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Found 19 results

  1. KSoft.Tool allows you to modify Halo 4 and Halo: Reach gametypes. Info and download link available here
  2. I've seen a video from Gamecheat13 in which he shows some "mods" for Halo 5, in which the Warzone menu and some weapons get glitched in Multiplayer. Then I read the comment section and some people said it was actually a glitch that allows you to load Warzone in Multiplayer. Any idea of how to do this? I want to see what the hell is going on and how those weapons get glitched. Or is it patched already?
  3. I've been working on this editor for a while now, and I finally have a testable version. This is basically a UI for ksoft, that you can use to code your own gametypes in Halo 4 and Halo Reach. Features: ScintillaNet text editor.Custom Themes through XML. Your editor can look how you want it to.|Auto resigner. The only thing you need to make a gametype is this program and a usb exlorer.ksoft integration. No need to use a CMD to export/import the gametypes. Z-Scriptor doe this for you.Markers. Use CTRL + M to make a marker, then use View->Go To Marker to automatically go to whatever line of code you want.This program is not finished yet, it still needs a lot of work, but it's getting there. Download
  4. So we've been working hard on assembly, and there is a lot of awesome features (new plugins, ui shrinkage, injection, improved settings, and a lot of bug fixes) that haven't been officialy released, and therefor most people don't know about them. But thankfully this is about to change (hopefully). I've set up a build server that takes the most recent code from the GitHub page, and compiles it and posts a nice zip archive ready for public consumption. So, if you'd like to live life on the edge, and mod with the most cutting edge features, download the nightly builds from the site below. Build Distribution To get the latest, look for the one with the highest number. It may not be at the bottom of the page, so check those numbers.
  5. Hello there XboxChaos members. Not too long ago I wrote this All in One modding tool for the Halo Series. I am from Se7ensins and a member asked me if I would share my program over here as this site is known for Halo modding. Halo 2-4 AIO Mod Tool Intro/Description: .....After noticing the recent revival in Halo 3 because of the game being offered as a free download for Gold Members on Xbox Live, I found myself wanting to mod the Halo Series like the good old days. I looked to some of the forums for downloading links to programs I used to use and a lot of the links were down. I remembered I still had a lot of programs on my old dinosaur Compaq and thought of adding new links. Instead of that I figured I would compile these tools into one executable so that I and other halo modders can have all of the programs at easy access. .....The tool itself has four Menu Tabs at the top of the program with each having buttons to activate programs or sub-menu's which lead to more programs. Various programs include tools for modding usermaps and .Map files. You may need .Net Framework installed for these programs to work properly. I currently have versions 1, 1.2, 2, 3, 3.5, and 4 installed on my computer. I was testing around with my old computer and it appears the only ones you need installed are 3, 3.5, and 4. I made the program using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 in Virtual Basic. It should be noted that I have included the source code in a text document within the download. I feel that people new to programming such as myself can learn from it and can use it to make their own AIO tool if they like. I would like to also note that there is a text document containing installation instructions as well as a reiteration of the disclaimer below. DISCLAIMER: It must be noted that I did not create or assist in the creation of any of the amazing tools in this AIO mod tool. I only made the AIO Tool itself. I cannot stress this enough that my part in this project is more than miniscule and credit should be given to the people who made the tools in the first place. I reiterate this disclaimer in the README file of the download. Most if not all of the programs within this AIO Tool have their own README's or "About" tabs which tell of each tool's creator(s). Again, the only thing I created in this download is the AIO Tool Itself. VIRUS SCAN VIRUS SCAN 2 DOWNLOAD I also want to point out that when running this tool as Administrator, all programs that are opened within the tool are ran as administrator. The only program I know of that should always be ran as an Admin is Xport 360.
  6. Hey everyone, this is a slightly updated version of a program that I wrote to assist in adding built-in maps and game variants to Halo: Reach or Halo 4's main menu. This program will extract the raw MVAR or MPVR data and their headers, so all you'll have to do is actually inject that data to the main menu and go from there. As there is no 100% accurate way (as far as I can tell) to determine the end of the header info from either MVAR or MPVR, that is not guaranteed to be accurate. The program sort of guesses where the end of the header is (Everything I tested worked, but it may not work with some of your files). Use your sense and take a look at the original tutorials if you're in doubt. If anyone does know of a completely, or at least more accurate way to determine the end of those headers, please let me know and I'll work it into the code as soon as possible. (I had to change the name of the source files to VariantExtractor because GitHub doesn't like spaces) Source Download Original Post:
  7. Multi

    Hey all, I've released my general cache info tool. CacheInfo will grab important values in any third gen Blam! engine game. You may have heard me wanting to add support for first and second gen files in the planning stages, but that has been dropped. I do still have the source for that though, so if anyone wants to take a look at it, don't be shy to ask. Anyways, this program is open source under the DBAD license. The link to the GitHub page can be found below. And yes, force-loading is included as well! View on GitHub Download on GitHub Thanks: Akarias, Thunder, & Zeltrax for testing and giving feedback in the development stages. AMD for looking into and fixing the problem in the force-loading code in LocaleInfo, which is used here as well.
  8. Multi

    Hey everyone, I wrote a program that grabs the Locale Info from MATG/PATG for any 3rd gen map. This is open source under the DBAD license. The link to the GitHub page can be found below The program now supports force-loading as a known game for unknown builds (useful for if there's a new TU with a new build, or if you have an unreleased map like View on GitHub Download on GitHub Hope you enjoy and that someone finds it useful! Thanks: Major thanks to AMD for looking into and fixing the problem in my code that caused problems with force-loading as a known game.
  9. Multi

    XEX Assistant XEX Assistant creates an interface where the user can easily test values found in an xex file. It allows for interval poking of different values in a specified amount of time-and other useful features as well. Screenshot : For more screenshots, the program and it's source code, visit this project on my website :
  10. This program allows you to create an XML file containing memory offsets(and values) for your Xbox 360 and share those files. Rather than having me create a new modding program, this allows you to create your own(ala my Halo 4 Modder). View more information and download here : Screenshots :
  11. Adjutant 2 is a tool that can extract tags from Halo 3 and Halo: Reach .map files. New Features: New iconYou can now open multiple map files at once in tabsBatch extraction is now done in a different thread, making it:FasterCancel-ableNot freeze the applicationBatch extraction output is now in the same windowYou can now cancel and save output from a batch extractYou can now batch extract in Tag Type viewOptions to copy tag paths to the clipboardTag Type view will now show the proper type names (you can turn this off in settings)You can now toggle whether to overwrite files when batch extractingNew "Quick Extract" toggle (will just use data folder instead of asking each time)When opening a map, the view type will default to whatever you last used. (you don't have to constantly switch to folder view if you use it)Loading Folder Hierarchy view is significantly fasterBetter model and bitmap extractionAutomatic updatingReach supportModel viewerEMF v2.unic tag viewingDownload: If you get errors try installing .NET Framework 3.5 and/or 4.0. Other Downloads: Reach marine.emf with all permutationsReach marine_female.emf with all permutationsReach spartans.emf with all permutationsNote: some permutations will have incorrect names. Created By: Gravemind
  12. Multi

    File Name: Liberty File Submitter: AMD File Submitted: 08 Oct 2011 File Updated: 04 Aug 2013 File Category: Programs Virus Scan: Click Here Liberty, is the first Halo: Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary campaign editor, that is 100% free, and doesn't require registration. It can also do more features than all of the current editors around. It was coded from 100% our research and we had no help at all from anyone who already had information on campaign saves. It is licensed under the GPL v2 Copyright act. Liberty, was developed by 3 people; - AMD: Backend Code/Research - Xerax: GUI/Backend Code/Research - ThunderWaffle {Unknown Heck}: Research And we would also like to thank; - DeadCanadian: Testing/Help Researching - XenonDev: Testing/Help Research - jfrankiller3: Providing Saves/Bugging Me - Bloodrapter: Testing - Ascention Developers - Xbox Chaos Community/Se7ensins Community - Team Viewer - Bungie: For being kickass, and leading the way in FPS's over the last 10 years. (also making a b**** of a save format) - Biped Manipulation: Player Position, Invincilbility. - Weapon Manipulation: Modify the ammo for each of your weapons (supports up to 4). - Grenade Manipluation: Modify the grenade count for each of your grenades. - Fine Tweaks: Max Ammo for every loaded weapon on the map. - Biped Manipulation: Character Swapping, NoClip, Player Position, Invincilbility. - Weapon Manipulation: Modify the ammo for each of your weapons (Liberty supports up to 4 unique weapons). - Grenade Manipluation: Modify the grenade count for each of your grenades. - Object Manipluation: Object Deletion, Object Resizing(Scaling), Object Swapping, Position Editing, Ammo/Grenade Editing (for bipeds), Invincibility modification (Edit Max Health/Shields) - Fine Tweaks: Edit checkpoint HUD text, Max Ammo for every loaded weapon on the map. Q: When I load a Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, it says the save is corrupt? A: We don't know what causes this, but we are trying to work it out. Just press A, and it will let you play your mods. (But if you die before getting a checkpoint, it will restart the level). Q: I get an exception saying my Save is an "Invalid Package" watdo? A: Well, that means it isn't a valid Halo Campaign Savegame (Only Halo: Reach and Anniversary are supported), or it is corrupted. Try getting a Clean/Untouched save. Q: I get exceptions saying I don't have the correct file permissions? A: Make sure you are running the application as Administrator. Q: When i try to load a save from my USB, it says it can't detect any FATX Devices? A: Make sure you are running the application as Administrator, and you don't have any other fatx viewers open. Click here to download this file
  13. Multi

    Alteration was originally created for the sole purpose of reasearch. This can now be used to edit maps in real time by Xenon.7 and Anthony (Other credits in program)Pics: Download
  14. Multi

    File Name: mapexpand File Submitter: AMD File Submitted: 06 Oct 2012 File Updated: 06 Oct 2012 File Category: Programs Virus Scan: Click Here Injects free space into the metadata area of .map files. Useful for injecting tags or resizing chunks. Most research was done by me. Special thanks to Xerax, Dovahkiin, DeadCanadian, and Lord Zedd, along with anyone who helped develop Ascension or any previous editors. Run it from the command line like this: mapexpand <path to .map file> <number of 0x10000-byte pages to inject> For example, to add 0x20000 bytes into, run mapexpand "" 2 There are a few things that you need to be careful of though: This only adds extra meta to the .map. You can't use this program to add models or textures - that's an entirely different process. This program only works with the retail version of Reach for now. However, the method described in this blog post should work for Halo 3 as well, aside from differing header offsets. You must patch your .xex with Zedd's blue flames patches. Using a .xex patched with Reachunlock or a similar program makes the game reject the map file for a currently-unknown reason. Don't inject anything while Ascension or another editor is open. Injecting changes the map magic because it involves decreasing the virtual base address of the metadata. Ascension can't handle patching between maps of different sizes. To create a patch which requires an expanded map file, you need to set an expanded .map as the original map and instruct users to use this program (perhaps through a .bat file or a similar script) before patching. Finally, only inject the number of pages that you actually need. You can always add more later. Adding 50 MB to the file just because you think you might need it is stupid and will probably slow your Xbox down or make the game just crash. See my blog post for more information. Click here to download this file
  15. Multi

    Made by Xenon, modified by Darkshallfall lately edited by me. minor edits pictures includes: previous changes in this rar file there is a folder that contains the memedit.xex plugin. read the installation as there is info on how to get it to work.
  16. Multi

    File Name: BLF Image Swapper File Submitter: DeadCanadian File Submitted: 28 Feb 2012 File Updated: 29 Feb 2012 File Category: Programs Virus Scan: Click Here Very Simple program made after Orange Mohawk made a topic about swapping their files. With my previous knowledge on swapping these files and his reminder i quickly made this. enjoy Click here to download this file
  17. This is an alteration that ive been working on. It has some small things changed to it that i find quite useful when editing. Current Changes that you can use: -lengthened bars, making it easier to read item names -added secondary view value as. for an offset two plus where you are cause in the plugin there is the odd one set to those numbers -completed Chunk code, you can now change the ammount and offset for any reflexive without a plugin This program comes with all of my updated plugins. Bugs: -same bugs the normal alt would of had -unfinished model editor code, does nothing right now Other Info: -current version hit the S button to save the chunks. because they arent in the plugin the save button doesnt work Current Projects: -model extractor -chunk count and offset -chunk cloner -tag path hierchy Pictures: Download: please suggest other things you would like to see in the program
  18. So me and LazyGamerJc decided to massively add on to Alteration. Unfortunately the new name will have to be Alteration v0.06 because we have to keep the name as Alteration due to Detox's requirement since we are using his code. We are going to modify it to have the following features: (Pm me for the features.) We'll keep you guys updated on our progress as we go along. Full credit will go to the creators of the source code we use/modify, and will be released open source in the alpha version.
  19. Multi

    if you dont have the xex's it could be hard for you to mod the beta thx to detox for making this program Ascension_0.026.rar