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Found 20 results

  1. Z-Scriptor

    Version BETA v1.5


    I've been working on this editor for a while now, and I finally have a releasable version. This is basically a UI for ksoft, that you can use to code your own gametypes in Halo 4 and Halo Reach. Features: ScintillaNet text editor. Custom Themes through XML. Your editor can look how you want it to. Auto resigner. The only thing you need to make a gametype is this program and a usb explorer. ksoft integration. No need to use a CMD to export/import the gametypes. Z-Scriptor does this for you. Markers. Use CTRL + M to make a marker, then use View->Go To Marker to automatically go to whatever line of code you want. Tabs, you can open as many files as you wish.
  2. Mind Powers V2

    Version 0.1


    Mind Powers V2 is a remake of MindPowers by DarkShallFall in Halo 3. However, this mod adds much more than telekinesis. It also adds fire, frost, and shock powerups. Look for the "Powerup" section in the forge list. It is at the very bottom. Enjoy! Special Thanks to: Lord Zedd - For being Lord Zedd (Support) OrangeMohawk - Giving me the old Halo 3 Mind Powers patch which only had megaupload links.
  3. .MAP

    File Name: Mind Powers V2 File Submitter: JJIJR File Submitted: 12 Sep 2013 File Updated: 12 Sep 2013 File Category: .MAP Mods Mind Powers V2 is a remake of MindPowers by DarkShallFall in Halo 3. However, this mod adds much more than telekinesis. It also adds fire, frost, and shock powerups. Look for the "Powerup" section in the forge list. It is at the very bottom. Enjoy! Btw this video is outdated, I did finish shock. Special Thanks to: Lord Zedd - For being Lord Zedd (Support) OrangeMohawk - Giving me the old Halo 3 Mind Powers patch which only had megaupload links. I was going to ditch this mod, but I guess people still care for it, so I'm releasing it. Click here to download this file PS: Don't forget to rate the file what you guys think!
  4. This was an experiment to see how far I can push Megalo. This video should give you an idea of what's possible with gametype modding. What I did was loop through each player and spawn the ball where their head is (which took countless tries before I got it right). Then I modified base player traits to enable speed boost and changed the model variant to an invalid value to get an invisible Spartan. I originally attached the ball to the player biped but there were positioning issues so I opted to attach it to the player's armor ability instead which worked surprisingly well. Took me about an hour to polish things and get it "right". Hope you enjoyed this video.
  5. Support

    if you are interested in modding with the community come systemlink on XBSlink with me and have fun learn new things about halo 4 /modding flying vehicles projectile swapping changing fog ect mt ingame name is ImTaKillSwitch remember you havve to have a xboxlive silver account to use mic so make a free silver account if u wanna tlk
  6. .MAP

    Hey guys! I finally have the ability to mod again, since I recently got an RGH, hooray! Spent the last couple of weeks getting back to grips with XexMenu and the likes, and working on this mod. I saw this suggested on here somewhere, and I thought I would give it a shot, so props to that guy for the idea (sorry I forgot who suggested it ) BEHIND THE SCENES BLOG ENTRY: Anyway here's the mod: Another Halo 3 mod hooray! Play as Samus or a Metroid in ColdStorage! Turn into the morph ball or fly around as a Metroid, great for Team Deathmatch! DOWNLOAD: Features: -Green Visor -Big Shoulders -Arm Cannon -Added Power Beam Missiles and Seeker Missiles -Life Sapper for Metroid -Up on the D-Pad while looking straight down turns you into the morph ball (Forge Only) -Change appearance to elite to play as a Metroid TO USE THE LIFE SAPPER: You must hold down the fire button with it equipped, and go right up and touch whoever you are trying to damage. Enjoy -p0iz0n / ARCH
  7. Support

    Hi Guys i was wondering if i could have some help im trying to copy the banchee motion properties offsets to make a mongoose fly but im not sure where to put it iv copied the offsets gone to mongoose pasted the offset into the banchee motion properties and change block count to 1 and change human motion properties block count to 0 and offsets to 0 and it freezes my console can anyone Help ?
  8. I am very proud to be a member but i didnt find my time to say that yet :/ I really have to say that xboxchaos is the only good page for modding halo!! I didnt find any thx to the communitiy for posting new halo stuff all the time sorry for my bad english but i am from germany
  9. So I was naming some weapons and vehicles, and i decided to make a post. I figured it would be useful for someone. Fell free to add to it. And that's what i have so far, like I said these are only some weapons and vehicles feel free to post whatever you find LOL Never Mind
  10. So I downloaded halo 4, and I didn't have any disks to burn it into. When i tried to install disk 2 content it would ask me to insert the disk. So I found a way to fix my problem, and I havent found any tuts on this so i decided to make a tut on it. 1) Open to the root directory of your halo 4 rip, where the maps folder is. (if you havent ripped your iso look up how to rip xgd3 .iso with Exiso.) 2) open Content>0000000000000000. You should see a folder called "4D530919". copy that folder and paste it into a USB or any other storage device. 3) plug the storage device into your jtag and boot up FreeStyle Dash. 4) Go to file manager and on one side of the file manager go to where you saved the "4D530919" folder. On the other side go to your hardrive and go to Content>0000000000000000. 5) Now just copy the "4D530919" onto the other side (to the "0000000000000000" folder) 6) Now restart your xbox, boot Halo 4 disk 1, and you should have disk 2 content installed. DONE! Not sure if this is comon knowledge but I figured it would help out. I found another tut similar but that one is slighly more complicated. Here is the other tut. It's good if you plan to .map mod Halo 4
  11. Support

    How do I use the halo reach plug ins I have I've saved them to my configured USB and then put the USB in the Xbox but what's the next step !!!!!!
  12. If other please comment what game and why. i personally am most excited for HCEA, i loved that game when it was on xbox/pc when it first came out and has been a great game since. As well some of the nice features to go back and forth from now and then to see the graphics. and the additions to Halo reach. which if im correct this will make Reach already tie with the amount of maps that halo 3 had. But especially since i heard that these 7 maps will have all the forge objects that forge world has, hopefully this is true as well as some new items.
  13. Support

    So I am trying to make a weapon that shoots 3 really strong bullets and then is forced to reload, here is more of an example and a good picture hopefully. PLEASE LOOK AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE PICTURE!! So the mods I need help with are. Changing the amount of rounds until reload. Changing the amount of damage the bullet does. (This one is in JPT!.asc but don't have a good one so if you do please help me!)
  14. can somebody help me with the instalation of the mods, im a noob at this and i have no clue how to do it the mod is the portal gun for halo reach, anything helps thanks!!!
  15. I got me 4 weeks off and grew bored so I blew off the dust on halo reach, and found it quite enjoyable again.... BUT!!! unlike the good ol' halo 3 there seems to be an absence of custom games.... If you know of any gammertags that frequently play custom games please tell me or show me some way to just find these rare things called 'custom games'
  16. Support

    I am currently working on Part 2 of this: The Mods needed are below, anyone who helps me will not only get this site publicity but will be credited in the video. The Machinima takes place in the timeline of Halo 4 and on the same day that Master Chief happens to be crashing into this odd world known as Sigma 7. In the Episode I will be using these mods master chief will encounter the same ODST you see in the video above. And well you'll have to watch to find out. Thats my reason to why I need these mods. I really hope someone can help me get it done or teach me how to do the requested mods. Mods Requested: Convenant Weapons - Turned into Forerunner looking ones. Make the Covenant weapons look more Forerunner with more Lazer/Needler like weapons. Sorta the way Chrisco and Snipes Mix stuff together like Chrisco made that armored Grunted and named it the Halo 4 Creature xD and Snipes made a Dirt Board, Portal Gun, and a Tron Mod. So sorta like mixing stuff together to make it look like a cross between human/covenant or human/forerunner. Think of it as the Hybrid Weaponry. Hoverhog - Like the one Doom17 made. Falcon - Turned into a Armored badass with two lazers on it the side
  17. Well was plying like a tryhard on halo reach for a while; doin good kickin ass you know... But after the "it takes $40 dollars to get armor abilities", it takes forever to get stupid CR, and finnaly this happened So I naturally moved on like I do and find something else to do with my time.
  18. Support

    in the machinima The Forgotten Spartans, there was a mod used to make a massive battle of two huge armies. i was wondering if anyone knows how to make a mod for an army of people that look like a certain person. any help would be appreciated.
  19. I unchecked the maps using Reach Unlock and patched the waves tho when i try to load the, in this case forge world the percent stops at around 45% and resets back to 0% and the message "Player fail to load content" shows after awhile any ideas on how to fix? My idea is that i 1. did something wrong in Ascension 2. Clearing system cache messed up the game somehow 3.Failed at patching the .xex and waves. Lolz i always have problems and errors for some odd reason xD
  20. its a first person warthog and mongoose still not done with it ill leave updates below: v 0.1 warthog and mongoose first person drive warthog by entering passenger seat download link for v0.1 : http://www.mediafire...xd9h7f3d5va6p8d v 0.2 Warthog and Mongoose player model Warthog-get in driver seat no passenger seat first person machine gun turret and gauss turret Hornet-first person driver no right passenger but their is a left passenger Scorpion-first person driver and turret Mongoose-moved player model no passenger Bonus: anti-air Wraith not first person download link for v0.2 : http://www.mediafire...s29bxjf2g49eeny v 0.3 first person mounted machine gun turret(Forgeable turret under weapons) first person elephant turret first person Wraith turret moved warthog driver cam to make driving it better srry for the turrets on the mongoose i was messing around and forgot to remove them download link for v0.3 : http://www.mediafire...a3ir88ll4xstgbo v 0.4 removed turrets from mongoose increased mongoose speed a little for more fun download link for v0.4 : http://www.mediafire...e33uw3e7ojhb63m v 0.5 added passenger in warthog added passenger for mongoose added first person chopper added first person elephant improved warthog camera for driving note: if u have flaming helmet while driving elephant u will se the flame floating download link for v0.5 : http://www.mediafire...q97rzf1hrdm75m7 future updates: v 0.6 : give me an idea and i will try to do it Important: apply patch with Alteration and for the map sand trap will upload video soon found a camera that takes video any error plz message me so i can fix it halo reach first person warthog : http://www.xboxchaos...s-v01-download/