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Found 26 results

  1. App

    EDIT: Latest Version 1.3 has arrived. Check down below Hello everyone! My name is Sudhansh Kumar. The CEO of SandKat Productions. I'm 11 years old, Today I present you. The multipurpose kit! An award winning software! (GEMS Makers Day 2015 Best Innovation Dubai) So, what is it? Good question! It's a compilation of different softwares I made to speed you PC and make it easier to use! I'm sure Windows users will love it! So, what it includes? X.A.R.A : Intelligent terminal AI designed for Windows! Direct URL Downloader : Tired of forums asking you to sign in before downloading something? Just copy the link and BAM! Games (Graphical Tests) : Two addictive games, one, is Pong! With my own touch to it and the other is just a FPS graphical demo. A teaser for our game development. CPU Monitor : An anti-virus, usage monitor all in one small EXE! Just run it, and it will alert you with voice what's happening. SandKat Browser (Developer Build) : It's in the kit, but you can't use it as only people with Dev permit can, as of this build (1.2). Though, anyways it is a portable fast browser (arguably faster than Firefox) which is designed for people who have low expertise in computers. Who can use this? It's designed for low expertise people. But anyone can use though, because it's MULTIPURPOSE. So plz like our Google+ page and, Download it from, Portable version virus scan Installer version virus scan ITS FREE and will never be paid! Thank you! Contact: PM Me
  2. Yo, I just bought a test kit and was wondering what is the newest version of Neighborhood or whatever people use these days? It's been a while since I've been here at the xbox modding scene. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Just a simple app of a url to file downloader Just paste a photo url or any url and click download. You can then rename the extension. Not a virus. By SandKat Games/Productions Thank you. File Downloader.rar
  4. Just an idea to make a xboxchaos app for almost all platforms including phone. I am thinking of using Visual studio. Might change, I have started to develop the home screen. This app is a bit like HaloWaypoint. You can quickly check your messages, recent posts. A preset list of members. Staff contact info. And if your internet takes to long to load. You can kill time with a small maze game! As of now, im using a WebBrowser from the list of utilities and cached it to this site. Just a placeholder as of now. The goal of this app is to make a UI friendly interface, cross-platform, and special features exclusive to the app. You may join in on this. Contact [email protected] If your interested in working as well. Peace.
  5. App

    I've made a very simple app that keeps cellular connections open. This is great for people who may occasionally have to use their phones with online gaming or various other things. In my experience, when using my phone's internet and doing things such as online gaming or even browsing the web, I'll often loose connection and the phone will have to reconnect to the data service. I suppose it's a feature carriers use to conserve data, but it's awful in said scenarios. This app will ping one of Google's IP addresses every 3 seconds to ensure that the connection remains open. Download Virus Scan
  6. App

    Hey everyone! I know you guys are basically H2+ devs, but I thought you might like to be kept in the loop about recent H1 community happenings. (And I want to talk about my new project ) The folks over at have developed a Halo Demo replacement called HaloMD or Halo "Mini Demo". Because the original Halo Demo for Macs was for PPC processors only, HaloMD was created to run on the Intel Macs. HaloMD also comes with an alternate list of servers which host HaloMD-compatible maps and mods. HaloMD is compatible with regular Halo for the PC (so long as everyone uses the same maps), so we over at have been playing games with MGM members for a few weeks now. In light of all this cross-pollination between communities (as well as the need to make breaking changes in my Quickbeam project) I am beginning a new project. It will be in the vein of Quickbeam, but designed to be cross-platform compatible with Mac computers. Quickbeam was named after the common tongue translation of the name of Bregalad the ent. He got his name when Treebeard declared him 'hasty' for answering a question before another ent had finished asking it. I gave the project that name because it was intended to read Entity-style plugins (.ent) and was originally a hastily thrown-together experiment. I'm actually surprised it survived so long. Moving forward, the project will be primarily authored in Python and will be given the name LeafLock, the common tongue translation of the Finglas the ent's name. Here is where development currently stands: Using the Cython C-extensions for Python, I have created code which reads in raw data and interprets it as C-structs. Cython objects (half C, half Python) use these structs to expose Halo datatypes to the Python environment. These objects rely on a 'ByteAccess' interface which can be reimplemented to allow editing on-disk as well as in Halo's memory, just as with Quickbeam. The next step is to allow Entity-style plugin support. I intend to use Python's lxml library to read and interpret Entity plugins and define Python classes based on them. These classes will allow interpretation of raw metadata as the tags we are used to: weap, bipd, effe, etc. My goal here is to recreate the functionality of traditional meta editors and reference swappers, but to expose it through a scripting interface. At this point, LeafLock will be no more than a cross-platform Python script. I will be looking into exposing some sort of usable REPL, maybe using IPython. Once the Python scripting API is in a workable state, I will investigate creating a GUI. I have more experience with WPF, and I like the concept of 'data-binding' that it so readily supports. With a combination of Cython and C++/CLI I will expose Python datatypes to C# and create a GUI which allows some manner of editing tags. I will also investigate embedding a Python REPL. The Mac GUI is in territory that's more uncharted for me, but nil from MGM has informed me about the PyObjC library which allows seamless Python-ObjC interop. With that library it is possible to create Mac GUIs with only Python. We'll see how that goes. Lastly, I have been thoroughly impressed by the d3.js library and would love some way to create HTML5-based design of editor controls. Since the XML plugins will be defining how Python can edit metadata, I think I will use XML plugins solely for defining what edits can be made, and allow editor customization through HTML instead. I could host a local webserver using Python, then connect with an embedded WebKit view. The Xilium.CefGlue project provides full Chrome embedding for Windows, and I will look into Mac options. I will need to look into the security concerns, but in the far future I plan on allowing Forge-like shared editing by communicating edits across clients. Since all edits will be made through the Python API, it would only be a matter of sending plaintext scripts to the other clients. At the very least, I will be looking into CSS* edits for server-side scripting of mods. *Cascading Server Side, aka "joiner friendly" Thanks for reading and happy hacking!
  7. In a few weeks or so, im going to buy a Diablo Predator Sport tuner for my car, to adjust the shifting points and such to increase performance. Anyways, that tool is only limited to small things, as Chrysler dealerships have access to the "Starscan" tool (<Pic here>) which can enable/disable functions of the car like Flags.. Now the cool thing about the diablo sport tuner is that i can use the diablo as a transfer unit to save my changed EVIC (car-computer) info to my computer. Now im not sure yet if that bac'd file will work as the entire info of the computer, or similar to a .map 'patch' where only the changes are saved in a package; however, if it ISNT like a 'patch,' (and there's a high chance it isn't cause the transfer seems to take a while) then is there anyone on this site willing to challenge their programming skills OUTSIDE the realm of gaming consoles, and try to make a program to mimmick the fuckin $5,000 starscan tool chrysler uses?? All i want to be able to do is open the file (i extracted from my car) on my computer and enable/disable certain functions of my car. Can this be done? Is anyone willing to attempt this project in the near future out of just plain love/curiosity of tech? Thanks for your insight
  8. App

    Welcome to first official release of Devil 360, the AIO modding program for Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, and soon to come Black Ops 2. Be aware that you will need the .NET Framework 4.5 for the application to run, which will be included in the download. To connect to your console, you will need the SDK installed. XDRPC methods(Send command button) will not work on dash 14719 unless you use a earlier XDRPC DLL. The program has not been updated for MW2 Title update 0 unless we get a default_mp.xex for it to research. Picture: Video: To use this, first of all enter in your consoles address or name, and then if you want to test on Campaign/Special Operations, change Multiplayer to SinglePlayer, and if you are on TU20, leave it as Online, but if you are on TU0, then change it to Offline. Once connected, you can search for a DVar by clicking a random one in the listview, and then by typing. To edit a DVar just change the variable that comes up and press 'Enter'. Only press 'POKE' for the side options. Press GiveDefaultWeapon for the giveWeapon feature. Please give any feedback here. Download Link: http://www.mediafire...jsi8ni9s8cu2ip2 Virus Scan:https://www.virustot...sis/1344993561/ Modern Warfare 2 is buggy, as well as Modern Warfare 3 TU0.
  9. Devil360 will be a program created in C# with Visual Studio 2012(Metro style) that will be able to apply custom mods to Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, and soon to come, Black Ops 2. By custom mods, we mean XEX and other game file mods. It will even come with a patching feature that will allow you to create a patch file(.pch) and once used in the program, will patch the users XEX file with the mods you used! As of now, only 2 people are working on this, and we will be glad to accept any applicants that would like to join. Picture(GUI hasn't been developed really;soon to come):
  10. I just use this because its cool sometimes, and useful if you need run processes as system (no restrictions) like setting a priority in TaskManeger without getting the access denied message. ----download http://www.xboxchaos...57-rootwindows/ Of course you could just replace magnify.exe with cmd, but that is kind-of dumb, and not secure. Just backup and replace magnify.exe in system32 (be sure to rename my program to magnify.exe) also there is a text file called "passwd.txt" thats where you put your password to open a root prompt. The default in the zip file is "xboxchaos". **The picture, and icon within the program are not my work. Also this is not from Microsoft obviously.** pictures of it Source code ---EDIT ohh yeah, if you didnt know already you go to login screen, and click the accessibility button and click magnifier. (which is replaced, and runs as system)---
  11. I was bored so I decided to make this tool. Basically, it allows you to real time edit your jump height on MW3. At the moment I only have it working for multiplayer. So it will only work in system link or split screen. I will make it work for single player soon. I will update this thread when I do. Also this program requires you to have Nathan LeRoux's xbdm plugin for jtag/rgh, and Xbox 360 Neighborhood setup. It will automatically detect the console to poke by poking whatever console you have set as your default console in Xbox 360 Neighborhood. Virus Total Scan The download includes the program itself, xbdm(memedit), and TU9. Download Also if you decide to use this program please say thanks. It goes a long way.
  12. App

    Heres a game I made in visual basic. Basicly you have to click the boxes when they appear on the screen. Each box stays for 10 seconds. The timer is at the bottom in red and your score is in the middle of the screen in green. Screenshots: Download - Clicking Credits: AMD - Teaching me how variables work and helped me make the easter egg. bloodraptor - making the program. NOTE: There is a easter egg in this game but dont tell anyone how to get to it please (It ruins the fun of finding it )
  13. Simple game who hasn't played it? P or esc to pause. Breaking Bricks.rar
  14. App

    Can someone please post a link for maps needed to use Johnson monding program?
  15. App

    "This allows you to edit .mapinfo files that are located in the Halo 3 ISO. I've only tested it on English, but if it works on that I would assume it's on the rest. I also made it so you can go to "Open With" and then my program. If you find any bugs, tell me" -Posted by Experiment5X on Screenshots:
  16. App

    I was digging through my old C++ projects folder and found something I made about a year ago called Chronos. It lets you control how slow/fast a game plays (not runs!) by entering a time multiplier to use. Want a challenge? Play your favorite FPS at 2x the speed. On the hardest difficulty. Using it is simple: just start the program, drag the game's EXE onto the window (or type in the path), and then enter the time multiplier to use. For example, entering a multiplier of 2 would make the game play twice as fast, and a multiplier of 0.5 would make the game play at half the normal speed. There's no pretty UI (just a console app ) because I wrote it in C++ and didn't feel like setting up any Win32 crap. Also note that it doesn't work with everything. Some games tend to work better than others. I'm obviously not interested in working on this any more though, so if something doesn't work then deal with it. PM me if you want the source code. I didn't release it here because it's kinda messy.
  17. App

    I've been working on an All in One modding program, I will need some help with the coding for the startup on the progams and i might use an Installer or when you run the program it downloads the required files into the same directory as the executable. Pictures of the Current Program Tools: USBXTAF, Liberty, Forge 2.7, Willowtree#, Codtool, 2 profile editors, horizon, modio, xplorer 360 and it includes a built in Browser!!! (took awhile) now you can download Beta0.61 Here now if there is a modding program that you would like to see in there then just request it! **NOTE** Programs don't work because the files aren't in there but im going to try to insert then into one Executable (if its possible!!) Thanks -sack o rice
  18. App

    Pretty simple just put your text in input and your text will go to the output textbox also a copy button. Reverse words.rar
  19. App

    I've had this for awhile I just had to fix a few bugs. Port Scanner.rar
  20. App

    Just made this awhile ago, your ip will not be logged in anyway. Check Your Ip.rar
  21. App

    Name is self explanatory. The penguin is broke right now it is actually <(") . If you don't want to download it, scroll down to the list. Shark doesn't work either. smile frown tongue grin gasp wink glasses 8) sunglasses B| grumpy > unsure :\ cry :'( devil 3:) angel O:) kiss :* heart kiki squint confused O.o upset > pacman :v curly lips :3 robot ] Chris Putnam :putnam: Shark (^^^) Penguin <(") 42 :42: Here's the download Fb Emotes.rar
  22. App

    This is my first program.... Karnage helped me on how to use visual basic and helped me with some of the stuff in the program. Download Hope u likez it.
  23. Finished with the click game I was talking about If you do happen to find the easter egg's don't go and tell everybody Clicking Game.rar
  24. Made another program hot keys added F8 is start and F9 to stop. Also speed bar Auto Clicker.rar Credits me and AMD.
  25. App

    I started learning VB and I made an Auto Talker. Thought I should share it with you guys. So it's in the attached files thing, F10 is start F11 is stop. Credits: Me (coding it) ,and AMD (coding the hot keys.) Karnage's Auto Talker.rar