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Found 21 results

  1. Few days ago, I wrote a C# class which obtains the direct link to the best quality video and audio data from a YouTube video for my Music Videos app I'm currently developing. This script might come in handy for someone who wants to download videos from YouTube or something. This is significantly more reliable than other publicly available C# YouTube download scripts as far as I can see with an about 98% success rate. I plan on rewriting it sometime later to be future-proof and 99.99% reliable. Note that most if not all videos on YouTube are actually made up of two files, one for video and one for audio so you'll need to merge them. Licensed under the Microsoft Public License. Requirements Json.NETNote: If you want to use this outside of Windows Store apps, change the Windows.Web.Http reference to System.Net.HttpUsage var audioVideoSource = await YouTubeVideo.GetDirectLinkAsync("video id");string audioUrl = audioVideoSource.AudioUrl;string videoUrl = audioVideoSource.VideoUrl;Code // YouTube Video Direct Link Grabber// Copyright (c) 2014 Matt Savilleusing Newtonsoft.Json.Linq;using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Net.Http;using System.Threading.Tasks;namespace Crescent.MusicVideoPlayer.Helpers{ public static class YouTubeVideo { public struct AudioVideoSource { public string VideoUrl { get; set; } public string AudioUrl { get; set; } } /// <summary> /// Obtains a direct link to a video hosted on YouTube. /// </summary> /// <param name="videoId">The id of the video</param> /// <param name="maxVerticalResolution"> /// The maximum acceptable vertical resolution (height in pixels). /// </param> /// <returns>A valid direct link to the video with the best possible quality.</returns> public static async Task<AudioVideoSource> GetDirectLinkAsync (string videoId, int maxVerticalResolution = 1080) { string selectedVideoUrl = null, selectedAudioUrl = null; int selectedVideoWidth = -1, selectedVideoHeight = -1; using ( var client = new HttpClient() ) { // Obtain relevant JSON data from the web page for the video. var contents = await client.GetStringAsync(new Uri("" + videoId)); string search = "ytplayer.config = "; contents = contents.Substring(contents.IndexOf(search) + search.Length); contents = contents.Substring(0, contents.IndexOf("};</script>") + 1); var json = JObject.Parse(contents); // Obtain all possible video formats and pick the best one. var adaptiveFormats = Uri.UnescapeDataString(json["args"]["adaptive_fmts"].ToString()).Split(','); foreach ( var format in adaptiveFormats ) { int width = -1, height = -1; string baseUrl = ""; string query = ""; string audioUrl = null; var parameters = format.Split('&'); foreach ( var parameter in parameters ) { if ( parameter.StartsWith("url=") ) { baseUrl = parameter.Substring("url=".Length); } else { if ( string.IsNullOrEmpty(query) ) query = "?" + parameter; else if ( !query.Contains(parameter) ) query += "&" + parameter; } // Obtain audio stream. if ( parameter.Contains("mime=audio") ) audioUrl = baseUrl; // Obtain video resolution. if ( parameter.StartsWith("size=") ) { var dimensions = parameter.Substring("size=".Length).Split('x'); width = Int32.Parse(dimensions[0]); height = Int32.Parse(dimensions[1]); } } // Generate a valid direct link to the video and audio. string videoUrl = baseUrl + query; if ( selectedAudioUrl == null && audioUrl != null ) { selectedAudioUrl = audioUrl + query; } // Determine whether this format is the best so far. if ( audioUrl == null && height <= maxVerticalResolution && ( width * height > selectedVideoWidth * selectedVideoHeight ) ) { selectedVideoWidth = width; selectedVideoHeight = height; selectedVideoUrl = videoUrl; } } } return new AudioVideoSource { AudioUrl = selectedAudioUrl, VideoUrl = selectedVideoUrl }; } }}
  2. C#

    For the past couple of months, I've been working on a 2D game for my college project which I've made using C# and the XNA framework. I'm in the last stage of black box testing and evaluation so I'm trying to find any bugs or problems with the game by having people test it. I haven't added details of how the game works or what you're supposed to do as I'd like to find out how easy it is for you to understand what to do based on the in-game help guide. Screenshots: Download - Click here There is reasonably loud background rain audio so turn down your speakers just in case. The game will create a folder in your my documents folder for game files. I will likely make the source code and documentation freely available later on if anyone would like to have a look at it for learning purposes or ideas etc. Virus scan by Virus Total. Note: If you had a previous version installed and you get an error along the lines of "Application is already installed from somewhere else", either uninstall from add or remove programs first or put the newly downloaded folder in place of the folder which you installed from last time. Known bugs: -Enemies become stuck behind walls between enemies and players at times. -The initial enemy on the right of the map disappears after killing the blue player if the player doesn't move (but remains standing at the position where the player died as players take damage if they walk into the area where the blue player died). -Light beams are casted from the corner of the player instead of the centre. Credits : AMD - Helped me learn the basics of programming a few years ago. Derek Banas (YouTube) - Where I learnt C# a year ago (after having already learnt visual basic). CodingMadeEasy (YouTube) - Where I learned the basics of XNA. Patrick Lester - Pathfinding algorithm tutorial. Curt - cjc83486 - - Sprite sheet used for in-game characters. It may seem silly that I'm including links to places where I learnt C# and XNA etc. However, I thought it may be useful to people that are currently learning how to code. XNA is quite outdated now but it was a good starting point for making a basic game. Thanks in advance. Update 05/03/17: - Enemies becoming stuck and player disappearing bugs fixed. Update 06/03/17: - Prevented game from crashing when corrupt map loaded into map editor. Update 2 06/03/17: - Added support for numeric keys to be entered for map names. - Corrected issue where light beams were casted from the square in the top left corner of the player instead of the centre. Update 14/03/17: - Fixed issue where players become stuck moving diagonally along walls.
  3. C#

    So, i have a rgh. And looking at all these Xexmenu, xm360 apps etc. I was wondering if i could build my own apps with c#?
  4. So i need some help making a select task dialog one where you select a task from a list of all the current tasks running on your computer // this is to get the current process. Process currentProcess = Process.GetCurrentProcess(); and // this is to get all processes running on the local computer. Process [] localAll = Process.GetProcesses(); but need some help of making it into a list any ideas.
  5. I understand the basics of how it works, like how to connect, poke etc. But I'm trying to figure out how to use more of the debugging functions. I'm currently developing a Debugger (which is currently functioning and can be found here - ) It's far from perfect, but it works for what it needs to. Search function is still being tweaked with to make it more efficient, and I'm trying to add a Range function. I really want to add some stuff for PPC editing, and I need to see the original XDevkit documentation, but I can't find it anywhere! All I ever see online is MOD COD WITH XDEVKIT LOLOL ugh. Nobody has any useful information for XDevkit except how to mod those dumb Call of Duty games :/
  6. C#

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share with the programmers around here something I recently stumbled upon. It will take a Bitmap Source and a Color and set all the RGB values of the pixels in the Bitmap Source to the color specified, while leaving the Alpha alone. This is really helpful for giving color to a white PNG image on a transparent background. Examples: Before Colorization: After Colorization Before: After: Code: using System.IO;using System.Runtime.InteropServices;using System.Windows;using System.Windows.Media;using System.Windows.Media.Imaging; namespace AppName.Helpers{ public class BitmapHelper { public static BitmapImage Colorize(BitmapSource image, Color color) { var pixels = GetPixels(image); for (var width = 0; width < pixels.GetLength(0); width++) { for (var height = 0; height < pixels.GetLength(1); height++) { pixels[width, height].Red = color.R; pixels[width, height].Green = color.G; pixels[width, height].Blue = color.B; } } var wb = new WriteableBitmap(image); PutPixels(wb, pixels, 0, 0); var bmImage = new BitmapImage(); using (var stream = new MemoryStream()) { var encoder = new PngBitmapEncoder(); encoder.Frames.Add(BitmapFrame.Create(wb)); encoder.Save(stream); bmImage.BeginInit(); bmImage.CacheOption = BitmapCacheOption.OnLoad; bmImage.StreamSource = stream; bmImage.EndInit(); bmImage.Freeze(); } return bmImage; } [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)] public struct PixelColor { public byte Blue; public byte Green; public byte Red; public byte Alpha; } private static PixelColor[,] GetPixels(BitmapSource source) { if (source.Format != PixelFormats.Bgra32) source = new FormatConvertedBitmap(source, PixelFormats.Bgra32, null, 0); var width = source.PixelWidth; var height = source.PixelHeight; var result = new PixelColor[width, height]; source.CopyPixels(result, width * 4); return result; } private static void PutPixels(WriteableBitmap bitmap, PixelColor[,] pixels, int x, int y) { var width = pixels.GetLength(0); var height = pixels.GetLength(1); bitmap.WritePixels(new Int32Rect(0, 0, width, height), pixels, width * 4, x, y); } } public static class BitmapSourceHelper { public static void CopyPixels(this BitmapSource source, ColorizeBitmap.PixelColor[,] pixels, int stride) { var height = source.PixelHeight; var width = source.PixelWidth; var pixelBytes = new byte[height * width * 4]; source.CopyPixels(pixelBytes, stride, 0); for (var x = 0; x < width; x++) for (var y = 0; y < height; y++) pixels[x, y] = new ColorizeBitmap.PixelColor { Blue = pixelBytes[(x * width + y) * 4 + 0], Green = pixelBytes[(x * width + y) * 4 + 1], Red = pixelBytes[(x * width + y) * 4 + 2], Alpha = pixelBytes[(x * width + y) * 4 + 3], }; } }}Source: I got the code info from here, and manipulated it until I got it working for me. Edit: Here's something I quickly wrote for color overlay situations. It's not the best but might be useful for multi-tone images whose color you want to change: public static BitmapImage ColorizeOverlay(BitmapSource image, Color color) { var pixels = GetPixels(image); for (var width = 0; width < pixels.GetLength(0); width++) { for (var height = 0; height < pixels.GetLength(1); height++) { pixels[width, height].Red = (byte)((color.R + pixels[width, height].Red)/2); pixels[width, height].Green = (byte)((color.G + pixels[width, height].Green) / 2); pixels[width, height].Blue = (byte)((color.B + pixels[width, height].Blue) / 2); } } var wb = new WriteableBitmap(image); PutPixels(wb, pixels, 0, 0); var bmImage = new BitmapImage(); using (var stream = new MemoryStream()) { var encoder = new PngBitmapEncoder(); encoder.Frames.Add(BitmapFrame.Create(wb)); encoder.Save(stream); bmImage.BeginInit(); bmImage.CacheOption = BitmapCacheOption.OnLoad; bmImage.StreamSource = stream; bmImage.EndInit(); bmImage.Freeze(); } return bmImage; }
  7. C#

    So I've been wondering how to make a program connect to the Xbox and poke changes so lets say i want to make a xex poker for example or what if i just wanted it to connect to the xbox how would i go about doing this.
  8. C#

    Howdy everyone, today I'm bringing you my latest programming project. Master XML Studio is aimed at assisting in the modification of final_master_xml.dat in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas for Xbox 360 (possibly other Bethesda games too? The only other one I checked was Skyrim which does not use this file type). The file type stores the XMLs compressed (as in no line breaks or indents), and this will automatically expand them for viewing or extracting. Current features View individual XML files in-programExtract any of the files to your computer in the expanded formatPlanned future features Manipulate existing filesChange file orderInject new files Onto some pictures: Known Issues There is an array of bytes (0xEF 0xBB 0xBF) found throughout the final_master_xml file between certain nodes. I couldn't figure out the purpose of this, so the program is set to ignore those bytes as it messed up the expansion process.I hope you guys find good use for this! Download on MediaFire - Virus Scan
  9. C#

    Hey guys! I'm learning C#, and I made a simple program that will do hash checks of MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512 on a file. Now this is my first program in C#, so criticism would be appreciated, but don't be too harsh With my most recent update, the program now offers drag-and-drop functionality. I only updated the source, no release yet as I feel a few things need to be fixed up before I do another release. I will most likely come back and add more features that would help the program when I understand them more. the idle screen checking some boxes, then opening a file will return the hashes you have checked changing the boxes that are checked, then clicking "Get Hashes!" will calculate the hashes that are checked for the opened file View on GitHub The code is commented as needed. Enjoy! Original Post:
  10. C#

    I am creating a class that has the Guide button support and as well the support for turning off the wireless controller. Right now I'm making an app that turns off the controller and as well map the guide button. It's a C# class, so anyone can use it. Still making the class with all the battery and other xinput stuff. EDIT: Here since got bored and drop the project No selling or bundle to sell, contains MS Crap. OpenSause.
  11. C#

    Hi All Well I have decided to start programming with c#. I have touched programming with vb but I stopped learning and forgot most of it. I am now starting from scratch learning programming with C#. I was wondering if any of you guys have any good learning resources. I have come across many tutorials on youtube and non of them are really that good that I have seen. Also I have had a look at some books in amazon and I am unsure what book to buy. I was just looking for your personal opinion on what to book to buy and what videos to watch that are really good and help with learning C#. Thanks in advanced.
  12. This is a copy of my tutorial from XboxMB. The programming section is dead, and that is bad because programming is where it's at. Hey, in this tutorial I will show you how to create a single application updater. I call it this, because it will not require a second application(the updater) to be downloaded, and one program will handle it all. Let's get started! First of all, you will need to add 2 more namespaces to our application: //Allows us to move, copy, and delete files. using System.IO; //Allows us to download strings, and files off the internet. using System.Net; We will now get to the part where we check for updates. Our update information will be stored in a plain XML file on the web. First, we will download and load the XML string into an XML document. //Create our webclient for download our strings and file. WebClient wc = new WebClient(); //Download the data of your XML file. string XMLContent = wc.DownloadString(""); //Create our XmlDocument //We will use this to read our XmlNodex. System.Xml.XmlDocument Doc = new System.Xml.XmlDocument(); //Load the data into our Xmldocument. Doc.LoadXml(XMLContent); We will now get our version and the download link to the latest version. //Select the node called 'verison' that is a sub-node of 'latest', and get the text. string Version = Doc.SelectSingleNode("latest/version").InnerText; //Select the node called 'download' that is a sub-node of 'latest', and get the text. string DownloadLink = Doc.SelectSingleNode("latest/download").InnerText; In this part, we are going to set up our event handlers for our WebClient, so we can call our methods Async. I've commented the lines below, so make sure to read those to understand what is going on. //When the progress has changed. //Updates the text to what percentage of the updated //file it has downloaded. wc.DownloadProgressChanged += (s, ev) => { Text = "Updating... " + ev.ProgressPercentage.ToString() + "% Complete"; }; //Called when the file is done downloading. wc.DownloadFileCompleted += (s, ev) => { //The DeletePath will be where the current process will be stored. string DeletePath = Path.GetTempFileName() + ".exe"; //We move the current application to the DeletePath path. //Remember: A file CAN be moved while running. //It CANNOT be deleted though. File.Move(Application.ExecutablePath, DeletePath); //We now move the most update file to the original location of our program. File.Move(DownloadPath, Application.ExecutablePath); //If some how the updated file is not there, we will //simply restore the original file. if (!File.Exists(Application.ExecutablePath)) { File.Delete(Application.ExecutablePath); File.Move(DeletePath, Application.ExecutablePath); MessageBox.Show("Update failed... Your file has been restored to its original location.", "Update Failed"); Close(); } //Create a new process containing the information for our updated version. System.Diagnostics.Process Proccess = new System.Diagnostics.Process() { //The second argument are the parameters. //We pass the old location path to it, and also a //'delete' key word, telling our application what to do with that path. StartInfo = new System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo(Application.ExecutablePath, DeletePath + " delete") }; //We then start the process. Proccess.Start(); //And kill the current. System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().Kill(); }; We will now compare the current version, to the latest version that we've parsed from the XML file. //See if the versions are equal or not. if (Version != this.ProductVersion) { //If not, we start the download of the latest version. //We use DownloadLink as the download link, because that //is the link that we got off the XML file. wc.DownloadFileAsync(new Uri(DownloadLink), DownloadPath); } else { //No update is available. Close(); } Your current code should now look like somethign similar to this. Now onto the final part. This is the easy part, and will only take a couple lines of code. First, go to your Form1 code, and we will need to add a string array as an argument. So all this does, is change your constructor to: public Form1(string[] args) { InitializeComponent(); } Now what we will have to do, is double click on your ("program.cs") file. We have to do the same thing to this constructor, and make it "Main(string[] args)". Now, you will notice that there is an error here. Where it calls "Application.Run(new Form1());", we will need to change it to: Application.Run(new Form1(args)); Now back to our Form1 constructor, all we have to do is delete the old file. We will do this by simply going: if (args.Length == 2) if (args[1] == "delete") { System.IO.File.Delete(args[0]); MessageBox.Show("Your file has been updated successfully!", "Update Successful"); } Final Form1 constructor: public Form1(string[] args) { InitializeComponent(); if (args.Length == 2) if (args[1] == "delete") { System.IO.File.Delete(args[0]); MessageBox.Show("Your file has been updated successfully!", "Update Successful"); } } Example of your XML file: <latest> <version></version> <download></download> </latest> If you guys were confused on the => operator, what it is, is lambda. It is creating a event, but in memory. So using that is the same as creating a whole new function, and it seems alot more cleaner to me. If you are confused on anything else, please feel free to ask. Hope it helps, and hope I didn't miss anything
  13. I want a control like a master form. I have a tab control, and on a certain tab, I want it to be able to contain other forms and not let them out, like Horizon. How would I create something like this?
  14. I'm trying to make an Image control contain an image, and it is not working. You can see it is the VE but when you debug the picture does not show. Here is the XAML code: <Image x:Name="stfsTool" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="100" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="182" Margin="20,91,0,0" Source="pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Resources/STFSTool.jpg" MouseUp="stfsTool_MouseUp"/>
  15. So my c# teacher had to take a week off (to India, lolz), and as a result a random substitute teacher was given the task to teach a-bunch of beginners the Nested Loop. Which sucks and makes no sense! Can anyone explain this to me in "simple person speak"? *I know how loops work (for... while...) but this seems like LOOP-CEPTION i.e. for (blaablaa) for (blaablaa) -Good luck, and as always thank you!
  16. I just use this because its cool sometimes, and useful if you need run processes as system (no restrictions) like setting a priority in TaskManeger without getting the access denied message. ----download http://www.xboxchaos...57-rootwindows/ Of course you could just replace magnify.exe with cmd, but that is kind-of dumb, and not secure. Just backup and replace magnify.exe in system32 (be sure to rename my program to magnify.exe) also there is a text file called "passwd.txt" thats where you put your password to open a root prompt. The default in the zip file is "xboxchaos". **The picture, and icon within the program are not my work. Also this is not from Microsoft obviously.** pictures of it Source code ---EDIT ohh yeah, if you didnt know already you go to login screen, and click the accessibility button and click magnifier. (which is replaced, and runs as system)---
  17. RootWindows

    Version 1.0


  18. Ok so you know the things at the top (using System;) well I think those are called libraries right? And what are some of the most common libraries to include? Because I always find cool code to test out on the internet but it never works because they assume people know which library to include at the top. Another question; I understand that the console part of the bellow (command/code/identifier?) directly is associated/depends on the library "using system;" BUT what is the specific name of the part that says "↓console" (I know that the preceding "writeline" is called an identifier so whats it an identifier of?) Console.WriteLine(); -Thanks for helping a noob with high hopes
  19. I made a special web browser in c# to aid in viewing/debugging my web pages made for iphone; so I dont have to keep grabing the device to debug... One problem I cant figure out how to assign my browser a user agent (im trying to give it the same user agent as iphone 4 obviously) because my pages redirect iphone user agents... all it really is is some buttons the 320x480 screen and hopefully a user agent It difficult to find on the internet because user agents are usually for very popular browsers only... If you know than please post it!
  20. C#

    WebBrowser File moving/copying/deleting Now we can implement our try and catch statements, the code should look like this private void button1_Click (object sender, EventArgs e) ( this is a picture of what the code should like entirely Text Editor (Notepad) Hope I helped any of you guys!
  21. C#

    This site is a great source for C# programmer students Uses Visual Studio 2010 Professional