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Found 10 results

  1. Is there a way to enable subtitles for World at War split screen campaign? Unfortunately, subtitles are turned off during the split-screen campaign. My friend is deaf and has a hard time without subtitles. I want to open the CFG file, but I don't know about the COD WAW of the Xbox 360 version...
  2. I need a mod to get max prestige all black market items as well mastery camos for all weapons, and all weapons max level
  3. Looking for any Call of Duty 4 Pre-Alpha builds. Does anyone have any that they would like to share. I would really like to try these out and play them.
  4. I doubt it but I was wondering if anyone onsite had any early CoD4 builds, these are very hard to find especially the build with the dev menu.
  5. dose anyone know where i can find a modded xex or trainer for call of duty 2 i know its an old game ?
  6. does anyone know how to enable custom classes in Lan/System link?
  7. Ok so someone wants one of these games: Skyrim or Call Of Duty mw3? which would you choose and why?
  8. Call of Duty

    Mine is 31 Solo on Ascension! I would gone longer if the damn monkeys didn't come lol. Whats yours!??
  9. Call of Duty

    This is not my info, Im copying this from the cod wiki(I will link in the bottom). Solo Strategies Strategy 1 Rack up points for the first few rounds. Knife, but shoot and knife if you get into a jam. Clear the debris and buy the MPL. Before you go, make sure to get Quick Revive. Make your way to the power room on the ship. DO NOT BUY THE MYSTERY BOX. Turn the power on and go down to the floor below the power room. Buy the debris to the second ship. Buy the MP40 if you're low on ammo, and go down the stairs. Go to the room with Juggernog and buy it. Go to the place with the AK-74u and buy it. Save up money. There's water just in case George takes a swipe at you. Just run around in a circle, killing the zombies that chase you. Once you have a decent number of points, open the door to the Lighthouse and the door after it. Go down the Ice Slide and get Speed Cola. Buy Phd (Take your favorite route), and then go back to the AK-74u. Might I mention, that if you happen to get a Death_Machine, use it on George. Once you get 5000 points, Pack-A-Punch your M1911. The Mustang and Sally will put a huge dent on George's health, if not killing him. Keep running in a circle and killing George when he comes. Once you have 15000+ points, make a crawler and go to the mystery box. Trade your Mustang and Sally for a Scavenger if you get one, and upgrade it. You may want to trade your AK-74u for a LMG if you're confident on getting a Max Ammo. If not, upgrade the AK-47u. Keep running in a circle at the Ak-47u for the rest of the game. This will get you to round 20+, depending on your skill. Multiplayer Strategies Strategy 1 Many people have different ways to start the game. This will simply guide you in the right direction. Round 1-3: Do what ever your hearts desire in the spawn. Round 4:The person with the least amount of money buys the first door towards the boat. The next person buys the debris blocking the stairs on route to the power room. Round 5-6: Survive on the boat. Preferably use the MPL because the M16 runs out of ammo extremely fast. Round 7: Now you must buy the door unlocking the power room and turn on the power. Next go towards the eastern side of the boat and on the first floor at the northeastern section there should be debris (towards Juggernog Buy the debris and if you can buy the mp40. Round 8-9: Camp at the two level station on the second boat until you and your partners are set to buy Juggernog in the next room. Round 10: Buy the door to Juggernog on the second floor of the boat. Buy juggernog. Camp there for the rest of the round. Round 11: Make your way towards the lighthouse by buying the boat debris at the northeastern section of the second boat. Buy the next door that leads into the lighthouse. For the next steps see other strategies for what to do on the higher rounds. Strategy 2(4 Players) This strategy has been proven to get to at least rounds 17-20. Depending on the skill of the players. Rounds 1-3: First off, the first few rounds are pretty much what you want to do. Just gather as many points as you can. Do not buy the Olympia or the M14 unless absolutely necessary as you will most likely get a power-up in this time period. Round 4: Once you've gotten a decent amount of points head to the right (the side of the ship) and open up the crashed boat. If the box is directly in front of the lighthouse then head through the cave side. If you ship ship, clear the debris on the stairs and head to the left side and buy the M16. Head up another pair of stairs and you will be at the top of the ship. At this time do NOT turn open the door to the power. This area should be protected by 2 people watching the stairway,1 person at the window, and 1 person picking off the zombies/helping the other two on the stairway and watching for George. Rounds 5-7: During this time you will be ok on top of the ship, if George comes then you should take the zip line and calm him down in the water. After you take the zipline to make your escape you need to open the other boat debris on the left side of the spawn. Go through the cave and up to the front of the lighthouse. Switch off between these two spots depending how long George takes to get back and forth. Remember, try to avoid shooting him. During this time you should also turn on the power, and try to get weapons from the box (as long as you don't have to open anything else up that i have said to so far.) If you can't use the box just buy the M16 and the MP5.(Purchasing ammo when needed.) The ship area should be protected by 2 people on the stairway, 1 person at the window next to the stairway, and 1 person guarding the window in the power room. Rounds 8-9: These rounds are possibly the most important to your survival. At this time you should have a good amount of points, now you should open up the lighthouse and get to the top floor where you will find the new Deadshot perk. You can buy that if you want, but you will need money for weapons including at least 2 machine guns or 1 ray gun. The set for the zipline should also be opened at this time. Juggernog is vital at this point and PhD would be good to have to save some ammo. This area should be guarded by 2 people watching the stairs and 1 person at each window. Round 10+: These rounds are a toss up of going from the top of the ship to the lighthouse via flinger. The perks suggested at this round are Juggernog, Sleight of hand (for LMG's), and Quick Revive or PhD Flopper. Weapons I suggest are an upgraded ray gun, 2 LMG's, and the VR-11 upgraded. Avoid getting into corners as zombies come from anywhere on this map and remember that you can calm down George by taking him into water. Strategy 3(2-3 Players) Rounds 1-3: Stay in the spawn room and rack up points. It is smart for at least 1 person to avoid firing a shot until round 3 in case of emergency. Rounds 4-6: Have 1 person open to the lighthouse and the other to the ship. If needed buy one of the machine guns off the walls. Once 1 person has enough points clear the debris to the top of the ship. Hold out on top of the ship with whatever weapons necessary until round 6. (If George gets to close or you are overrun zipline down and make your way back to the top of the boat) At the start of round 6 open to the power room and turn on the power. Hold out until the end of the round. (If you are overrun fling over to the lighthouse and head back to the ship. Rounds 7-10: As you get enough points open to the second part of the ship and buy the MP40 off the wall. Then open the door at the bottom of the stairs to the juggernog room. One person defend the window in the hallway with juggernog while the others stand at the base of the stairs that open to the water gathering enough points to buy juggernog (switch places when until everybody has juggernog). Rounds 11-13: When everybody has juggernog open the door closest to juggernog to the top of the 2nd half of the ship. Open back to the front of the second part of ship and try to get a halfy. Once a halfy is made open to the bottom of the lighthouse and if there is enough points open to the top of the lighthouse. Guns such as the M16 or the MP40 should be upgradded if it is possible. Rounds 14+: Now the zipline at the top of the house is open, follow the now completed "figure 8". "The figure 8": At the start of each round start on the top of ship, stay there until overrun and fling to the lighthouse. Go to the top of the lighthouse and once overrun zipline to the second half of the ship. Go to the front of the second half of the ship and jump down to the path that leads to the spawn room. From the spawn room make your way to the top of the ship and repeat. If you find the random box during these steps use it at your own discretion. It is suggested to upgrade an off the wall weapon because you can purchase ammo. If a person get either the scavenger or the upgraded M16 Flopper is a must. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN TO OTHER PERKS OR FREE THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS WITHOUT A HALFY. Some perks are in hard to defend positions where you can easily be trapped. Always be on the lookout for George and do not rush, zombies have to stop to attack so as long as you do not get swarmed you shouldn't need to do much running. Keep an eye ahead of you as well as behind for zombies will continue to spawn. If you have any video strategies please post them in here and Ill add anything you guys post that is good Info Copied From --
  10. Sounds like Activision is just looking for an excuse to line their pockets further. I hope this will further and accelerate Call of Duty's decline.