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  1. Well here they are, the latest versions of my Mythic/Bonus Slayer gametypes for Halo: Reach. SvE Mythic Slayer; Spartans vs. Elites; V1.50 Kilo Sparty Mythic Slayer; Spartans Only; V1.50 Lima Covy Mythic Slayer; Elites Only; V1.50 Lima If you prefer CON files, you can find them here; courtesy of FreedTerror; need to be rehashed and resigned to a profile Videos: GameType Features: award_points Filter; biped Filter prior to V1.32; awards points for the destruction of the object, explosives do not work awards points based on spawn sequences; only in V1.30 and later zones will award points to players within the zones in V1.32 spawn sequence of 0 will end the game upon destruction or the entering of the zone in V1.32 health Filter; modifies the health/shields of an object by increments of ten, any spawn sequence works a spawn sequence less than -10 kills the object instantly a spawn sequence of -10 will allow players to pass through invisible boundaries if they walk through the boundary of the object, only use on objects that actually have health, do not use with other players, only in V1.33 set the boundary and anything with in it will change health/shield momentarily or instantly die, only available in V1.30 and greater updated in V1.32 vincibility_zone Filter; when invincibility is enabled, creates a zone where you can die; updated in V1.31 if the spawn sequence is negative it will make objects invincible for the rest of the game; only in V1.31 and later detach_zone Filter; detaches objects within the zone, if the spawn sequence is 0 it will detach everything if the spawn sequence is 1 it will detach everything labeled attachment if the spawn sequence is 2 it will drop the player's weapons, only in V1.26 and greater if the spawn sequence is 3 it will drop and delete the weapons of bipeds spawned between -1 and -13, only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is 4 it will change the team of objects based on the object's team, only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is 5 it will change the team of objects to none, object must match teams, only in V1.33; doesn't actually work? if the spawn sequence is 6 it will hide the boundary of all objects within its boundary, only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is 7 it will shrink everyone's primary gun. if the spawn sequence is -1 it will detach everything not belonging to a player if the spawn sequence is -2 it will turn the player into a monitor, only in V1.27 and greater if the spawn sequence is -3 it will turn the player into a monitor with a Scorpion turret, only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is -4 it will turn the player into a monitor with a Wraith turret, only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is -5 it will turn the player into a monitor with a Falcon turret, only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is -6 it will turn the player into a monitor with a Revenant turret, only V1.33 if the spawn sequence is -7 the base object will attach to the player; prop hunt anyone? only in V1.50 lift Filter; works like a zone, needs a boundary, only in V1.27 and greater if the spawn sequence is 0 it will push up players only if the spawn sequence is 1 it will push up all objects excluding the object itself if the spawn sequence is 2 it will push up all objects including the object itself if the spawn sequence is 3 it will rotate the object by 90 degrees when a player enters the zone; only in V1.32 if the spawn sequence is 4 the object will continually rotate by 90 degree about the y-axis; only in V1.32 if the spawn sequence is -1 it will push up the object with the label; only in V1.28 and greater if the spawn sequence is -2 it will push up the object when a player is within the boundary; only in V1.32 if the spawn sequence is -3 it will make the object seemingly disappear when a player enters the zone, use on movable objects; only in V1.32 if the spawn sequence is -4 it will make the object seemingly appear when a player enters the zone, use on movable objects; only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is -5 it will make the object seemingly disappear when a player enters the zone, use on non-movable objects; only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is -6 it will make the object seemingly appear when a player enters the zone, use on non-movable objects; only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is greater than 6, its object at the equivalent negative spawn sequence will have the same rotation; only in V1.33 if the spawn sequence is greater than 24, its object at the equivalent negative spawn sequence will have the same rotation only on the x-axis; only in V1.33 bro_spawn_loc Filter; provides a spawn location choice if the user option permits; only in V1.30 and later team_ffa; a negative spawn sequence means it will only show up in free for all a positive spawn sequence means it will only show up in team matches switch; Does not work on explosives. if the spawn sequence is negative it will have a waypoint and will spawn a fusion coil contraption to blow up. switch_door; when an object with the switch label is destroyed and has a spawn sequence with the same absolute value; a positive spawn sequence will disappear. It will explode if less than 50. a negative spawn sequence will appear. a spawn sequence of negative 50 or less will disappear the next time the switch is destroyed a spawn sequence of positive 50 or more will reappear the next time the switch is destroyed if you set a boundary on a vehicle, players within the vehicle will see its health; only in V1.30, only works when playing by yourself and therefore pointless. Tried to fix it, broke it. Post on latest changes. No more features will, nor can, be added. This would be because I have hit the limit on conditions as well as actions. Thanks for your interest. Please be aware that it is safe to say that if an object hasn't already been added to the gametype then it can't be; this includes flyable Phantoms, Longswords, and Mac Cannons. It is also worth noting that AI cannot be added, this includes everything from ODSTs to Hunters and Grunts. Weather and weapon/vehicle tuning are also impossible things to achieve. It's also safe to say that any forum topic around here that has the blue .map preceding the title is not possible to achieve in a gametype. For a gametype ready to play on any map check out Weapon Wielders and Strife. Also check out Mythic Infection.
  2. Gametype

    (Version 1.1- Bug fixes and removal) A whole new objective-based Flood campaign experience... Salvation is a game mode that has been filled with a ton of neat features and designed for a completely new type of Flood game. Many of you have heard of 'Plague,' from a while back, and I'm here to present what I call something that "makes Plague look like a toy in comparison to this." Salvation is oriented around tier based gameplay offering 7 types of objectives, with unlimited phases, the possibility to have multiple objectives simultaneously, and many options to customize your very own Flood campaign. For diversity, I've introduced 'dynamic labels,' which range from aesthetic explosions to custom announcer messages to object spawning and deleting. These labels can be activated by a trigger (like in Plague), which can be a switch, boundary, or destruction, or the labels can be activated by reaching a certain tier of gameplay. Many innovations that have never been seen before are now shown in Salvation, such as humans converting on their dead body, reviving other players from death, and the all new 'function' label. Make your own campaign and story with Salvation, and get some fresh gameplay on your customs! Salvation1.1 Download: Arrival (Map): Recommended set Rescue Point Grace to 1 minute, and Bomb Fuse Time to 35 seconds. New Link For Arrival Ascendance Tower (Map): Recommended set Round time to 2 minutes. New Link to Ascendance Tower Purification (Map): Recommended Carrier Traits: Vehicle Usage disabled. New Link to Purification Demonstration Map (Demo): New Link to the Demonstration Map Learn how to forge with Salvation using the document (Guide):
  3. Gametype

    I want to fly
  4. After i placed the modded map i placed the gametype.It appears in gametypes but when i try to select it it shows that the file is corrupted. I placed it in the folder with my other gametypes
  5. Gametype

    I am really sorry for asking too many questions but plz tell me where do I put gametypes? Thnks
  6. Gametype

    Okay, so I'm having some trouble with Sve Mythic Slayer Kilo 1.50 I can't spawn dead corpses, and I've heard about the spawn sequence and health sequence combo, but how do I do this? Also, everytime I start up Sve Mythic Slayer, the screen turns to black after I too a loadout. It doesn't work with Monitor, Falcon vs Banshee, Scorpion vs Wraith, Warthog vs Revenant and Mongoose vs Ghost. Aknowledge anyone?
  7. Hello guys, I don't want to bump old posts so I'll create a new one instead. The links from the old threads were deleted and I don't have an HDD either to download from file share. Any of you guys still have the Mythic Slayer con files for modding tools like horizonMB or Modio? Many thanks.
  8. a while back i saw that there were con files for halo reach mythic slayer. basically you could use these files to pop them on a USB via a xbox 360 usb tool like horizon. unfortunately the thread that contained these files seems to be gone, so im wondering does anyone have them still? i'd get them from the file share but i don't own a xbox 360 HDD to do so.
  9. Gametype

    I'm searching for a gametype hallowing me to spawn A.I's on halo 4, thanks !
  10. Download: All objects are invincible. Players in the cyan team will spawn as monitors.
  11. Gametype

    In SPEED LIMIT, maintain a certain speed otherwise your shields are rapidly drained. Failing to meet the required minimum speed will result in death! Not to mention the track gets increasingly difficult over time. Do you think you'll be able to maintain the SPEED LIMIT? DOWNLOAD: New Map Variant Link
  12. Gametype

    UPDATED 6/20/2016: Gametype Link has been fixed! Hello everyone. It's about time that I release this gametype. This version was actually finalized on March 27th but has not been released until now. The reason for the delay was health issues unfortunately. Medication I was taking to prevent infection after having wisdom teeth pulled caused extreme inflammation of my stomach hindering my ability to do anything. I am still not close to 100% yet but am getting better every day. Now that I have explained that, I would like to talk a bit about how this territories is designed. This territories is designed to mimic the Halo 3 style of Territories. This means asymmetric sides changing after every round. Two teams battle to defend or capture certain territory sites all over the map. Points are then awarded for captures and captures only. I also took the time to make respawns not have the Halo 4 spawn faster system. Instead, everything is a standard 10 second objective spawn. You can even disable sprint if you feel like it. I also have preset classes defined instead of using personal loadouts. These classes are stripped down to the basic weapons and have no added abilities besides frag grenades. Let's talk a bit about the available options in territories. Hill Capture Time: How long it takes for the attackers to capture an enemy territory Overtime Length: Determines the duration of overtime. This is activated when at the end of the round and one of the territories has a timer that isn't the total capture time. Sprint: Simply enable or disable sprinting. Vehicle Capture: Allow the attackers and defenders to influence the territories from within a vehicle or not. There are also some trait sets: Defender Traits: Traits that are applied to a defender in a territory Attacker Traits: Traits that are applied to an attacker in a territory Before I talk about some of the other menu options, I want to talk about the forge labels. tr_hill: Marks hills for territories. Team designation is not important. Be sure to make each territory have a separate spawn sequence from eachother. The spawn sequence controls the letters in game. tr_hide: Anything with this label hides the object from view but it still has collision. tr_door: Object gets deleted upon hill capture. Linked up to hill via a matching spawn sequence between the objects. I have added some support for dominion functionality as well. I will first talk about the labels. dom_turret: Place on any auto turret that you want automatically built at the fortification interval. Switches teams upon territory capture. Make sure to match the turret via spawn sequence to the hill. You may want to set the team of this object to defenders to begin with. dom_other: Place any other dominion object and add this label to it. Match it to the appropriate hill using the spawn sequence. The same teams warning as dom_turret applies. The labels can be combined with other lables too. For instance, combining dom_other and tr_door will have a dominion object work and then be deleted upon capture. There are also dominion options in the gametype. Fortify Timer: Controls how often the dominion objects are refortified. This continues regardless of who owns the territory. Initital Fortification: Tells the game whether or not to fortify bases immediately or wait until the first interval to cycle. Some other nice bells and whistles are in this gametype too. For example, use a flag stand for the territories because a flag will spawn at every territory regardless. The flag also changes team color upon capture. Another nice thing I added is "Hill Offense" and "Hill Defense" medals. These are also shown at the end of the game as a custom statistic. The back menu for the score also shows the total time you have been in the territories for the match. Finally, I also found and added the sounds from territories in Halo: Reach to my gametype. For your convience I have a link to the gametype as well as a sample map that plays really well. Hope you enjoy! Credits AMD, Matt, and Korn for putting up with my dumb questions Myself for writing the gametype AbandonedCashew, Testing and help with forge XBL People who playtested my original crap Map: New Link to Byome by Cashew NEW LINK FOR GAMETYPE! CLICK HERE ^You may have to replace the "RedSkullKing" with your own gamertag
  13. Gametype

    Hostage Rescue is a gametype mod for Halo 4 that is somewhat similar to VIP in nature. The concept is that there are two rival gangs, "Sharks" and "Rays", that take turn holding a random player from the other team hostage. The rescuing team has to infiltrate the jail holding their teammate and use a switch to breach the jail. Then, that team must escort the hostage back to their encampment in order to fully rescue him. Watch out though, failure to actually escort the hostage leaves him with just 5 percent movement speed! Be sure to work as a team! For the team holding the hostage, their job is simple, and that is to prevent the other team from opening the jail. If this does happen, the team must now kill the hostage to reset him back to the jail. The caveat here though is the jail itself will not reset making it much easier for the rescuing team. The game at base plays 4 rounds in an asymmetric fashion with rounds lasting 5 minutes (however, this is customizable). Features Base Hostage Traits: Allows you to set all the starting traits for the hostage No Escort Traits: Allows you to modify what happens when the hostage isn't being escorted (only applied after jail breach) Escort Proximity Traits: Allows you to manipulate the traits of the teammates actively escorting. Hostage Safe Zone Traits: Traits applied within the jail provided the hr_safe_zone label is applied to a marker HUD Widgets indicating if you are escorting or being escorted Escort Radius: Adjust the boundary in forge units at which the hostage can be considered escorted Jail Unlock Time: Adjust the amount of time it takes to breach the jail Jail Doors automatically delete upon jail breach. No Sprint: Enable or Disable sprint if you choose (Note, setting No sprint to Enable actually disables sprint) Waypoints to identify hostage, jail switch, and escape locations Hide Objects: Make objects invisible using hr_hide Labels hr_jail_spawn: This is the label that assigns any object to be the spawning location for the hostage. I recommend not using a spawn point, but a capture plate (Required) hr_safe_zone: Boundary for the Hostage Safe Zone Traits hr_jail_ctrl: Label needed to be set on the jail switch (Required - Assign to Defenders) hr_escape_zone: Label set on a boundary to escort the hostage to (Required - Assign to Attackers) hr_hide: Label that can be set on any object to make it invisible but still have collision/physics hr_jail_door: Set this flag on anything that you want to have delete upon jail breach. Special Thanks AMD and Matt: Such a big help teaching me megalo Zeltrax: Release Anyone who has helped test Download Compatible Map New Link to Map Video
  14. Gametype

    This, is where your skills will be tested. Version 1.1 Cashew and Bunker have collaborated to engineer an original, innovative mini-game where the goal is to survive the self-building sentry turrets that slowly close in on your team relentlessly... unless you can fight back. Destroy the sentry turrets as they spawn in at random intervals with your team to rack up the most points and greatest survival time. Battle as you progress through stages and your enemy turrets spawn faster and fight stronger. You have three options to configure: Grace Period The time before turrets start spawning and Stage 1 begins. Turret Difficulty Easy: 50% Health, Long Stage time Normal: Long Stage Time Heroic: Medium Stage Time Legendary: Short Stage Time Turret-Spawn Overlaps Allowed The amount of turrets that may potentially spawn at the same time. Cool features include: Gradual speeding up of the Stages. In addition to the separate difficulties, each consecutive stage gets faster and harder to complete. Complete randomization Each round every turret's spawn time is randomized, each round, no predictions allowed Unlimited turrets With the sentry turret label, you can have up to 150 dominion sentry turrets on the map at once. Objective Drops Place down objective ordnances (alpha-delta) as resupplies for players on stage completions. Forging for Sentry Survival: surv_turret All you need is the label on any objective piece, and you have a turret. The gametype does the rest, no mess. Keep in mind if you have more than 30, set the "Turret-Overlaps Allowed" to 2, more than 60; 3, more than 90; 4, 120+; 5. surv_hide For any extra ideas about maps are made easier to implement with the classic hide label. Version 1.1 Bunker (New Link) (Map) Warhouse (New Link) (Map) Credits to Bunker Jeremy for the original mini-game. AbandonedCashew for structuring the gametype.
  15. Gametype

    EDIT: Uploaded the bin files. I did some testing and it did work in MCC but in classic CTF it spawns the flags lower. Try going into forge and moving them upward. Classic CTF is a new CTF gametype that changes the flags to Extraction Beacons, which can be freely picked up and dropped like past Halo objectives. It uses Custom CTF as a base, and the latter uses Kornman's HalomodsCTF as it's base, which was a gametype that came out a while ago that added new traitsets and options to the default CTF gametype (Changelist). Although it shares many options with Custom CTF, some of them had to be dropped because they were buggy with this new style of CTF, and some had to be added. Gametype Options Object Filters Some interesting things to know HalomodsCTF had a bug where the flag return radius would change with the flag pickup radius option. That has been fixed. Setting the Appearance option to Junior reduces the player's scale to 85%. This effectively reduces hitbox size and makes strafing more effective. This concept was first introduced in Promod and is mainly meant to appease players in the wait for Unity+ or the next version of Promod Since ctf_del was added to this gametype, it won't work for any other version of CTF. Offensive and Defensive traits have been reworked (traitsets have been combined) to ensure that all traitsets are editable in-game. (Previously not even Horizon showed them all). All options relating to time have had many new values added, such as 20 Seconds or 3 Minutes I edited the defaults for several options so players won't have to spend too much time in the menus before playing it. The Flag Kills statistic has been replaced with the traditional Flag Returns one, however, returning the flag still awards a Flag Defense Medal too. Don't know why. 3-Flag Classic had to be removed due to bugs Announcer Style changes if the announcer will call out if the Flag has been picked up or dropped. "Limited" removes the "carrying flag" announcement, "None" removes all of them, and "Default" allows all of them. The gametype has not had much testing outside of split screen, so the new style may have prevented some announcements from working. Not sure Classic CTF.bin Custom CTF.bin
  16. Gametype

    Custom CTF is a new CTF gametype that adds numerous new options to CTF, many of which the Halo community has been asking for, along with several new features that the modding community has discovered. It uses Kornman's HalomodsCTF gametype as a base, which added several options and traits to the on-disk gametype (Changelist), hence the author's name: Korn N Toasty Gametype Options Object Filters Some interesting things to know HalomodsCTF had a bug where the flag return radius would change with the flag pickup radius option. That has been fixed. Setting the Appearance option to Junior reduces the player's scale to 85%. This effectively reduces hitbox size and makes strafing more effective. This concept was first introduced in Promod. Since ctf_del was added in this gametype, it won't work for any other version of CTF. Offensive and Defensive traits have been reworked (traitsets have been combined) to ensure that all traitsets are editable in-game. (Previously not even Horizon showed them all). All options relating to time have had many new values added, such as 20 Seconds or 3 Minutes Classic CTF.bin Custom CTF.bin
  17. Gametype

    Reactors A semi-symmetrical game mode where your team must fight for neutral beacons, capturing each one at their terminal in order to move on to the next phase.The second phase can be one of two styles: Warheads and Manual Damage. Warheads will prime a bomb on your terminal, and will allow your team to arm it on the enemies terminal, and defend it until detonation. This adds points to your team. Manual damage turns the game into almost a Generator Defense type of play, where your team must manually destroy the built cores on the enemies reactor. You can configure many many aspects of gameplay in the game options, as well as the map. The map playing this mode has a lot of control over how gameplay undergoes. Game options are as extensive as I could include, as well as User Data has functions as well. What is really neat about this mode is that it is truly three gametypes individually as well as default Reactors. To elaborate, setting the score to win to be lower or equal to all collective beacon capture points will result in a multi-neutral flag gametype. Setting the Beacon Retrieval Points to "Skip This Phase" will entirely skip the first phase and put both teams into the second phase of gameplay. If this option is selected, and you have Manual Damage enabled, then you have just created Generator Defense. However, if you set Warheads to be the game style, then you have just created a form of Assault. Disarming the bomb is done by the defending team getting the armed bomb out of their base before it blows up. One Reactor is allowed to make asymmetrical Generator Defense. You must have on your map: At least... 1 rctr_terminal (This is where you capture beacons and take the primed warhead) 2 rctr_core's (These are the cores, which collectively build your reactor) These are core functions and offer bare-minimum gameplay. You should have on your map: 2 rctr_spawn_zone's (These involve base medals and disarming of the bomb) 3+ rctr_beacon's (These will spawn the neutral beacons to capture during the first phase) These allow for full functionality for all options. You may have on your map: rctr_upgrade's rctr_turret's These make the map more interesting, mixing up gameplay with rising barricades and automated turrets. Wanna make a map but a little confused? Here's the walkthrough: Report any bugs here. Enjoy, -Cashew (and Thunder, for helping with the core destruction and more.)
  18. Gametype

    This gametype originated as a random idea from Cosmic lightning. After a few hours work, I had a working version. This is actually REALLY fun to play in large groups of people. I still need to add some things, but it is working overall. This is also my first 100% custom modded gametype, so any suggestions on improving would be greatly appreciated. I hope you guys like this Freeze Tag that does not freeze anyone's xbox. Let me know what you think! How the game is played: Player is chosen at random to be the "Chaser" The chaser will be frozen(Movement = 0, gravity = 0) by the amount of time you choose. Once the player is unfrozen, he can then track down and tag the one of the other players. The chaser can tag a player by dealing damage. default weapon is a plasma pistol. When a player is tagged, the 15 second timer resets, and the tagged player gets frozen for that amount of time. When a player gets tagged, everyone but the person that is tagged will get a point. The person with the most points when the limit is hit, or when the timer runs out wins. Features: Custom game option for the amount of time a player is frozen. Custom game option for a waypoint over the chasers head. On Screen timer for when you are frozen. "Frozen for %n seconds.". The chaser is white, but black when tagged. The announcer will say "New VIP" when someone is tagged, and there is a custom message that says "{Gamertag} is now the Chaser" When a player takes damage, their health is set to 100 automatically. The only way I have found to get a kill is auto kill weapons. (Spartan Laser, Binary Rifle, ect...) On suicide, that person becomes the chaser. Any suggestions would be fantastic. I would love to add more options!. Please let me know your thoughts. Special thanks to Cosmic Lightning for the idea and testing when needed. He was a fantastic help. Updates: V1.1: On suicide the player becomes the Chaser. Made the Chaser and Frozen traits visible.
  19. Gametype

    Power Slayer was an Action Sack gametype back in Halo Reach, now it returns with Halo 4's refined scored system on top and infinite customization options. This Slayer gametype is designed to allow players to gain special traits based on the types of kills they perform. Currently there are traits for Basic Kill, Melee Kill, Assassination Kill and Headshot Kill. Each time you perform one of these kills you will gain the traits assigned to that kill for 10 seconds. Killing another player during this period will refresh your timer back to 10 seconds and extend your powers. You can also chain them together to gain multiple types of powers, so if you Melee Kill a player and then Headshot Kill a player before your timer runs out, you’ll gain the traits of both kill types. You can toogle teams on and off to play it FFA style! These are the default settings of my own, you CAN and SHOULD make ones of your own, to better reflect your preferences. Power Slayer Options: Download links: Power Slayer 1.0:
  20. Gametype

    Hotshot Slayer was an Acion Sack gametype back in Reach and now it's back in all it's glory. In this slayer variant each the more consecutive kills you get, the more deadlier you'll become. Bu that's comes as a price, you'll also become slower. Climb through the three player tiers and eliminate the enemy players. You can choose to play the game with teams or FFA style for some crazy rumble acion. These are the default settings I came up with, you CAN and SHOULD make ones of your own, to better reflect your preferences. Hotshot Slayer options: Download links:
  21. Gametype

    Today I am releasing my final edit of the race gametype (for now.) This gametype was made due to the amount of requests I have been getting on for features. This is still synth's Race v1.1, I just updated a few features and updated it based on requests, So every map compatible with his gametype, will work with mine. Original Features (By Synth): Vehicle Scale. Player Scale. Force enter vehicle time. Spawn at checkpoints. Checkpoint Appearance (Waypoint/Hill visibility) Scoring Mode (Laps/Checkpoints) Vehicle Exit Action Custom lap checkpont filter. Object Attach system. Ability to make objects invisible (race_hide) Ability to make object delete at the start (race_delete) Updated Features: Holeshot object filter. Apply this to any checkpoint to make it the holeshot as well. This is just used to display the first person to get to that checkpoint. (Requested by HT SX). Holeshot points. The ability to set weather or not you get a point for achieving a holehsot. Lap Timers. This will display in game, as well as in the carnage report. this was requested A LOT. Enabled teams and fixed the scoring. This was not really a request, but it is very simple so why not, lol. Added a race_gate filter. You apply this filter to an object you will to be deleted at a certain amount of time. This was added because everyone needed to use base shields and a fusion coils for starting gates. This adds some variety to maps. Starting gate duration. The amount of time before the race_gate objects delete. Random Starting Gate Duration. This will select a random amount of time before the starting gate deletes; Random Min/Max. The minimum and maximum amount of time for the random starting gate option. player_spectator object filter. When a player is in the boundary of this object, the lap timers and enter vehicle text gets turned off. As well as a special trait set is applied. Spec_Monitor. Weather or not the person in a player_spectator hill turns into a forge monitor. Any requests/opinions are welcome!.
  22. Gametype

    Vroom! Well, for the past couple weeks I have been working on modifying the Race v1.1 gametype by Synth to better fit the needs of I am pleased to announce that after many great suggestions, I have a working version to share with everyone. Just because I have it released now, does not mean I will not be willing to update it in the future, so please feel free to submit any requests/suggestions to me and I would be happy to look into your request. As always, thank you guys for your awesome support. Updates: Lap Timers. Yes that right, I finally was the one to add them. race_gate. You apply this to any object and it will be deleted after a set amount of time. Game setting for the time to delete the starting gate items. This is includes a random option. player_monitor filter. When you enter the hill, you turn into a monitor for spectating.(Thanks OrangeMohawk) Enable lightning to be spawned on your vehicle. Fixed teams. You can now use them Special Thanks Cosmic Lightning OrangeMohawk Thunder AbandonedCashew Matt for original gametype. Let me know what you think!
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    Kill your Prey. Avoid your Predator... Overview Prey is a dynamic, new way to play Halo. As it was as an honor-rules game at the time of Clue, you would look at the leaderboard and only be allowed to kill the player under you, while running from the player over you. I say that it was the cousin of Clue. Now we have it as an automatic process, so no honor-rules are in play. At the round start or when the Grace Period ends, you are assigned a Predator and a Prey on your screen, and if options are selected, there will be waypoints above each of their heads. Every time a player dies or is out of the game in some way the game will re-sort and you may be assigned a new Prey or Predator. Players start with Swords by default as well. Options Predator/Prey Visibility options have toggles for Hidden, Always Visible, and Hide When Near. Predator/Other Kill Deduction options determine the points subtracted from a player who kills their Predator, or a random. Predator Kill Punishment has options to select the type of punishment for killing your Predator. These options include Do Nothing, Weaken Player, and Kill Instantly. Grace Period controls the time at start for players to be invincible before assigned a Predator and Prey. Traits Last Players Remaining are applied to the final two players alive in the game. Grace Traits are applied during the Grace Period. This gametype works on all maps, by the way. Credits to Just One Player for the original honor-rules gametype. So with that said...
  24. Gametype

    Update 2.0 Now with performance upgrades and some new labels, Plague can return better than ever! Based off of Insanmiac's Carrier gametype concept and inspired by the lack of original flood games, this gametype is an ultra mod of Flood with numerous game changing features and innovative forging tools. With enough options to configure almost every aspect of this gametype, it has the potential to replace any existing flood variant, and start a new trend of flood maps and themes with it's great new play style. Big thanks to Thunder and the modding community all around. Update 2.0 comes with a few good and a few helpful tools for creating the new Flood experience. Labels have been renamed accordingly, so make sure to update your maps. Performance issues have been 85% eliminated, note that host migrations will prevent reviving for their duration. Three new labels: bridge, degrade, and waypoint. Bridge spawns in a piece when a terminal is captured, Degrade retracts dominion pieces when a terminal is captured, and Waypoint shoes an aesthetic navigation icon which is very customizable. The Waypoint system goes by User Data as the index for what icon to show, or with a spawn sequence of 1, it will show the letter for the User Data (1=A 2=B etc). The waypoint label can be triggered by a terminal if also labelled bridge. Keep in mind that the label for spawn zones is untested, so if you want to use them on linear maps then just test the map before hand. They should work with the bridge and object spawn labels. The reviving process now has a timer on the wounded player when they are healed, and points are added to the healer when the process completes. There is also an in game option for the time it takes to revive a player. Revive points are now a thing as well, reviving a player is rewarding! Alpha Flood now have customizable weapons and more. Speaking of Alpha Flood, I found and fixed Alphas becoming normal Flood after one death. Credits: Cashew (gametype, core concepts, main functions, motivation, blood sweat and tears, organization) 343 Industries (base and rico_decor) Thunder (huge help with logic and base switches) Matt (enhanced killfeed, no weapon vehicles)
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    Rush Slayer is a recreation of the brand new mode Cranked first appearing in the CoD: Ghosts franchise. Best of two franchises brought together to ensure crazy shenanigans happen on the battlefield. On Rush Slayer each player’s GEN2 Mjolnir powered assault armor is set to self-destruct if its internal clock hits zero. In order to avoid this players must get kills, resetting the internal clock. Each kill grants the killer a momentary set of traits (default: 5 seconds), boosting the player effectiveness on the battlefield. These are the default settings I came up with, you CAN and SHOULD make ones of your own, to better reflect your preferences. Rush Slayer options: Things you may want to know: A detonation will ALWAYS result in the player death, however you can choose the effect it’ll have on other players (enemies or not). EMP will paralyze vehicles and drain shields while lethal will kill everyone near the explosion, vehicles excluded. You can choose for how long kill traits will be applied to each player, you can also opt to not apply them at all. Players whose timer is about the hit zero can receive additional Last Breath Traits. Download links: