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  1. C#, C++, Java, and other popular languages are mentioned here, but what about other, more unconventional languages? Perhaps I'm alone in this, but I really like browsing alternate languages and seeing what they have to offer. Here's my take on them: Python: A good language for learning, since it has all the common paradigms built in. I probably have a bias since this is the language my university first taught me, but I found the syntactic whitespace really nice. Its three built-in datatypes (list, dictionary, and tuple) cover just about every usecase you'll need, and Pythonistas rejoice in the simplicty of "there's one way to do it". There is overwhelming support for science and math; scientists are finally able to move on from FORTRAN thanks to Python. While it is certainly supports more functional programming than Java, it just seems a bit too imperative by default for me. Ruby: Python and Ruby share many of the same strengths. Ruby's fame comes from its most popular application, "Rails", and Ruby on Rails has powered many a website. Ruby takes a bit more inspiration from Perl, and runs best on Mac/Linux/Unix machines, although there is an IronRuby implementation for .Net. Ruby has a very interesting object model - much more compelling than C#'s or Java's, imo. Some jokingly consider it "Smalltalk minus minus" - approaching the extreme object oriented power of Smalltalk, but also offering other benefits. Ruby's community tends to give more importance to testing than most, which is a good thing. "Ruby has magic" is a saying I've heard frequently among developers. It can do a lot more than Java, but tests are a good way to add stability to such a dynamic framework. Common Lisp: While it has a comparatively ancient heritage, Common Lisp is no slouch. Contrary to popular belief, Lisp has, yes, actually improved since the 70's. Popularized by Paul Graham and his essays such as Beating the Averages, my perception of CL is that it actually occupies somewhat of the same niche as Python and Ruby now fill. CL is great for servers, and actually compiles to near the speed of C and C++, but with oh-so-much-more syntactic power. It is a dynamic language (like Python and Ruby), and some of you may be surprised to learn that Reddit was prototyped in Lisp. Advocates hail CL as "the programmable programming language" for its unparalled extensibility. Whereas Bjarne had to make a whole new language to add objects to C, Lispers simply wrote a library for the feature. Perhaps the two greatest sources of Lisp's power are it's tree-like structure (think how XML allows you to nest things inside other XML tags) and it's macro feature, which makes C macros look puny by comparison. While certainly a departure from "ordinary" languages, Common Lisp offers a broadened experience and power that few other languages boast. Erlang: It's name comes from ERicsson LANGuage, as it was created for the telcomm company in the late 80s when they decided no other language was suitable for their needs. Erlang is a language that, in my opinion, made all the right engineering choices. Erlang is not an academic language - it is a practical language. If you ever find yourself designing a programming language and find yourself stuck at a decision, ask yourself "What did Erlang choose?" - it's probably the better decision. Erlang is a functional language, but also takes inspiration from the Actors paradigm (which is what Alan Kay actually meant when he invented Object Oriented Programming). Erlang has extreme support for parallel programming and distributed computing. Many companies use Erlang, including Facebook for their chat feature. While perhaps not the best choice for every niche, Erlang always scores a touchdown when it has the home advantage - communications and distributed computing. I can write more summaries if you guys are interested. Programming languages are sorta my passion, lol. Edit: Inb4 Python and Ruby are popular languages - I just decided to write about them first.
  2. Made some hacks for Borderlands 1 v1.0.2 for the Nintendo Switch. If you wanna watch, here's the video:
  3. Back in the days of the 360 I'm sure many can fondly remember playing dead island and being given those foreign weapons that could literally kill everything in two or less shots. Some of those modded shotguns could easily send zombies into low orbit -never to be seen again. Myself and many others (I'm sure) think fondly of these over the top weapons when dead island comes to mind. I was quite happy to have heard that both dead island and riptide got remastered for the current gen consoles. Unfortunately those awesome weapons that lent us so many memories were nowhere to be seen. After some brief research, I found that the ps4 and the pc (of course) versions of the game had these mods available to the player populations on said games. The xbox one of course, was without. To my limited understanding there is no way to get ahold of these game save files as there isn't an option to save to a specific storage device like on the 360. somewhere in here I'm sure the cloud comes into play as well since most xbox games require your profile to sync first before anything is carried out. Even if you where able to mod the local file saves on the xbox would those discrepancies between the cloud and the local storage cause issues? Thank you for your time and if anyone has any information regarding this topic feel free to chime in.
  4. Other

    Anyone out there have any experience converting Oblivion mods from PC to Xbox 360? I've had pretty good success with a ton of mods, the only thing I'm stuck on is getting custom sounds to not cause a freeze. I've converted to xma using xma2encode form the 360 xdk, but the sounds still cause a freeze. Anyone out there with any wizardry to make this work?
  5. Hello! I was wondering if anyone has the files for the Gears of War 3 Public Xbox Live Beta. Yes, I know it is on, however, it only contains the launcher for the beta, and none of the files you would download from Xbox Live. These files you would download would be the actual beta game files and not the launcher. Does anyone have those anywhere? Thank you.
  6. Other

    I kind of took a break from the Halo modding scene. I started modding Super Smash Bros. Melee for fun to see if I could apply what I have learned from 3D modeling, hex editing, and texturing.
  7. I’ve seen people successfully downloading Minecraft mods from websites and getting them to work on Xbox One by utilizing the “File Downloader” Xb-one app and the “ufo transfer” xb-one app. My question is, has anyone thought to utilize these methods for other games? I’m sure Minecraft left a backdoor intentionally for these type of things however if they didn’t, then can’t this be utilized for other games? S/N: Sorry if this question has been asked already. I wasn’t able find anything about this on this forum. Video I’m referring to:
  8. Hello guys, i am willing to pay someone to add a list of mods to my halo games on my modded JTAG RGH console because i can’t figure it out myself and don’t have much time , i am willing to pay somebody for it via paypal .. I have the list of mods kn my computer with download links if you are interested message me back ! thanks guys
  9. Well, patching has never been an issue before but for some reason now it is. When I make a mod for Halo 3 and test it on console it works just fine, but when creating the patch for other people to test it turns out the patch is corrupted. The patch itself is created, it can be applied, etc. But when testing the patched map it throws a "Disk is unreadable" error and when opening said map on Assembly it just crashes. I've had some problems with tag extraction and injection and I'm able to solve them with patience. But five patch errors in a row? I repeat, this has never happened before. What's going on with Assembly?
  10. After eight months of development, we are proud to announce the first stable release of Assembly, a 100% open-source Blam/Halo research tool and map editor. It enables users to both research how the Halo games work and also share creative modifications that are made. Assembly was built from the ground up with four goals in mind: Flexibility - Assembly is capable of seamlessly opening and editing .map, .mapinfo, and .blf files from Halo 2: Vista, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4, with support for more games coming soon. Speed - Spend more time modding and less time waiting for trivial tasks to complete. Even the largest tags load extremely quickly with invisible fields enabled, and search and autocomplete features throughout the program allow you to find what you need quickly Usability - We built Assembly using Windows Presentation Foundation and utilized modern UI design concepts. Thus, assembly is both easy to use and easy to look at. Customizability - Don't like the default blue look? Select from one of four different UI themes. Don't like how the View Value As tool is laid out? Make your own meta editor plugin for it. Almost everything in Assembly can be customized in some way. Not to mention that the source code is freely available on GitHub to give you even more control. Supported Features: Beta versions of games are supported Patch compatibility from Alteration and Ascension Patches can contain name, author, description, and target map information Voxel converter for creating custom Halo 4 loading screens Plugin generator Plugin editor with syntax highlighting code completion Plugin converter for converting Ascension and Alteration plugins to the new format Add support for other similar builds on the fly with XML "Xbox Memory" sidebar for controlling your console and taking screenshots Automatic update system Maps: Tagnames decrypted for all games StringIDs decrypted for all games BlamScript decompilation for Reach (soon to be all games) Locale viewing and editing, with special characters (e.g. button icons) replaced with XML tags Meta data viewing, editing, and searching Meta data "View Value as" window BLF: Extract existing images Inject new images MapInfo: Edit map ID Edit map internal name Edit map external name and description Screenshots: Assembly was brought to you by: AMD Xerax Thunder/Dovahkiin Lord Zedd DeadCanadian SnipeStyle gabe_k With special thanks to: Xenomega (Xenon.7/Detox) Kornman00 CLK DarkShallFall Prey Shade45 Anthony KingDingDan XenonDev Gravemind Finally, we also want to thank all who have been a part of research in the Halo scene over the past decade. Without your work, none of this would have been possible. Here's to the next ten years. Download from Github Get the Source Code
  11. Other

    Features: Bugs: Virus Scans: Download:
  12. Download the Trainer here:!x0UQTAKL!h5uaYWGXN2JwUQio0X5kJ5uz3H8vxF-E3sw3V_VOZdA Download the Trainer's PDF Manual here:!xl0QSabI!xKO0CFhcogFlf3TYDIK2RzuE-O_ggffCkw0iZo9PGww Download Raz0r's two necessary patches here: Virus Scan of RE5 Trainer: Credits: First and foremost, I'd like to thank both God and his son Jesus Christ for giving me the knowledge and patience to make this trainer. Reclaimer Shawn = Programming, Address Finding, Form Creating tabbyfight = Beta testing Raz0r = For his patch to allow character swapping to work. Also, character IDs and fireable LTD. Sectus = Item Indexes BlackBlood of RE Modding Boards = Invincibility Dark Byte and the Cheat Engine Community = For creating Cheat Engine and helping me to learn along the way.
  13. Features: Bugs: Virus Scan: Gecko Code you need to use once in order to get this tool to generate shinies properly. Enable this code, save and quit, then disable it. Afterwards, you'll never need it again. Download:
  14. Features: Bugs: Virus Scan: Gecko Code you need to use once in order to get this tool to generate shinies properly. Enable this code, save and quit, then disable it. Afterwards, you'll never need it again. Download:
  15. Like the title says, everytime I add the folder path for resources for certain games I always close Assembly. But now the program won't save the folder paths. When I look at the Map Editor Settings and I check, lets say Halo 3 ODST, the folder path is now missing and I'm forced to add it again. Why isn't it saving that data? It used to save it. Is there now a button to save data on Settings or what?
  16. Other

    To preface what this topic is about, it's about the recent banning of Professional as well as the general outlook on modding or contributing to it. I'd like to go in depth and bring up some simple concepts and ask you to weigh what I say then re-evaluate his ban. So I'd like to start off with one simple thing, the reasons for his banning (to my knowledge) are his help with updating an offset that was used in the following video: - Video Link So if I'm understanding correctly, you banned him because he helped someone? Even then, there is no proof other than a one line sentence in a description. The facts behind this are this: The offset was updated because it was released PUBLICLY on this site. It got updated and it wasn't even released publicly. If you didn't truly want it known, you shouldn't have released it. That's on you. It was made into an xex not an RTE and it wasn't done through Assembly or anything and it was given to Slim Shady. So help me to understand the issue? Let's just say you banned him because he contributed to something that can be used online. Wait though, the admins of this site have released things publicly that have affected online play more than any other tool out there, i.e Assembly. So why don't you ban yourselves? OHHH WAIT, that's right. It's because you guys are the admins. Pardon me. This site used to literally praise people for making things, and now you guys just think you're above everyone else and completely despise anything online related despite having taking stances with it in the past. Proof you ask? Great question. here you go: - Thread on this site for a public tool - AMD + Zedd's Praises The above screenshot is just one example. People here used to be proud when new things came about. AMD even defended someone right there and we see Lord Zedd liking the comment. Now you guys have just let your egos get to you to the point that you can unjustifiably ban someone just for updating a damn offset. Seriously think about this. It's pretty damn unjustified. Questions for this debate: - When did modding in any way shape or form become looked down upon? Even when people are releasing new things? - Why waste your time getting so mad at people who make online tools when you guys have? Love, - A3on inb4 an Admin removes this post, or cites another reason for ban even though the ban occurred one day after the video was released.
  17. What this savepack includes: -Level 1-70 XP Lobby on Playthrough 4 (turn in Concordia missions) -Infinite Ammo (in the form of regenerating ammo) -Max Cash and Moonstones -Droppable Moonstones for other players -Modded Weapons that work after all patches -A 4th Playthrough with Level 165 enemies -Modded BAR for people on the PC Credits: varekplays of the Borderlands Modding Discord: Hybrid Weapon ideas and testing on the PlayStation |x RICK x| PS4: His PS3 Save packages that I used for my saves Download Link: Virus Scan: Join the Borderlands Modding Discord here:
  18. This video goes over how to: -Install the Community Patch v3.1 -Install Weapon Mods and other mods -Set Character and Level caps to Level 100 -Set Eridium cap all the way to 2147483647 -Set Backpack cap to 255 Credit goes to: shadowevil1996 (craig) - Community Patch video + tutorial c0dycode - Hex Editor Tool LightChaosman - UCP Tool/BL2.exe hex editing VariantLoki - His Incredible Hulk Rocket Launcher Anybody else who's worked on the community patch and community Github Thumbnail Credit:
  19. Since I'm here, I should point out that I updated the tools used for modding Halo Wars to include support for the new PC edition. You can find a download here: This time there's a drag-n-drop version GUI that makes building/extracting from ERA files easier.