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Found 984 results

  1. I am spawning squads of ai in the campaign maps, everything works good until I try to spawn something that is not in the bsp and it doesn't work. Is there anyway I can add to the bsp so I can spawn them ? thank you
  2. General

    When loading pre-release builds of Halo 3(and previous titles), as i'm sure you know there will be the lovely debug information which includes "establishing connection"..."uploading to datamine" What exactly are these connecting to? is there anyway we can emulate a server I assume to allow a connection and have game dumps uploaded to it? as I'm sure it was either to store player information or dump crashes for playtesters. I guess the fun begins with analysing where the lines of code are in IDA and finding out what they actually do.
  3. With flight one just dropping today I finished the one campaign map and instantly went to modding. The files are pretty exposed for the most part, but accessing them is another story. I've tried a few tools but they don't seem to support the files, (mainly the .map files) and I have no clue how to modify the applications like assembly to support it. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Okay with ske7ch pretty much confirming MCC coming to PC with his most recent tweet do you guys think Assembly will work for MCC? If not are the devs behind the software gonna plan on developing it so it could work with MCC? Just curious since I loved modding Halo 3 on my JTAG long ago however those days are gone and I see modding progressed a lot since I last played so it will be interesting if we can get active modding tools or even possibly take modding to the next level on PC. Edit: I know no one knows since its not out yet however its more of speculation and curiosity more then anything and I'm not sure if the devs behind Assembly are even still active.
  5. General

    Does anyone know how to use a flashlight in odst instead of the special vision?
  6. General

    Does anyone know or have a tutorial to set up pathfinding for spawned ai through via squads block, I wanted them to move around , how would I go about setting up the firing positions and zones ?thank you for your time -Greasy Goose
  7. Does anyone know how to get the falcon with a chain gun in multiplayer?? thank you
  8. Hello, I use the squads block in halo 3 to spawn ai units and I was wondering if anyone had a tutorial that made them respawn. I heard this can be done via scripts , thank you everyone for there time ! -Greasy Goose
  9. I'm looking for the anniversary variant gamemodes and for some forge remakes but my 360 has no internet connection, where can I get them?
  10. if there is anyone that knows how to spawn ai without the squads block it would be very helpful, I can only get them to spawn on 'the ark' with the squads block, but I haven't had any luck with any other map. or if someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. I wanted to make ai battles I do not want to spawn ai out of a gun thank you everyone. -Greasy Goose
  11. I wanted to know if there is a way I can delete spawns of ai on the map, I just wanted a clean map with no ai, I was messing around with the squads block but I keep crashing, does anyone know anything about this ? thank you -Greasy Goose
  12. General

    Basically...i want to record xbox 360 game videos...but without a capture card. I found this. is it still possible?
  13. I spawn ai through the effect tag I gave them weapons but I want them to walk around. I've seen people have .maps with ai walking. I heard there's a way to swap the idle animation to walking. I was wondering if anyone knew how to that in assembly. Thank You
  14. Has anyone created a ai playground for halo reach yet? Theres one for 3 and 4 but not reach. I think the playground should be on cliffside.
  15. I got the ones for the anniversary maps, I have the other map packs downloaded but it didn't come with any image files or the map info files, does anyone have a copy of that by any chance or know where I can find a copy?
  16. Anybody has the modable version of halo the master chief collection, I will personally pay you to import Xbox 360 maps and game types for me! Please message my gamer tag if you are able to do this. GT: FOTUS
  17. General

    Anyone can tell me how to remove the motion blur effect?
  18. Hello everyone, Someone in my friend list has this nameplate : ( The white one with the comet #Level 49 ) When you go on the first version of the game ( version of the disc ), you will see them locked : If you try to set an avatar ( Cortana 4 ) or a nameplate ( the 156th ) and then if you play a game or restart the game, it will unload your settings and reload the original nameplate ( the blue one on the above screeen ) and avatar with the Major. So I was wondering if this was modding by enabling Dev mode in the Xbox One or just a glitch, because I would like to have the comet nameplate on my profile.
  19. General

    Current Xenia build version 1.0.1754-d3d12 released on 29/01/2019 (DD/MM/YYYY) ======================================================================= Today I decided to give a try by implementing Forge World mode into my Campaign mod. It was very simple to do as I followed some tutorial provided here and by comparing side-by-side GameCheat's modded map so I could understand how it works. Multiplayer tags were needed to be used and extracted from MP maps and then imported to SP, such as "wgtz\ui\multiplayer" named as User Interface Globals Definition and "mulg\multiplayer\multiplayer_globals" named as Multiplayer Globals were used from GameCheat13's map over mine. For now I will not provide any downloaded link for it as it's a testing modification and I want to spawn basically weapons and vehicles, instead of regular grenade projectile swap. This is the best what the emulator can pull of thanks to Triang3l. It still crashes on certain parts of the game where it tries to render some assets. I'm still using my Halo 3 Campaign Mod which can be downloaded from here ============================================================================================================================================================================== Note: You can keep track of progress here and it may differ from my time and availability to continue such mod. Also since I do not own any recording device to show the footage from the X360, I had to use Xenia emulator. ============================================================================================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================================================================================== ** I've been trying to apply the same modification for other maps as well but I'm not having much success as the map crashes as soon as it loads. Might be due to current injected tags which are not supported for every map. This takes a lot of time to be fixed. And for that reason it might be the one why GameCheat didn't finished his forge mod, which requires time and patience to make everything working.
  20. i need to know how to change the color of weapons, vehicles and objects ?
  21. General

    Hello guys, this is my custom Halo 3 campaign mod for X360 JTAG/RGH. About: This is basically vehicles and weapons access for all maps, tag injection. Last year I've got the chance of getting an X360 RGH. Today I'm sharing my modded game for any one who is interested, screenshots taken by FreeStyle plugin to show of some stuff. Inside of this mod there are two programs: - Assembly to edit the map files locally on your computer and to edit real time on X360. - Ascension to poke advanced real time addresses, like the Halo 3 vehicle/global field of view. (If you have the plugin enabled to edit in real time, don't forget to change these two program's IP addresses according whit your X360 connection to your internet router). This mod is aimed for the game version 1.0 but it can be played for any TU (Title update) you have installed, I prefer the game base version. (Q) - What's been changed for this campaign ? (A) - Player Field of View, Vehicle access (Pelican/Phantom/etc) , Weapon enhancements (ammo increase, weapon placement on screen), Centered Crosshair, restored Hunter boarding feature and many other miscellaneous stuff. Feel free to post your videos/screenshots about this mod, I play H3 almost every day, if not playing GTA V on Steam or busy at work. If you're interested to play with me via System Link on X360 add me on Steam. Have fun Download link here ← Version 1.5 (DD/MM/YYYY) 26/12/2018 Custom Main Menu Halo 2 "Grunt Birthday Party" style for Halo 3 Cut hunter boarding feature restored John's new armour (MP Bipd) Player Field of View, Centered Crosshair, Weapon on screen adjustments, Ammo capacity increased Pelican thrusters replica from its final stages of development Can be seen here at 07:12 John's blue binocular's rulers from black to blue as it was back in it's developments Can be seen here at 07:00
  22. QQuiero ese mod alguien sabe de donde lo descago
  23. Is it possible to make the announcer call out double kill, triple kill etc etc on AI? To be more specific, AI in multiplayer maps.
  24. General

    can someone tell me how to mod halo 3 or reach in realtime?