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Found 6 results

  1. After eight months of development, we are proud to announce the first stable release of Assembly, a 100% open-source Blam/Halo research tool and map editor. It enables users to both research how the Halo games work and also share creative modifications that are made. Assembly was built from the ground up with four goals in mind: Flexibility - Assembly is capable of seamlessly opening and editing .map, .mapinfo, and .blf files from Halo 2: Vista, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4, with support for more games coming soon. Speed - Spend more time modding and less time waiting for trivial tasks to complete. Even the largest tags load extremely quickly with invisible fields enabled, and search and autocomplete features throughout the program allow you to find what you need quickly Usability - We built Assembly using Windows Presentation Foundation and utilized modern UI design concepts. Thus, assembly is both easy to use and easy to look at. Customizability - Don't like the default blue look? Select from one of four different UI themes. Don't like how the View Value As tool is laid out? Make your own meta editor plugin for it. Almost everything in Assembly can be customized in some way. Not to mention that the source code is freely available on GitHub to give you even more control. Supported Features: Beta versions of games are supported Patch compatibility from Alteration and Ascension Patches can contain name, author, description, and target map information Voxel converter for creating custom Halo 4 loading screens Plugin generator Plugin editor with syntax highlighting code completion Plugin converter for converting Ascension and Alteration plugins to the new format Add support for other similar builds on the fly with XML "Xbox Memory" sidebar for controlling your console and taking screenshots Automatic update system Maps: Tagnames decrypted for all games StringIDs decrypted for all games BlamScript decompilation for Reach (soon to be all games) Locale viewing and editing, with special characters (e.g. button icons) replaced with XML tags Meta data viewing, editing, and searching Meta data "View Value as" window BLF: Extract existing images Inject new images MapInfo: Edit map ID Edit map internal name Edit map external name and description Screenshots: Assembly was brought to you by: AMD Xerax Thunder/Dovahkiin Lord Zedd DeadCanadian SnipeStyle gabe_k With special thanks to: Xenomega (Xenon.7/Detox) Kornman00 CLK DarkShallFall Prey Shade45 Anthony KingDingDan XenonDev Gravemind Finally, we also want to thank all who have been a part of research in the Halo scene over the past decade. Without your work, none of this would have been possible. Here's to the next ten years. Download from Github Get the Source Code
  2. There's this really annoying error I get when I import several TAGCs. It causes a freeze on loading of map and the only fix I have found is to import one TAGC, close the map, reopen it, and inject the next TAGC. (Yes I do have the release build of Assembly-Injection) Help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Well, since alot of people have been asking about compiling the Injection branch of Assembly lately, I figured I'd make a tutorial to help them out. Of course, you can apply this to any source code you need to, but I'll be using Injection Assembly in the tutorial. What you'll need A source code - Injection Assembly (on the right side of the page, click Download ZIP)Something to extract the contents of the ZIP file (I think that Windows can do this automatically, but I use WinRAR.) 7-Zip should suffice if you need something free (found through a quick search on Google)Visual Studio 2012 or above. I believe Express should work fine as a free alternative to the full software, however, I will be using VS Ultimate 2012 in this tutorial. Have this installed before following the tutorial.xdevkit.dll from the Xbox 360 SDK. I won't be posting any links since it is warez. Google can help you out here.Courtesy of AMD: You might need the Expression Blend 4 SDK in order to compile it if you don't already have it.Step 1: Extracting the ZIP file Of course, the first thing you'll need to do is extract the contents of the ZIP file you downloaded from GitHub. With WinRAR (and I'm sure it's similar with other extractors), right click on the ZIP file and choose "Extract Here". When it's done extracting, you should see a folder named "Assembly-injection". Open it, then open the "src" folder inside. Inside, you should see a file called "Assembly.sln". That is our solution file, which contains the structure of the program's project. Now, assuming you have Visual Studio installed, you can double click on that to open the file in VS. Step 2: Adding the xdevkit.dll Reference Upon opening the file, you should see something like this: Now, if you've never opened Visual Studio before, you're probably clueless what's going on here, like I was the first time I opened it. The most important thing to know is the Solution Explorer on the left side (it might be on the right, depending on the version of VS you're using). Scroll down to the bottom of the solution explorer, until you find "XBDMCommunicator". If it's not already, expand it to see its contents. Right click on "References", and select "Add Reference..." Now, click on "Browse...", navigate to the location of your xdevkit.dll, select it, and click "Add". You should see something like this now: Click "OK", and we can move on to the next step. Step 3: Compiling Click the dropdown box that says "Debug" underneath the "TEST" menu at the top; and change it to "Release". Now, all we have left to do is compile our code. On the top menu, under "BUILD", click "Build Solution". Upon clicking this, you should see the Output box come to life: You'll know it's done when at the bottom of the output box, you see something like this: ========== Build: 8 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========Step 4: Where the Hell is my Program!? Good question! Assuming you set the build mode to Release, open back up the "Assembly-injection" folder you started with. Then open "src", then "Assembly", then "bin", and finally "Release". So in not so many words, you can find it in Assembly-injection\src\Assembly\bin\Release. You can copy this folder over to your Program Files folder, and rename it if you wish to do so. But, running Assembly.exe from this folder will start the program for you. It should be noted that the plugins included with this version of Assembly are outdated. You can find the most up to date plugins here. If you followed this correctly, you should have a working version of Injection Assembly, just like you always dreamed of. Yay! As always, if you've got any questions, comments, etc. Don't hesitate to post or send me a PM! Thanks Microsoft for the tools to create and build software. The Assembly team for an awesome program. AMD for fixing problems before they happen
  4. File Name: Manual Assembly Plugin Update (December 21, 2014) File Submitter: Zeddie Claus File Submitted: 18 Mar 2013 File Updated: 21 Dec 2014 File Category: Halo 4 This archive is meant to completely replace your plugins folder. Copy the contents to your \Plugins and Replace All. To avoid any issues I highly suggest you grab the latest "nightly" build of Assembly from here: which will have these plugins already whenever it catches the commit. Mediafire Mirror: Full, detailed rundown of what was changed can be found in the Github Commit: Click here to download this file
  5. File Name: Halo 4 Ascension Plugins File Submitter: AMD File Submitted: 27 Dec 2012 File Updated: 02 Feb 2013 File Category: Halo 4 Ascension plugins for Halo 4, converted directly from what we've been working on so far for Assembly. Use these with ddxcb's modified Ascension DLL. Just be aware that there may be conversion errors with these, so let me know if Ascension crashes or there are any problems. Please feel free to make suggestions for changes too. We'd love to make these a community project. Happy modding! Click here to download this file
  6. Halo 4 Ascension Plugins

    Version 1.01


    Ascension plugins for Halo 4, converted directly from what we've been working on so far for Assembly. Use these with ddxcb's modified Ascension DLL. Just be aware that there may be conversion errors with these, so let me know if Ascension crashes or there are any problems. Please feel free to make suggestions for changes too. We'd love to make these a community project. Happy modding!