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  1. General

    I was going to post this here awhile ago, but I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested, but it appears some of you are. I hope you find this useful. (Give me a second to fix the spoiler images!) Here is a list of custom maps for download, with working links! Most of these are not mine, the only content I created is the content mentioned directly as mine. no longer supports custom map/gametype downloading, so here's my attempt to bring some of the custom games we loved back. If you have a custom map/gametype you have, post it in a reply and I will add it to the list! If you don't see a map/gametype you are looking for, it means nobody has uploaded it here. Feel free to request for a map/gametype and I will try to find someone who still has it. Before asking any questions, read the FAQ to see if it answered already. WARNING! Maps/gametypes with a * are modified. Uploading these to your fileshare can result in a permanent fileshare ban. You assume all risks by using them on your Xbox 360. Download all maps/gametypes (updated 7-15-2014. Does not include screenshots) Maps with Gametypes Format: Map Name (Gametype Name) Christmas Eve (Evil Santa) - An infection game where the zombie (Santa) must go into the chimneys of the houses in order to kill the people inside them. Forged on Foundry Fat Kid Map V2 (Fat Kid (H)) - A building with multiple levels to shoot the fat kid (alpha zombie in infection.) Forged on Foundry. Halo: Reach (Halo) - An infection-based racing map. Survive the entire course and claim your victory by killing the zombie. Forged on Sandbox. Hide/Seek Town (Hide n Seek) - Hide from the zombie! In this infection game, the humans are invisible, but zombies can only be killed with an assassination. Forged on Foundry. Hide/Seek Town Remade on Sandbox (Hide n Seek) (Also known as Ghost Busters) - Same game as above, the map is slightly different and on Sandbox instead. Forged on Sandbox. Jaws V2.0 (Shark) - Don't let the sharks (zombies) kill you! Stay up on that ole antennae. Forged on Last Resort. Jenga Tower X (Jenga Ooh Gah) - Stay on the Jenga Tower as long as you can as the zombie attempts to knock over the tower you are on by launching objects at you. Forged on Standoff. Kiddie Lane V2.0 (Ice Cream Man)* - Not the original map, I remade this myself since I cannot find anyone who has it. Invisible barriers are placed to prevent players from leaving the given area. Forged on Foundry. Left 4 Dead (Left 4 Dead) - Fight off the zombie hoards in an attempt to survive. It's not the version I'm familiar with, but it had a very high download count on, so I assumed some of you may know it. Forged on Foundry. Man Cannon Wars (Man Cannon Wars) - Bounce between man cannons while trying to kill your friends, or enemies. Forged on Narrows. Maze (Maze)* - Based off of a maze I made many years ago, I remade it and thought maybe some of you would enjoy it. The full maze does not work on Xbox Live or System Link, since it uses custom tags to break the object limit. I made a simplified version that works on Xbox Live and System Link, in case you ever want to play with your friends over the internet. Forged on Sandbox. Monster Jam X (Monster Trucks) - Knock your friends off the platform with vehicles, hijack them and throw them off of the platform or assassinated them... whatever you choose! Forged on Standoff. Omega Journey-3 (Fat Kid (O)) - Break your way through this structure before the fat kid (zombie) kills (or eats) you. Forged on Foundry. Quearena (Smear the Quear) - Despite the author's spelling mistakes and vulgar name, this game is fun. Splatter your friends before they disable your vehicle and infect you. Forged on Foundry. Space Station 41 (Space)* - As zombie, knock over the floating elephants in an attempt to kill the humans. If you're a human, try to kill the zombie before he/she knocks over all of your elephants. Forged on Sandtrap. Trash Compactor (Garbage Man) - Avoid the garbage man's (zombie's) attempts to squish you with all of his/her trash. Forged on Foundry. Tunnel Raid 2.0 (Tunnel Raid CTF) - Fight your way to victory through the tunnel. Capture the other team's flag in this popular CTF map. Forged on Last Resort. Yellow Ducks (Duck Hunt V2) - Another Duck Hunt map. Make your way up to the hunter's (zombie's) nest before he/she kills you. Forged on Foundry. Standalone Maps Burger King - This is supposed to recreate a Burger King restaurant. I was never crazy about this map, but it is popular. Forged on Foundry. Explosive Flying Elephant - Shoot the explosives on the elephant closer to the phantom and watch it fly! Forged on Sandtrap. Floody* - The original modded map with random flood tanks, flood bubbles (as I like to call them) and monitor cameras placed around the map. Forged on Cold Storage. Forge Elephants* - A map I made about seven years ago. Your chance to pick up the elephant and use it as if it were any other forge object! You cannot spawn more elephants and I believe saving changes to the map removes all of the forge-enabled elephants. This does not work on Xbox Live and System Link due to the use of custom tags, sorry. Forged on Sandtrap. Frigate* - Explore the frigate (or just walk on it.) Made by me in an attempt to somewhat restore Shad0w Lag's map. Forged on Sandtrap. No Turrets on Snowbound* - Another map I made. The turrets that will shoot you if you go out of bounds are no longer present from the start of the round. Saving changes to the map should work, no promises. Forged on Snowbound. Sandbox Skull - Spawn directly on top of the Sandbox skull without being shot by the guardians. You will need to respawn if forge decides to spawn you in-bounds. Forged on Sandbox. Trapped V3.0* - I made Last Resort's beach closed off with invisible barriers. This supports every gametype! Forged on Last Resort. Troop Warthog on The Pit* - I moved the troop warthogs to spawn in-bounds next to the fence. In order to drive the only functioning warthog, you will have to destroy all of the warthogs first and make sure the damaged ones do not respawn before the undamaged one respawns. You can only drive the troop warthog as connection host. Forged on The Pit. Standalone Gametypes Fat Kid - An infection gametype. The alpha zombie has maximum shields, but only has melee weapons, cannot drive vehicles, moves very slowly, and jumps very low as well. Humans spawn with random weapons. Flame Throwers* - A slayer gametype. Players spawn with a flamethrower and dropping it will leave the player with no weapon. (This photo is not mine. All credit goes to tonka420.) Instant Respawn* - Anthony's "no respawn time" gametype. It is slayer and players respawn almost instantly after they die. Screenshots (modded text will NOT work outside of fileshare, but you will receive a ban if you upload a modded screenshot.) ¥ Ashley¥ - You probably know, uploading this per request. Be Careful... Remade - I wanted this to be in 16:9 aspect ratio, so I made my own based off the original. Keep in mind the modded text will not work outside of fileshare for screenshots (not saying you should upload it since you probably receive a fileshare ban.) Yes its true - Same as the above, uploaded per request. FAQ Q: How do I transfer these to my Xbox 360? A: You will need to use either a transfer cable to your Xbox 360 HDD or use a USB flash drive. You can use a free program such as Horizon or Modio to transfer the files. Q: How do I add a file to Horizon? A: Just drag and drop the file into the program, paste your IDs, resign/rehash, and then transfer the file to your device (read below for more details.) Q: How do I make them playable? A: You need to resign/rehash these with your Console ID, Profile ID, and Device ID in order to have the files show up and load on the main menu. To do this, use the free program Horizon. Open one of your own saves to find your IDS. Q: Why do some of the Fat Kid gametypes have an (H) or (O) at the end of their name?? A: Because not every Fat Kid gametype is designed for every map. The ones with these letters are specialized for the map it is downloaded with. Q: Why is nothing I transferred showing up/loading?? A: You didn't resign the maps with your Console ID, Profile ID, and/or Device ID. To do this, use the free program Horizon. Open one of your own saves to find your IDS. Q: Can you upload X? A: I can try to find someone who has it, no promises. Q: Why does my screenshot's modded text not work?? A: The modded text won't show up in your screenshot library. You can use modded text in map/gametype descriptions and it will show up with no issues, but modded text will only function in screenshots being viewed from fileshare. Upload modded screenshots at your own risk. Q: This version of Duck Hunt/Jenga/whatever sucks! Can you upload the other version? A: If you know specifically what version you want, I can try to find it. Giving me a description of the map/gametype is not going to help me (ex: the version with the gravity lift in the place next to the other thing where a secret sniper is behind the wall next to the other wall around the door and there's a second tower with a second street.) Q: Is your gamertag linked to any of these files? A: Only my previous gamertags, so no. Q: Are you going to update this thread? A: I certainly plan to if people show interest in this! I hope you enjoy these, it took awhile to find them, null all of the IDs, upload them, fix them, put them all in separate zip files, take all of the screenshots (except the last one), and put everything together. Maps/gametypes I hope to add: Cobs n Robbers Skycastle Darklord Manor (Michael Jackson) Pelican on Rat's Nest Water Resort Happy custom gaming! Feel free to ask a question or make a correction if I have made an error.
  3. General

    has anyone got a patch for the reach demo xex? like the one for retail game that removes all the restrictions. i've modded the maps but obviously can't play them.
  4. General

    eu fiz um mapa de invasão sem mods porque se colocar mods eu não consigo jogar online ( link do sistema ) mas você deve usar os links para baixar em dois: MEDIAFIRE: MEDIAFIRE ( MÁQUINA DE WAYBACK ):[1].rar
  5. General

    Temporary files/maps seems to do the trick and are able to download share all maps/creations in Reach, as I had played Halo 4 a lot in the past and thought this was impossible without entering Forge mode to share maps as did some other peeps I knew as we never used live back in the day and could have swore when i tried this in the past it would not work, but is an awesome overlooked feature by myself
  6. Epic Meal Time's most famous line, I cut clips and made a looping mp3 in audacity: http://www.mediafire...5txu371x4p7195w Does anyone else find it funny/strange that audacity has a genre called "Porn groove" when exporting audio ???
  7. I'm intrested in removing the nude-censoring ( ). Does anyone here have Saints Row 3 on JTAG?
  8. I know i'm not very active on these forums, though i should maybe start. Friend of a few of you here, Alex, Jordan etc... Just figured i'd make my first reasonable post something to burn the eyes. My first test, was with DBZ Budokai 3, i successfully got it to boot and run smoothly. Below is the demonstration video The second test was more of a challenge, i decided to try with a more high performance video and well...why not test Kingdom Hearts 2.. As you can see the game boots yes, but still a lot of work to do. Slow gameplay and lots of texture glitches. This has been a project since late 2010, and have continued to do so in my free time. When i make it more stable i shall release it along with Open Source. Thanks for making such an awesome community too Respect.
  9. Hey there, So just to let you know, game variant modding is possible and yes, I have some examples on my content browser (X3CXeX v3). Have fun! — GAME VARIANTS — NEW - Weaponless Survivors [Infection] No Weapon Start [Slayer] Weapons Damages Disabled [Slayer] Extended Motion Sensor (91m) [Slayer] Slice Disabled (Distance: 0%, Speed: 500%) [Slayer] Boom! (Grenades damage: 500%, Explosion radius: 500%, Knockback: 500%) [Slayer] — TUTORIAL — Requirements Windows 10 Halo app + Halo 5: Forge HxD (hex editor) Fiddler (v4.6.x or upper) A fresh Xbox LIVE account (recommended) About 5-10 minutes Tutorial In this tutorial, I'll show you how-to set additional settings to a Slayer gametype by disabling weapons damages. Please note that variants are acting like patch files, so unfortunately (by now?) you can not mess with player's scale or whatever. Start Halo 5: Forge through the Halo app, and launch Fiddler. Open Fiddler Web Debugger and exempt Halo and Halo 5: Forge. Go back to Halo 5: Forge and go to Multiplayer > Custom game > Game mode options > Player traits. Scroll to Weapons section and set damages to 10% or whatever (should not be the default value, but let's use 10% here). Keep an eye on Fiddler and save a copy of your game variant. Find the save request (POST method) and save its body. Open the saved file with HxD and look for AB 47 (hex values) in it. Here we go. In the screenshot above, AB 47 CD CC CC 3D 00 00 represents our 10%. Replace it by AB 47 00 00 80 BF 00 00, which is a 0%, and then select and copy all hex values. Go back to Fiddler, unlock the save request for editing. Switch to the HexView tab and replace the body (in black) by yours. Reissue the request. If everything was done correctly, the new POST request will return a 202 Accepted HTTP code. Go back to Halo 5: Forge, load your new variants from your content browser and profit! What now? Your call! If you are looking for additional hex values, this might help you. Also, if you are an API developer, feel free to try cryptum-halodotapi (Advanced Halo 5 API wrapper which can be extended to other Halo games)! Enjoy! — X3CXeX (Zeny)
  10. So i made this a short list of things any user of Assembly can change without much in-depth knowledge of Blamscript /Forceloading /Injection. I will update this in the future whenever possible I]airs - airstrike 1.>Initial Shot Delay - 0.1 2.>Time Armed - 3.>Recharge Time (seconds) - 0.1 4.>Delay Between Shots - 0.3 5.>Total Shots Fired - 16 II]bipd - biped 1.>Go to Change Color ->Initial Permutations ->Color Lower Bound ->Color Upper Bound 2.>Flags Melee Attack is Fatal Can Dual Wield 3.>Dialogue Variants ->Grenade Velocity ->Grenade Type ->Grenade Count 4.>Weapons ->Weapon 5.>BIPED Immune to Falling Damage Spawn Death Children on Destroy Jump Velocity 6.>Physics Climb any Surface 7.>Contact Points Death Spawn Character Death Spawn Count III]char - character 1.>General Properties Flags -> Dual Wields ->Cannot Swap Weapons With Player ->Revive on Death 2.>Weapons ->Weapon 3.>Vitality Properties Vitality Flags ->Can Revive on Death Normal Body Vitality Normal Shield Vitality Legendary Body Vitality Legendary Shield Vitality Extended Shield Damage Threshold Extended Body Damage Threshold Backup Weapon 4.>Charge Properties Melee Consider Range Melee Chance Melee Attack Range Melee Abort Range Melee Attack Timeout Melee Attack Delay Timer Berserk Weapon 5.>Evasion Properties 6>Cover Properties 7.>Grenade Properties 8.>Equipment Properties ->Equipment ->Usage Chance IV]chgd - chud_globals_definition 1.>Global Dynamic Colors V]eqip - equipment 1.>Flags Does Not Cause Collision Damaga 2.>Change Color ->Initial Permutations ->Color Lower Bound ->Color Upper Bound 3.>Equipment VI]hlmt - model[Can be used to make NPCs /Allies,Enemies,Vehicles have Invinciblity along with Increased Health & Vitality] 1.>Go to Omaha Damage Info ->Check the Flag that says "Cannot Die From Damage" to get Invincibility for UNSC Marines /Army Troopers and in order to get Undamaged and Indestructible Vehicles go to Base Vitality and change the numerical value to 1E+38,Vitality Percentage to 1E+38 and if needed change Health Levels to 1E+38. 2.>Omaha Targets ->Lock-On Distance 3.>Nodes ->Flags ->Active Camo Always On ->Active Camo Always Merge ->Active Camo Never Merge 4.>To change the Warthog's Default Back go to warthog.hlmt->Child Object and change it to any other warthog variants such as Gauss Warthog,Rocket Warthog, Troop Transport Warthog,etc. [Note :This changes all spawning Warthogs's back on a map to the one you select. However this may not always work as some variants may be in the .map file but not loaded on the map and may require Forceloading(Using this can crash the game so do some extra information gathering on how to spawn such objects).] 5.>Omaha Instant Responses Damage Threshold VII]jpt! - damage effect 1.>Flags Does Not Hurt Owner Can Cause Headshots Does Not Hurt Friends Detonates Explosives Causes Flaming Death Does Not Hurt Player VIII]matg - globals 1.>AI Globals 2.>Player Control 3.>Player Trait Defaults ->Shields and Health ->Weapons and Damage ->Movement ->Appearance ->HUD ->Grenades 4.>Player Information IX]proj - projectile 1.>Flags Does Not Cause Collision Damage 2.>Projectile ->Flags AI Must Use Ballistic Aiming Detonation Max Time If Attached Has Super Combining Explosion Damage Scales Based On Distance Travels Instantaneously Can Track Behind Itself Faster When Owned By Player Collision Radius Danger Radius Timer min Timer Max Maximum Range Detonation Damage Impact Damage Air Damage Range max Water Damage max Acceleration Range max X]scen - scenery 1.>Change Color ->Initial Permutations ->Color Lower Bound ->Color Upper Bound XI]scnr - scenario 1.>Vehicle Palette 2.>Equipment Palette 3.>Weapon Palette 4.>Player Starting Profile ->Primary Weapon ->Rounds Loaded ->Rounds Total ->Secondary Weapon ->Rounds Loaded ->Rounds Total ->Starting Frag Grenade Count ->Starting Plasma Grenade Count ->Equipment 5.>Squads a}To change the number of Allies /Enemies NPCs Spawning in a map go to the specific Trooper Squad A->Count and change its value. b}To change the weapon of Allies /Enemies NPCs go to Single Locations of a Squad Entry /Desired Index selected and change the Initial Primary Weapon Value to a weapon of choice[Use the Weapon Palette to get the number of that Weapon] and if needed change the Initial Secondary Weapon to get a Trooper with his Secondary Weapon on their back. [Note: Look for Name - trooper/1_warthog/crew] c}Grenade Type Flags ->Dynamic Firefight Squad 6.>Squad A Actors Weapons Secondary Weapons Equipment Vehicle Vehicle Variant 7.>Squad B 8.>Character Palette 9.>Script Expressions How to Get Unlimited Airstrikes on ONI: Sword Base [Third level of Halo: Reach] Go to the Scnr->Script Expressions :- a)10865 b)13257 c)14659 d)18290 Change the Values of Value 03,02,01,00 to 127 for all 4 of these expressions. XII]sqtm - squad_template 1.>Squad ->Difficulty ->Easy ->Normal ->Heroic ->Legendary Count 2.>Actors ->Character 3.>Weapons ->Weapon 4.>Secondary Weapons 5.>Equipment Vehicle Vehicle Variant XIII]vehi - vehicle 1.>Flags Does Not Cause Collision Damage 2.>Collision Damage 3.>Unit ->Melee Attackers Cannot Reach ->Not Instantly Killed By Melee ->Unit Has Boost 4.>Weapons Detached Weapon XIV]weap - weapon 1.>WEAPON 2.>Melee Damage Weapon Aim Assist 3.>Target Tracking 4.>Magazines Rounds Total Initial [32767] Rounds Total Maximum Rounds Total Loaded Maximum Maximum Rounds Held Rounds Reloaded 5.>New Triggers Charging Time [Note:For the Mark 2488 Onager Set it to 0.1] 6.>Barrels Flags ->Tracks Fired Projectile ->Can Fire With Partial Ammo ->Fires Locked Projectiles a)Rounds Per Second min b)Rounds Per Second max c)Shots Per Fire min d)Shots Per Fire max e)Fire Recovery Time [For Mark 2488 Onager ->0.5,For Rocket Warthog ->0.1] f)Soft Recovery Fraction g)Rounds Per Shot h)Barrel Spin Rate i)Rounds between Tracers Projectile ->Projectiles Per Shot 7.>Initial Projectile ->Change the Projectile of a weapon to another weapon,spawn an object like a weapon,vehicle,biped [NPCs] in the map. Firing Effect Deceleration Time Rate Of Fire Acceleration Time Rate Of Fire Deceleration Time Bloom Rate of Decay XV]wezr - game_engine_settings_definition 1.>Trait Profiles 2.>Shields and Health 3.>Weapons and Damage 4.>Movement Jump Height 5.>Appearance 6.>HUD 7.>AI Trait Profiles Traits 8.>General Settings 9.>Respawn Settings 10.>Map Overrides 11.>Loadouts 12.>Survival Variants General Settings Respawn Settings Social Settings Map Overrides Loadout Pallete 13.>Scenario Flags Elite Respawn Settings Unknown Skulls Rounds
  11. Obviously Not completed as of yet, but a base line of how it will look and the style it will use
  12. This is a project I prototyped all the way back in late 2014 to many bugs and problems. It wasnt until 2016 that I actually released a polished Campaign Forge map, The Storm. For reasons I wont get into I didn't work on the other Campaign maps until this last month. I plan to get all of the Halo 3 maps ported to Forge in the next few months. I might move on to ODST after this one is complete but that's TBD. I'm very hesitant to do Halo Reach or Halo 4 due to multiplayer team colors no longer matching up with AI teams and memory limitations. My main goals for this project are as follows: Forge on Campaign levels with up to 4 local players supported (This doesn't work over network games sorry) Give players access to more freedom in Campaign via Forge menus and removed map boundaries. Maintain a standard of stability and feature set. Players can expect the exact same features on every single map, though Forge items will change depending on what assets are available. Rework some of the more annoying parts of Halo 3 by making Cortana moments audio only. Allow players to access Forge items at any time. Load zones will no longer despawn objects like the standard campaign. Allow players to build pseudo AI encounters with the Forge menu and tool hotkeys. Join whichever faction you would like by switching teams in the pause menu. Fight other players with your AI buddies. Respawn at any given time at the same area you died at. For the most part im going to release most of these maps in order. The first half of Halo 3 is smaller maps going by memory limitations so id like to grind those out of the way before getting to big maps like The Covenant and The Ark. Cortana will more than likely be released before those two. I dont think Halo is going to play too well due to how many scripted scenery objects are placed on the warthog run. When converting Campaign maps to forge you have to lower the amount of objects on the map to below roughly 500. This is because Forge map variants only store around that many objects. If you dont the game will crash at map runtime. As each map is finished I sometimes come across changes or features that would improve the quality of life for this project. When this feature is completely realized and put into place ill add these features or changes to older maps already released. So if you see a new feature or change in a newly released map dont fright, Ill be releasing updates for the older maps very shortly. The Current status of each map: Sierra 117: Released 1.0. 1.1 update coming soon. - Download 1.0 Crows Nest: Mostly Finished, Release imminent. Tsavo Highway: Forge menu started, still needs plenty of work. The Storm: Released 1.1. 1.2 update coming soon. - Download 1.1 Floodgate: Forge menu started, still needs plenty of work. The Ark: Basic multiplayer properties setup, crashes at pelican unload. The Covenant: Basic multiplayer properties setup. Cortana: Basic multiplayer properties setup. Halo: Basic multiplayer properties setup. Features and changes for all maps: Forge Menus: Weapons: All weapons in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Oddball with from multiplayer will be available since the skull is on all maps. Detached turrets will be available. Vehicles: All vehicle in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Special variants of vehicles will be added like the civilian Warthog. Campaign vehicles like the Pelican have been made drivable and player friendly. Equipment: All equipment in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Activated deployable equipment will be available. Scenery: All scenery in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Artificial Intelligence: All AI in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Special variants of AI like Johnson and Elite Zealots will be added if possible. There will be options to spawn AI on teams they are not normally assigned to. IE Brutes on the Human team. AI teams are indicated by the item text color. AI is spawned on the fly thus don’t have spawn points placed. Tool Hotkeys: AI Ignore All Players (Back + Left Trigger) - AI wont attack players or forge monitors in any way when enabled. Toggle AI logic (Back + Melee) - When disable AI wont do any at all when. This includes dropships flying around. Save Checkpoint (Back + Right Trigger) - This saves a checkpoint duh. Revert Checkpoint (Back + Start) - This will load your last saved checkpoint. If there isn't one saved the mission will restart. General Features and Changes: 4 Respawn points in each encounter area. These spawn points will be updated depending on your mission progress. These have been carefully tested so you don’t get stuck ahead or behind your current progress. All AI vehicles such as Pelicans and Phantoms can now be entered, they no longer block the player from entering. AI Vehicles such as the Anti Air Wraith no longer explode when there is no driver. You can join the covenant or flood teams by switching to their team in the pause menu. Those annoying Cortana and Gravemind moments have been reworked so they only play audio without slowing down the player or rendering screen effects. You can trade weapons with any AI ally such as the Arbiter. All map boundaries have been removed. Most death barriers have also been removed aside from the ones that kill you from falling. Most non scripted scenery objects removed from the map so you have more items to spawn before hitting the limit. All mission checkpoints removed so players can save manually. Im probably forgetting some stuff, ill add more later lol. Changelog: Videos:
  13. Hello, I was wondering where I could find an updated download for these gametypes to use in MCC, as their links are down:
  14. Xbox 360 Slim RGH fonctionne. Forge Campaign .MAP Mod dans le fichier de jeu. Je vois le fichier .MAP dans le lobby Forge, mais le message "Le lecteur n'a pas pu charger le contenu" est affiché. OO Pourquoi....
  15. How do you change the colour and shape of a weapon or vehicle? I have figured out how to do this on a biped however that method doesn't appear to work on weapons and vehicles.
  16. can anybody explain to me will these Ai work in mp like an Ai banshee or in halo 2 Ai ghost without ant tag injection do these tags mean you can spawn Ai ?
  17. Cserleo here! Today I am showcasing / releasing a .map I finished a while ago for MCC. What it pretty much is, it's a Cutscene BSP (from ported over into an Multiplayer Map, everything functions normally. It's extremely good for a 1v1 map, it plays like a smaller & flatter Heretic map. Download includes pre-made Map-Variants for game-types too! Download Showcase + Tut Enjoy, here's my discord for questions Cserleo#0183
  18. I'm quite ignorant as to the "why" and "how", but is it possible to get modded gametypes like we have for Halo 4 on the 360 for the re-release in the collection on XOne? Firstly I'd just like to thank you guys for the hard work you do in tinkering around with the code and figuring out all the ways to fix Halo 4's broken custom games. In doing so you actually bring a viable amount of fun to the game that should have been there from the start. So again, thank-you and I'm glad there is such a dedicated crowd to modding for the fun of the game. I know that vanila Halo 4 in my eyes will remain untouched come the release of Halo: MCC... unless of course I am able to play the wonderful creations from you fine gents that make this game so enjoyable. Am I going to possibly enjoy some awesome custom nights with friends or will halo 4 on the XOne remain sad and shattered? If only there was a way to mod halo 2 in MCC... wishful thinking </3
  19. I tried to import a file to a map in Assembly and I got this System.ArgumentException: Invalid index table header magic at Blamite.Blam.ThirdGen.Structures.ThirdGenTagTable.LoadHeader(IReader reader) at Blamite.Blam.ThirdGen.Structures.ThirdGenTagTable.SaveChanges(IStream stream) at Blamite.Blam.ThirdGen.ThirdGenCacheFile.SaveChanges(IStream stream) at Assembly.Metro.Controls.PageTemplates.Games.Components.MetaEditor.ReallocateBlockCommand_Executed(Object sender, ExecutedRoutedEventArgs e) at System.Windows.Input.CommandBinding.OnExecuted(Object sender, ExecutedRoutedEventArgs e) at System.Windows.Input.CommandManager.ExecuteCommandBinding(Object sender, ExecutedRoutedEventArgs e, CommandBinding commandBinding) at System.Windows.Input.CommandManager.FindCommandBinding(CommandBindingCollection commandBindings, Object sender, RoutedEventArgs e, ICommand command, Boolean execute) at System.Windows.Input.CommandManager.FindCommandBinding(Object sender, RoutedEventArgs e, ICommand command, Boolean execute) at System.Windows.Input.CommandManager.OnExecuted(Object sender, ExecutedRoutedEventArgs e) at System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs.InvokeHandler(Delegate handler, Object target) at System.Windows.RoutedEventHandlerInfo.InvokeHandler(Object target, RoutedEventArgs routedEventArgs) at System.Windows.EventRoute.InvokeHandlersImpl(Object source, RoutedEventArgs args, Boolean reRaised) at System.Windows.UIElement.RaiseEventImpl(DependencyObject sender, RoutedEventArgs args) at System.Windows.Input.RoutedCommand.ExecuteImpl(Object parameter, IInputElement target, Boolean userInitiated) at MS.Internal.Commands.CommandHelpers.CriticalExecuteCommandSource(ICommandSource commandSource, Boolean userInitiated) at System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem.InvokeClickAfterRender(Object arg) at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs) at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler) you can probably tell already that I'm not too skilled with this stuff so some help would be nice because I'd love to start modding halo again, I got back to it recently and I want to keep on it
  20. I have been out of the Halo modding scene for awhile, was there anything new in the Halo 3 MCC PC map files that was not in the retail versions? Like new models/textures? It seems that since this is for PC a lot of the info regarding this game is scattered and can't be found all in one place.
  21. Hello there! Quick introduction: I'm a seasoned forger and currently one of the best in Halo 5. You can find some of my older stuff here with features of Rooster Teeth, Forge Labs, etc. Here are some screenshots of my H5 stuff, so you can see the artistic level I am at (Sorry, the "Insert other media"-option seemed to not have worked): The reason why I signed up here is because I need a modder to alter the Minigame gametype. I am building the most ambitious cooperative puzzle experience yet by increasing the immersion to new heights. Creating the puzzles, realistic environments, lighting and sounds takes up a looot of time, that is why I would like to outsource the modding of the gametype to an experienced modder. The gametype would still have to be fully functionable and editable by me (shield percentage or movement speed for instance), in case things change after testing. The modder would also be obligated to alter the gametype multiple times, if the vision changes and so on. Of course, I am willing to pay you for your efforts, don't worry. Now, please don't tell me that Halo 5 is already dead and Halo 6 around the corner, I am fully aware of that. This is a passion project for me to get the max out of this in-game editor. If you're interested in helping me and earn some easy money (or not easy, I don't know how difficult it is to realize my requests), then please message me at [email protected] . Thank you for reading!
  22. any body got any modded usermaps/gametypes in there file-share for halo mcc ?-
  23. Hi, this is a newer method to achieving first person view in theater mode. I've sort of updated this tutorial but it might need a bit more work. I did make some notes (mainly for myself) on how to do it. Generally speaking you should use Peek Poker and just find the following patterns in a certain address range. I can't guarantee this will work for you. Link to my notes You'll need: Peek Poker. xbdm plugin for peeking and poking. Your Xbox 360, connected to your local area network. This is mainly for Halo 3, however I have tested it (albeit with different patterns) on Reach & Halo 4 too. I haven't tested ODST but it should work. Basically go into the theater lobby and start a theater film. Make sure you're in first person view on your own character. Don't change anything. Leave the film and go back to the theater lobby. In Peek Poker, connect to your Xbox IP and click on Search For the start offset, put the start offset from the notes for the game you're attempting to get first person theater camera. For Example, Halo 3 is "C5000000" In length put the length in. In Halo 3's case it's "02000000". In the search for box, put in the values for the Default Theater state in Theater lobby menu. Halo 3's is "ec 70 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 03" After hopefully getting some results, right click the offset, preferably highest one to the top first and click copy. Click on "Peek & Poke" and in the address paste the offset and click peek. Start your theater film. Change to another player then click peek on Peek Poker, you should see some changed values in red. Underneath 0B in Peek Poker (if it's laid out the same) change the 00 to 03 and click poke. Again in Peek Poker, look at the current player being spectated (2nd 00, but could also be 05 or anything else) observe current value then poke 00 (or a value of another player) then restore the original observed value. The camera should now be in first person. Enjoy! I'm hoping to make a video at some point on how to do this, just so you can see what I'm doing when I do it. Some things to note: You'll need to peek and poke again if the target gets into a vehicle such as a warthog. The viewing experience is better in campaign games than multiplayer games. The pattern is different in Reach and Halo 4, refer to the notes for the patterns and search range. Be careful poking, if you poke the wrong area or poke to a player that doesn't exist it'll crash the game.
  24. General

    Basically...i want to record xbox 360 game videos...but without a capture card. I found this. is it still possible?