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Found 981 results

  1. Support

    Can some one explain how i can either swap the seating pose of one vehicle with another one of how i can change the position of mc's hands, feet etc. while in a certain seat on a vehicle.
  2. OK so now i just saw this feature on my xbox that lets you save xbox: profiles, music, arcade games, saved games. kind of like a hard drive with limits to video and whole games. but any-ways i do not want to mess around with jtag and other physical/dangerous hacks but was wondering if there is a program to change data/files/values on my usb drive with my xbox stuff saved on it such as halo3 content or maybe put free arcade games on it. so far i know its like a partition on my usb drive for xbox and stores everything in one big .file format. so could you get a program that will separate individual parts/files from it while plugged into the computer? i heard of something on you-tube but it just lets you see your profile and not make changes. what do you think?☺
  3. Support

    Alright im making this awesome snow halla map. But i realized that Snoww_fluffy isnt snow and I can still see patches of grass! I changed the ground shaders from grass to snow but its snow and grass! Do I change the grass_bump?
  4. Support

    Hey I'm trying to mod halo 3 mythic and when I load a modded .map on my jtag it gets the disc unreadable i think its because i can't find a modded default.xex\a clean default.xex help? All i did was use the "patch xex" option on xex menu
  5. Support

    Is there a tut on how to drive the forklift? I searched google and i couldn't find it. Can someone post one?
  6. Support

    Ok, I don't care who helps me with this mod. I just need someone who knows how to ACTUALLY use alteration, and by that I mean, coord editing, bitmap editing, etc. If you have seen Halodu03des "I'm on a boat" mod, you'll notice on the back of the hog, there is a red string. He must of shader swapped that "string" or whatever, to the spartan lazer's lazer. I don't know what it is. But here is my mod. On avalanche, I have made a "Snow-Board" mod (if you can't tell, I like "Board mods" im a skater and love x-games) and it doesnt move, its the sentinel beam switched to the turrets gun and the turrets coords switched to the base_mount so its on the ground. And the sentinel beam HMLT is the mongoose_drop_pallet. All i need is someone to help me kinnda attach that "string" or help me figure it out what it is and how to get it. It will be attached to the back of the warthog where the turret would be, then the turret aka the snow board will be attached to the other end of the string dragging behind this sounds very fun and I'm looking for help. I honestly don't care who you are.
  7. Support

    Ok, I would first like to give a thanks for CanadianHalo for helping me with my nodes question. This is my theory and it was the idea of me and blackjax. I havent tested this yet but mabey soon. Ok, so on SANDBOX using the ghost since its small and has high anti gravity, this is my theory. First off make its weapon what ever you want, e.x spartan lazer, i will then change the HTML of it to the bridge on sandbox. So its tag is Sand_bridge under html right under the pallet. Ok, now for changing seatings and other. Ok first, assuming you have the plugin that tells you the names of the nodes, first off by going to the second node, the gun, change its x and y coords to chunk 4 which is the seat. Once youve done that and hit save then go down to the "markers" and switch it to the "drive". Change the Z coord and ONLY that coord to 0.35. Hit save and find right hand and left hand, change left hand to 0.0 and right hand to -0.0. Hit save and go and null every shader of the ghost out EXCEPT the gravity. You may test this out but the reason this isn't a tutorial yet is because this has not been tested, once I/someone else has tested this I will notify and this can be switched to tutorials. Now this may work/not work. That is because this is a THEORY and only a test. Hope you all enjoy it - I Skate 0 I P.S- Tutorial will be better once tested fully EDIT: I still can't fix the seatings
  8. Support

    Is the tag scnr working for anyone when you click show invisibles? Because when i click on it it freezes. Any help or plugins for it to fix that?
  9. Alright, I've seen this before on Doob E Snacks youtube video one time. Instead of just the flaming head, it's the whole body! Under flaming_ninja in meta editor, i tried increasing the amount from 1 to 100, but what ever you make it, it doesnt grow or shrink. Anyone know how he did this?
  10. I'm planning on making the vehicles Doom17 made but with the mongoose. Im not stealing this mod because he did not make the mongoose one. But I will give him credit for the idea. Will someone please tell me the nodes of the tires, seat, and suspension? Plus what the x, and coords do? Thanks YOU!
  11. Support

    So I was watching a utube video the other day with a mongoose motorcycle in it, and i was wondering if it would be possible to do that sort of thing with other vehicles (i.e. a hummer out of a warthog, or a hovercraft out of a ghost, or a garbage truck out of a scorpion, or basically anything else, perhaps a lamborghini out of a ... something?) But, because i'm n0ob, i have no idea how this would be done. Any ideas?
  12. Support

  13. Support

    On Avalanche, i made the sentinel beam a mongoose drop pallet and made the seating of the turret, but the seating doesnt stand above the pallet. What nodes changes the seat height and the wheels?
  14. Support

    I want to make the mongoose have the seating of the turret so it would stand up. Does anyone know how to do that? doesnt it involve the animation id?
  15. Support

    I have a question. I have create Halo 3 (campain disk) iso on my pc,and i have extract a .map from it. Can i apply a patch (like sigma) and put it into the iso, for burn on a disk and play on xbox 360 whitout jtag or devkit? Pls tell me. I want play .map mod without jtag!!!!
  16. Support

    Alright when i got my jtag today, i fired it up and ripped halo 3 on xexmenu to a halo 3 folder i made, unfortuanetly it only copied 1 single player map and 1 multiplayer map! What could be wrong?
  17. Support

    i want a program that i can make invisible turrets like in boat racer 3000 or if its in forge 2.6 were is it i need help also where can i make a spartan laser blast shot come from a spawn ever time i do it it just freezes the map please help also on how to go over the limits like making 30 warthogs sorry i keep forgetting but i also need help on making multi boll object the same thing like elites or is there some program thats super awesome and easy to use
  18. Support

    I was just wondering if anyone had any success by modding hacking or just cheating using the new USB as a memory unit for the Xbox 360 Update recently...
  19. Im talking about the buttons in the bottom left of the .map editor under the Meta Info. The first one is called "Decompile". If this were to work it would break down every tag into individual folders. You can take tags from other maps and put them in the alotted folders. "Build" takes all the tags and rebuilds it back into a working .map file. So if these were to work we would have the ability of Tag Injection. And EX. of tag injection is having the Elephant on standoff. Almost every tag will work on other maps (i.e. If you already knew this then move along because i know lots of people dont.
  20. Is there anyway to make my team mates look like covenant and enemys look like UNSC without my team mates killing me and the enemys helping me?
  21. Can anyone tell me how I can remove physical barriers and the death barriers, I tried move soft barriers to 0 but it didnt work.
  22. Ok so I want to know more about campaign saves with .map mods. 1. Do you just save the campaign at a point and when you play the save on a different xbox 360 but with the same account, the .map mods will be there? 2. How do you change the device id so it can be played on other consoles? 3. How do I know what to change my alternate mac address to? 4. If I played these online, with friends would the map load and everything?
  23. Support

    Is their a way to unban myself in halo 3 matchmaking and my fileshare? I just got banned yesterday and im banned permanently from my fileshare and console and profile banned from matchmaking for a month it pisses me off.
  24. Support

    How and where do I get my images folder and maps folder? Plus, do I create the new map in CODE99999 or whatever or just 0000000000000 folder?
  25. Support

    OK, in alteration I have coppied the warthog offset so that my object can have a child object. But when I go to my objects model and goto markers, none of the chunk's SID's match my objects parent marker, so I cannot move the child object around. This is really frustrating. Please help if you can. -ChimeraModz