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  1. Support

    Well so I'm trying to make Elite AI to replace certain Brute squads. While it does work for some encounters, it just doesn't for others. This is done on Crow's Nest btw, as most encounters I modified for Sierra 117 did work. For example, attempting to replace a squad of Brutes inside the barracks works fine for the most part and it also did good with the jumppack Brutes (replaced with Spec Ops Elites). But when I try to replace the Jackals in the hangar with Elites, they just don't spawn. I also tried to replace the final Brute Bodyguards with Elites, but the same effect. They just don't spawn. What is making this happen? Or what am I doing wrong? Because it works for certain encounters in the level but those specific ones just... well, don't work. I even added them to specific Designer Zonesets but they still don't spawn there.
  2. The title says it all. I want to make the Brute Plasma Rifle (and other plasma weaponry), but the problem I have is regarding the projectiles as they're still blue. What needs to be modified in order to make the bolts red (or any other color)?
  3. How can this be done? I'm wanting to just flying around by some AI in Forge mode, but they keep attacking me no matter what setting I try to find and edit. Any way to disable their combat towards JUST players? Would be sweet.
  4. Support

    Hey, so I've been having these issues for quite a while and I'm hoping that there's some way around the issue, or at the very least an idea as to what the cause of the issue is. I've been working on a new version of my old Forge World mod (known mostly as or Forge World Ultimate). For this rework I'm using the latest development build of Assembly (March 22 as of writing) as the latest release build hasn't been updated since 2017. For injections, I've been using the new "Extract List" feature to grab things. It's nice, but I'm starting to meet up with the same issue I had in the past. As time goes on and I inject more things, I keep running into things breaking. It's a bit different than before, though. Where in the past old content would mysteriously break, now it's backwards - newly injected content seems to stop working. Even simple things like render models don't want to inject properly. A couple other notes, I was having some crashing issues when injecting things in bulk, but when I split it into a couple of tag collections everything actually injects fine. The filesize for the new version is only 224MB, and I've seen other maps that are much larger in size that work with no issues. Is this just an inherent issue with these sorts of mods? Is there something that actually causes it besides just "too many injections"? I've been wanting to make a better version of the map, and while it's seemingly been coming along nicely, this issue has been a long-standing issue and I'd like to know how or if I can get around this and make this thing be what I want it to be instead of being held back by mysterious limitations.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to make brutes customizable and playable in multiplayer and I'm stuck on trying to make the different parts of armour change when selecting a different option. I also want to fix the animation as the brute is currently t-posing. I'm also using Xenia which is an emulator so if anyone knows how to make poking work that would also be much appreciated. Here's the progress I've made so far Many thanks, Toby
  6. So i am trying to change my bipd to that of a marine and when I do and go in third person he appears like this: I have changed the model under matg And have changed the model in the spartan.bipd
  7. How do you spawn AI in halo reach without the effects i heard that spawning it through effects makes the AI have no pathing. Is there a topic about it? if not can someone please tell me how to do it.
  8. Hello, Been a while and getting back into modding. I was trying to fire walls out my weapon and was following an old tutorial for halo 3 but I can't seem to figure out how to get this to work in Assembly, thanks,
  9. So i have successfully gotten the phantom and spirit into the forge pallet and gotten them to spawn however when I drop them they fall through the map and cannot be flown. I have tried looking around in assembly but cant find anything that works. Any solutions?
  10. Support

    Have you ever seen this video? Does anyone know how to do this? That, and also to make certain characters invisible? It would be good to make some Machinima with armour not available in Halo Reach. Such as Hayabusa, Rogue, all other Elite armour and/or Arby (the last not necessary as one can play Co-op to make him appear).
  11. i recently downloaded Gamecheat13's Club Errera i loaded up firefight it goes to 40% then stops and says players failed to load content i have disabled cont-patch in dash launch and i have a modded xex and still doesn't work any way to fix this??
  12. Support

    Hello, I was wondering does anyone have the current offsets for autoaim, jumping/movement speed, godemode etc? Was gonna make a tool for offline campaign mode. thanks,
  13. Support

    So I have had issues with just about everything relating to Campaign Injection (injected content myself and even Club Errera map by gamecheat crashed). After building a clean ISO off the disc and trying to do a NoTU patch onto a clean build the map still didn't load, so I WAS going to try and do a title update but the site for TU's are down. Is there anywhere else I can get Title Updates?
  14. Support

    Can Anyone Help Me With The Firefight Mods I Have Transferred The Map To The Halo Reach Map Folder But It Does Not Appear In Firefight
  15. Hello there. So I didn't want to make a thread to waste peoples' times, but I tried searching everywhere and couldn't find an answer to my problem I've read the tutorial for porting campaign maps to multiplayer, and assembly guides posted within the tutorials forum for Halo 3, however, I didn't find anything relating to the problem that keeps persisting for me. I've managed to move a campaign map from singleplayer to multiplayer, images work fine, etc, and I can load the game in slayer just fine, but if I try to load the game on forge, the game instantly ends and it says I've won the game, I don't understand how to fix this. I've downed it to a problem with team games like team slayer or forge (because forge is a team game). I triple checked my spawns in scnr in Assembly, and still haven't found a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  16. ive got a corona rgh running h3 with tu3 ai xex but when ever i inject the scarab and make it driveable the cannon will charge and nothing shoots out i even tried the ai test box mp from gamecheat and scarab spawns but cannon wont fire even for the ai !?!? I have got no clue what is wrong the maps i make with scarab work on my friends rgh but not mine if some one has a suggesting plzs repond lol
  17. Greetings! I recently got into halo 3 modding and Assembly (I used to do biped switches when I was a kiddo on halo CE, so I always knew the basics lol) I have experimented with many maps, but none were ideal to me besides GameCheat13's ai playground. I really enjoy the map but I heavily dislike the lack of atmosphere (just being in a giant box, made of sand) I want actual terrain rather than a giant box. Upon checking my scnr file I did find the BSP for sandbox in gamecheats playground (the original halo 3 map) and I really wanted to switch over, despite matching up the default' s scnr and the ai playground scnr for sandbox I couldn't get the map to actually load this way. I tried replacing files form the original sandbox file but even doing that had no avail. Is there any possible way to switch over this map? I really love the scripts and everything else besides the BSP of the map. I would love more terrain and atmosphere. Before anyone copy pastes me the BSP injection guide and the .map modding basic guides. Yes I have looked at these, and no they didn't help with what I am trying to do. (Should go without saying since this is why I am posting though.) I am open to anything otherwise. Thank you in advance!
  18. Essentially, I wanted the entire forge editing interface removed (Not the sandbox pallet). I just need the budget logo, forge hand, removed or invisible: Sorry, the image is a little dark, but I'm trying to just remove the entire forge screen UI essentially so I can fly around. I went into the monitor BIPD tag and removed the chdt interface tag, but there's still stuff on the screen. I cannot find any other tag references, any ideas?
  19. Support

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this error, i have extracted a Char- tag from a, then opened and clicked import, When i click on the tag i extracted to import i get the error
  20. Support

    does anyone have tu3 for the media id 2BCF91BB
  21. Saw it done here: Dunno where the download is, but if anyone still has it, I would appreciate a download link. If not, how do you fix it yourself?
  22. As seen in this old video how can I poke different gametypes in the beta?
  23. Can I run a 4 Player Split Screen campaign without Cortana Freezing if I apply the "Halo 3 Ultimate XEX" file uploaded by Lord Zedd? I really want to enjoy Halo 3 campaign with 4 Player Split Screen. However, Halo 3 stops playing when certain Cortana comes into play.
  24. Hello everyone, I just had a quick question, I'm quite new to RTE and I was wondering which tags are for master chiefs armor permutations in the campaign .maps. I.E giving Chief a different armor entirely. Thanks for the help!
  25. I tried changing the seat animation to ghost_d, unchecked invalid for player and even tried changing the markers, I get to the nose and still cant fly it. What is preventing me from being able to pilot the phantom>