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  1. Modding

    Anyone got anything working with the Halo Reach PC Flighting build? Was trying to add support to Assembly, but it doesn't give the engine version or anything.
  2. Modding

    is it possible to port the halo 4 mp spartan tags to sp? i did see a video from lord zedd with his mp spartan
  3. How do you spawn ai vehicles? In forge world.
  4. I've been able to decode various gametypes to XML files, but whenever I do a gametype like Mythic Slayer or Mythic Infection, it gives an error: #0 is not a valid Player.Object variable index What does this mean, and how can I fix it? The variants won't show up when trying to load them directly with z-scriptor, despite the fact I extracted them the same way as the other variants. For the sake of detail, the command box also shows a list of what I presume is half-decoded XML with a bunch of question marks in lines. I am also using KSoft 5040.43099, using the batch files to decode (more reliable than z-scriptor, but it still works as an editor).
  5. I know how to swap bipeds and play as them but I don't know how to change ODST characters in campaign with assembly, I wanted to play as buck in mombassa streets instead of the rookie. I cant find anything in the globals tag or the change colors block in the biped tag .if anyone knows anything about that would be amazing thank you -Greasy Goose
  6. Modding

    On the levels such as Floodgate and Cortana there is a ALOT of preset corpses and a lot of infection forms. Which means more mayhem. I know you might be thinking "but opticalillusion you retard you can just spawn your own squads so why bother". But i just cant let those corpses that clog up the CPU go to waste lol. Plus it looks legit AF(especially on the cortana level when you walk into an area and its foggy and there are bodies rising up in the distance) So I have a few questions 1) Instead of resurrecting corpses the infection forms want to beeline straight for me. Is it possible to "lower" your aggro with assembly so they go for corpses instead or is it hardcoded?. 2)Sometimes it appears that the corpses must be laying in a certain position for them to be infected. Like if they are twisted/on a platform the infection forms seem to ignore them and only infect if they are laying on the ground face down/face up. Is it possible to somehow change or "enlarge" the area so infection forms go for the weirdly twisted bodies like make it a bigger aura of effect or something 3)There are alot of bodies on the Covenant(the brutes, etc where you assault the 2nd citadel ) and when you come back the flood infects them but most bodies have already dissapeared due to the engine cleaning up the clutter. Is it possible to modify the timer the bodies stay up(specifically brute bodies not the useless grunt/bugger bodies). Or some sort of a temporary script specifically for that section? 4) The preset corpses are found in the scnr/biped section, correct?
  7. Modding

    The Warthog Run is a staple of the classic Halo series, even Halo 2 was originally meant to have a warthog run but most of it was cut from the final game but recently restored by BlackDimund. Technically Halo 3 ODST's Coastal Highway included a slight warthog run too. But yeah unfortunately with Halo 4, there was never anything close to a warthog run. Only thing was a ghost run at the end of the mission Forerunner. So just for fun and to see how it'd turn out, I replaced that ghost run with a warthog run instead. It actually turned out pretty well but is probably the most difficult warthog run ever even with some adjustments we made to the warthog. Changes we made: Injected Warthog to mission Forerunner (m30_cryptum) includes all sounds too Removed chaingun turret from Warthog to fix memory issues causing the mission to freeze Replaced Infinite Boost Ghost in vehicle palette with the Warthog Fixed driver seat animation Increased Warthog engine maximum angular velocity to make warthog accelerate faster Made Warthog more stable Disabled suspension to reduce bounciness Increased ground friction for better traction on ground Removed string for ghost boosting tutorial during the run Issues: Co-op is supported but players that die during the run will end up respawning in a ghost Passenger seat of warthog doesn't have right animation and will cause passengers to stand up in seat and be unable to manually get out Can be fixed by setting the passenger seat animation to ghost_d but it doesn't look right so I left it as it is Restarting mission, especially during the ending cutscene, will cause the warthog on the next playthrough to have numerous graphical issues including HUD elements to the point of being a giant blob sometimes Big thanks to Lord Zedd and Tuco for help on creating this mod! Download Link The download is for the Assembly patch file rather than the full map itself. For help with patching a clean map with that file, instructions are here in Lord Zedd's modding guide. Hope you all like the mod! It's pretty nostalgic and fun, and incredible challenging too! Video:
  8. So how do you spawn in a warthog, destroyed, on fire?
  9. Modding

    Hello, I've recently figured out how to .map mod with assembly and I was wondering where the text colour on the menus would be located on Halo: Reach. I'm trying to change the text colour on the matrix menu to be purple instead of green. I also wanted to know where other text colours are located as well. If anyone can please tell me where the text colours are located on Assembly, then I would really appreciate that
  10. Like for example, say I want the 7th column or Bungie nameplate in Halo 3 to appear on my player profile, is there anyway I can do that offline or is that server controlled by Bungie?
  11. I am new to modding as I have just gotten an RGH xbox, and wanted to spawn AI through the effect tag like Lord Zedd does in his video. Specifically, I wanted to spawn marines since I already modded the marine's biped to be drivable. I know a lot of the modded community is dead now, but help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I use assembly to edit my maps.
  12. I am new to modding and would like to know what it does and if i should add it to my custom palettes or not
  13. Modding

    Hay Gamecheat13 i joust saw this and wow didint think id ever see it. Hows is the port going? Hears a link:
  14. I followed this tutorial by Lehvak on how to place new squads in a map: With this method, I was able to spawn a new pair of Hunters (as well as an Elite General, but it's not present in the following video since I recorded it before I placed the new Elite) at the end of Nightfall, as shown here: However, I'm trying to follow this method on other maps, and nothing I try works. At this moment, I'd like for a few Brutes to spawn next to the Hunters in Club Errera on New Alexandria. I made sure that the appropriate Designer Zonesets were enabled for that BSP (the Brute Minor and the Brute Captain are in the "Gameplay" Zoneset on New Alexandria, which is 1, and it was already enabled in the first place). Here's what I have set up. I made three new squads for each Brute that I want to spawn (2 Minors and a Captain) and they essentially follow the same settings as each other besides the spawn coordinates and the character indexes which is 3 for Brute Minor and 8 for Brute Major. I tried copying the values used for the Hunters that spawn in the same area, which I did for my new Nightfall encounter.
  15. So I know HOW to remove equipment from the campaign maps; going to the scenario tag, to the equipment box, and change any instance of the AAs to -1 in the Palette Index box. However, some of the campaign missions will only have a single palette index number for ALL of the Equipment slots for the level, and I have no idea which slot to make the change to. Anyone know what to do in this situation? Edit: nvm, I got it figured out. I had to find the equipment boxes in the scenery box. Thanks Zedd!
  16. In a campaign mod that I'm making, I'm having the sword detonate like it does in CE, and I'd like it so the player cannot pick it up. There's a flag in the weapon tag called "cannot be used by player" but it never works for me, and I'm still able to pick up the sword even after I removed the pickup strings for it.
  17. I'm trying to edit the Sniper Rifle to do less vehicle damage, for example.
  18. I'm referring to the actual numbers on the weapon itself that show how much ammo is left in the magazine. I'd like to change the color to match the beta's DMR.
  19. Modding

    As some people may be aware, Xenia (a Xbox 360 game emulator for PC) is coming along very nicely. And with it we have old players and a few new ones as well, giving everyone a chance to play the Halo series on PC. Personally I've started modding Halo 3 for fun, even got a few friends ready to try out the possibility of some LAN play in a couple of days! Anyways, one of the things that's missing right now is the lack of ability to poke changes to the game. While it's not the end of the world, it does make it's super tedious to make large amounts of changes; especially if you're experimenting with something. So I'm just making people aware of the emulator, and encouraging them to have a play with it. And an added bonus would be if someone could modify Assembly to work with it. Honestly I'm not sure if it's an easy or gigantic task, however I would suspect the latter as on the surface it looks like Assembly requires some stuff to do with the dashboard which Xenia doesn't have yet. Thank you for your time, and have fun. EDIT: I now realize that this was probably more suited to the general Halo section, apologies
  20. How do you covert a campaign map to mp map? Because I want the AI to move . I've tried adding ai to cliffside but when I place it, the game freezes. Thanks MRPIZZA123
  21. Modding

    so I can't swap the ai's weapon. This may sound dumb. so can someone please tell me how to swap their weapon in halo reach. (the brute acts like a bird without a weapon!) thanks MRPIZZA
  22. So I was wondering can you make ai board your vehicles (warthog) in halo reach. Just say your driving along and see a marine, you beep you warthog and get as close as you can and then nothing happens. he does not board your warthog. So is there anybody out there that can help me make the marine board your warthog. I spend days trying to figure it out so don't mind what map it is on. btw: I made the marines team up with you. Thanks MRPIZZA.
  23. Just wondering as I play the Forerunner v3.4 map but the Rain and Skybox just annoy me can someone please tell me how to change the Skybox and remove the Rain effect
  24. I seen this happen before many times in Halo Custom Edition modding. For example, a guy would take a reach shotguns model and rig it with the already available halo 3 shotgun animations and BOOM: cool looking halo reach shotgun with halo 3 animations or an elite minor from halo reach and rig it with the already available halo 2 elite animations and BOOM: cool lookin halo reach elite minor with halo 2 elite animations. I also seen this happen with halo 3 as well: the star wars mod in sandbox. I saw one of those pretzel kind of looking vehicles that are used by battle droids on geonosis (Dont know what its called) rigged to warthog animations alongside with a lightsaber rigged to energy sword animations and a laser pistol rigged to magnum animations. And again I saw this before with Halo online videos of people replacing spartan helmets with shrek heads. honestly I have no experience with rigging models in Halo Custom Edition because 3dsmax's user interface or any other 3d modeling program's UI IMO is extremely complicated but I do know how it works(Correct me if Im wrong). For preparation, load up some halo biped/weapon model with its corresponding textures and shaders. (Next bit is a little wordy I'll try my best to fully express the corresponding steps) Delete that model's bone structure and import the new bone structure from the model that has your wanted animations???(For example, load hr hunter with textures and shaders. delete its bone structure. import ONLY the bone structure from the halo 3 hunter model) Manually adjust the bone structures to its corresponding meshes. (For example, you have an elite minor from halo reach with its bone structure deleted. Then you've imported the bone structure from a halo 3 elite model. Knowing there was a significant art style change in elites progressing from halo 3 to halo reach, you would adjust the bones to the mesh such as moving the halo 3 elite arm bone towards the halo reach elite models arm mesh and so on and so forth till the bone rigging is complete). Test the completed model with animations from the model of the new bone structure you've imported.(Play a "strafe_right" animation from a halo 3 elite on your completed reach elite model with halo 3 elite bones) After all of that messy work, finish it off with tagging. I don't know if there's other ways to do this but the one above is the only method I know of. Just wondering if this is possible with current xbox halo modding tools such as assembly or adjutant. I want to adjust halo to my liking in terms of the look and gameplay. FYI I do not have an rgh xbox but my friend is giving me his rgh within a week. I do have one and a half years of mediocre modding experience with mainly Halo custom edition and a tiny bit of minecraft. (I mainly used programs to mod. I have been in a couple java coding classes in the summer. I do know how games work and I kind of know how to code(I can make simple calculator programs) I also can get an easy understanding the code structure of some file)) Im just wondering how a guy made a star wars halo mod with custom models rigged to vanilla halo animations and how gamecheat13 managed to create his own bsp shown in his AI playground and his other old halo 3 test maps(I do suppose gamecheat created it using math. after all the bsp is just a simple cube)
  25. Ok so I need an xex that will unlock every armor including the bungie chestplate, and I DO NOT want an xex that gives me aimbot, aside of the an xex that allows the use of RTH! If anyone knows of such an Xex or one similar please post a link...Thanks alot guys! So overall I need a Halo 3 Xex that can.... -Support RTE -Unlocks all armors including Bungie chestplate - And one that DOESN'T have aimbot Thanks in advanced