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Found 8 results

  1. Anyone know where I could find some halfway decent places to start learning C++ (preferably in context with 3D stuffs)? I am in the process of creating a game engine from scratch (which will be an endeavor) and I've not had a lot of luck in terms of finding good stuff to learn it online. Also if anyone happens to be interested in working with me on this project feel free to PM me about it and we can go from there (but the project may be a bit of a doozy so be prepared), though I am mainly interested in the first point.
  2. C / C++

    A new game engine that is better than all other game engines combined
  3. C / C++

    so i have an emulator that is 99% ported to the xbox 360 when compiling i get this error: 1>c:\program files (x86)\microsoft xbox 360 sdk\include\win32\xnamath.h(62): fatal error C1189: #error : This version of xnamath.h does not support Xbox 360 the code has been ported to the original xbox but i am trying to port that source to 360 thats the ONLY error we get when trying to get it to compile help is requested if anyone is REALLY skilled in DX7 C++ and Assembly here is a picture of the error
  4. Hi XboxChaos first post here but from looking through these thread i feel my question would be answered, i hope Im currently working on making a Real-Time-Editing tool for Borderlands the Pre-sequel, i understand how to get the float values and poke them in real time and look for a change, the only progress ive found out of 530 floats is gui scale, everything else either glitches out the game or does nothing at all. So i then went back into ida and looked at the names before the entry point, i saw cheat,cmd and hack ----- does anyone know how i could dump all commands (like jump_height for cod) and or remove cheat protection (if there is any) by Nop the functions. i understand the basics of PPC, not enough to progress though. Im basically looking for editable values to then hopefully find fun mods (which can then later be incorporated into the original xex) such as Gravity/Friction/Jump height/Speed. Or maybe also like COD theres a Server CMD send command which then you can send commands to (but i would have to dump them first) ive found a few tutorials online on how to mod XEX's from decompressing to decompiling to then search for every float value, but like i said when i poke the values to my RGH either nothing will happen or it will glitch so hard it crashes haha Any help would be appreciated
  5. Hi all, I've been skulking around the GameDeception forums, and they have a really great section on deep C++ and windows internals. I've been using that to piece together a project you might find interesting. You guys are all familiar with the difference between processes and threads, right? Here's an example diagram just in case. Pretty much every application on your computer has only one process. Firefox is a process, Skyrim is a process. hl2.exe is a process. To take advantage of multiple cores, sometimes processes have multiple threads. This is somewhat like running two programs separately, but they get to share the same memory. For almost all intents and purposes, they ARE the same program. Anyways - here's the interesting part. Windows actually has an API call that allows you to create a thread inside another process. Why on earth did they create this API? I have no idea. If you have the right privileges, you could theoretically create a thread inside NortonAntiVirus.exe and wreak all sorts of havoc inside their memory space. The trick to getting custom code inside another process is dll injection. You need to load your custom code into that process, then start a thread which executes that code. Unfortunately, most projects / tutorials on dll injection stop halfway short. They show you how to inject the dll, but tell you to put all your custom code into DllMain, which is bad practice. Like, really bad. You can't do anything interesting there without getting into serious problems. A two-step solution is much better. First, inject your custom dll. Second, walk the EAT or "export address table" of that dll and find one of your custom methods. Once you've found that, you can create a new thread which executes that custom method. I've started a project on GitHub which goes one step farther. I find C++ development to be somewhat messy, and I prefer to develop in C# when I can. In this project, I use my injected C++ dll to access the .Net runtime and load a custom C# dll inside the target process. For the moment, all this does is run a placeholder method which simply creates a popup. I hope this is helpful to some of you and not just a pile of confusing code. My C++ isn't all that great, so it's a bit sloppy. The really meaty part is implemented here, if you're interested.
  6. I need to read a binary file in it's proper format, and that includes Big endianess, in which my CPU is intel. Here is what I came up with, but it has an error claiming that bigEndian is violating memory access. DWORD ReverseInt(DWORD val) { int i = 0; char bigEndian[0x4]; char littleEndian[0x4]; sprintf(littleEndian, "%d", val); for (i < sizeof(littleEndian); i++; ) { bigEndian[i] = littleEndian[sizeof(littleEndian) - i]; } return (DWORD)bigEndian; }
  7. C / C++

    I Know how to use the first 3 arguments but I was wondering if some one can provide me with the 4 and or a few examples of how it is used
  8. C / C++

    Basics Looping While in Loop If, Else, Else If Statements Arrays and Switches Writing your own functions Credits to Skatertg from TTG Reason for repost: Forum is lonely and someone may benefit from it