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Found 33 results

  1. Minecraft

    Ok, So my cousin got me hooked on MineCraft and I can't get enough of it. My UserName is theCreeperSsss I like the game so much I made some skins. ( But i am not ready to release them yet til I make my own server ) and yes i took some time to edit them xD My personal skin My Halo/XboxChaos Skin ( I might add a XC on the back for XboxChaos) My Iron Man Skin ( cool flames not included ) EDIT: My Gir Skin
  2. Post your Minecraft mods here ill even showcase the best 1s.
  3. One where I can actually read the code & compress it again when I'm done, it would be appreciative to also have it not have any issues with Norton, or I'll probably not download it. I don't mind it bypassing the download where it says, this file may be harmful anyway,keep. I say yes on those as that's the false positve. Now if passes that, Norton removes it saying root.greyblackbird, etc, etc, yea, I don't like that dll. Any file from youtube named New Decompressor I will not download, I'm just seeing if you guys had a better or your own version here is all.
  4. Above is My Work So far. It's been dragging as I originally was going to make an Ice Map for destiny, old wrecked spaceships, sparrows, etc into ice crystals, but I changed my Mind, well could be added in I suppose. So far I have this massive chunk of Ice with nothing on it. Normally there would be more stuff but I'm saving it for people who would like to help. The Dome Would Be City Center. The intention behind this is do a clash of weather, One side always cold & other side always Hot. I need these things & builders if you want. I can grant you the power of speed 4, haste 4, and/or other things if necessary. Speed 5 stops hand animation & rest freeze. Or can give you faster speed through the player itself but than you can't build very well, . / = OR Ice/Glass Towers Ice/Glass Castle Ice/Glass Houses Big, Small, etc Ice/Glass Roads, Raiway's, Etc Ice Caves, Tunnels Icy Mountains Around the Ice & Etc. Of course I'm not done with the platform yet, not sure what to use that blends well with Ice. You want a build it, build it but it better be ice ;) ;) someone please get the pun. Also, not sure if this was best spot to post this on this site, if not pease move it appropriately, thank you.
  5. About a year ago, i created some amazing minecraft xbox360 cities.They each took me about, 4-6 month's each to make/create. And I thought since all my xbox friends liked them, you guys might. Here's my first city I created Which Is Horizon City: Which is my biggest City. I also Made Newcraft and Vecter City, (Converted To It's Pc Texture Pack) And I Made My Version Of Vecter City: Download Link To All Three Cities: Scan of the .zip: I Hope You All Enjoy The Maps I Created! The map that's the vecter city I created, is a little silly, due to me being only ten years old when I made it.
  6. Yes it is modded using the opryzelp old mod tool. Once/if command blocks ever get added, a lot of his stuff will go obsolete. They are in the code, they just don't work yet when you try to activate them. Sorry for horrendous quality at 720p, long story short idea wit camera did not work out at all so I wasted money on it instead of an hd pvr hauppage. If this is in the wrong category, please move it to the right one and thank you. This rollercoaster is not finished as I'm also working on an all-in-one type map on the 360 as well. Enjoy....
  7. Hi, I am wondering if there is a minecraft xbox360 edition that has the latest update and will not ask for xbox live sign in. I am looking for a root that is like that? Is there any site that might have instructions on it? Or maybe a download link?
  8. can/may you guys make a gun mod on minecraft and play it on retail consoles?
  9. watch it in 720p for decent quality, still bad but I opted for a 300 dollar fuji-film real 3d digital camera then an 200 some dollar hd pvr hauppage when I was making good money thinking I could take 3d prints & woever looked at them with glasses would see it in 3d, i was wrong.
  10. Chaotic United is a Minecraft server founded in 2011 by a user known as killerteddy. He is not part of Chaotic anymore, more details on website (soon). I have taken over it along with some friends from the 'old' Chaotic United. We have a fully functional website, but the server is currently under development still. However you can still join and play! IP and Site address The player count is currently sort of low, however that is considering that this has been only going on a couple weeks and I have chosen to get everything working before doing heavy advertising. But I am starting a stress test (as one of my friends claimed he could get 200+ players) to see what needs to be done with the server. The website is, however, 100% functional! Come join Chaotic United's future today! {srs, it will be fun.}
  11. Minecraft

    What's That, Halo and Minecraft put together. Yep. I'm certain you've heard of it already but if you haven't, I thought you might like to know. People Who May Enjoy this It comes with quite a lot for actually less than the halo map packs themselves, intriguing enough. lol. Pics of Maps the Mash-Up Comes With Of course you won't be battling it out, than again you might be, so you might want to do some mine cart rides, or something. Might take awhile to get around some these maps. Also, In need of some USB Mods and Tool Works, OpryzeLP helps with that and works wonderfully Trailer It comes out Tomorrow, So get your Game On.
  12. About For Minecraft Version: 1.6.4 Raise the Dead gives you the power to awaken a pack of Zombies and command them to protect you and attack anything you want. Much better than a dog Download Links Adfly Download Supporter Download (Survey-download link, donate for free! Completely optional, downloads are identical) Added Items Blood Stone ​ Soul Stone ​ Dark Scepter ​ Soul Scepter ​ Soul Essence ​ Summoning Talisman ​ Added Blocks Summon Stone ​ Screenshots! Summoning Stone Spawning Minions Minions Attack a Spider Destroying a Summoning Stone Upgraded Minions
  13. If so, I'd love to join. My username is Fierce Waffle.
  14. Updated for 1.3.2 Well, being on servers is fun... But being on servers with loads of diamonds is even more fun. So I have put together a collection of mods and have made a client for people to use. i call it the "Rarity" client and it appeals to the brony community a bit :3 Here are some screenies of it Loading screen Main menu... I like what I did with the xray pan-o-rama And for the mods... And here are the controls for the time being... Just a warning though, if you get caught you most likely will get banned! Still interested in the client, Click me!
  15. 1171544198849424676 After you type that in go to X: -179, Y: 76, Z: -44 You will find an Island with 1 tree sound familiar? But you will start off on a big land just make rules like don't ever go to the Big land you will be set. Ps. there's also other islands around The Island you're on and I posted this on 7s but they are not letting me post this for some odd reason.
  16. Minecraft

    for those who dont pay attention to minecraft updates heres a new switch they are adding it. i think it will have alot of fun especially on multiplayer since you have the other plays. but being a tripwire i personally think it should break when you step on the wire. they have similar to that cause only sheers will break the connection without setting it off. for the full list of thigns confirmed what else do you think they should add to the game?
  17. Got bored, decided to work with some redstone, came up with this, tell me what u think.
  18. My iPod(4g) battery I pieced together blocks from the net and used an "oil" filter to make them look better... Here is the files (with source file) so that you can have this battery on your iPod too. http://www.mediafire...i2rok6v5is1c47o (if you have any suggestions regarding any custom themes let me know so I can make it) **disclaimer: I do not own the images used to make this.
  19. Minecraft

    Edit: Made a new trailer last month.
  20. Something some people on my server made one day, hope you enjoy!
  21. Ok so firstly I want to give credits to cjz__ from for the original mod. I only made the auto-installer. Original mod post. Download the Installer here Features: • Your own custom cape! • Anyone else who has this mod will see your cape and you will see theirs! • Turn your cape on and off with a simple tick box on this website! • Change your cape at any time! How to Use: 1. If this program prompts you to update, just click yes, it will update automatically. 2. Click Install Capes Button and wait for the success message. 3. Click the upload a cape button to be taken to cjz's site. 4. Type you minecraft username at the top of the site, then follow the on screen instructions. 5. Enjoy you cape P.S. Backups can be controlled in the options menu, they will be on by default.
  22. Modding tutorials for Minecraft 1.0.0 I am Sackorice from TTG Requirements: --------------------------------- I uploaded a Presetup MCP folder for 1.0.0 all you need to do is Unzip and run Decompilehttp://www.mediafire...bq089tpfysagq3z What each color means Fixing ModLoader Errors Creating Your First Block Creating your First Item Creating a Food An Item That Spawns a Mob! Making the Block more Advanced! Creating Armor Adding Armor effects Sugar-Cane Like block Making Tools! Making a Sword Catch Mobs on Fire! Making an Ore Generate How to give foods a potion effect How to edit Start Menu
  23. EDIT: 1.9 Pre-Release 2 has been released. Get it here: Get the server update here: Hey, Xbox Chaos! The Minecraft 1.9 Update was leaked by Notch recently in a tweet! (Yet another Minecraft leak by Notch.) Credits to Mojang for both download links I am about to put in The first update can be downloaded from the official leak here: The first server update can be downloaded here: A quick list of what it includes (credits to Sacheverell at Minecraft Forum for making a list): Some videos (credits to the Yogcast for making them): To install 1.9 for single player, find your AppData folder (if on Windows 7) or the %appdata% folder (if on Windows XP) then find the .minecraft folder in either of those folders, back it up, and go in it. Then, go into the bin folder and replace minecraft.jar with the 1.9 minecraft.jar. To install for the server, place the minecraft_server.jar in your server's folder and run it. Hope you guys enjoy this, Notch has said that 1.10 will be released soon!
  24. Minecraft

    THE RATAN First Release Date: SEP/12/2011 The story[W.I.P] Century's ago there were two warring races one a very advanced technological race called the (needs name) but the other was a race of hideous creatures that called themselves the Ratan. But there wasn't many of the (needs name) left but they found a small world. They thought the only way to survive the onslaught of the Ratan was to escape to this planet but there wasn't enough time to build a space craft big enough to get even one of them to the world. Realising that they don't have that much time left, they created a parasite that took over other creatures. However, it wasn't strong enough to take on the Ratan so they sent it to this new planet along with a database about their home and technology. They did this to ensure that when this parasite was evolved enough it would be able to return home and defeat the Ratan. But their plan did not go unnoticed by the Ratan they managed to track they small probe from one of their newly acquired radar's they managed to attach an egg to it before it left the planets atmosphere. But coming into the new planet's atmosphere it separated from the probe because of the heat. The Team Google_Earth-Coding\Idea's Clawshaw-Model's\Idea's Raevox-Art\Mob Texture's\Coding xikrizoix-Coding\Sounds The Ratan Egg A small Spherical egg-like thing that contains the DNA of many of the Ratan species Scrouge A creature made for speed and stealth Kantor download the image below Craak The parasite this will latch on and take control over many animals. The process tends to mutate the animals Copyrighted by Clawshaw and Google_Earth TERMS AND CONDITIONS '.bmp
  25. Minecraft

    I would like to change hosts because right now im using Servercraft but they don't even let me access most my files. Also for the IP I get I would like a more custom IP. Anyone know any good hosts out there? I can spend up to $60/month. Anyone think this is a good deal? $55.95 (US) / £34.95 (UK) – 4GB RAM, 4GB Swap, 130GB Disk Space, 4TB Transfer, 1 IP, UK or US – 4Ghz CPU