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Found 373 results

  1. These xexs are for each of the 3 builds. Keynote goes into the build with only the campaign level, wargames goes into the build with wargames, and SPOPs goes into the build with SPOPs. These xexs unlock the actual menus; the builds would usually boot to a locked screen with no way out. I also changed where the SPOPS "select chapter" button takes you; it now takes you to the offline SPOPs menu that allows you to play 2 early SPOPs missions, E2:M2 and M4:M5, as well as the regular mission, CHAPTER 5 CORE. To skip the annoying intro video that plays after clicking spartan ops, press the guide button. Enjoy! Wargames xex showcase:
  2. Hello I'm trying to rebuild the Halo 2 Phantom in Halo Reach, but I encountered a problem : The rate of fire of the AI is limited by the difficulty of the game. And even if I try to increase the rate of fire of the phantom_chin_gun, this one always shoots at the same speed. The increase in the rate of fire only applies when I am a gunner. But when I add an ia in the turret, these are clamped. Anyone have any ideas to remove this bridle? I mod on Assembly. Thank you for your collaboration (Sorry for my language i'm too bad ^^)
  3. Now im fairly new in the modding scene and im wondering how to import custom bitmaps into .map files for halo 4.
  4. I’m not sure of the process. I’ve heard different things but not seeing a clear way. Arguments box, how does that work exactly? What would it take to create solid black values? Thank you!
  5. Modding

    Hi, So I've been trying to get some imported campaign vehicles to work correctly for multiplayer on the Xbox 360 and have found out that many of them are either indestructible or simply despawn you as soon as they reach 0 health. This is a problem for multiplayer matches since it doesn't count as a kill. So if anyone knows how to make vehicles such as the Pelican and the human anti-air turret destructible and kill the players inside could they post a tutorial or if it's simple could they reply with the instructions in this thread? Thanks so much.
  6. Modding

    Hi, I was making a map in forge on my modded forgeworld .map file. After placing about 400 items, the game no longer let me place any items. When I go to the item menu and select an item, it doesn't spawn at all and nothing happens. I looked through the file to see if there was some limit for all possible items that could be spawned and I didn't find anything. Just wondering if anyone else has an idea of what's going on. I did put a huge budget that I haven't yet reached and I also put a higher maximum amount of items I could place on the things I've been using, which I also haven't reached. Thanks for the help.
  7. Is it possible? I’m not sure what to null/whatever to achieve this.
  8. Ok I know things like random assault rifles( from dead preset npcs), dead preset bodies (that serve no other function than decoration) take up precious and limited xbox CPU but what is the proper way of removing these completely? Is putting -1 enough or does it still load up? How can i competely "delete" them? Id rather paste another extra weapon that is not present on that map into the weapons palette so it can use CPU than have 40+ random brute spikers(which no one will ever use) in my campaign map that also happen to eat the memory.
  9. Modding

    Here is a video of a WIP mod i am working on that makes spawned AI use the maps pathfinding automaticly.
  10. Hey maties, Just wanted to know if anyone had managed to find a way to force the crosshair to be the point where a shot is initially facing. My dilemma is that I am trying to implement a weapon balance system that is focussed around linear recoil with absolutely no error or bloom. So far so good? Well, no. When you start playing around with a weapons' csdt file, you might notice if you set the rotation high enough that the weapon always shoots to the default crosshair position, even if the camera rotation has moved the crosshair above the default crosshair position. From this experiment, it is clear that the recoil in Reach is purely cosmetic, which is rather annoying when you compare Reach to Halo 2, where recoil works as one would expect. Has anyone found a solution for this (some sort of Boolean that changes the behaviour maybe), or was recoil in Reach never properly implemented?
  11. Modding

    Hello, I have imported the "bfg" (big AA guns on Tip of the Spear) weapon from campaign into forge and am able to successfully spawn it without the game crashing. I was also successful at making it usable, complete with adequate wide camera. However, I cannot seem to get sound working, at all. The core alarm, weapon charge, destruction sounds, nothing works. I of course have the correct sound in the weap entry for the bfg weapon, and it is set to play on charge. I thought for a while that I had messed something up but it will actually play sound...some sounds. It will play most entries from the snd! tag, but will not play anything from lsnd, which is where most of what I need is. I've gone into the charging sound entry in lsnd and made it so the "loop" entry has that sound, but nothing happens. I have since tried just about any combination of settings on that page you can think of to no avail. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey people! I'm sure I'm missing something, but I've been playing around with AI behaviours (char) and I can't find a way to make certain enemies like Elites or Grunts keep their damn distance. In one of my mods I have made the AI far more capable at ranged combat, but they keep walking into melee range, becoming easy kills. What I want is to define a minimum range at which point they will back off and continue ranged combat. I hope someone has figured this out, it's really bugging me because I feel like it should just be a single variable.
  13. Modding

    In halo 2(vista) I added gunners to Spectres/warthogs by using the Add a New Entry or Reorder a Existing one(probably not a proper way to do it but it worked) In halo 3 when i attempt to do that ..instead of neatly made Driver and Gunner I get unreadable chunks of code and the map crashes anyone have an idea how to add those pesky gunners?
  14. Modding

    Are there any weapons that can have projectiles swapped and be visible to people off host? Or anyway to mod it to make it so? I remember back in the Halo 2 days that both the plasma pistol and rocket launcher could have projectiles swapped and still be seen by people that joined your game, as well as a way to mod properties of them onto other weapons so they could be visible as well
  15. Modding

    Hey all! I'm having a go at swapping out all the characters to make a Covenant campaign but came across one problem. Whenever I turn Covenant bipeds into Marines, they won't spawn out of the Phantoms or Spirits. I've tried splicing in and out different nodes and animations to find out what the humans are missing that is stopping them from being put in the Covenant dropships, but after several days I don't think I can find it. I assume it;'s something to do with human bipeds not having a node or attachment or animation that is needed for them to be seated into Covenant dropships? Racking my head and can't figure it out, wondering if anyone here might have any knowledge of what could be causing this? Thanks for your time!
  16. I'm currently working on the Gold Edition of my Reach Campaign mod, but I've noticed that while a Kick melee damage exists in the game's damage files, I don't see it being referenced by the Marines' biped tags in the map files. If I wish to add this attack, should I choose AI Melee Damage or just Melee Damage in the melee and damage response section of their biped tag? Any help at all would be appreciated.
  17. Modding

    Hello, I'm interested in first person assassinations for machinima purposes. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  18. Modding

    Hey. I have been wanting to spawn marine teammates into Firefight and I learned from another post how to extract tags from the Installation 04 firefight map and inject them into another map (I used Unearth). But when I spawn the marines using the magnum pistol and changing the projectile to spawn marine biped, they don't react at all. They don't shoot or anything. Same thing happens when I try and spawn marine bipeds in the campaign mode. Is there a way to get them to react?
  19. Hey Y'all, So I'm trying to replace the third person spartan biped in the globals.matg to something else but upon respawn (to reload the model) the game crashes if it's set to anything other than a tag with the bipd suffix. Do I need to create a bipd with the model I want then have it load that one? Things I've tried * Changing the third person model from globals.matg to hlmt - crashes * Changing the hlmt tag inside of spartan.bipd - crashes
  20. Looking at the Omaha Damage Sections, it seems plausible to add a "head shield" with its own global material, allowing i.e. Spartan and Elite bipeds to receive damage modifiers for shield headshots. My main question is how would you link it specifically to the head region? Everything I see in Omaha Damage Sections looks self-explanatory, but I don't see any locational references (beyond the name string?).
  21. Ive been trying to figure this out for a while but to no avail. Currently the way that could be possible is to get all the ai thats currently in a trigger volume and use the ai_migrate function, however i dont know how i would iterate the function for each ai in the trigger volume. If anyone knows how to do this or that it is not possible, that would be great. Thanks!
  22. I'm trying to make a Stalker variant for Reach Evolved, and I'm using Exodus as my test map. I made a new variant of Brute in its .hlmt, then duped the brute_major char tag, changed the variant name to Stalker (already had the string in the map files anyway, assuming leftover from H3), set the variant index to 2, then gave it the Active Camouflage equipment. However, when spawning one ingame, they remain visible and don't use active camo. How would I go about changing that? On the subject of non-Chieftain Brutes, is it possible to give them energy shielding, and what would I need to do for that?
  23. Modding

    Hay Gamecheat13 i joust saw this and wow didint think id ever see it. Hows is the port going? Hears a link:
  24. Hi, I'm brand new to Halo modding. Would it be possible to not only edit the power of the sword lunge but also to allow the lunge to work without target lock on?
  25. Is there any way to add coordinates using Assembly in-game XYZ at the player position? I usually use Adjutant but doesn't work with MCC maps as far as i know.