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Found 320 results

  1. I am new to modding as I have just gotten an RGH xbox, and wanted to spawn AI through the effect tag like Lord Zedd does in his video. Specifically, I wanted to spawn marines since I already modded the marine's biped to be drivable. I know a lot of the modded community is dead now, but help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I use assembly to edit my maps.
  2. Modding

    Hey guys, I've downloaded Gamecheat13's Ai playground 1.1 map and I have followed everything to the letter with lord zedds executable to run the ai and the map itself but whenever I try to spawn certain ai and vehicles such as pelicans/phantoms or brutes/marines, it freezes and I have to turn off my jtag. Any ideas on how to fix? Haven't found anyone else with this problem! Also, every file for the map to run is in it's proper folder. Any ideas on fix?
  3. Modding

    i want to remove the particles like firing a weapon and granade explosion
  4. Modding

    There is this problem in the Halo 3 Beta that I have encountered when replacing bitmaps in the The textures overlap and the replaced bitmap can only be seen up close. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. Modding

    Found this old screenshot, does anyone know how to get into debug director (flycam) again?
  6. I know this is a really small thing, but is it possible to make the brutes' power armor glow whenever impacted like it does in Halo 3: ODST? Also, is it possible to inject bipeds from ODST to Halo 3? Thanks
  7. I know this is probably very simple, but I can't seem to find a way to increase or decrease the health of my biped/player in Assembly. For example, when I'm playing as a drone I have very low health, and I want to increase that. Help would appreciated. Thanks
  8. Modding

    unfortunetly there is more to reach to get this to work than there is in halo 3 but i managed to figure it out, as well ill be updating my plugins in the released asc and making a tutorial for this so you guys can do it. however i still havent managed to find forge bounds(where you can grab) and if anyone has any info on that i would be very grateful.
  9. Modding

    File Name: cpgd.asc File Submitter: bfixer117 File Submitted: 12 Feb 2012 File Category: Taglists added drop down boxes for helmet,visor,knee guards,and armor effects tag info: for the armory mapped for Click here to download this file
  10. Modding

    A few days ago, I found a way to create and attach looping effects. I think they are pretty cool, so I decided to make a small video fo them. Feel free to subscribe to my new channel .
  11. Modding

    Hay Gamecheat13 i joust saw this and wow didint think id ever see it. Hows is the port going? Hears a link:
  12. Modding

    Soz for no responses to anyone (i was moving) but this was my previous topic(I was trying to make one of the Phantoms on the ark destructible and couldnt figure out how because the vehicle wasn't set to "deathless" or anything so it appears that the phantom is governed by a script to be indestructible and I believe i found the script) the problem I have is that the script isnt saving when I click "save and compile. So my question is what can I do to make that phantom destructible?
  13. How do I spawn as any biped such as a brute, marine, etc in a campaign mission? I figured that I didn't really want to spawn a biped every time I wanted to drive a biped so I was wondering if anyone knows how to swap the starting character (ex: Master chief) with a biped as well as give it the ability to be driven?
  14. Now im fairly new in the modding scene and im wondering how to import custom bitmaps into .map files for halo 4.
  15. Modding

    Possibly some sort of RGB float values for the game? 0x82A90050 -(change found: coulor change red when you go up in value) default: .float 1.0 0x82A90054 -(change found: coulor change green when you go up in value) default: .float 1.0 0x82A90058 -(change found: coulor change blue when you go up in value) default: .float 1.0
  16. Like for example, say I want the 7th column or Bungie nameplate in Halo 3 to appear on my player profile, is there anyway I can do that offline or is that server controlled by Bungie?
  17. I've been able to decode various gametypes to XML files, but whenever I do a gametype like Mythic Slayer or Mythic Infection, it gives an error: #0 is not a valid Player.Object variable index What does this mean, and how can I fix it? The variants won't show up when trying to load them directly with z-scriptor, despite the fact I extracted them the same way as the other variants. For the sake of detail, the command box also shows a list of what I presume is half-decoded XML with a bunch of question marks in lines. I am also using KSoft 5040.43099, using the batch files to decode (more reliable than z-scriptor, but it still works as an editor).
  18. Modding

    Soz typing from my phone when I get back will get screenshots and squad numbers 1) On The Ark, the phantom that drops off hunters is indestructible, how do I make it destructible? 2) How can I change corpse/weapon/vehicle despawn and removal rate? 3) How can I put every tag into a map?(kind of like how we have the Lord Zedd's multiplayer the covenant where you get every tag at the start) 4) How much AI/vehicles can the xbox 360 handle at once (approximately?) like 25? 5) If you remove scenery like for example truck beds or oil drums and random weapons that come from crates does that allow the game to process more AI instead and make the game less laggy?
  19. Hello, Ive tried patching my default.xex and patching the .dlls as well, but my xbox is still unable to load program. It just says to contact I'm using xbox neighborhood to xfer the patched files over. Ive been looking all over the internet, I found a supposed modded.xex already made from When ive used that, the game will load up but no .map modded files will show. When i download a modded map from a website, those are not showing up as well. I even tried to patch a mod file i create in alteration, but it wont show up. Also Ive been able to edit in real time via assembly tool. But halo is still unable to read of the map files. Ive tried patching the mod maps through assembly as well as alteration but still cannot read them. Obviously I'm doing something wrong here, could someone please advise? There are a lot of modded maps on xboxchaos i would like to use. thanks, -arms
  20. Modding

    1) On legendary/heroic extra shade turrets are spawned on Tsavo Highway/Ark/The covenant. Where do I find the file/script/whatever that places them even on normal/easy difficulty? I tried the "always place" checkmark thing but nothing happened. I could kind of figure out how to spawn the extra npcs that are placed on those difficulties but not those things 2) Where do I find the heroic/legendary damage sections? Like how can I mod the damage enemies do? 3) What sections do I mod to increase my grenade counter?(I want to make it like halo 1-2 where you had 4 grenades)
  21. Al I want to do is port the campaign maps that I modded in Assembly (on my PC) into my 360 HDD where they actually launch and work. (and yes i understand simple copy pasting doesnt work). ) ive downloaded various Xex's of halo 3 and none work. Ive even took a step back and started from something easy like this(even a 6 year old can do this as this has it all step by step I literally copied what he did and double/triple checked) and STILL nothing,. . Either discord or skype(prefer discord). Or even through here if possible as long as it works(prefer not to do it through PMs tho) Money will be transfered via paypal
  22. Modding

    Reach modding can be fun in a lot of different ways but it can also be fun once your flying with it
  23. After 10 years I have come back with a modded 360 and want to mod my halo 3 a bit. I used to heavily mod halo 2 long ago, and already got that. I already am able to mod everything, even got the 360 SDK set up with assembly and am able to poke which is great. I have been trying for hours how to correctly scale a character in halo 3, like this youtuber here I tried changing many values and found some that actually sort of work, but not near as good as the youtuber did it. I went into mode tag and changed the compression info (changing everything times 0.3) It sort of works but not really. At least their feet plant the ground. but their phmo and coll are still from the original bigger one. Here, I found I could simply change this runtime node default scale from 1 to 0.3, and it actually works better. They look good, and they take coll hits ok (can only shoot where their model is), but their phmo is still the original larger one, and they always stand in midd-air (I guess the middle of the phmo or something) I tried to scale the phmo to the new model size but nothing seems to work. I have been at this for hours and I don't know how to fix it.I tried changing a lot of values in phmo in assembly but nothing changed ingame. I even put the marine phmo as null in the marine hlmt but they still had a phmo lol. Assembly says its updated with 2016. found an old se7ensins thread titled "Model Resizing: The Correct Way" but it just tells you to edit phmo values that the marine phmo doesn't even have. Anyone have any ideas? Or maybe have any mods with scaled characters I could look at?
  24. Modding

    For some reason when trying to edit AI spawns in campaign it doesn't seem to work for some reason. On the level Infinity I've tried editing the spawning of the two Marines from the second rally point. I can change them into a knight and a spartan but when I attempt to make them a grunt or an elite nothing spawns. The same occurs on the level Reclaimer when changing the starting spartans into elites. Does anyone know a work around for this? Or does it just not work? Using Assembly btw and editing the spawns in squads (scnr) and tried changing the character palette.
  25. Modding

    Hi everyone, I've recently been messing around with Assembly with the intention of extending it a bit, and have been trying to understand how the application reads / parses Halo 3 maps. I'm specifically interested in where I can pull out the raw animation data for various models for analysis. Totally open to the possibility this leads me nowhere, but I thought it would be worth a shot. For exploratory purposes, I'm trying to extract the raw Halo 3 animation data for objects\levels\multi\zanzibar\big_wheel\big_wheel, since it is contained entirely within, and should be a very short animation. Here's my limited understanding of how reading animation data could work: As I understand it, asset data is associated to tag metadata via "resource" or "zone" references, which are contained within one or two data pages. So, to extract a resource contained entirely within a single page, you'd calculate the start offset like so: cache file's resource table offset + page offset + resource offset in page. In the partially parsed jmad file data for big_wheel, I see a referenced raw information zone at the bottom, with an asset index of 2328, so I looked it up in the resource table and found the necessary offsets which got me a start file offset for the raw data. To calculate an end offset, I ran through the resource table, sorted by file offset, and found the starting offset of the entry immediately after it which gave me 84 (bytes I assume). So here's my question: am I on the right track? Does any of that make sense? Am I looking in the wrong place? Bonus question: is there an IRC / discord channel where modders hang out that would be a better place to discuss this? Thanks for reading this far, and I just wanted to express my appreciation for how much work went into making Assembly the amazing tool it is today. Incredible stuff!