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  1. For a little while now, I've been doing some work on a tag set that I might use in custom maps for Halo 3. Right now I've hit a brick wall with custom bitmap injection but that's probably my own fault since it's not corrupted, it's just EXACTLY THE SAME AS BEFORE. Anyways, to lighten my mood, here are some highlights of the things I've been up to. This will be added to when my neighbour decides he wants to return my RGH. First off, a lovely screenshot of Assembly! Cross game injection is a pain in the a** and I hate it when it goes wrong, or takes as long as this did. I spent HOURS manually editing each node for the NMPD Officer's HLMT, which still didn't work afterwards! I'll fix it when I have the patience for it, it's probably not the nodes but something else that I'm just completely missing. Next up, we have two videos to brighten your day! This is where the majority of the work has been going, I'm very adamant on creating a massive load of weapons, some are original ideas, some draw ideas from CMT's SPV3 and TSCE mods, and others are made to be reminiscent of other Halo games. Or in the case of the suppressed SMG, just straight up injected in from ODST. The first video is of an earlier, not as well working set of weapons. I stupidly thought that I could achieve a Brute Plasma Pistol like that seen in SPV3 by just duping the Shotgun, swapping the models and the projectiles. The idea was that it would hopefully spray out Plasma Pistol projectiles in the same way the Shotgun does with it's projectiles. I was so wrong. As well as this, the Auto Carbine wasn't actually auto yet and to top it all off, my Plasma Launcher wasn't launching anything. Just, kind of dropping everything instead. The second video is one that I showcased in a thread I made asking for ideas for custom weapons, where someone gave me the idea of a deployable human auto turret. If my mind serves me correctly, the idea would have been reminiscent of the deployable machine gun turret in the COD games, BO2 comes straight to mind. I thought it was an interesting idea but I got tied up making a personal mod to have fun with on my birthday, so I've not done any research into getting that working as such yet. The video shows off the Halo CE Magnum, Silenced SMG, Plasma Launcher, Auto Carbine, DMR, Crowbar, Halo CE Assault Rifle and the Auto Battle Rifle. Also a few different screen effects, which are nice. I'm planning on doing a few more of them, they're super easy to do and I like it. That'll be it for now. I'll update this when I've done more stuff. Thanks for reading - L337H4X0RZZ