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  1. I know i'm not very active on these forums, though i should maybe start. Friend of a few of you here, Alex, Jordan etc... Just figured i'd make my first reasonable post something to burn the eyes. My first test, was with DBZ Budokai 3, i successfully got it to boot and run smoothly. Below is the demonstration video The second test was more of a challenge, i decided to try with a more high performance video and well...why not test Kingdom Hearts 2.. As you can see the game boots yes, but still a lot of work to do. Slow gameplay and lots of texture glitches. This has been a project since late 2010, and have continued to do so in my free time. When i make it more stable i shall release it along with Open Source. Thanks for making such an awesome community too Respect.
  2. Can I extract Halo 4, In-game Soundtrack? Unfortunately, Halo 4 does not have an in-game soundtrack extraction file. Can you get the extracted Soundtrack?
  3. Is there a way to change the AI's team association? Ie - Make Grunts on the human/player team. I've tried looking around and can't find anything, I've tried changing the value in the biped section from default to player and it makes no difference.
  4. General

    This applies to basically all Halo games, in order to setup 3D Studio Max to have the same units that you see within assembly or any other editing tool you will need to setup custom units. For 3DS: Goto "Customise > Units Setup..." and set your units to "Custom..." equal to 100 inches. Your units will now match up, pair this with a autohotkey copy+paste script and life will be far easier when populating maps with more or less anything. (Point sets am I right lads) You should be able to do this with blender, but i'll be honest I really cant stand the UI. Spending half your life using 3ds does things to ya. I also highly recomend Soulburn Scripts
  5. When i use it says unsupported Halo 5 build. Will Gamecheat13 make another one?
  6. General

    Hey guys, so obviously there are tools like assembly used for modding .map variants and such, but there are VERY few video tutorials on how to do the mods LordZebbs does. Why and how is it fair that he reserves those kind of mods to himself rather than posting a video tutorials on it? How can you play as a grunt, hunter, elite? How do you inject pelicans? Can you please give a tutorial on this? I've tried in assembly and it doesn't work... I just only know how to do the basic stuff like edit the players speed, jump, invincibility, and weapons. I want specific tutorials for halo 3 and 4, so please someone give out a tutorial (preferably step-by-step video). Please do not refer me to LordZebb's text tutorial on here, I've already viewed it and it doesn't tell us how to mod like he does. Thanks!
  7. We should all do another game night since its been a whileeeeee... if your interested post a date we can find a date that everyone is free and hopefully have a good old fashioned game night like the good old days
  8. General

    Hello guys, this is my custom Halo 3 campaign mod for X360 JTAG/RGH. About: This is basically vehicles and weapons access for all maps, tag injection. Last year I've got the chance of getting an X360 RGH. Today I'm sharing my modded game for any one who is interested, screenshots taken by FreeStyle plugin to show of some stuff. Inside of this mod there are two programs: - Assembly to edit the map files locally on your computer and to edit real time on X360. - Ascension to poke advanced real time addresses, like the Halo 3 vehicle/global field of view. (If you have the plugin enabled to edit in real time, don't forget to change these two program's IP addresses according whit your X360 connection to your internet router). This mod is aimed for the game version 1.0 but it can be played for any TU (Title update) you have installed, I prefer the game base version. (Q) - What's been changed for this campaign ? (A) - Player Field of View, Vehicle access (Pelican/Phantom/etc) , Weapon enhancements (ammo increase, weapon placement on screen), Centered Crosshair, restored Hunter boarding feature and many other miscellaneous stuff. Feel free to post your videos/screenshots about this mod, I play H3 almost every day, if not playing GTA V on Steam or busy at work. If you're interested to play with me via System Link on X360 add me on Steam. Have fun Download link here ← Version 1.4 (DD/MM/YYYY) 10/03/2018 Custom Main Menu Halo 2 "Grunt Birthday Party" style for Halo 3 Cut hunter boarding feature restored John's new armour (MP Bipd) Player Field of View, Centered Crosshair, Weapon on screen adjustments, Ammo capacity increased Pelican thrusters replica from its final stages of development Can be seen here at 07:12 John's blue binocular's rulers from black to blue as it was back in it's developments Can be seen here at 07:00
  9. Hello everyone! Recently I have been attempting to import tags into the Forge palette for use in saves - but with one problem: if I make a change to my, all items in my previous forge saves will be slightly ‘shifted’. For example, pickup trucks may become wraiths, and gravity hammers may turn into other human weapons. To me, it appears that the offset of new palette items shifts all current objects. I have confirmed this through the success of new, unedited forge worlds and reverting to old versions of my However, I am wondering if there is a known way to future-proof old levels for new versions of the forge_world (I am sure they can be edited when new objects are added, but that may be time-consuming when there are many saved levels to edit). P.S. Is there any way to delete tags from a .map if there are no references to them? Thanks, wblegoboy
  10. I want to install matrix but I do not know how: 'v jelp me :'v
  11. General

    So I had seen a video of game cheat with a modded save on MCC how does one do this?
  12. Hey XboxChaos, I've recently just downloaded these two maps that Gamecheat13 created: and also this: now since these games are very similar with the engine their bothing running. The ODST map contains AI while the Halo 3 campaign map with forge doesnt contain AI, i am just wondering can i some how transfer the tags from the modded odst map and inject it to the halo 3 campaign map with AI without any issues?
  13. I want to know if that Tool still works and is out there still cuz I want to mod map names/gametype names
  14. So you wan't to become Inheritor or/and unlock all armor in Halo: Reach? Follow the steps below: 1. Move your Xbox profile to a flash drive First of create a new profile and make sure it is offline. Go into Halo: Reach and buy one item in the armory. Now, go to the Xbox home screen and follow this video to move the profile you wan't to mod onto an external flash drive/USB: CLICK ME :D Make sure that the profile is offline because if not you can get banned! 2. Install Horizon You will need the program Horizon for this. Horizon is a free software, and if you have modded Reach before, chances are you already have it Download: 3. The modding itself Now you will have to plug the device which you moved your Xbox profile to, into your computer. Once this is done open up Horizon. You should now see it pop up on the left side of the screen. Open up the folder "Gamer Profiles", and drag your profile into the blank space. Hit the button that says "Mod Package", and scroll down until you see Halo: Reach editor. In the "Add Credits" tab, into as many as you want. If you wan't to go to inheritor you must put in ATLEAST 20.000.000 Hit "+Add Credits". Now click the button that says "Unlock All" This will unlock all armor in halo reach, including: blue flames, red flames, haunted helmet, inclement weather, everything. Hit save, then "OK" and close the Halo: Reach Editor window. Now hit "Save, Rehash & Resign" a couple of times. and eject the USB. 4. Moving the modded profile back into your Xbox This one is pretty self explaining. Just do as in the first step, but instead of moving a profile from your hard drive to the USB do the opposite. That was it! The next time you open Halo: Reach, you should have everything you need! Just promise me that you don't go online unless you are willing to get Console-Banned If you have any problems or questions, then be sure to tell me. I will try my best to reply. If you have any problems with me posting this, then tell me and I'll take it down
  15. this confusion is getting ridiculous plz help
  16. does anyone have a REGULAR (NON-MODDED) default.xex for Halo: Reach? I had one on my old PC then lost it now im stuck with a modded one? can anyone help???? please
  17. General

    AI hunters,elites,grunts, soldiers, Spartans,jackals, brutes, flood, wardens, prometions ,
  18. I'm trying to make the final cutscene of Halo CE skippable on Anniversary. So far I've found that most Halo PC modding tools work with Anniversary maps. So unless there's another way to skip the final cutscene of Halo Anniversary, I think it'd be a very simple change to the script. I know in Assembly it's possible to edit scripts via Script Expression under scnr. Using Eschaton, it appears I can find the script name and expression indexes under scnr as well but I don't seem to be able to edit the script expressions anywhere. Are there any tools or even any way to edit the script for the campaign mission? Or perhaps there's another way to make an unskippable cutscene skippable without going the script editing route? Thanks!
  19. Hello Xbox chaos this Saturday im getting my new RGH and im very hyped for it and i really need some tutorials too get me started I've downloaded Game cheat's Ai playground map and Lord Zedd's xex i need help installing it I've searched for tutorials on youtube but non exist so can any one help me install it or give me a link for how to install .map mods? Thank you.
  20. So I have been wondering if anyone were making a graphics mod for halo 5 pc like something to make it look like the beta or exactly like the beta. If anyone are or know anyone making one, please reply. Thank you, and have a nice day.
  21. Share what kind of consoles you have! This can be any kind of console. the dev kits: I'll start. I have (all Xbox 360s): 1 Trinity RGH2 1 Corona Retail 2 Zephyr Dev Kits - One of them is getting fixed 1 Zephyr Demo Kit - Broken with 0031 error 1 Xenon Demo Kit 1 Beta-2 Kit - Getting fixed 1 Zephyr Stress Kit 1 Xenon Stress Kit 1 Falcon Stress Kit - Need to run a recovery disc on it 3 Zephyr Retails 1 Jasper Retail 1 Xenon Jtag - Broken 1 Xenon Dev Kit 1 Flashed Falcon - Bought off one of my friends for 15 dollars 1 1gb Jasper XNA kit (no sidecar, bad cosmic condition) 1 Corona v6 AKA Xbox 360 E - selling on se7seins Edit: got some new stuff 1 Broken jasper motherboard 1 Broken Xenon motherboard Gonna buy Deads broken reviewer kit and demo kit 1 Xenon Retail Other: 1 NES 1 Xbox One Update: I have 25 dev kits in total image of 18 of them the rest are in storage I'll take some more photos later. Edit here is one:
  22. Hey there, So just to let you know, game variant modding is possible and yes, I have some examples on my content browser (X3CXeX v3). Have fun! — GAME VARIANTS — NEW - Weaponless Survivors [Infection] No Weapon Start [Slayer] Weapons Damages Disabled [Slayer] Extended Motion Sensor (91m) [Slayer] Slice Disabled (Distance: 0%, Speed: 500%) [Slayer] Boom! (Grenades damage: 500%, Explosion radius: 500%, Knockback: 500%) [Slayer] — TUTORIAL — Requirements Windows 10 Halo app + Halo 5: Forge HxD (hex editor) Fiddler (v4.6.x or upper) A fresh Xbox LIVE account (recommended) About 5-10 minutes Tutorial In this tutorial, I'll show you how-to set additional settings to a Slayer gametype by disabling weapons damages. Please note that variants are acting like patch files, so unfortunately (by now?) you can not mess with player's scale or whatever. Start Halo 5: Forge through the Halo app, and launch Fiddler. Open Fiddler Web Debugger and exempt Halo and Halo 5: Forge. Go back to Halo 5: Forge and go to Multiplayer > Custom game > Game mode options > Player traits. Scroll to Weapons section and set damages to 10% or whatever (should not be the default value, but let's use 10% here). Keep an eye on Fiddler and save a copy of your game variant. Find the save request (POST method) and save its body. Open the saved file with HxD and look for AB 47 (hex values) in it. Here we go. In the screenshot above, AB 47 CD CC CC 3D 00 00 represents our 10%. Replace it by AB 47 00 00 80 BF 00 00, which is a 0%, and then select and copy all hex values. Go back to Fiddler, unlock the save request for editing. Switch to the HexView tab and replace the body (in black) by yours. Reissue the request. If everything was done correctly, the new POST request will return a 202 Accepted HTTP code. Go back to Halo 5: Forge, load your new variants from your content browser and profit! What now? Your call! If you are looking for additional hex values, this might help you. Also, if you are an API developer, feel free to try cryptum-halodotapi (Advanced Halo 5 API wrapper which can be extended to other Halo games)! Enjoy! — X3CXeX (Zeny)
  23. General

    Hello all. I’ve spent the past week on and off testing out new weapon concepts for use in future Halo 3 map mods. What I have working so far is as follows: Below, you may find a demonstration video of the weapon concepts. (Also, there’s a couple of other things thrown in the video as well not weapon related) I also have ideas for other weapons: As I complete more stuff, I’ll be updating this. I also would love to hear some ideas that yous have for weapons, as my creativity and I have hit a brick wall. Also, if anyone could point me in the right direction of how to edit the models of weapons to look different, that would be very much appreciated. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. - L337H4X0RZZ
  24. General

    Why do we have blam script for Halo reach and not for the other games. I'm trying to see if gamecheat13 is planning to release his blam script editor that he pretends not to have. I'm dying to test some scripts on Halo 3 that I've had experienced with. Halo CE and other halos have almost the same Script language.