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Found 5 results

  1. Thanks to Matt for the video! I'm going to start out by saying this is a work in progress. There is alot to do to get these conversions fully working, but I do plan on updating these regularly until they are fully functional. What this is This is a thread where I'll be posting progress and patches for firefight maps converted to multiplayer. Yes this requires a Jtag/RGH/DevKit. Everything except Unearthed and Installation 04 will require pre-loading. Current Version - v0.3 Locales added for in_game_multiplayer_messages and global_multiplayer_messagesv0.25: Multiplayer Globals and UI re-injected with the newest version of Injection Assembly to include stringidsEnglish locales for random_player_names and team_names addedMonitor model properties revised to have shield vitality v0.1: Fly around in forge (no forging or editing existing items yet, monitor's bipd and null's hlmt, so low shields will beep when you're in monitor mode)Play infection. I briefly tested Gun Game and Double Agent since Teancum posted his collection earlier and those seemed to be working, but everything else requires gametype labels which would require full forging capabilities to add.After transferring the new maps to your console, you will find them listed as their firefight map name with "MP" before the name. I have it set up this way so they are all listed together and easier to find. If you've read enough and want all the patches, here's a rar archive of them all. Now onto each individual map... Overlook Download Courtyard Download Waterfront Download Corvette Download Beachhead Download Outpost Download Glacier Download Holdout Download Unearthed Download Installation 04 Download Finally, here's a link to the parent folder of everything on mediafire. New versions will be posted to the same folder. Enjoy! Feel free to use these as a base for whatever mods you feel like doing. Just don't forget to give credit where it's due Thanks to: The Assembly Team for a great modding tool, and again for automating injection. Lord Zedd for this post on porting UI and campaign maps to multiplayer (although you do need to null scripts for firefight ). Akarias for briefing me on the essentials for firefight conversion.
  2. First off, the folder: (Firefight.rar and Campaign.rar has everything) What's named: All BIPD All EQIP (save for nonimportant tags that are supposedly AL) All PROJ All VEHI All WEAP Also merged in Snipe's recent 10_prototype taglist. Merry Early Christmas.
  3. File Name: ff10_prototype.taglist File Submitter: Subzero File Submitted: 17 Dec 2011 File Category: Taglists Named most of the firefight related tags. Click here to download this file
  4. Plugin

    File Name: wave.asc File Submitter: Subzero File Submitted: 17 Dec 2011 File Category: Taglists Updated Plugin Click here to download this file
  5. Plugin

    File Name: sqtm.asc File Submitter: Subzero File Submitted: 17 Dec 2011 File Category: Taglists Updated Plugin Click here to download this file