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Found 15 results

  1. I have been having quite a bit of trouble, and after searching on google, I feel like the only one with this problem. So here is the problem: After attempting to load up example.scenario in H2 Sapien, here is what happens first: And then after it loads fully, Note at the bottom-right, when I hold my mouse over the Sapien icon, and no matter how many times I click it, nothing ever appears. It loaded once quite a few months ago, after my initial purchase of Halo 2 Vista. And if you couldn't tell already, i'm on Windows 7, not Vista. And yes, I tried loading it in compatibility mode for Vista, Vista SP1, and Vista SP2. And running as administrator. So, any suggestions?
  2. I'm on a regular Xbox, has not been modded, I bought Skyrim a few weeks ago and that's all I've done since. Unfortunately, this morning as is customary I deleted all my old saves when arriving in a new place, not realizing that I was about to save in a place where I was going to die. Long story short, I deleted all of my saves except for one, and I die instantly when I load it. I have a LOT of hours invested in the character, so if I don't get him back I'm probably just going to opt out and sell the game. As a last resort, I came on here to see if there was a way to recover my saves, or someway to mod my save file so that I can you know, live. Haha. I have a copy if anyone knows how. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Hey guy, i need your help, i mod halo reach from a long time using Ascension (And i thank these creator) But.. now i using Assembly, it's better I can remove the soft barrier, but i haven't find how to remove the death barrier, safe zone and uderwater ^^' i have try many things but always i don't know why, i'm dead >.< So can you help me ?
  4. Support

    I made a monster hog in halo reach using ascension and when i get into the game the hog is slanted to the right.Can anyone help me please?
  5. I was wondering if I could get some help fixing the dual wield feature in flags in a weapon. So, if anyone knows how to make it so the second weapon is upright, it would be much appreciated. Here is a link to what I mean if you don't understand:
  6. Support

    How do I use the halo reach plug ins I have I've saved them to my configured USB and then put the USB in the Xbox but what's the next step !!!!!!
  7. SEARCH If not found then make a new request topic. Select the "Request" prefix. IMPORTANT If the mod contains meshes that scale (change size) then do not expect it to work correctly or at all on the 360. This means any body armor, gauntlets/gloves or custom animals and they often come in a pair like body_0.nif and body_1.nif. If the dds textures in this mod are too detailed (HD textures like 1024x1024 or bigger) then the Xbox360 may or may not be able to handle them. YMMV and only trial and error can tell you how well they will work. If it is known that the hi-res textures give poor performance on lower end machines, then you probably want to resize them using one of the image editors mentioned above to 1/2 or 1/4 original size (e.g. 1024x1024 -> 256x256) Please understand that not all mods will work on the Xbox360 for various reasons. Mods intended to run on high end computers usually make the Xbox360 version extremely sluggish or crash immediately. There are some differences in files between the PC version and Xbox360 version that we do not completely understand and cannot convert. There are also script functions for the PC version that are unavailable for the Xbox360. SKSE is not available for the Xbox360 so if the mod requires it then it will not work. Some mods have extra functionality with SKSE but will work without it (Convenient Horses, Extensible Follower Framework). Please be courteous and patient. Enjoy your stay.
  8. Support

    I am new to halo reach moding, and would like to know the basic's of how poking works and how can i do it. I have "ascension - build 0.039" and FSD but how do i set up ascension to do poking?(my .xex is all ready to go)
  9. Ok so Im planing on going somewhere in europe, or asia for vacation with my wife and daughter so I need to figure out where to go so if you have an idea for a good vacation area that is quiet and peaceful so my baby isnt going through hell when we get there. Please i would love to hear them and don't forget to leave the country and city name in your suggestions any idea will not be turned down i im eager to hear what you come up with but be creative and it cant be amsterdam (sorry if i spelled that wrong) i dont want my baby getting high. So, any ideas share them here, we could have this as the vacation thread, so share your ideas with everybody and help find that great vacation adventure that we all desire rite here. And dont forget to be creative our imagination is what makes us human so lets get to work.
  10. I have a project that will benefit everyone in the Halo Reach modding community. As you know the tags in Halo Reach are encrypted and are very annoying if you are trying to make your own mods that have not been done before. We need to start naming the tags more often, pick a map and give it a week and see how far you get with the tags. Sure there are people doing this already but not enough. We need to step it up if we want to get more done in the Halo modding community. Here is a quick tut on how to trace already named files to there .hlmt 1. Open up [weap] tag or any tag you like. 2. select an object, objects\weapons\rifle\dmr\dmr for example 3. In tag editor look for "Object Properties" and there should be a .hlmt DMR's is 0xF0D20C63.hlmt 4. Copy that and go to the search bar and paste it there (Take out the .hlmt so it's just 0xF0D20C63) 5. Now you have found it so rename the hlmt you are at in the [hlmt] tag folder to "objects\weapons\rifle\dmr\dmr" if you are doing the DMR like me. 6. from there you can find other stuff like Model, Physics, Collision, JMAD, IMPO and much more! NOTE: make sure to name it accordingly... Ex: "objects\weapons\rifle\dmr\dmr" not just "dmr.hlmt" I think the first way is better to read and explains more... if you have no idea what it is then you should just put DMR.XXXX no need to hurt yourself. Hopefully some people do this and maybe we can send the info to zedd for his plugin pack for reach. Leave a comment if you like!
  11. Support

    Alright so I am making a small short video for a friend on here, and I know this is most likely gonna be a lame question | nooby thing to ask but is there anyway to spawn Elites with Red/ Blue colors and then make them have swords? Any and all Assistance is Greatly Appreciated.
  12. any tips on modding with a USB flash drive would be good
  13. Hello I am still getting back into modding now it's been a while and I was wondering if there's some certain or specific jtag I should get? (Please Comment)
  14. Um Me and my brother was wondering If anyone could help us with modding like a mongoose motorcycle and any other sweet mods.
  15. Support

    For some reason when I try to open my halo 3 "default.xex" in "H3 unlock" I get an error. Also when I try to open a .map in "Alteration" I get an error. Could somebody help please!