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  1. KSoft.Tool 1. Find <ObjectFilters> and add to this element: <Filter labelIndex="attach_parent" name="attach_parent" /><Filter labelIndex="attach_child" name="attach_child" /> 2. Find <StringTable baseNameIndex="BaseName"> and add to this element: <String name="attach_parent"> <String>attach_parent</String></String><String name="attach_child"> <String>attach_child</String></String> 3. Go to the bottom of the XML file and add the following trigger at the end of the <Triggers> element. I added comments to help you understand the code better. <!-- Go through all objects with the attach_parent label --><Trigger execMode="OnObjectFilter" name="TriggerAttach" objectFilter="attach_parent"> <Elements> <!-- Store parent object reference to scratch variable 0 --> <E type="Action" name="VariableOperation"> <Param type="VarReference" varRefKind="Object" varRefType="ExplicitObjectType" dataType="ObjectScratch0" /> <Param type="VarReference" varRefKind="Object" varRefType="ExplicitObjectType" dataType="Iterator.Object" /> <Param type="OperationType">Set</Param> </E> <!-- Call a subroutine trigger --> <E type="Action" name="ActivateTrigger"> <Param type="TriggerReference"> <!-- Go through all objects with the attach_child label --> <T type="Trigger" trigType="Subroutine" execMode="OnObjectFilter" name="TriggerAttach_Subroutine15" objectFilter="attach_child"> <Elements> <!-- Check if the user data of the parent object and child object match --> <E type="Condition" name="Comparison" unionGroupID="-2"> <Param type="VarReference" varRefKind="Custom" varRefType="Unknown8" dataType="ObjectScratch0" /> <Param type="VarReference" varRefKind="Custom" varRefType="Unknown8" dataType="Iterator.Object" /> <Param type="ComparisonType">Equal</Param> </E> <!-- Attach child object to parent object --> <E type="Action" name="AttachObject"> <Param type="ObjectReference" varRefType="ExplicitObjectType" dataType="Iterator.Object" /> <Param type="ObjectReference" varRefType="ExplicitObjectType" dataType="ObjectScratch0" /> <Param type="UInt24">0</Param> <Param type="Bool">True</Param> </E> </Elements> </T> </Param> </E> </Elements></Trigger>WumboScript 1. Add standard labels attach_child and attach_parent. 2. Define the tick event if one does not exist. 3. Add the following code to the tick event. for each current_object0 in objects matching filters.attach_parent do temp_object0 = current_object0 for each current_object1 in objects matching filters.attach_child do if temp_object0.user_data = current_object1.user_data then object_attach_relative(current_object1, temp_object0, 0, true) end endend