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Found 955 results

  1. Can I run a 4 Player Split Screen campaign without Cortana Freezing if I apply the "Halo 3 Ultimate XEX" file uploaded by Lord Zedd? I really want to enjoy Halo 3 campaign with 4 Player Split Screen. However, Halo 3 stops playing when certain Cortana comes into play.
  2. Hello everyone, I just had a quick question, I'm quite new to RTE and I was wondering which tags are for master chiefs armor permutations in the campaign .maps. I.E giving Chief a different armor entirely. Thanks for the help!
  3. I tried changing the seat animation to ghost_d, unchecked invalid for player and even tried changing the markers, I get to the nose and still cant fly it. What is preventing me from being able to pilot the phantom>
  4. If someone could help me do it and or do it for me that would be awesome. What I want is to make a game type for my clan, if anyone knows how to do this please respond!
  5. Support

    Ok, so I need some help on scripting (I know nothing to be honest). I really want to make AI battles and I actually tried the tutorial on making AI Squads, but in the end it was useless because I need to script them to spawn and scripting is definatelly not my strenght. So I'd like to have some help on that part, pretty appreciate it. Not just for Halo 3 but for Reach as well as it has the best AI models so far.
  6. Total noob here and what I'm asking for should actually be extremely simple, but I really have no idea. Found nothing with search bar and Google. How would I remove the blue tint in Halo 3's menu? Preferably through Assembly. If someone has that main menu editing app (which has all links down), that would be interesting too.
  7. Support

    I've had no issues getting Halo 4 to run off my external HDD with campaign maps being easily moddable. But I've never tried to install the Disc 2 multiplayer maps until now. I'm able to install it off Disc 2 but that of course puts it in the content folder on my USB drive in a different format consisting of 2 files. I've done quite a bit of digging around here to see if I can find out how to just simply put the .map files in the maps folder of Halo 4 but there doesn't seem to be any tutorial for that. Simply copying the .map files to that folder doesn't work and the game won't recognize those maps as there. So how do I get the .map files from Disc 2 or any Halo 4 DLC for that matter, onto my USB hard drive and load those maps that way?
  8. l patched cliffside but whenever I use it it gets to 42% and it just stops and gives me the error message "Failed to load content" Contenido no leído Marcar sitio leído Casa aureola Halo Reach .Map Patch no funciona "Error al cargar contenido"
  9. Support

    I just recently made my first JTAG so I need a little help getting .map mods. Here's what I downloaded - I'm using the green_halo.asmp. So once I downloadable and extracted that I open my Halo: Reach files and Assembly and I go to map patcher and here's how I set it up. I'll explain quickly Patch I use is the green_halo. unmodified map is a copy of forge world I put on my desktop. output map is called green_halo in my Halo: Reach maps folder. I also checked the patch extras. But when I boot up the game I don't see anything. I'm not sure what's suppose to happen but I think is that a new map should appear in the list of maps. Can someone Help me?
  10. I'm pretty new to modding. It's something I've always wanted to learn ever since Halo 2 mods, and I finally have the hardware to be able to do it. I've figured out quite a few things on my own (through experimenting and many game crashes) and have also been searching and reading through a lot of threads on this site. I'm working on a .map mod now in Halo 3 where I really want to have the Silenced SMG from Halo 3 ODST functioning. Initially I didn't realize how I needed to fix a bunch of the things in the injected tag until the first time I tried to spawn it. I spent a good amount of time correcting and comparing the injected tag with where I got it from (the h100 map). Then I tried again, and while I got a better result, I'm still having issues. I could just use a little guidance. I know my strings are messed up, but I really know very little about strings so that was me just copying and editing the strings for the normal SMG because logically I was thinking that would work. It kind of did? Anyway, I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this! Here's how far I've gotten with the SMG: Halo 3: Injecting Silenced SMG [YouTube]
  11. I have injected an ODST and have swapped my player model in MATG to play as that, but I couldn't find a tag for fp_body and fp_arms for the ODST. So I'm stuck using the master chief_fp tags for those. Do they exist as another name? I tried finding them on the 100_citadel map where I got the ODST tag, but didn't find them. But my main questions concerning this are how do I get in vehicles now, and how can I use turrets & equipment like the weapon jammer, etc.? I'm not getting prompted and can't enter a vehicle or use equipment. Lastly for now, I'm not sure how to get dual wielding working correctly for the ODST, but as it is now (not working right) it allows me to have 4 weapons (although the dual wielding ones appear to share ammo?). However, I did figure out how to throw grenades farther (the animation is funny since it use the ODST's lol) and alter movement speed so I'm learning which is good. And as a sidenote I figured out how to change the FOV, so I put that at 90. Anyway, I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this stuff! TLDR list of things I need help with (that I've figured out don't work right): First person appearance of arms Can't operate vehicles or turrets Can't use equipment Broken dual wielding Can't melee when crouched My progress on it and some issues so far: Functional ODST injection progress [YouTube]
  12. Support

    I would like to request a .map mod that contains a Green or Blue Screen for Machinima purposes. My capture card isn't a high quality one, so the blueish screen the map Guardian has doesn't help me. This is easy on Halo Reach as the shield doors can make an almost perfect blue screen when they are hitting a wall, but that's not possible on Halo 3. And please, do not tell me to "buy a new capture card with better quality". Sorry, but many people have told me this a lot. I believe there was a Green Screen mod for Halo 3, but I can't find that map. That's why I'm requesting this. Thanks in advance.
  13. I am .map modding guardian and Im trying to add the Shade turret to the forge menu. How would I go about doing this.
  14. Hey I was wondering if there was anyway to add a modded .map to Halo 3 without changing the original default map? I know this can be done, can anyone point me in the right direction so I can go about doing this? Cheers.
  15. i tried everything i can think of and i could not find any help by google so can someone please tell me how to fix this i spent 2 hours trying to fix it myself with no luck i generated plugins and everything please help me
  16. Support

    Update: I can't seem to find anything on this topic. (Btw, hi! I've been gone a while.) Can anyone give me any hints or pointers on how to change which BSP you start out on in a campaign? On 100_citadel I want to spawn on the map's bsp_040 at the start instead of its bsp_010. Kinda like this: (it's bsp_040, and the dl link is dead) but while staying in the same .map file (and staying in campaign mode). I resorted to trying to reverse engineer Zedd's BSP injection tutorial, but attempting to load the end result resulted in being booted back to the campaign menu. Which was a step up from the black screens of the previous attempts. Here's what I did if you want a break down: There are just so many variables and I'm not even sure if I'm headed in the right direction with this. It'd be funny if it's just one block that I'd have to change to make the player spawn on the desired bsp at set coordinates. The end-goal of this project is to make something that plays somewhat like firefight, and I've chosen that BSP for that project (and also because citadel has the most stuff), so pointers and stuff there would be appreciated as well. I know it'll be a while before I get to the end goal though. I'm going to go back to Halo CE/2, as Akarias recommended, to get gud at scripting. I'll update as results change. Thanks.
  17. Support

    So, I've been making a modded map for the past week or so and I'm almost finished. All I have left to do is mod the vehicles. It's a reskin of ghost town to make it look like a covenant city. Because of this, I wanted to make Elites have the Bungie flames effect. How would I accomplish this? Would it be something around the lines of going into the mode tag and going to add a new marker to mp_elite and then positioning a marker for flames above its head?
  18. Hello you guys! I am new to the XboxChaos forums but I've been a user on this website for a little while now. I need a bit of help. There was a .MAP mod I'd love to get a hold of, but all of the links to it have since died. I'd love to get a patchfile for the map if at all possible. Also, I don't just want to be a leecher. So, I'll at least post a tutorial on here or two and possibly make a .MAP mod of my own someday. Currently I know mostly the basics (stuff like modding projectiles/particle effects). Well anyways, thank you for reading. A video link to the .MAP Mod I wanted to get: The links that I've found do not work. I've tried both of these:
  19. Support

    Before I start doing anything to the Grunt, I'd like to know how to add some shields to it so when used by a player, he can survive more than expected. I believe that, when playing as a Grunt, Brute, etc., after recieving certain amount of shoots he will die no matter how much time has passed. Just asking this before doing anything else. What should I do to add shielding to them?
  20. Support

    The issue: System link play does not work correctly. I am trying to use 2 local consoles, both RGH, to play modded maps with friends locally, NOT XBL. The games will work for a while but then 1 console will crash. Over multiple tests I can say that it is not a certain action/event that is causing the crash. The map being played: The map is a modified with some injected items, including Jorge's biped; which has been made a player through MATG. On local play this map works fine with no issues, however over system link it will work fine but then randomly crash, even in games without use of injected assets; A 15 minute round of an infection gametype was played utilising Jorge's biped and gun including its death, without crashing. The issue is also present on unmodded maps. both are being played on TU0, both using Zedd's XEX patch. No duplicated tags are being used. All shared cache files (mainmenu etc) are either retail or exact copies. The consoles: Both RGH Glitch 2, using the same nand version (neither modded by myself, both sent off to be modified btw). One (the host console in most attempts), is a Slim 250gb Corona. The other is a Phat Jasper (non-elite) using a 60gb hard drive for storage. Both are on Kernal: 2.0.16756.0. Games tried were 6 player with 4 on the host console and 2 on the other, link directly via Ethernet cable. In dashlaunch under network, the only ones enabled are Pingpatch, liveblock, and nonetstore. I have tried with pingpatch disabled to no avail. After the first test I noticed XBDM was enabled, so I disabled it but made no difference. Is there anything in particular that I need to do to the map or anything I may have overlooked with the consoles etc. Thank you in advance for you help.
  21. Support

    So I imported a phantom to forgeworld, and I made it solid using @Lord Zedd's physics models tutorial, but now I can't enter it. I Checked "Driver" and "Gunner", and I unchecked "invalid for player." I even attached the turret to the driver seat marker so I could see where it was and even when I go right next to it, it doesn't show a message or anything. I can't figure out what's wrong, if anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.
  22. Support

    Can anyone tell me how to install mods for ''halo reach xbox 360 rgh'' Please someone teach me or do a tutorial Psta: Tambien hablo español
  23. Support

    I already asked for this, but it was a post in the wrong topic You know there is an option or flag in Assembly that lets you dual wield weapons. In Halo 3 there was no problem because the dual wield animation was shared with ALL weapons. But Halo Reach lacks of this animation and the Spartans (IDK if Elites too) just stay still even if you move. The Energy Sword pose was changed, but when Spartans use it, it looks like their old Dual Wield pose (kinda). I'd like to know how to make Spartans use the Energy Sword's third person animation to simulate the dual wielding. It'd work perfect for Machinima because lowering the sword will make the Spartan have a "neutral" pose. And doing this with 2 guns... you understand it. I know the animation might be on the JMAD of the Spartan, but I need to know what do I need to change or what to do. Also, I already know how to make weapons dual-wieldable like I said above. I don't care of the Elites at the moment, but their sword pose might be good JUST to dual wield swords. And I don't want to inject animations yet (campaign Elites).
  24. Support

    Can anybody tell me how To convert sp To mp???
  25. Support

    Hey, I'm new to this so I'm not gonna know what's going on most of the time. it would be a great thing if you could drop some general tips and tricks. I have the program "Assembly" literally new to this, I love snow so if ya have anything to do with a snow mod hit me up ill be around, thanks.