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  1. Download and info: Let this be the support thread, or something.
  2. Other

    Hi, I'm trying to real time edit Dead or alive 3 to find the character modifier code. I have been using Peek Poker to dump memory but was wondering if there is a tool or plugin i need for editing an original xbox game (Or if is possible). Cause the codes i end up with just make the game crash or don't do anything. I have been dumping memory then changing characters and dumping again then searching changed addresses. It worked for Dead or alive 4 but no luck with Dead or alive 3.
  3. I have looked everywhere for a solution for this problem, i tried running it on windows 7 and 10, but neither work! Whenever I Download it with the chaos downloader, i have selected master and dev, neither work. It just freezes the explorer window that i start it with. When i close it out, it always says its running in system. So i have to reboot and then delete it. But sometimes if i dont delete it fast enough it starts on its own and i have to reboot again! Im running windows 10 and i have run it on 7 too. I tried using the sourceforge version in 2013, it started, when i updated it froze and never worked again.
  4. I downloaded an indie game from xbox live. Then I unlocked it with xm360. I go to play the full version and it then says "U must me signed into Xbox Live" or something like that. ^ | I was wondering how or if, there is a way to bypass this message: | ???
  5. Other

    i saw a download for a hlao wars trainer for tu6 but the link was dead i was really wanting to screw around with some halo wars mods the tool gave you infinite population and resources lol so if any one can find this tool or has a working link plzs send it to me
  6. Other

    Hay anyone know where i can find mods for this game im looking to get infinite map blocks to put down on the mapmaker?
  7. Other

    Does anyone play csgo on this site and if so what are your ranks
  8. In this video I'm showing how to customize restricted vehicles in LSC. (Some can not be customized by different list of vehicles such as trucks, fast cars, emergency, etc...) HEX List can be found here → Thanks to → ap ii intense He found the vehicles HEX values and listed it = ) NOTE: Native Trainer for GTA V PC is out, check it here! → How to: → First choose any car you want and drive to the door of LSC (example: FBI2); → Go to the HEX list and pick up the FBI2 address and search on Cheat Engine; → Select all addresses and replace the value with another vehicle Hex in the list (example emperor); → Drive your police car (FBI2) to the LSC and customize it; → Then in the Cheat Engine addresses, restore the original FBI2 address. NOTE: Do not attempt doing this at GTA Online because you will get your account banned! This is only for the Single Player mode! Have fun = )
  9. How to do it, since some people are new to cheat engine and/or got confused with the last video =/ → At the helipad select the Swift as your vehicle; → Select the Swift address "EBC24DF2" without quotation marks and search just like in the video; → Once you get more/less 20 addresses, go to the helipad and choose the Maverick; → When the Maverick spawns, look to the cheat engine addresses and find which addresses changed with the Maverick address "9D0450CA", again without quotation marks; → You will notify there will be +/- 2 or 3 addresses changed, pick one of them from below and replace it (one by one) with any vehicle hex value and lock it; → Finally go to the helipad again and choose any vehicle you have there and it will spawn the vehicle you modded with cheat engine. HEX List can be found here: Thanks to → ap ii intense He found the vehicles HEX values and listed it = ) NOTE: Do not attempt doing this at GTA Online because you will get your account banned! This is only for the Single Player mode! Have fun = )
  10. In this video I'm editing any vehicle from Franklin's Helipad Garage by searching and changing the vehicle's HEX value in real time editing with Cheat Engine. HEX List can be found here: Thanks to → ap ii intense He found the vehicles HEX values and listed it = ) NOTE: Do not attempt doing this at GTA Online because you will get your account banned! This is only for the Single Player mode! Have fun = )
  11. I previously saw this video - I have access to my root on Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts game for my jtag does anyone know how to do this mod? I tried looking at theRareWitchProject but they say a bunch of crap about buying it for $2,000? That's a joke. but if their is maybe if theirs a modified or modded default.xex, where could I find it? Or if theirs a modded file I need to replace in its root. They say that contacting the guy "Pm IceMario" will help me. But I don't know who that is.
  12. Hi, I am looking for roms for my 360 rgh, I am wanting to be able to play Nintendo 64 games on my rgh console? I have tried a lot of links from peoples youtube vids. and every single one is dead and dosnt work. I have tried one of the famous sites: LINK REMOVED, and it doesn't allow Nintendo 64 roms to be downloaded. What I was mainly requesting is a .rar, or a .zip, of some Nintendo 64 roms for my rgh. If there Is maybe a link to mediafire, or anything that works that would be great! Thanks
  13. Other

    Been trying to track down any 360 builds of dying light. Any one know where i can find one?
  14. just wanted to know if you could pop an achievement with assembly using real time edit ?
  15. Other

    So is anyone else excited for this game?... I know this is a Xbox forum mostly but I want to see who is excited for the upcoming Persona Q for 3DS! I loved Persona ever since the first one for PS1... I have every single Persona game.. Hell I bought a VITA just to get Persona 4 Golden.. Now I'm doing the same with Persona Q.. I'm getting the Persona Q 3DS XL Handheld and the Collectors Edition of the game. Halo and Persona are my two favorite games.. I must say if you guys have a PS1, PS2, PS3 (backwards compatible), or a VITA.. I would definitely check out this game... My personal favorite is Persona 4 (Also Persona 4 Golden) and Persona 3 would be my next favorite. Also I cant wait for Persona 5 for the PS3 and PS4 next year.. I'm personally getting mine on the PS4. But back on topic.. Is anyone excited for Persona Q like me? Or is anyone going to give it a try? I promise the game wont be a let down.. Well I hope it isn't at least.. Here are some videos on Persona Q:
  16. I've been wanting to mod Forza Horizon 2, but if I try to run the game with its files "loose" (not on a disc, and not in a Games on Demand container) I have issues. The game starts up, but once you hit the start button the system powers down at the first load screen. I know they removed some checks in the XEX to allow the game's SQL database to be modified, but are there other check possibly, or do some games just not like running loose files?
  17. Like, the files and stuff. Can you mod them?
  18. Other

    Update 8/24: The CRC value has been changed to an signed integer, rather than unsigned, to match Assembly plugins. Thanks to Lord Zedd for pointing this out. This is a tool which will grab the CRC and Hashes for raw pages from 3rd Gen Halo games. This won't do much on its own, but it might help if you want to mess with raw pages. This might help as well. Credits to Lord Zedd and AMD for figuring out the hashing methods and sharing that info with me. play index 4059 from Downloads: GitHub - Source GitHub MediaFire Mega Credits: AMD for the First and Last Chunk hashing Lord Zedd for the CRC and Entire Buffer hashing
  19. Hello, I want to know how to access the coding in Watch Dogs so I can start editing and seeing what can be done. I also want to know how you add models you make into the coding, what programs do you use?
  20. Other

    GAMECHEAT FANS, ROLL OUT! Link: VirustotalScan: If you pre-ordered this game you get a free Gamecheat Fan T-Shirt.
  21. Recently Assembly has no longer been able to communicate with my 360, but Xbox 360 Neighboorhood is working fine... What could be wrong?
  22. Other

    I need help, I don't know how to post my file share screenshots onto a post?!?!?!?!