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Found 32 results

  1. Halo Reach MCC Ultimate Marine Firefight
  2. Map Variant

    awesome maps at maps
  3. Map Variant

    Last Map for the 360 The lord crusnik name is not on this one, also direct download only since ive been fileshare banned!ypUWjABB!z6RL-AAUUaoMJTdx5KygAQ
  4. Clones Mod v0.1 Beta Retail does work! Unfortuantly my Xbox 360 SDK is f***ed so i cant take pictures. Clones of elites and spartans are on the map. Is recommended for retails because this is the best we can get to having ai in halo 3 retail. It was orignally private for mods 4 ever but since i thought this is a community i shared it! Im working on spawning ai in halo reach. I mangaged to get a spartan but the shaders are effed up.. This was requested by mod 4 ever. usermap mod. Configure a USB and get Horizon. On horizon inject a file on your usb which is this file then transfer it to your Hdd/Xbox 360 internal storage, load up halo 3 and it should be there. Mediafire link: Credits: Made by xTheRGHSandCatx Requested by mod 4 ever -------------------------------------- Modded with HxD and Johnson. Thank you!
  5. decided cause i know where the secret forge list is and how to play down the invisable walls and blocks to make myself an invisable maze, too bad even with modding the object count i could only place about 40, so the map didnt get finished but half of it is here if you want to see it.
  6. Alright everyone, its been a long time comming but i finally am getting around to compiling all my forge maps into one OFFICIAL thread. While the convieniance of having the abilty to see how many downloads I had for each map was fantastic, it was not worth the hassle of take downs from 343. So that bieng said Ive decided its best to compile every map ive ever done into one large thread, starting with Halo 4 since ive done considerably less with Halo 4 then I did in Reach Ive tryed to lay them out as neat as i could and i hope this will suffice. Ive takin quite a bit of a hieatice from forge mostly because I felt like it was getting me nowhere. and the lack of drive to forge. All These are retail friendly, and were hand forged These are not BSP injected maps. Materials have always been provided by Lord Zedd. If there is a map youd like for me to tacle please comment and include a screen of said map, any suggestions are open with welcomed arms, this keeps me motivated Unfinished Reaxh Maps Montage Halo Reach Maps Here Soon Crusniks Random Video Of the week
  7. im looking for more people to try and help me with this. however even though having the files im unsure on how to properly use them. as they arent used in the main game. however due to the discovery of snipestyle where their names are in the mainmenu it may assist me to finding out some things on how to use these and if it is possible to make them work with custom maps by us. although im unsure how these work. it make make it possible to put a usermap into a patch of a map so when you are on the mainmenu loading up a .map mod from someone else you can see their usermap for the mod as well. from what i can tell from these mvar files is they may use the same format for items as the normal usermaps so if we get them to work it doesnt mean we can load any ident like we could in halo 3. so far all i can tell from these files without much looking atm is: 0x0 - Map header 5F626C660000003000010002FFFE000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006D7661720000 _blf...0........................................mvar.. 0x54 - Map Description 0x1A7 - Map for the variant?. 0x46 long last 815 bytes appears to be the footer. other than that not too much can be told from them. 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ heres the mvar files if you wish to look yourself to find anything
  8. Can they be done like they were in Halo 3? In Halo 3 you could open the .map file in Johnson and open your usermap in a hex editor like Hxd then find the tag you want in Johnson and then find it in HxD and replace it with another tag. Could you open up the .map file for Reach in Ascension and open your usermap from Reach in HxD and replace the tags you want? Any information on this would be great, and if it can't be done could you explain why?
  9. Map Variant

    I've just made a quick map on my JTAG making it possible for any one to drive or walk on water in forge world. please give me a +1 if you like it Images Download: http://www.mediafire...7bc5co5x24umm5j Q. How did you make this? A. Q. How many grids did you use? A.
  10. Map Variant

    This map was made by me a few months back and the only site i posted it on was 7sins but I thought I would share it with every body on here because the halo series seems to be bigger on this site. the title says it all. its one of those donkey Kong maps but it wasnt easy to make it took me a while to fix some bugs but its all good now if you like the map please thumbs up me Map - sandbox Mods - Yes included game type - Yes Game type: Map:
  11. ive watched several videos on how to mod and make a usermap and i set down all plasma grenades(to change into elites) and frag grenades(to change into spartans) and also set a wraith to change into a anti air wraith and my map does not work when i use it. it just goes to black screen and stays there until i close my xbox.. can someone please help me out or lemme know what i did wrong oh and the map is valhalla or riverworld if that helps
  12. i also have them all sorted by the gametype you play them with. this list will be updated whenever i get a new link to some of my mods, doesnt have all my mods cause i dont have links for some currently 27 - recommended map, my favorites SLAYER: Hornet - - downloadtowers - video - download darkness - video - download deadlinks - video - download Zervex - video - download TEAM BASED: cross sided - video - download traverse - video - download iceblock - video - download thrive - video - download secret base - video - download INFECTION: infractation - video, #2 - download elevate - video - download convex - video - download guardrail - video - download kataklyst - video - download ALL GAMETYPES: fort 117 - video, #2 - download 70 MAPS, tests, but amusing in team slayer: video of all three maps hornet - download banshee - download shade - download FORGE FUNS: Dragon - video - download Insanity - video - download Stage - video - download rebound(ammo test) - video - download CUSTOM MAPS - can resave and the mods dont dissapear no video, but recommended if you cant mod #1 download #2 download #3 download #4 download
  13. Map Variant

    One of my first mods on epitath please enjoy! Link For The Map Edited for Link Problem.
  14. We would like to start of by saying sorry for the delay we had gotten ODST ad happend to forget all about the featured map, of the month. Any way let's get started on what the mod is about. Your are in a big "Pillar of Autumn" like ship, with many items and playable mod weapons every where. Some of the things wrong with the items are there is no reason for the melee weapons like the skull and bombs, the flags could have been used for asthetics. As for the Zombies they spawn out side of the barrier and come down in vehicles, mainly flying ones. Then This is where war omes to the game. With people running arround trying to find a good place to staff off the zombies. I find my self hiding down in the tunnal quite often looking for a simple way to make an kill or two by taking the snipe right off the back. Mods include... -Clones (minimal) -Skulls -Bombs -Gauss Turrets -Water, Flooding the map -Missile Pod Turrets There not bad nor unfair. Although there are hidden weapons on the map even with those; depending on the game type, the map is still fair. I got to say this is one of my favorite mods and I'm shocked because I found this on accident. link:
  15. ok so some of these usermap mods( posts) are on wich you need xbox live to get them so if you are going to post from now on can you post the usermap mod or mods on mediafire aswell as please. Thank you because you guys are very good modders and its a shame that people without xbox live cant download the mods like me! can this please be pinned.... ahh wow my whole evening doing this to make my own web page all by myself link to my webpage:linky
  16. Map Variant

    just another random mod tell me wat u think. http-~~-// download link: Click Here to download
  17. Map Variant

    I Made This Usermap Because All The Longshore Mods I´ve Seen So Far Are Really Bad So I Wanted To Make A Better One. Download
  18. Map Variant just a mod i made for fun
  19. Made By Chrisco93 Link For Map -
  20. Map Variant

    My Favourite Usermap Mod Link SSP Mc Nutty Is My 2nd Account
  21. Map Variant

    Decieved Demon's Mods Infection Gametype Mod Modded Ruins Modë €æ”€æ˜€æ”€æ”€ Enjoy!
  22. Thse Are my top 24 mods on my share.. NO I DONT GET BANNED... im friends with 2 bungie employess. soo i dont care if i get banned i have been consle banned b4 for more info add my aim "visocar" heres my mods btw you steel my mods... get prepared to get H4CK3D! i dont joke when it comes to my shit.
  23. All Modded maps shown were made by Nowise10 ----------------------- Lighttrack mod : Link: - Halo 3 Citadel funhouse mod: - Halo 3 Standoff colored stars mod: ~Blue Stars Map: ~Red Stars Map: ~White Stars Map: - Halo 3 Forgeable elephants mod (Sandtrap): - Halo 3 Blackout, Major League Mod: - Halo 3 Standoff Christmas town mod: - Getting High Mod (Guardian): - SSBBMaster's Foundry Mod: - Self Modding Map (Sandtrap): - Moltress'es Mod (Guardian): - 65 Mongoose's (Snowbound): - BigMad's Mod (Foundry): - Zrupt's Mod (Foundry) : - Wertie's club (Sandbox): - Hell... (Sandbox): - Time_Hms Mod (Longshore): - *GAMETYPE MOD* OZetsuiO's Mod (0 Spawn time): - *GAMETYPE MOD* Michal610's Mod (Missle Pod Start + Atomatic Zombie in Slayer): - Halo 3 Santa's Track Mod (Sandtrap): - Pollution (Highground): - Boat Docks (Longshore): - Golf Land (Sandbox): - 12/21/2012 (Sandbox): - Nuke! (Sandtrap): - Forklift-off ..? (Standoff): - Soccer-eretic (Heretic): - Ground-Pit (The Pit): - Flood-Off (Standoff): - Snowed In (Snowbound): - Sand-Pit (Sandbox): - Flooded Narrows (Narrows): - Whirl Pool (Longshore): - Flood-Shores (Longshore): - Flood-Town (Ghosttown): - Floodry (Foundry): - Lowered Roof (Epitaph): - Sand-Out (Epitaph): - Flood-Out (Blackout): - Global Warming (Avalanche): - ------------------------ THESE ARE CAMPAIGN SAVE MODS, FOLLOW .TXT FILE TUTORIAL GIVEN - H3: ODST Mod Driving the Oliphant (Coastal Highway): - Halo 3 Mod Flying the Sentinel Beam (Halo): ------------------------ All of these were made by Nowise10
  24. Made By Chrisco93 Link For Map -
  25. Before we start I would like to add this is a glitch but It is formed from a mod. Every one thinks of making a map using this idea well we have revolutionized the way to think of mods these days, you don't have to see a mod to know it's there. When you first got Halo 3 what was the one thing you wanted to do on any map? I'm sure most of you have just thought to your self make a map using all of SandTrap. This map has what you're looking for, plus a fairly good zombie game. Both links in the bottom of the post. Here is some of the main things you want to keep in mind about this map, there will always be something some where needing fixing and editing and so on. Any and all bugs found in this map please help me find them all out so I can minimize the bugs in the map. if you think there should be more weapons or less powerfull vehicle (there is only a 3 minute respawn Worthog)[/size:27emysnb] or maybe some type of gametype change or more ammunition in the weapons or any thing at all that you can think of, I'm all ears. Pros: - HUGE MAP, roam free through out the map with out those pesty mines. - Realism, feels like a real zombie invasion - Fair, Bases are not over powered and zombies wont be. - Archaeologist, you will always find out more about the map the more you play. - Scoring, in most zombie games the scoring is way off and just plain stupid, this one is fairly good and does not always let any one will some times you'll tie. Cons: - To Long, too hard to live through out all the game. 15 minutes! *sigh* - Hidden Power Item, only the map maker and most his friends know where it is for now. I'm sure you'll find it. hint: it's a Sentinel Beam - Broken Lifts, you cant over load the map with out braking the lifts also though, and there isn't any thing to cover them up! huge place for players to camp this is a problem with small parties. Big parties don't have ANY trouble with this trick though. - Power Vehicle, This is just way to strong for this game type! maybe if it was a mongoose or maybe even a 10 minute spawn (this would be hard to make or it would be impossible) - Where Are They?!?! Ok one of the main problems every one has with this map is that there are no wave points this makes the game more realistic but at the same time it makes the game like 10 minutes long for the round - Single Rounds, There can only be one round because it is a modded map (mods go away) - Restricted, I like the map idea and new age of it but yet i find my self asking for more, now i want to get out of the normal barriers. With that this map would just never be good enough. (GRATE MAP) but just there is always something more some one wants some where. This list could go on for ever so ill keep it at just 5 each. Hints: well sense your gonna download this and show it to your friends why not let you in on a few things so you can control the game. Mainly the best thing here is to not tell them whats going to happen, the game will start and the weapons will be on the floor I preffer to start with the SMG [spawn with a magnum] after getting my SMG, or two if you're fast enough. Try heading over to the left near the structure, on the dark side of it you can find a Magnum, SMG, and lastly a BR. Most of the map it out side other then that. GameType: If you would like to change the GameType then help your self it is suppose to be bendable the game it's self is not modded but the map is. With out further adieu here are a lot of pictures for the map. Sorry about the minamal picture count there is truely nothing Icould take a picture of. I will try to get some action shots next time. Start of the game! Basically the zombies spawn inside of a box (the hidden room in sandtrap) with a teleport out side and one inside half way (so you can see who you have on your team) then a fusion coil spawns and blows up a box in the way of the spawn point. as seen here VVV This here is basicly just the spawn point for the humans. 2 SMGs, Shotgun, BR, ect. These here are the bases all but one are outside of the map in the mine fields if you didn't read before then your stupid. the mine fields are turned off. Hope you enjoy the game, Map: GameType: (universal Game type for all Zombie Fest 09' map mods) Zombie Fest Map: Quick Shout outs to a good friend of mine, Thunder Waffle. And helped forge, Undefinedrelic (gt is now: halo3systems), Gn 00 gundam, and NightSniper0ne. Lastly to all the many people that helped beta test it WAY to many to let you guys know who they are, so if I didn't mention you I'm sorry hope you guys understand!