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Found 51 results

  1. Hey everyone, I was wondering if Assembly can edit Halo Combat evolved PC? Is there some 'FORMATS' I need to download for that folder? What's some good tools that can do the same as Assembly, if it doesn't work? Thanks
  2. Halo: CE

    I tried to mod ce using assembly and wanted to do some grenade trickshot but whenever my warthog turns over 90 degreees on any plane I get ejected. Any idea how could I turn this off
  3. Hello, today I'm releasing my custom campaign maps for anyone interested. Tags used, created and customized by me such as the Old Playback Banshee which gave me inspiration from the Halo Beta design, the original Bungie tags were customized and edited to my own preferences. This campaign also uses tag fixes made by a group of people who worked on the campaign called "Halo Combat Evolved Refined" Reddit → Discord → Disclaimer: Some tags were also used from the Campaign Map Team who developed "Lumoria", stands for User Interface and it was was not created by me, but the "HaloCERefined" team. Most of the missing shaders that were corrupted are now fully functioning thanks to the "HaloCERefined" team. If you are interested in some tags available in this custom campaign, you can use the HEK+ Plus which can be found inside the "Programs & Tools" folder. Or you can get them from the Discord link given above. *Note* Be carefull when ripping/extracting tags because it may, or may not occur problems while the tags are being extracted from the maps. It is recommended to use the latest Halo Custom Edition patch version 1.0.10 which can be found inside of the "Programs & Tools" folder. It is also recommended to use the latest Open Sauce which can be found inside of the "Programs & Tools" folder. How to install: Just copy and paste the "maps" folder to your Halo Custom Edition root and overwrite the existing files, or don't forget to backup your own files. ---------------------------------------- New ---------------------------------------- This campaign mod now has compatibility for Chimera plugin! To install it, download "HaloCE_chimera_build_-572.rar" extract the file "chimera.dll" and drop into your controls folder in your Halo CE directory. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\Controls" I also included an file called "chimerasave.txt", this file automatically fixes the scope mask and it also can fix a bunch of other settings. To use the pre-settings head to "C:\"Users"\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\Chimera\" and paste the file "chimerasave.txt" To see what commands does Chimera have, simple open the console in-game, and type the command: chimera There is also another plugin that makes the graphics a little more colored and also improves game stability (FPS drops). This one is called ENBSeries, a plugin which was made for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and it has compatibility with Halo. Halo CE - ENBSeries is added to the Tools folder. To install extract the content from the "Halo CE - ENBSeries.rar" over your Halo directory. It will be enabled by default, to enable/disable press Shift+F12 Link to package here ← Link updated (December 25th 2020). Have fun : ) AltSierra117
  4. Can I modify the existing single player map for Halo Combat Evolved XBOX? I would like to edit the existing single player map and change the music.
  5. can you do this for xbox 2003 version of halo 1 and how do you do it with assembly?
  6. Issue: So when trying to run Halo custom edition, the application will boot and respond as if its being played but will only show my desktop back ground. There's music, and when I press the escape key it makes the ce something selected sound and I cant see my mouse or select anything on my desktop. --Ive tried *run in 640x480 and the change high DPI settings/disable fullscreen optimization. I've tried lowering my base resolution to 780p and and also turning off anti-aliasing for both halceded.exe and haloce.exe. Note: it has the bungie 1.0.10 patch and chimera 1.0 beta however the issue existed before chimera.
  7. As we all know, Halo CE on the original Xbox doesn't allow you to start a game on a multiplayer map without a second controller plugged in. All I'm wondering is if there's any way to bypass this restriction, and explore the multiplayer maps alone - Without connecting a second controller.
  8. This download comes with two map files. They're both Xbox cache files, you just need to swap them into your cache drive and load up Halo (a30). The first map file is a play-as-grunt mod. The grunt has recharging health and so the enemies respawn. The jackal on the other hand has limited health and so enemies do not respawn. Both maps come with Halo 2 weapons including the smg, battle rifle, carbine, and beam rifle. Make your way up to the top and fight the master chief! Download here: Download the jackal multiplayer map pack here: Credit to Donut7024 for his cyborg ai addon tags. This is more or less a demo of Halo Covenant Edition 2, which will be a full pack of play-as mods, so stay tuned. Video demo:
  9. New release for Xbox: HALO: COVENANT EDITION Current version: v1.7 Play as a grunt in Halo campaign - fight marines alongside your covenant allies. Features: -play as a grunt on Covenant team -spawn with covenant encounters -fight against marines -fight with allies -can use all weapons and vehicles -uses player walking physics -player has shields -press white to say a taunt -new cutscenes and intro -Easter eggs -new colours for grunts -respawning enemies -new battles and encounters -see covenant in idle state and explore Update features: -new health system -hidden bosses -bug fixes and other content This map pack radically changes the dynamic of Halo's campaign. You will spawn as a grunt among your allies and make your way through what is now allied territory to seek battle. You fight marines and flood along-side your covenant allies. There are less battles but the battles that are there are much bigger and can theoretically last hours. Marines use different weapons and tactics which make for interesting fights. Each level should be beatable but you must meet a condition, i.e. defeat all enemies, hit a switch, or reach the end of a timer. For example, to beat a50 you need to kill Captain Keyes and wait. I left the multiplayer option in the menu so that you can use your favorite Halo Grunty Party Pack maps there. I might still do a multiplayer AI pack to go with this so stay tuned. Also note has two versions. Just rename the maps to use. DOWNLOAD HERE VIDEO DEMO Follow me on ModDB for more content here Credits: -SPARTAN04 for grunt_mp tags Tools used: -Arsenic -Eschaton -HHT -HMT v3.5 -HEK -MEK [Refinery] Thanks to Microsoft and Bungie for Halo Please like and comment if you play this
  10. Halo: CE

    is it possible to convert pc tags to xbox?
  11. Halo Combat Evolved is not possible with 4 player split screen campaign? Can not you make it like no local player limits on campaign? I really want to enjoy the campaign with four people.
  12. Halo Grunty Party Pack - Play as grunts in Halo multiplayer. Features: -colour enabled grunts -can use all weapons and vehicles -uses player walking physics -press white to say a taunt [note: does not work with vehicles] -new intro and ui -pack 2 includes the Halo PC maps and some new campaign to multiplayer conversions Download pack 1 here: Download pack 2 here: Credits: SPARTAN04 for Grunt Multiplayer Tags MichelV and QuackJAG for grunt videos Tools used: Arsenic, Eschaton, HMT 3.5, HHT, HEK Thanks to Microsoft and Bungie for Halo
  13. Can I ask you a favor? I am a Halo gamer living in Korea. Many Korean Halo gamers respect the mode created by foreigners. However, the external site mode does not apply to the Asian version of Halo. So, can not you solve the problem of Korean version Halo? ← 'Halo for Xbox' 4 players split screen with Korean version made mod? If you wish, I will send you the file 'Korean Original XBOX Version - Halo CE ISO' by e-mail. We apologize for the inconvenience. My email is '[email protected]'.
  14. Release V1: Features Flying warthogs Plasma PISTOL **CHARGED** Shoots rockets fast Flying WARTHOGS This IS NOT ALL I plan to do! Get it here!* VIRUS CHECKER *THIS URL IS USING A SSL --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winter Haven - A map ran off of Extinction Coming Soon! Update: Map Renamed! Changing assets
  15. Hi, I have recently download halo custom edition in order to make ai battles and play halo spv3. So the first thing I did is to download hek and hek plus. then I downloaded cmt tsc tagpack ---> <I dropped the tags directory, from the tagpack, into the tags directory, from halo custom edition. then i opened up HEK plus and i chosen some random map like bloodgulch and I extracted the files properly. after that I opened up sapien and I chose bloodgulch scenario. Everything goes fine until I try to add any tag( From vanilla halo ce NOT cmt tsc tagpack). When I try to add any tag such as "marine_armored_assault_rifle.actor_variant" or "assault_rifle.weapon" or whatever nothing seems to show up.I can find the the file for the tag but I cant find the tag im supposed to find in the tag file. its almost like i didnt extract it properly but i did. i watched video after video about how to spawn ai and i extracted the tags exactly the way they did. i have no idea what is wrong.> SOLVED but i have the same problem with the tag pack. the same applies with the cmt tcs tagpack as well. the directory for the tagpack IS already fully extracted and i can see the tags within their files. but whenever i try to add them sapien just says it fails to load them and their corrupt. however I can place their staring positions and the moving postions. the problem i think is the case is that the tags are non scenario (says it in the tagpack if you download it). not sure what that means but it sounds like it might be the problem.Someone please HELP! Also Out of curiousity where do you download this map? i just want it for some reason. i see almost everyone one youtube use this map just to test out mods.
  16. Halo: CE

    I'm looking for somebody who could help me with importing tags into Xbox campaigns. I'm trying to get scen and weap tags into Silent Cartographer, specifically the Shotgun.weap and baton dynamic.scen. Every program I have crashes when trying to rebuild Xbox campaign maps,
  17. *Didn't think this post fitted the 'Showboat Time' or 'Youtube Page"' sections because it isn't Halo 2, it's Halo CE* Here's a very simple Halo CE AI Battle, with Marines fighting Jackals. The rules are simple: Each time a team loses they gain a unit - for example 1 Marine kills 1 Jackal, the next round will be 1 Marine fighting 2 Jackals. Every third unit is a upgraded unit - for example the third Marine the team gains (after losing 2 fights) will have a Shotgun instead of an Assault Rifle. The first team to lose the fight with 10 units loses - 10 Marines v 6 Jackals, if the Jackals kill the 10 Marines the Jackals win the AI Battle.
  18. I've installed Halo Combat Evolved, Halo Custom Edition and Yelo to run the SPV campaign, but when I launch Halo Custom Edition I receive this: "Crash Report Saved An exception has occurred. A crash report for this exception has been saved to your OpenSauce Reports directory (OpenSauce\Reports\CrashRpt). Attach the zip archive if you report this issue."
  19. How to Host a Dedicated Server Mac El Capitan First of all I want to thank 002 and Sparky for helping me out on this and everybody else on Mac Gaming Mods and the Discord. -Download the "MD Dedicated Server" app for OS X here -Extract the folder and keep it on your desktop. (Inside it should look like this) -Read the Read Me.txt. -Double click the "install_maps" script to link your maps folder. -Open the "HaloMD Server". (You'll see this) This is because you need to update the Wineskin wrapper. -Make sure you have X11 installed. If not go here -To fix this error, right click "HaloMD Server" and click Show Package Contents. (It should look like this) -Make sure you have Wineskin Winery installed. You can find it here -Open the Wineskin in the "HaloMD Server" folder. (You will see this) -Click Advanced and then navigate to Tools. -Under Wrapper Tools click "Update Wrapper" twice. -Once you updated the wrapper, look at the bottom to make sure it is at the right version. Should say Wineskin 2.6.2 -You aren't done yet! You now need to install a new Wineskin engine. -Open the Wineskin Winery app you installed. -Click the + sign and choose WS8WINE1.1.10 -Click "Download and Install" -You may quit out of the app now and head back over to the Wineskin Wrapper. -Click "Change Engine Used" and select WS8Wine1.1.10 -You can now go back into the MD Server app folder and open the HaloMD Server app. Now the console opens up but you get another error. This is because SAPP is trying to auto-update. -Click on the drive_c folder inside the HaloMD Server app. -Then go to the HaloMD_Server folder. (Inside will look like this) -Go into the sapp folder and open the init.txt -Add this line to the bottom. auto_update 0 -You should now have no_lead 1 afk_kick 220 map_load crossing map_load barrier auto_update 0 -Now run the server app again and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your HaloMD Dedicated Server is running on your Mac El Capitan Common Problems "Cannot allocate required memory. Some other application has loaded where Halo needs to be located." -Update the Wineskin Wrapper and install WSWine1.1.10 "Sapp Unloaded" -Make sure you added this line at the bottom of sapp's init.txt. auto_update 0 "Your CD Key is invalid" -Make sure Sapp is loaded. "Custom maps don't load." -I can't really figure this one out either. Try "My server won't show up in the HaloMD lobby." -Direct IP into your server. Exit out and it should now be broadcasting to the lobby. "Any other issue or concern. Please tell me in the replies and I'll try to figure it out"
  20. First off, sorry for my stupid [WIP] Leaflock thread from months back. WIP threads are only worthwhile if you've actually accomplished something. Therefore... Check it out! Scriptable runtime reference-swapping! I think a few of you remember my Quickbeam project. I decided scripting was an important feature, so decided to rewrite the backend in Python, which has been a huge success. I've had a lot of help getting this far from the Halo Mac users at MacGamingMods, and using Python means this can potentially be cross-platform so the Mac modders can use it as well (as LeafLock was supposed to be). My next step is baking this functionality into some sort of UI. If I heavily borrowed Assembly's ideas, it could look something like this (no promises, though):
  21. i got a nice map i took tags from its some fire fight map it has h3 tags like phantom and chars for ai but when i try to add the tags to my map dang sapien wont do it. even vehicle tags i download from wont go into my maps only tags i can really get to stick into my maps are tags from sp im hoping some one could help me out lol
  22. i got the house 2 map and maxed it out with ai like flood and covenent lol i can get different varients of covy to walk around certain points of the map also each varient has different weapons its pretty bad ass if you want the map message me i really need help getting the dang ai to drive the vehicles and patrol areas and stuff i cant find much for tutorials
  23. Well, seem the latest patch has actually made some improvement. Been playing for a couple days now, and I've had little to no problems searching for/finding players in MM. Only once has it failed to load a map (in a custom lobby). Anyone else here feel like giving it another chance?
  24. Like seriously, Im sure alot of you will think halo is for multiplayer KILL-AND-KILL, but, cm on, its kind of fun when you get sick of mindless shooting. Especially if its on a good map, like RPG beta 6_2 (activating the halo ring was fun ) and RPG beta 7. So, yeah, i havent played Halo Custom edition in 1 year so, I REALLY HOPE THE RPG COMMUNITY AINT DEAD!
  25. ive heard of people that have got it to work but haven't seen any vids pics. has any body done this?