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  4. The admins should like change the theme of xboxchaos, and add a prank It might work out cool. (maybe a ddos prank)
  5. Stu's Unofficial Show Your Appreciation Group This is a little idea I came up with, every month we will post something positive about a member or members in the community to show that you appreciate what they have done and prove that you aren't just on this site to leech. This isn't mandatory I just think that it is right to show respect for the people that help this community. It may not seem like a lot but a nice comment could make someone's day, who knows! For example: Thank you Zedd for answering my newbie questions and keeping it real. -Stu
  6. This Site

    1. Why are you a modder? 2. who got you into modding 3. what do you enjoy most about modding 4. What is your favorite thing about Xbox Chaos. 5. When did you start modding Answer the questions above My answers 1. Because I like making stuff 2. StealthKiller was the reason I started but DeadCanadain is the reason I got a Jtag 3.seeing what I can make 4. The community is a family 5. 11/11/04
  7. Changing your profile picture really sucks on this site. I accidently removed my PP and now i cant get it back because of that stupid 250kb. I mean common you guys need to get it higher. Nvm i got a new one.
  8. Is there a way to change your username on this site ?
  9. This Site

    I think it'd be really interesting if we held [weekly/monthly] mod battles. For instance, this weeks would be vehicle mods, you would create you own modded vehicle, such as a rock that you fly in. Or a marine that drives like a warthog. Something really cool. Then the competitors will post pictures of their mods and the voting will begin! The winner posts their download link and then the losers wait until next week to start again!
  10. Okay so I have been trying to change my profile picture for like the past hour put it keeps bugging out on me... Every time I try to upload it.. It shows either my old profile picture or gets a random picture from my computer I even try to upload it and import a link and it does the same exact thing.... As you can see in the picture it does not yet the picture that is selected... Hmmm for some reason it finally changed.... But it was still an issue that I would look into just in case if it happens again.. I just thought I should have informed you guys anyways.. Erg nope not fixed when you view my profile it still shows that Naruto one for some reason and not the one I placed currently..
  11. What do you want? leave it at the bottom; or change it to the top? Elijah's idea for the poll.
  12. I was viewing this blog and I noticed that the section called "Recent Comments" Had no profile pictures, I then viewed other blogs and it had the same thing.
  13. Ok, I don't know if this is intentional or what, but I'm pretty sure the recent posts used to take me to the actual post that was recent, right? Or am I just going mad? Cuz at the moment, its taking me to the first post in an old thread that someone has recently posted in. Also, where did the recent threads go??! I liked that shit Its annoying...
  14. Just a small thing I've noticed; This happens on any user's page in the "Shoutbox" tab, it always shows the username as "Guest". Again, not a big deal but since it's proper to post a topic about these things I thought I might as well
  15. I know I'm being pedantic right now but I personally would like to see Top Downloads and Top Authors boxes on the Downloads page moved to the left under the Categories list. This change would allow more files to be displayed at once providing more exposure.
  16. Well I do not even have a tab to chat in the sb so do you all have the sb locked or something? Also this site seems kinda dead it has the coolest layout and badges I give that a 10/10 the name is dope weed thats a 8/10 but it seems dead like I said. I would like to make it more active but I dont wanna work my butt off getting people to sign up and then its still dead so could I hit up the ower to work out a deal or something? Thanks iTzKevinFTW.
  17. Not sure why that is. I notice it every time I view a blog, and I think it would flow alot better if they were to properly display. Thank you!
  18. This Site

    Yes iv had problems with the shoutbox... it doesnt say im banned from the shoutbox.. but anytime i shout anything it doesnt show up.. i need a solution
  19. I want to everyone to think of something that I could try to add. It doesn't have to be a site feature or a forum. It could a game server even. I'm open to anything.
  20. This Site

    -.asmp is not a valid file format to upload -the Halo 4 category is not fleshed out like the other games
  21. This Site

    I believe Wiki is gone. EOLed, peace, goner. Unless its hidden, which is okay. Either way, the topics created via Wiki have no content hooked to them. "Simply here is the discussion topic for this dead link article". If the wiki contents had been edited into the post, this wouldn't be a topic. However, there blank. Hide that forum from public. In case you want to bring the wiki back one day. kudos love
  22. I don't think anything else is called "Gamertag" on the entire gaming platform. Its safe to assume Xbox Live Gamertag = Gamertag. Could you shorten it on user_info_pane. It knocks it to two lines for me and anyone who uses it <--------------- see Just use Gamertag. You can keep it Xbox Live Gamertag in settings, but differently on public view. I know the settings are different
  23. This Site

    I dunno about you guys, but it seems anyone who has about 2+ awards, the 3rd/4th one is always offsetted and not aligned I see this behavior in Chrome and IE. Make a class called like inv-medal (individual medal) and give it display: block; margin: 0 auto; That'll keep them aligned vertical via the block property which has pretty good support cross browser, and then a simple css center using margin 0 auto; Hook that class to each MEDAL. Not the div around the medals. EACH medal.
  24. Please vote on one of the choices above. LiNK is another version of Xlink, however it's embeded into the actual xbox as a plugin. There is no PC element.
  25. i have been having a conversation with fbwalshyftw (huge youtube channel with 100k subs) in the last few days. here are some of our messages: walshy: snipe: walshy: personally, i think he´s right. we should stop uploading our vids to our own, small channels and instead focus on the xboxchaos channel. all of the .map modders can upload their mods or create video tutorials ( except me, my accent sounds really strange ) , the liberty team could upload a few more demonstrations and derek could make machinimas. teaming up with walshy also seems to be perfect to get the initial attention, our channel needs. so whats your opinion? do you think teaming up is the right thing and would you be willing to upload your vids to the xboxchaos channel?