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  1. Ok so a few days ago I mangaged to load up XeXMenu 1.1 after about a million errors, and I realized something, I am able to navigate into my game disk directory, and I was thinking, maybe if I replaced the xex on my disk with a modded one, then I would be able to mod .maps and place them on the disk. Then, play the disk on my retail. If this works then it would be an advantage to Jtag and Xdk owners as they would be able to play the mods with friend online on there retail consoles. Will this work or will it be a fail? -ChimeraModz
  2. Support

    Ok so I understand how to create and apply patches, but I want to know can they only be applied to the map they were created on, say, or can they be applied to any map, say
  3. Support

    Is there anyway to extract certain things from one map, say, an elephant, then inject it into another map, like valhalla or something? If this is possible how would it be done? I seem to remember a tool which did it on halo CE maps for PC.
  4. Support

    If I have halo 3 running on my JTAG, using the files on my computer through an FTP connection, will I be able to poke and change options on my computer and it take effect during gameplay on my JTAG? If so how would I do this?
  5. Support

    OK so I'm making a DVD menu ish thing for Halo3Systems youtube It will be talking about what things you can mod on user maps that way I don't have to repeat my self when people want to know what they can mod and I hate keep saying that "no, you can not mod a elephant onto sand box"; "no, you can not put a troop transport on that map"; "no, you can not drive the pelican on a multi player map"; these are just a few of the thing i have to go though every time. But I would like to make a main video on youtube with two annotations one for usermaps, the other for .Maps. the .maps wouldn't have to much on it just a simple montage of dev mods and jtag mods as well. Although the user map mods is what I will need you help on, I am going to have 2 annotations, "Old Maps" and "New Maps." The old maps with have all the campaign disk's maps on it non of the DLCs, all in annotations as well. The new maps tab will take you to the other video that has each DLC name "heroic" "cold storage" etc. Those annotations will take you to the map selection of that particular DLC. All these annotations will end up taking you to a video of the map you would like to see, and the video will read the description of the map and suggested number of player, and will have a video of every modded item you can put on that map (only usermap mods). There will also be a annotation on the main usermap video that will link you to a video talking about mods that will be on every map. So here is what I need from the modders, I need each person to mod one map for me so I can save a LOT of time. Each map such as "standoff" "sandbox" "the pit" "cold storage" etc. will have every modded item you can mod on that map put there. But non of the invisible items or every map item, If there is even one map that does not have the item then it needs to be on the user map in an open area where I would be able to record it. So make sure to conserve space in the usermaps. If you would like to help me out on this my GT is : redeyesmaster. Contact me on live or on and I will inform you on what maps still need modding you don't have to mod any of these but if you do I will promote any thing of yours and I will put you in the credits of that map video. If you have the time and would like to help out a lot more then you could do more then one map and it would help a HUGE amount! So please Contact me on live or on my username there is Red. Thanks for reading please tell me if there is any thing I should add in.
  6. Support

    Why i can't download any map from halo 3 fileshare? I have memory card and usb MU