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Found 59 results

  1. Ok, just reply to this post or PM with the details, you can find the options below: Here are some Backgrounds I have done: ChimeraModz Channel Dinkzta Studios Channel XboxChaos Channel ISkate0I Channel Here are the details that you need to include in your post: Font: Font1 Font2 Font3 Font4 Font5 Font6 Font7 P.S I have much more fonts, so if you dont like any of the above, then tell me and ill pick another one,one that will look good. Text: Also tell me what text you want, the font number from above (1...7), and also tell me where you would like the text. Pictures: Send me a link(s) of any pictures you may want or just tell me what the pic is and ill search for one Colors: Color of text, background ect. Brushes: I have tonnes of brushes, some examples are: Smoke/Fumes Birds Flying Fire Ink/Blood Splatters Rust Abstract Brushes Guns Lightning Again I have many more, so if you want i'll use a different one that looks good.
  2. Graphics

    I got bored on reach so a made a quick mod so i can drive a pelican and then took some photos snap shots. I then photoshoped them to give them a better effect tell me what you think picture 1 picture 2 non-edited
  3. So basically just post GFX renders, stock etc. that you have made or found. See if we can build up some good resources as I see more people making Sigs nowadays. Here are some Halo 3 renders I did today:
  4. Hello people of XboxChaos, I know I have not been on this site in a LONG time but I need somebody's help. I have been partnered with VexonTV and I need a partner background and I don't know how to do a partner one, I need some help. If you're interested, leave a comment saying you want to and I will send you the logos and stuff.
  5. yeah as it says in title how about a boogi with robots and bunys while a asains wach i them all freeked out
  6. Graphics

    I'm making halo signatures just pm me with the following stuff: Picture of spartan or elite or whatever: What you want in the sig: Here are 2 examples:
  7. What's up XboxChaos? Derek here and I am going to allow everyone to download all the files I use for editing. Things you'll get? Renders / Cutouts of Halo, CoD, ect... You will get backgrounds to use in photo editing and for your desktop You will get a few PhotoShop Temps for Youtube Backgrounds standard and partner one. You will also get GraphMedia's GFX Pack that comes with Cinema 4D Temps, Photoshop Temps, and more Renders. You may also find some video and sound FXs that i forgot to take out ( lol ) Link 1: Link 2: I had to slit this into 2 links because MegaUpload wouldn't allow non~premium users download a 1.12g file. I hope you enjoy what I am giving you guys and can't wait to see what you guys come up with. If you'd like to post your artwork feel free to post them here -> This is a topic I made for the soul purpose of posting artwork where you can scroll down and have pages full of artwork in one spot and not everywhere. Well that's it for now. Maybe later when I get some new editing stuff I'll post more but until then enjoy these ones =)
  8. Graphics

    Signatures I've been practicing on GIMP and I don't have anything to make... Sooo I'm making signatures for practice. If you want me to make you one just tell me. You may not like it cause im still practicing... But if you like it you can keep it EDIT: Here are the ones i have been making 1st Blood's: 2nd Bunnyz: 3rd Bunnyz remake: 4th Karnage953 (me) : 5th Caleb Davis's: 6th Karnage953 (me) Khronics X BISON Xs MegaHaloLords
  9. Iron Creeper (by me =D ) MindCraft Monsters Post yours or your favorite ones here! =D
  10. Graphics

    I need a logo for my site. Its not a forum, just a site for me and my teams game that we are planning out. I wont be linking anyone to it yet as it isnt done. When its done Ill link you all to it. So the logo needs to be 215 pixels wide, and 113 pixels tall with a transparent background on it. It needs to say Xenon Game Development somewhere on it please. something cool, not boring. Anyone who wants to cna make one and Ill pick the best. Thanks guys, Jc
  11. Just finished my site Recoded it all, added alot of background stuff to make it easier for me. - User system - Admin Control Panel - Software Gallery (PC, Web, WP7, Game hax) - Photography Gallery (photos, events) - Portfolio Gallery - Blog (Wordpress with my own theme to match the rest of the site) - Comments system site link :: What do you guys think?
  12. Graphics

    Where must one go to get a signature made? Do I make it myself I guess?
  13. Hi, Im making stone walls with peoples names on them with minecraft. You may choose which material you want your name to be made of but the wall will always be stone. Here are some examples: PM me or reply to this topic if you would like me to make you one. thanks -bloodraptor
  14. I got bored so I made a cursor pack for XboxChaos Click Me For Download Pictures Credits:Karnage953, XboxChaos for inspiring me. Comment, tell me any improvements I need to make and tell me how I did please
  15. Graphics

    I have to agree with that. Also nice signature.
  16. The First 5 people to comment/reply get a free Sig&Icon for the site or a free Icon&Background for their youtube channel! And the first 5 people must add me on XboxChaos and add me on Youtube as a friend. (who wouldnt like more friends right?) Common free stuff is always good =D ~Derek =D
  17. Graphics

    Some photography i need todo. What do you think;
  18. [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed] [removed]
  19. I Have Stop Because No One Like My Sigz Any Ways So I Quit And Never GFX Again... My Name Used Be Dream/The_Game And The Dukes Old Youtube Account (Yes I Know I Spelled It Wrong) I Have More But Cannont Find Them
  20. Graphics

    Hey, can someone make me a sig having a big radioactive sign and surrounding it green bubbly acid stuff then in the middle in dark green AciDIzPro the attachment is the sign i would like thanks
  21. Graphics

    Heres a signature i made for someone on here when i was bored one night and he wanted one.
  22. Graphics

    ^LOL V1 Of My Noble 6 V2
  23. Graphics

    this is my first sig i made in photoshop...give your opinions
  24. This is just a little bit of my artsy stuff I've made. Got some of the sigs I made for Team EKS in there too, and you can go look at all my stuff at This Link