't have any control over it, but there is a small glitch you can do to fly around during most cutscenes and I figured I'd share that info here for those who are interested. So first off, you need to make sure you have debug mode enabled for Halo CEA, you can do that with this tutorial here: Assuming all that worked out for you and you have access to the debug menu, there are a couple things you can do now to achieve flycam during cutscenes. Now not 100% of these steps are totally necessary, it's possible some of them can be skipped. Anyways, if it's purely an intro cutscene you want to explore, then from the main menu, bring up the debug menu, under debug enable show camera coordinates, then initialize Kinect skeleton tracking, then reloadLibPS. It's possible the last 2 steps aren't necessary but I haven't fully tested it yet. Once the cutscene starts up, simply hold down RB to start the flycam and you'll be able to fly around during the cutscene. This only works for intro cutscenes. For other cutscenes, including intro cutscenes, wait for the cutscene to startup, hold down RB to activate flycam, the HUD will appear again but you'll have no control, then press LB+A to switch to gun fly mode. After that, I'm not sure if this step is absolutely necessary but it seems to work better for me, bring up the debug menu and save a checkpoint. After that, switch back to first person mode with the flycam button (RB). You'll know you're back in 1st person mode when there's no more HUD on the screen. At this point, all you need to do is skip the cutscene. It will fade to black for a second but the cutscene will still be going on and you can activate flycam now to fly around during the cutscene. Hope this tutorial helps anyone that's interested. Unfortunately this method only works on intro cutscenes and skippable cutscenes (not 100% of skippable cutscenes either). Any cutscene that doesn't fall under those two criteria will not work. I've been trying to figure out a way to maybe make unskippable cutscenes skippable so that the flycam can be used during them but so far I've yet to find anything. Of course if anyone knows anything about that or figures anything out, feel free to reply to this and I'll update this tutorial a bit. Otherwise, I'll keep trying to figure out if there's any way to skip the unskippable cutscenes or if there's another way to use the flycam during those cutscenes.
  14. So I randomly got in the mood to dust off my good old JTAG'd Xbox 360 and found this: All links are dead as far as I know. Just wondering if anyone still has a copy of it. Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm trying to find Xerax's Cexpatcher tool, but every link I find is broken/dead... Does anyone have the tool?
  16. being the new halo games are going to be on xbox 1 with kind of sucks how are we going to be able to mod stuff ? i hear every where at it is impossible to mod a xbox 1. But i bet some one will find a way sooner or later lol
  17. does anybody know how to change player bipd on halo cea? i have no clue to how btw the program i use to mod halo cea maps is eschaton idk how to convert halo cea .maps into halo 1 pc .maps.... also if anyone knows how to rte halo cea as well that would be great!!
  18. Should i release my flyable drop pod mod for halo: cea? Its a gamesave for retail pic: ---------- i havent modded gamesaves in 2 months so i figured it was time again.
  19. i cannot get this to work at all need help.
  20. is there a program that injects tags into halo cea?
  21. Anniversary

    It's done! The program requires decompressing it to open with this: It autosaves. Be sure to send modzy some love! http://macgamingmods...hp?f=43&t=18243 Now I want to see some great mods with this! Note: I didn't make this. I just posted about it where it would be most useful, here. It is more involved than emergence. I saw DeadCanadian's video on youtube, I thought it would be beneficial to ask some of my old halo 1 modder friends if they could modify their old modding programs to work with halo: Anniversary. I contacted Canadian and received a map for sample. I then had my friend compare it to the halo pc maps. No difference, except the anniversary maps are in big endian format. But the only think functioning is the reference swapping, It is undetermined how long meta editing will take. There is no download link yet, I will update this when there is. Note: This will be made for windows since everyone here seems to use it, I just use a virtual machine for windows. Also, it says halo retail because that's what he had it identify as.
  22. Anniversary

    im new to the halo cea modding program i opened a map with it and nothing seems to show up at all im not sure if i have to do something to the map before i can load it with the endian swapper or should the emergence program just open the cea map with out doing any thing to the map ? also is it possible to rth cea with the program ?
  23. i remember a long ago i modded cea but it got tooken of my hard drive some how so i burned game back on and put in the debug xex and go to load it nothing happens it just shows the halo ring loading screen then i get black screen after that i am wondering what im doing wrong. so if any one could help me it would be really appreciated
  24. So in Halo: CE engineers where supposed to be in the game but Bungie never finished them but the coding is still there. And since CEA is said to be 100% same to CE but better graphics I was wondering if someone could pull off the engineer in CEA like others have done in CE. Sound possible?