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Found 981 results

  1. Support

    The issue: System link play does not work correctly. I am trying to use 2 local consoles, both RGH, to play modded maps with friends locally, NOT XBL. The games will work for a while but then 1 console will crash. Over multiple tests I can say that it is not a certain action/event that is causing the crash. The map being played: The map is a modified with some injected items, including Jorge's biped; which has been made a player through MATG. On local play this map works fine with no issues, however over system link it will work fine but then randomly crash, even in games without use of injected assets; A 15 minute round of an infection gametype was played utilising Jorge's biped and gun including its death, without crashing. The issue is also present on unmodded maps. both are being played on TU0, both using Zedd's XEX patch. No duplicated tags are being used. All shared cache files (mainmenu etc) are either retail or exact copies. The consoles: Both RGH Glitch 2, using the same nand version (neither modded by myself, both sent off to be modified btw). One (the host console in most attempts), is a Slim 250gb Corona. The other is a Phat Jasper (non-elite) using a 60gb hard drive for storage. Both are on Kernal: 2.0.16756.0. Games tried were 6 player with 4 on the host console and 2 on the other, link directly via Ethernet cable. In dashlaunch under network, the only ones enabled are Pingpatch, liveblock, and nonetstore. I have tried with pingpatch disabled to no avail. After the first test I noticed XBDM was enabled, so I disabled it but made no difference. Is there anything in particular that I need to do to the map or anything I may have overlooked with the consoles etc. Thank you in advance for you help.
  2. Support

    So I imported a phantom to forgeworld, and I made it solid using @Lord Zedd's physics models tutorial, but now I can't enter it. I Checked "Driver" and "Gunner", and I unchecked "invalid for player." I even attached the turret to the driver seat marker so I could see where it was and even when I go right next to it, it doesn't show a message or anything. I can't figure out what's wrong, if anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.
  3. Support

    Can anyone tell me how to install mods for ''halo reach xbox 360 rgh'' Please someone teach me or do a tutorial Psta: Tambien hablo espaƱol
  4. Support

  5. I already asked for this, but it was a post in the wrong topic You know there is an option or flag in Assembly that lets you dual wield weapons. In Halo 3 there was no problem because the dual wield animation was shared with ALL weapons. But Halo Reach lacks of this animation and the Spartans (IDK if Elites too) just stay still even if you move. The Energy Sword pose was changed, but when Spartans use it, it looks like their old Dual Wield pose (kinda). I'd like to know how to make Spartans use the Energy Sword's third person animation to simulate the dual wielding. It'd work perfect for Machinima because lowering the sword will make the Spartan have a "neutral" pose. And doing this with 2 guns... you understand it. I know the animation might be on the JMAD of the Spartan, but I need to know what do I need to change or what to do. Also, I already know how to make weapons dual-wieldable like I said above. I don't care of the Elites at the moment, but their sword pose might be good JUST to dual wield swords. And I don't want to inject animations yet (campaign Elites).
  6. Support

    Can anybody tell me how To convert sp To mp???
  7. Support

    Hey, I'm new to this so I'm not gonna know what's going on most of the time. it would be a great thing if you could drop some general tips and tricks. I have the program "Assembly" literally new to this, I love snow so if ya have anything to do with a snow mod hit me up ill be around, thanks.
  8. Support

    So following the Map Conversion tutorial I've managed to get Tsavo Highway loading up in Multplayer. Unfortunately, the spawn isn't working and I'm left with this: I'm relatively sure that I did everything correctly, though it's the first time I've done it so I wouldn't be surprised if I've made a mistake. In case I have, there are some links to screenshots of what I have done below: Screenshot 1 <- In this one it says 49 on Palette Index, I don't know if it's 48 or 49 but I have tried both. Maybe it's neither and I'm dumb. Screenshot 2 Any help on this would be appreciated, thank you for reading.
  9. Any reason why they are like this or was it like an issue? Or am I doing it for the wrong TU ? lol.
  10. Is it possible to extract a vehicle(or other object) from one Halo game, and import it into another? Thanks
  11. Support

    Hey I imported a pelican into forge world from the "better pelican map" by lord zedd, there were some glitches but i got it flying properly, but now I'm wondering if there's any way I can make it be destroyed, doesn't have to be an explosion or debris from the pelican it could be from the scorpion or falcon or anything else that works, I just want it to be destroyable so I can use it practically in games. Also, when I imported it the camera track was wrong and it had no gun, I fixed the camera track but I can't get the gun on. Thanks
  13. Support

    Whenever I try to forge far outside normal map boundries, objects get pulled back to the map, anything I can mess with to fix that? Removal of death barriers or barriers in general dont seem to help
  14. Hello. So, I'm starting to get some crashing problems when injecting or duplicating more stuff to the map (Forge World). The map itself works perfectly, but one of the tags I injected previously will now freeze the game when attempting to spawn it. In this case, I started to inject the full Noble Team (except Noble 6 because his armour appears randomized) and everything went just fine. That's until I injected Kat, when the problem came. Kat and other Spartans work perfectly, but now I can't spawn Jorge without him freezing the game, and he used to work perfectly before that. I hopefully had my backup, and this time I tried to duplicate any of the existing Spartan AI and make it Kat. But the problem persists, Jorge will still crash the game. Is it a problem with the tags, with Jorge himself or what am I doing wrong? I also tried the re-injection. So far he's the only one who has problems after adding Kat, no other AI or object crash. Should I send the .map file?
  15. Support

    hi guys I have tried to change the main menu halo reach , I've extracted the .dds images and / or .tif but not as injecting them back or replace them , use the adjutant to extract . which I use to import it ?
  16. the program ksoft does not encode the gametype, it is to display a message just started, my message string : and this is the trigger but it does not work, I have bad or I'm missing, thanks.
  17. Support

    Some guys had told me to try the squad method of AI spawning, but I could never figure it out. People say spawning AI through squads will make them have pathfinding (if they are in a Campaign/Firefight map ported to MP of course). And I want to do that to make AI battles like Hunters vs Elites or make the Covenant face some Spartans. How can I make these stuff? I believe I don't need to do [char] injection since all main AI is found in the Firefight maps already and there are already a few Firefight maps ported to Multiplayer/Forge (haven't tested them yet). And if this can't be done in Forge/MP, then I still need to know how to do this and make some epic battles.
  18. Support

    I'm 100% new to this modding and I think this website can help me. However, I'm getting a PC soon, What PC do you recommend Mac or Windows? Also I've been watching gamecheat13's video and I really really wanted to be able to spawn ai's. Where do I start? Thanks in advance.
  19. Support

    I have the newest version of assembly i used to be able to inject a bunch of characters into sandrap and it would load fine. Now i have to inject one at a time and after each one i have to test map to see if it will black screen or not. The map i'm trying it on now has all of the sp vehicles and some scenery added from other maps as well. i don't know if i'm at the limit of how much crap i can have in map or if it is my assembly not doing something right. if any one is able to fix this please message me or comment on how you could fix it thank you.
  20. Support

    Wondering how this is done, would help my map creation ALOT! Thanks in advance.
  21. Support

    I was using a campaign map from halo 3 to extract the ODST Biped and to inject into sand trap so i can muck around with it, until i got this error. I've done everything correctly from this tutorial i followed: Here is the screenshot of the error: I need help
  22. Support

    Hi, I've been trying to play Sierra 117 in Forge but every time I try to play I get a black screen. So far, I've injected MULG and WGTZ from multiplayer, I've renamed the original MULG, I've changed the map ID's, and switched the map type to Multiplayer. What else should I edit to make the game load and not black screen? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  23. I try to do it and it never works, I used the advanced poker in Ascension and that is one of the only ones I can't get to work So I searched up the offset in the xex for both TU1 and TU0 and found the offset was not in there, (at least from what I could tell) The TU0 offset was said to be 0xc21601e1, and you poke 00 to be male and 10 to be female but It didn't work. Same with the TU1 offset which was 0xc21a9be1 supposedly. -note I also tested it in the Halo Anniversary ReachTU1,xex Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong or is it entered incorrectly on Ascension?
  24. Support

  25. I'm starting to make Spartan AI Spawns, but I need a little help with this part: How do I make my Spartans wear different armour, and how to make any other than the Noble Team? Just added the Noble Team (Jorge is next now), but I want some other Spartans with different armour (ODST, Gungnir, Police, etc). What do I need to modify to make them look different?