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  1. Support

    Ok, I made a thread about AI problems, but then it became off-topic by talking about these JMADs. Here's the problem: Long time ago I was able to change JMAD values in order to make AI run, walk, etc. However, when I tried to do this again with Halo Reach, the game immediatelly crashed at the loading screen. Did nothing else after injecting the AI but changing the values in the [jmad]s of the characters, but the game just crashes at the same point. No, it can't be my RGH or my console because it used to work before. And it works with others' maps with JMAD mods. Here the patches with both versions of the map: Original with AI: JMAD modifications (Elite): Please, somebody help me fix this. I'm tired of trying and failing a lot and I really want them to move. EDIT: Fixed the problem already, finally. And I have both idling Covenant and running Covenant. Both fire their weapons.
  2. I'm new to reach modding, i just want to know how to install ascpatch files
  3. All modded maps say failed to load content HELP!!!
  4. Support

    So I recently downloaded Gamecheat's AI Playground, but I cannot manage to have AI spawn. I'm using Lord Zedd's latest AI XeX (TU3, right?) so I'm not sure what the problem is. The map loads fine and is functional, but the AI won't spawn. Any help would be appreciated (I'm probably just missing something obvious. )
  5. All right, I've done this before so many times succesfully. But now it just doesn't want to work. I'm trying to make Elite AI to spawn in Forge World. It worked before with Hunters, but this time just failed and I don't know why. I'm pretty sure I've followed all the instructions correctly. The game either crashes or just doesn't spawn the AI (empty spawn point). Please help me with this issue, I really need AI on that map for Machinima and other stuff. These are the settings how I have them: For the [effe] tag: Both Duration Bounds min and max are 100000. I also tried 10000 with no luck. For the spawn point: There's no bit 3 to uncheck, so I did nothing there. Forge Palette: Made one for everyone. Added new StringIDs and everything, but the game still crashes when trying to spawn them. With the Ultra Elite, the game will spawn a Spawn point, but nothing else. Please help me with this.
  6. Hey everyone! My names kev and am new to the forums here i have Just purchased an Xbox 360 JASPER RGH for the first time and Have never modded anything a day in my life....... So confused.... Lol. i did however receive my console last night and began exploring right away. So far have successfully extracted Halo 3 to my xex. 1.2 menu and have downloaded a modded xex default that gave me an aimbot and a flaming helmet. Does anyone want to help out a noob out and give me a few tips? Because right now i'm just winging all of this haha i'm purely learning how to mod halo 3 specifically for a really cool and ambitious machinima series. Maybe post a thread about this? Thx to anyone that can lend a word Will attach the specific mods that i am currently interested in using for the Machinima series. Also am really interested in getting a real green screen. Not just some second-rate version on the Map Guardian. i've been watching videos that feature custom images that have been imported (such as John Cena/Walrus' by Lord Zedd) and figured it would be a similar approach. Thx! Links to desired mods:
  7. This will be my first post on this site, but as the title shows I'm having difficulty converting maps from campaign to forge(such as gamecheat13 has done with The Covenant). The main problem here is that there are not detailed tutorials on how to perform the task unlike other types of halo mods I've done before. Now, I've tried moving the wtgz tag and others from a mp into the campaign map with no success. I'm honestly just confused :/
  8. I know the title might not be the best and many might not understand what I want. What I want is move a map to a different location but keeping all of it's objects and blocks spawnable. The map I want to be changed is the AI Playground to another map such as Sandtrap, Sandbox or even Avalanche. The AI Playground map already has a BSP injected, but the giant sand box/cube kinda ruins it. Please, someone accept this request if possible. And please do not re-direct me to the tutorial section. BSP Injection is impossible for me and I want pathfinding for AI in more maps other than just the AI Playground. I know I might insist a lot, but I really want this for Machinima and more other stuff. Thanks in advance.
  9. Support

    Every time I inject in Halo 3 or Halo Reach I get this error for both. I'd like some help plz.
  10. Hi XboxChaos. I was hoping that someone would at least point me in the right direction of attaching the first person camera to the head of a biped. I've tried the swapping the FP arms and legs to a new mode tag with the head removed, and that gets some of the effect I desire, but the camera is still locked in place and doesn't move with the Spartan's head. Plus, the gun bugs out. I've been poking around the mode and hlmt tags, but I don't even know if I'm looking in the right places. To give an idea of what I want to achieve, the effect occurs at around 21 seconds of this video:
  11. Support

    Hi everyone, I patched the default xex of halo reach with the blue flames patch now I have 2 the default and the modded one, both in the root of halo reach folder. I patched with the cranked patch and renamed it but when I start the game with the modded xex it wont show up in the maps list everything else works perfectly (armory with the helmets and the default maps) I also checked the contpatch on dashluch and its false. I don't know what else to do. Any help is appreciated (:
  12. Support

    EDIT got the firing but the objects like walls are stuck in mid air and have no physics Hey guys I was wondering how I would go about making my gun fire forge world blocks for example like a wall 5x5 I saw the tutorial for Halo 3 but the plugin on assambly does not have the value
  13. Support

    Would somebody tell me if I can delete the Cortana messages from campaign? If it is possible, then which [cisc] tags are the Cortana ones so I try to remove them? Why do I want to remove them if Cortana is good? Because the 3/4 players splitscreen glitch will freeze the console once we hit a Cortana message. And we don't want to play just "Tsavo Highway", "The Ark" and/or "Halo" (those levels lack of Cortana). Some time ago I watched a video showing the Cortana message was removed, but I don't remember where it is. It was an Elite campaign mod.
  14. Like the title says, I'd like to know how to make AI spawn through weapon firing (I.E. Magnum). Also, how to make them your allies, because all AI I spawn with the classic method are my enemies no matter which is my team color. Why spawn AI allies through weapons? I want to try it for Firefight, which is obviously not Forgeable and you can't spawn "respawn points" there. "Have you tried it?" Yes, but the gun spawns nothing at all. Just the smoke it normally emits when firing.
  15. Support

    What I'm trying to do is make the plasma launcher's grenade explosion "bigger" in particles. Iv'e taken a look here I can't seem to find the "Placement and Scaling" in the detonation effects. Iv'e tried the Show Invisibles and still, nothing. Iv'e searched other areas through tags and couldn't seem to find anything relevant. Do any of you know where to look?
  16. Ok, so I tried to replace my Spartan with a Hunter in Forge World. It was fine but: 1. The melee attack is glitchy (it works, but he doesn't move forward). 2. When viewed in 3rd person, the Hunter's back defense is missing. 3. Also in third person, the weapon I'm holding can be seen between his legs. 4. I can't use the Hunter's fuel rod cannon. What am I doing wrong? To begin with, I replaced the hmlt in the Spartan's biped to load the Hunter.
  17. I've seen many MAP mods in which some objects (weapons and vehicles included) have their colours changed. I know they aren't bit-map mods because said MAP mods were created before it even existed. How do I do that? I don't think it is harder than bit-map replacements.
  18. Support

    I've swapped the default biped with a Hunter, but the melee does not function. When I press 'B', my character just twitches. What have I forgotten to edit?
  19. I know I already asked this, but I still can't get it to work. The biped is there, yes, but there is no option to drive/control it and, obviously, I can't do so. I've added the marker, seats, edited weapon, etc. But I can't get this mod to work. Also, there is absolutely no tutorial about this anywhere. Please, help me to solve this. Maybe a tutorial? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hey there! Hope you all are having a nice weekend. So let me get straight to the problem, I've just tried Adjutant and exported the fp_arms and the masterchief model to "OBJ", problem is, whenever I open these obj on Cinema 4D, they all look like this: And I've been looking for an answer to this problem and I haven't found one so... Is there anyway to fix it, or should I stick to 3DS Max and export the model to EMF? Thanks in advance.
  21. Support

    So I found this: Is there anyway I could get this as the default model of the Monitor?
  22. Support

    Hello i'm trying to play the second mission of the campaign of halo 3 with forge but after days searching and testing, i always get a black screen i don't know what i'm doing wrong, I already injected The MULG and the Wgtz Also the respawn but with no success at all, does anyone has an idea what is this happening? Thanks in Advance
  23. I have been having some trouble with SP to MP conversions, not entirely sure what to do from here. I injected the MULG and WGTZ from forge_halo into m50. At first I missed WGTZ and the game loaded, but crashed after a few seconds: I then looked around to see if anyone else attempted such a thing and put WGTZ in. I also changed Singleplayer to Multiplayer in ZONE as well. This ended up worsening the problem apparently by crashing earlier on: Any ideas/help is much appreciated.
  24. Support

    i put some Ia's with some weapons in multiplayer but they never shot or anything how can i modify their range or something? thanks in advance
  25. Support

    Good day, members of Xbox Chaos. I was hoping that some of the more experienced members could help me with what the title states. Example. If it's too complicated for a newbie and I'm in over my head, feel free to let me know. From what I can infer, the method used is to make the player's helmet disappear and position the camera where the head would be if the game panned out into third person like it was designed to. If I'm wrong, tell me. I'm not going to ask for a step-by-step idiot-proof tutorial. I would like someone to point me in the right direction as far as tags to modify and such. I've looked through them previously, but I'm at a loss as for where to start. Thanks in advance if you decide to help.