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Found 9 results

  1. I have the Destiny (Beta, Jul 02 2014) version on my rgh and I was wondering if anyone has heard of and or discovered a way to play destiny on xbox360/rgh offline/solo. even if its just the tower it would be satisfying.
  2. On 360, looking for a fire team
  3. looking around for a way to get this game to work on a jtag anyone know how?
  4. Xbox 360

    On the 360, On on my rgh xblse I have the Destiny.rf costlear whatever leak. WHen i click play it just stays on signing in then suddenly it says servers are not available??!!! The gold spoofing is on on xblse. But it doesnt let me join public matches from matchmaking in halo reach? Help please!
  5. General

    What are your thoughts on Destiny, and what do you think could be done to improve the game?
  6. Xbox 360

    Just out of curiosity, do you think someone will find a way to have the beta working offline? I haven't finished downloading the game and I don't know what's server-side and what's not, but do you think someone will do it? I doubt it (at least soon), the full game release is a month and half-ish away, but maybe someone will later after the full game releases. EDIT: It appears gamesaves are stored completely online.
  7. I'm getting bored of playing by myself does anyone want to play later today? I can play on either Xbox 360 or Xbox One. GT: AdaM30XXX
  8. Posting this to index the stuff I've found onto the interbutts. US FF1 Xbox Version Offsets (From Xbox 360): US FF1 Playstation 2 Version Offsets (From PCSX2, just change the 2 in the first character to 0 if actual PS2.) (Some stolen from here): PAL FF1 Playstation 2 Version Offsets (From PCSX2, just change the 2 in the first character to 0 if actual PS2.) (Stolen from here) JP FF1 Playstation 2 Version Offsets (From PCSX2, just change the 2 in the first character to 0 if actual PS2.): Valid Fatal Frame 1 Menus: US FF2 Xbox Version Offsets (From Xbox 360): US FF2 Playstation 2 Version Offsets (From PCSX2, just change the 2 in the first character to 0 if actual PS2.):
  9. GliGli, Tiros, cOz, and the fine folks from the LibXenon project have recently discovered a glitch in the Xbox 360's CPU which enables the running of an unsigned second stage bootloader on consoles with Zephyr, Jasper, and Trinity (Slim!) motherboards. Called the "Reset Glitch Hack" (no, Se7ensins, it has nothing to do with JTAG), the hack is centered around a glitch in the CPU where sending it a quick reset signal while slowed down causes the processor to incorrectly execute the boot code. If the reset signal is timed correctly, the hash verification code in the CB can become screwed up so that it always reports the hashes as valid, thus allowing a custom second-stage bootloader to be run. Also, the hack is impossible for Microsoft to patch through a software update - because the bootloader does not check the fuses and cannot be patched, it would require a hardware update to fix! No rebooter for the hack has been released yet, but it is possible to run LibXenon-based homebrew through XeLL as shown in the video below. I've also heard word that it might be possible to utilize the glitch to run the Devkit hypervisor on a non-Devkit console - can I get some more information on this? Either way, I'm really looking forward to what people are going to do with this, and we'll keep you posted if anything significant happens. Stay tuned! Now, sit back and enjoy this video of XeLL running on a Slim:! For more information, feel free to check out the official post from If you're interested in performing the hack, you can download the necessary files here and can find a tutorial here.