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Found 981 results

  1. Support

    Everytime i want to take a screenshot of my mods in halo 3 it gives me a picture with rainbow colors. Is there a way to fix this ? And btw i tried assembly and Xbox neighborhood but none of them works.
  2. Support

    Anyone knows how to get Hunter fp body and fp as shown in the video ?
  3. Support

    Hi there. Names Michael, I'm looking into creating a new machinima with AI marines from Halo Reach/ 3 (haven't decided). To anyone who uses AE, I am currently rotoscoping these marines from campaign maps. However it is very time consuming and I'm looking into the Halo world of modding for ease. If anyone has any ideas as to how I could perhaps get marines on a solid color background. Like Green-screening that would be a hallelujah. Or if you can mod these marines and help me with that I'll pay you. Both ways. Talk with me if your interested. [email protected]
  4. Whenever I try and start Vadam on the Halo 3 campaign disc it freezes the xbox.... I don't really what to do to get it to work since I can't figure out what could be wrong. Could someone else maybe try it? Or if they have gotten it to work how did you get it to work?
  5. Support

    Ok so haven = wraparound what about the rest is someone has a list thank you.
  6. Support

    ok so i got assembly I am hooked up to my RGH have my RGH ip in and everthing but i cant locate my Console???
  7. Support

    So I play Halo 4.....a lot, and I play competitively on MLG Sanctuary, today I wanted to replicate the gametype from Halo: Reach. I got all the settings right in Horizon, except for no bloom on the DMR, I noticed there was no setting for it and then I tried to search everywhere for a no bloom gametype, but all I could find was the one for Reach. So if someone could make the community a gametype with zero-bloom in Halo 4, that'd be awesome. I would myself, but I don't really want to get into modding right now, since I'm too busy with things I do.
  8. Support

    How do I get the Maps off my disk to edit them? Thank you for your help if you reply.
  9. Support

    Does anyone know which Value number controls bloom? Like how wide it spreads and how fast it returns. Im new to Ksoft and trying to modify the magnum to be the same rate of fire and bloom as HCE but no matter what numbers or value I change the bloom is now always stuck at crazy big.
  10. Support

    Is it possible to change your bipd when you change to a certain team colour? There's no megalo stuff for Halo 3 so I'm assuming it's not possible.
  11. Support

    Hey, does anyone know how to remove the barriers on maps that stop you from getting out? I know in Halo 3 and Reach it was in sddt but I can't see it in Assembly. Could anyone help me out?
  12. Hello everyone, i have been working for 6 days now but had a problem on this idea of a .map mod for Halo Reach. Rebel Base Incrusion Map Base: Installation 04 DLC AI mod: You have 2-4 Spartan allies who help you to clean out a rebel base (rebels: are marines) Problem: The hunter patrol setting gametype fits this one. Hunters are spartans because they come in less numbers and grunts would be rebels. I went through both tags Grunt char and Marine char and slowly with assembly swaped the properties. I changed the bipd of marine`s team to Covenant. For spartan i changed the properties of marine and just changed the bipd and dialouge (which all of this i said worked fine) but i loaded the map some marines, which are originally meant to be enemies, turned to allies so some were enemys and some were allies. I thought this was a bug so i waited...and no reinforcements came even though i killed all the rebels. I betrayed some of the marines and the next wave came?!!! Some problem with the bipd or char. Not sure if i need to change anything because the spartans work fine although some times one enemy spartans comes and then just disappears but yeah?? Help would be apperciated!!
  13. I've tried to Inject 2 BSP's on many different maps, I had alot of help from The404Spartan and LordZedd and they helped me out, but im not sure what is wrong. Maybe Im doing something incorrect, but I feel I probably didn't. Im just not sure. After Im done with the process of booting the map, it just black screens...
  14. Support

    I'm trying to screenshot some pics for my .map but sadly the pictures become all messed up. Can someone help me with RGLoader?
  15. Support

    After an eye-opening comment/post by manbearpig I figured I'd start up this thread. The are many tricks that us "more established" modders use and take for granted or straight up haven't said much about. So to remedy this and make information available to everyone, feel free to request a tutorial for anything you've seen posted and either myself or any other willing modders will make a new thread with a tutorial. Nothing is off-limits and this was posted in the H4 forum only because it's the newest game. So don't let that stop you from asking about something in Halo 3. I look forward to helping out.
  16. Support

    Hiya, Just wondering if there is a way to keep theater mode from crashing when while playing a recording with mods?. i just realized this today, it crashes at the point when i poked changes to the .map
  17. Support

    I want to mod iteams such as 120 dics stuff like that i have an RGH but i dont know how to do it
  18. Support

    This thread may be open to other bsp related issues. Haloman30 has a question: "does EVERY campaign map have a cube BSP of some sort?"
  19. I am on LiNK right now and the only thing I can moddifiy is my just height and walkspeed, when I mod projectiles it doesn't show up for the other people in my lobby? Do I have to be the connection host or will it simply not work?
  20. Support

    Does anyone have a slayer gametype with parent/child, scale object and hide object i would make it my self but i am waiting on my new computer first
  21. Support

    I downloaded a firefight to multiplayer map (glacier), so i can forge and do custom games on it. I tried to preload (loaded the Glacier map in firefight, and started the game, then exited and loaded it in custom games and pressed start game) and my xbox froze. What am i doing wrong? If i dont pre-load it i get a Players Failed to Load Content message... Please help
  22. Support

    On a couple of Gamecheat's videos on Youtube he spawns AI through the forge menu. How can i do this?
  23. Recently bought a jtag, turned out to of been fucked with, and he deleted the nand files, but didn't tell me, So hopefully one of you kind folks can test this for me, I just need to know if the Shader swaps work, projectile mods, and if the warthog flys Thanks.
  24. Support

    First time making a .map mod, since halo 2 went offline pretty much. but this time it's H3 after finding out it was possible , Please let me know if this works, i'm still waiting to get the money to purchase my jtag/rgh.
  25. EDIT: It wasn't after the update, it just seems that most .map mods that I install do not work correctly for some reason, I get ether one of the two errors -"Can't read disk" - "Players failed to load content" Take note that the maps that I have not been working have never worked for me before(Reflection Marblized,Civilian Forge World,etc.)