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Found 981 results

  1. Support

    Hey Guys, I just got my JTAG and Halo: REACH To Go with it, I have tried to .map mod Halo: REACH, but, it wont let me because of the plugins are encrypted... Please Help.
  2. Support

    i dont have jtag so forgive me if my idea is just a complete failure but... what if you switched the body of a banshee and turn it into a firgate
  3. Support

    Please Test This! Okay guys I need someone to download my profile and play reach then buy all the armor for me. I modded the credits and stuff and You need to have a webcam and xboxlive UNPLUGGED or I'll most likely get banned if you go online but just message me when i get on again.
  4. i looked on youtube and this forum and cant find out how to rth halo 3 to instant mod help me.
  5. Ive checked everything and its all on my hdd but the maps dont show up on campaign,firefight or forge. How do I fix this?
  6. Support

    I've been looking around,and it seems that the only way to get on these modded vehicles and maps is through a Jtag xbox 360.But can't I use a USB cable,and download the maps that way?Can someone give me some more insight on this please,as I'm a little confused.. =O
  7. Can anyone tell me how to swap or add to the tires of the warthog ghost anti grav things so it can hover? If someone helps me succeed in this i shall also swap the properities of the banshee and make it fly after which I MIGHT make a video of it can anyone please help me?
  8. Support

    Ask any h3 questions ill see if i can help Lots of ppl hav been asking bout xexs and other stuff like that so i decided to post this
  9. Support

    Please Reply I wanted to mod the campaign(change the armour my character uses) so i loaded the .map in alteration and selected [matg]-globals but when i click globals/globals it gives an error and doesnt load the editor.The error says something about " isn´t allowed to start with 3 ,hexademical 0x33. Row 80 Position 44 " .NET framework 4 is installed
  10. Support

    hi i want to do some .map mods but for some reason h3 unlocker wont start up it says there is a problem and i no that u need h3 unlocker to patch the default xex so could some1 send me a patched default xex or put 1 up for download thanx also alteration doesnt work when i click open map then it says all ofn this shit unhandled exeption has occured in your application if you click continue the application will ignore this error and attemt to continue. if you click quit the application will close immediatley accsess to path
  11. Support

    how do i make .mapinfo and image so i can make my own map without altering the other one?!!
  12. Support

    Ok so i was looking around and i have been seeing some really cool mods, one i was iterested in is where there was a Hornet with Ata wraith guns on the left and right wings, i was wondering how somethink like this could be accomplished?? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Can you flood a usermap using forge 2.7? And if you can do it. How do you do it?
  14. Support

    Hello I'm new and I need serious help with modding. I've downloaded Forge and the program that reconizes halo content through a USB. I successfully put clones in a map already, but I'd love to make custom vehicles. I downloaded alteration but I cant extract the files without an error. Is there a way to make custom vehicles without alteration? If how can someone tell me?
  15. hey im pretty much a complete noob. i havent modded since halo 2 so you get my point on how noobish i am lol. anyway...i cant find a tutorial on how to make a new freeboot image so i can use RTH. much less what to do after i make the freeboot image. If anyone finds some time to explain to me how to install RTH from making a freeboot image to installing RTH, i would appreciate it greatly. thanks.
  16. Support

    Watup guys, i just wanted to know if acensions will work for the full game or if a new program or sumptin will come out, I imagine that it will just be a new plugin or somthing.
  17. Support

    i need help getting frigate on halo 3 xbox360
  18. i was wondering if it were possable to remove major objects like gards and inviso walls on a NONjtag xbox... any insite would help and dont flame me with your hate because if you do your proveing your more noob then i
  19. K well i was playing with this guy on Xlink kai and when i a see a rth person i always ask the quest do you have a dev kit? As usual the answer was "no i got a jtag" and i play dumb but i really know some people have developed rth for jtags already then i ask "but how can u rth then?" and this one was different he didnt say anything about a friend or anything he said he developed it himself with a few helpers anf furthermore said that it was a plugin for the xbox requiring dashlaunch etc. So this got me thinking y not bother about modifing the alteration but do that they did, make a plugin for JTAGS ONLY that can let the computer's alteration recognise it as a dev kit? Im really dumb and i cant pull of something like that but i know thunder and the admins and their helpers can! So im just putting this out there PLEASE DONT FLAME ME IF WHAT I SAID WAS STUPID
  20. Support

    Do you think if I changed a warthog into a tank hog then gave the banshee the properties of the tank hog would it work
  21. Support

    K so this is rather idiotic but being the epic noob that i am, i was wondering if there is a way to put maps i downloaded from this website onto my computer ( e.g. ) and then transfer them somehow to my xbox and make them accessable from the halo 3 disc. Without Jtag, or .xex, etc. Simple transfer. Could a kind, generous soul (with a heck of a lot of too much time on their hands) school me in detail in the way (if there is one) to get this accomplished? thanks.
  22. Support

    how do i patch my halo 3 game dlls? and what program do i use to do it?
  23. Support

    hey i FTPed my .xex file from my halo 3 game i burned to my hdd. i think the default.xex file is the right file. anyway...h3unlock always says its unclean. Even if i delete the game and recopy it to my hdd. does anyone know what to do? btw im using the multiplayer disc that comes with ODST do i need the real halo 3 game in order for h3unlock to work?
  24. Support

    once you know what you are doing with .map modding, but you've ran out of ideas, send me a pm, and i'll give you one, plus a tutorial of how to do it. none of these ideas will have been used. i would make them, but sadly i have been too busy to whip out ol' CHRONICLE (my xdk) and get this shit done, or it would not meet my standards for a mod to post. if you want to create your own ideas, this may help: be creative. take things from everyday life or another of your favorite video games and try to mod it into halo. i personally love making custom vehicles (as you can probably tell by my youtube videos:P. inspiration from halo 2 mods have also influenced me. *coordinates are a bitch for most jtag modders, so if you are having an issue with them when trying to give life to an idea i suggested, i would be glad to help you and get the coordinates for you. make sure you absolutely CANNOT get it yourself before messaging me first, please. love, xXTxMANXx
  25. whats the best mod to download for a new person for like weapons