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Found 981 results

  1. The title says it all. How can I do that to have the "Mythic Slayer" gametype on my JTAGed Xbox 360? Is there a tutorial?
  2. I've been wondering how to make this: bfixer117 and Gamecheat13 have done this before, and I'd like to know how to do so.
  3. Support

    In reach i managed to inject all of the bipd tags like brutes and all the covenant characters. And even civilian and marines. but parts of them are invisible ?!? lol. So is there a way to fix that also the marine changes colors if I'm on a team like red or something I was hoping to fix that as well.
  4. Support

    I recently injected a target locator into forge world. The weapon freezes when i spawn it through sandbox pallette :/ is there any fix to this.
  5. Support

    I was wondering if I could have a little help loading the nettest .maps via assembly because I don't quite know how.
  6. Support

    1- How do I make all items grab-able on forge (so they don't just drop to the ground when spawned) 2- Very basic script editing? 3- Transferring things from Halo 3 to Halo 3 ODST? 4- Make some forge objects Phased. (more questions to come) If you can help, thanks.
  7. Support

    I have all of the dlc map for halo reach back from when i had them on my retail account. I dont have the map infos at go to break point and stuff like that. dose any one have the .map infos for the reach dlc maps ?
  8. Support

    So i was wondering if i could just inject a BSP from a campaign map, and the pathfinding would work for AI? Because im researching AI in Halo Reach and i can get Elites to shoot and hit me with a sword (if i get close to them) BUT. They just dont move. And swapping animations from idle to move looks horrible. So is this possible? Or is it a dream... yet to come true.. Thanks!
  9. Support

    I added a phantom and pelican to forge in h3 menu but when i spawn them they don't let me pick them up. Is there any thing i have to do to allow the forge ball to pick up the added vehicles.
  10. Support

    I used to be able to get assembly Atlas to poke shaders when I used it with master Assembly to change the shaders in the mode tag. Im trying to fix the gunboat chin gun from freezing when it gets shot off the phantom. But now atlas will not respond or poke any thing i changed all of the chin gun garbage shaders to forerunner grey but when i shoot the turret off the phantom i still freeze. I got it to work once where the phantom turret was grey and didn't freeze but now Assembly Atlas is refusing to poke any shader :/ I am really hoping some one can help me fix this.
  11. Support

    I got a shrine map with scarab pelican and phantom on it but my scarab's green laser wont show up it doesn't work when i inject the profit chair from gamecheat's map either. It used to show the beam just fine i don't know if its my assembly or not a buddy of mine said it is the chars and build in gunner options in assembly messing it up but that don't explain why it wont work on profit chair I'm going to leave a patch and really hope at some one tests it and manages to find what is wrong with my scarab's laser lol here is a link to my patch plzs some one help me fix my assembly injecting issues my buddy is looking forward to seeing this working good Well I'm hoping some one can help me fix the proj on scarab issue :/ So contpatch in dash launch messes it up ? And sorry if I'm pissing you off lol you don't have to hold my hand i just want assistance finding why my map won't work right sheesh lol
  12. Support

    I have reach installed on my rgh with latest title update. When i launch reach i get a error saying the game has been updated to a incompatible version. Please help me fix this its been a issue for a while now lol
  13. Support

    i injected a scarab with assembly into sand trap the explosion effects work and every thing but when i shoot it dosnt show the green beam it shooting invisible rounds but when i swap wraith mortar to have scarab cannon it shows up fine ?!?!? any one willing to test the map if i upload a patch ?
  14. Support

    Hi, is there a tutorial on converting a campaign map into a multiplayer forge map? I extracted the [mulg] and [wgtz] tags and put it on hc, updated the matg to the new tags and put weapons etc in scnr. When i load the map on forge it crashes and when i load it in custom games, i hear death noises and cant see anything. Anyone care to help?
  15. Support

    Hello everyone. I canĀ“t get the ODST Multiplayer to work properly. I patched the XEX and the Mainmenu. The tabs Custom Games and Forge show up properly but when I try to load a Map for example Gamecheats13 Dust or Street I get this message: Players failed to load content.They should try cleaning their Halo3:ODST disk. Can somebody help me please. Sorry for my bad english
  16. Support

    I am having a problem where the console is crashing while loading back into, while it says saving data and shows the roster. My modded map is being used for a local gamenight soon on my consoles so any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, F569
  17. Support

    Whenever I go on LiNK to try and play Reach, I don't see anyone ingame on system link. When I join the room I don't see any of the players on FS3 If I view the Lobby screen my console cold freezes and I have to reboot the console. I've been itching for ages to possibly try and do some stuff on LiNK and I can't do it because of this stuff I also have my Reach TU'd but in the room on the site it shows me as TU0 Any ideas on what to do? (yes my ports are open etc) EDIT: Issue solved, had to dig for FS3 update on their site.
  18. So, I recently played the BizzarTrap mod and noticed alot of strange textures, If you watch the video for it you'll see that the Scorpion Tank is darker and the SMGs have a nice blue and green color. I was wondering how to do this and is it possible to do in Halo: Reach! Thanks!
  19. So, after following all the tutorials and searching forever I still can't manage to get my xex to read the maps. My ini file is set to contpatch = false. I've tried multiple xex. And I've tried disabling a stock xex's rsa checks with Ascension. The rtelaunch and rtedll are both in my parent Reach folder. Am I supposed to patch the maps? I'm lost haha.
  20. Support

    Problem was fixed (delete this)
  21. Hello, I have successfully patched the Halo 4 xex using Lord Zedd's nonTU patch version and it runs flawlessly. However, my attempts with the TU7 version have resulted in failure. I have placed the TU7 patched xex file and in the Halo 4 root folder and TU7 in the appropriate 000B0000 folder. The Xbox 360 suffers from a fatal crash half-way through the Microsoft logo upon loading the patched TU7 xex. I have followed the instructions listed in the respective readme text files and read through Lord Zedd's .map Modding - Getting Started topic. I am unsure of how to proceed.
  22. Support

    I played lord zedd mod "Better pelican on spire".It works perfect on my xbox and i played it even splitscreen.but is it possible to make it destructable and doing this on the forge world, because im getting bored flying around on the spire. Thanks!
  23. I tried to start a modified forge world map but then is said disk unreadable. I did everything right and put a modified xex file into the halo reach folder. Then i applied the patch to the map using ascension.
  24. On, I open the scnr tag and scroll down to Player Starting Profile and for the chief_1p_respawn, I change the primary weapon from the assault rifle to the gravity hammer, but when I play the game, I spawn with a magnum, not the gravity hammer. I also added the gravity hammer weapon tag to the Weapons block within the brute chieftain biped tag. Then I modified the magnum's firing effect tag to spawn the brute chieftain armor character tag, then when I spawn a brute chieftain in the game, they do not spawn with the gravity hammer as it was supposed to. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem? Thank you
  25. Hello everyone. I wonder if there is a way to modify an assault rifle in Halo 3 into the weapon that 343 guilty spark uses during the campaign. The result I want is the 343 guilty spark weapon that is modified to look like an assault rifle and feel like you're holding an assault rifle, like the scarab gun in Halo 2 that looks and feels like you're picking up and holding a plasma rifle.