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Found 9 results

  1. I have the Destiny (Beta, Jul 02 2014) version on my rgh and I was wondering if anyone has heard of and or discovered a way to play destiny on xbox360/rgh offline/solo. even if its just the tower it would be satisfying.
  2. NO REQUESTS I already spend too much time just converting mods for myself. Also, don't be surprised if I go MIA after days or weeks. I will get bored of supporting this and answering questions at some point... This tutorial focuses on installing mods that have already been ported/converted to DLC packages. If you are looking for a tutorial to port/convert mods to DLC then check out mine or search for Nebby85's tutorial on Xbox360Iso NOTE: You need a JTAG or RGH box to install the mods. While it is possible to put the mods into the iso and edit your skyrim.ini, you are asking for a big headache and more trouble than I am willing to help with. Firstly, there are three typical ways to play Skyrim: Disc NXE/GOD rip JTAG rip For the purpose of installing mods, all that matters is whether you are playing from a JTAG rip or not. Some mods come with 'loose files' which need to be copied to the Skyrim\data directory. If you are playing from the disc, NXE, or GOD rip then you cannot easily drop those files into the data dir because it means you have to burn a new backup and/or recreate your NXE/GOD rip. If playing from disc or NXE/GOD rip, you will only be able to use mods which are GOD compatible. You simply copy the downloaded file to Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/425307E6/00000002 If you download a mod meant for JTAG rip then you have several files. The DLC file needs to be copied to /Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/425307E6/00000002. The loose files need to be copied to the Skyrim data folder. If you have your games on an external USB in a folder called Games then the Skyrim folder would be USB0/Games/Skyrim/ and the data folder would be USB0/Games/Skyrim/Data/ If you want to learn to pack the loose files into a DLC container, then check one of the tutorials linked above. Note about Title Updates: Many of the mods require a title update. Your best bet is to use the latest title update that is out. The fact of the matter is that not all mods will be compatible with all future updates or official DLC (like Dawnguard). Load Order Load order works from bottom to top! In order to change load order, you need to remove all files from the 00000002 folder then copy them back inb the order you want them loaded last to first. I do this with the FSD file manager. I have a temp folder on my external USB that I move all DLC containers to then I copy them back one by one. DLC located on an MU will load after all the DLC located on the internal HDD. OH NOEZ MY MODS NOT WORKING! If you get to the menu screen and you see the version number in the bottom right corner then no Title Update is loading. Maybe the wrong MediaID or maybe the wrong location. If you see Add Ons on the menu screen but none of your mods show in that menu, either your DLC are not in the right folder or it is not supposed to show there. If the mod only replaces vanilla files like retexture or map replacement then it will not show in the Add Ons menu. If your mod is supposed to replace vanilla textures like "Quality Map with Roads" then you must unpack and repack the bsa archive that contains the vanilla files. This is because Xbox Skyrim looks for textures in this order: 1) image.ddx in data\ folder 2) image.ddx in bsa archive 3) in data\ folder 4) in bsa archive So if image.ddx is found first then anywhere else will be ignored. If you see your mods in the Add Ons menu but none of them seem to work in-game then there is an incompatible mod that is screwing everything up. You need to remove any recently installed mods or remove all of them and put one back, test the mod, put another back, test that mod, etc. Then you figure out the offending mod and either re-convert it or don't use it. Custom body armor and gauntlets don't work. The Xbox 360 uses a different type of mesh from PC and we don't know how to convert or create them. Meshes are .nif files and they go in Data\Meshes. If we put PC meshes on the Xbox 360, they look really distorted. I learned this information in Nebby85's tutorial on Xbox360Iso
  3. Installing Skyrim mods on Xbox360 requires a JTAG/RGH console. If you don't know what that means then you don't have one. If you want more information on it, use your favorite search engine. If you need help installing converted mods, refer to my tutorial. Do not make requests here. To request mod conversions, make a thread in the request forum IMPORTANT If this mod contains meshes that scale (change size) then do not expect this mod to work correctly or at all on the 360. This means any body armor, gauntlets/gloves or custom animals and they often come in a pair like body_0.nif and body_1.nif. If the dds textures in this mod are too detailed (HD textures like 1024x1024 or bigger) then the Xbox360 may or may not be able to handle them. YMMV and only trial and error can tell you how well they will work. If it is known that the hi-res textures give poor performance on lower end machines, then you probably want to resize them using one of the image editors mentioned above to 1/2 or 1/4 original size (e.g. 1024x1024 -> 256x256) It is important to know if the mod is supposed to replace original files in the data folder. If this is the case then we need to extract the files from the original and repack. This can get complicated if you have Skyrim installed as GOD. (Check the More Info section of this tutorial) Tools Needed: BSAopt v2 or higher - Link Velocity - link or Friday DLC Maker PREP For the sake of this tutorial, we will make a new folder for the mod's files -> C:\mymod Extract mod files here Also make a new folder C:\mymod\data If the mod contains folders that are supposed to be "dropped into the skyrim data folder" then move those folders to C:\mymod\data At this point, the only things in the mymod folder should be any .esm,.esp, and .bsa files and the data folder, remove anything else CREATING A BSA ARCHIVE 1) Open BSAOpt. If you get an error about missing msvcp110.dll, then you need to install the vcredist from the link provided in the download. 2) Click Game > Skyrim (Xbox 360) 3) Click Compression > 0 (Off) 4) Click the bottom browse button and choose a destination (e.g. C:\mymod\mymod.bsa) 5) Click the top browse button and choose the original bsa or if there were loose files, browse to the data folder and hit 'Use Folder' 6) Click Convert/Pack MAKE THE DLC For Velocity 1) Click File > Create Package 2) Choose Retail, hit next 3) Choose Live, hit next 4) Choose Market Place Content, hit next 5) For display name, enter the name of this mod the way you want it to display in dashboard memory management 6) For Title Name, put Skyrim 7) For Title ID, put 425307e6, hit next 8) Choose any 64x64 png for the thumbnails. This is one that I jacked from one of Nebby85's ports or something like that. Here is one that I made from a google image search. Hit next 9) Choose the destination file for the DLC container, hit next 10) Right click in the blank bottom window, Inject Here. Choose the bsa file. Do the same for the esp file. If this mod has more than one esp file you can add those as well. 11) When done adding files, close this window. You are done. For Friday DLC Maker 1) Choose the input folder. This folder must contain all files that will go into the DLC, no more, no less. Friday DLC Maker has no interface to add or exclude individual files. If xlast hangs then kill the process xlast.exe and try renaming any mod files with long names or if any contain a _ 2) Choose a title for your mod. This is what you will see in the Memory section of retail dash or under Addons in the Skyrim main menu. 3) The titleid is 425307E6 4) Skyrim for game name. 5) Choose any 64x64 png for the package icon. This is one that I jacked from one of Nebby85's ports or something like that. Here is one that I made from a google image search. 6) I always leave Description empty 7) Content type is 00000002 8) Output filename should be obvious. 9) I leave all bottom options unchecked unless the process hangs. In that case, I try again with the first two checked and see if I can tell what went wrong. FINISHED! Now transfer to your content folder MORE INFO Extracting .bsa files Use BSAOpt v1.6.3 or higher. It is the only extractor I have found that will extract the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim - Textures.bsa correctly. For FOMM, drag the .bsa onto FOMM.exe. Don't double click on fomm.exe because it will ask where you have Fallout installed and won't go any further. When you drag the bsa onto fomm.exe, just choose one game and hit next, it doesn't matter. Then extract all to a folder (e.g. C:\mymod\data) If you need to extract Skyrim - Textures.bsa, open BSAOpt. Click Settings > Skip Hash-Check. At the bottom, hit browse, go to the extract folder (e.g. C:\mymod\data) and hit use folder. Then at the top, hit browse and choose Skyrim - Textures.bsa. Hit unpack. Close when finished. TESArchive flags used on official Xbox360 bsa's These cannot be manually set using BSAOpt. BSAOpt sets the flags automatically depending on the files you are packing. Skyrim - Animations.bsa: Compress Archive, Xbox 360 Archive Skyrim - Interface.bsa: Xbox 360 Archive Skyrim - Meshes.bsa: Meshes, Compress Archive, Retain Strings During Startup, Xbox 360 Archive Skyrim - Misc.bsa: Retain File Names, Xbox 360 Archive Skyrim - Shaders.bsa: Xbox 360 Archive Skyrim - Sounds.bsa: Sounds, Voices, Retain File Names, Xbox 360 Archive Skyrim - Textures.bsa: Textures, Xbox 360 Archive, Embed File Names Skyrim - Voices.bsa: Voices, Xbox 360 Archive Skyrim - Voices2.bsa: Voices, Xbox 360 Archive Skyrim - VoicesExtra.bsa: Voices, Xbox 360 Archive Update.bsa: Retain File Names, Xbox 360 Archive Update2.bsa: Retain File Names, Xbox 360 Archive Dawnguard.bsa: Meshes, Textures, Sounds, Voices, Retain File Names, Retain Strings During Startup, Xbox 360 Archive
  4. Video

    Hey guys I have been watching a few to many modding videos recently, I was thinking what an awesome idea a montage of mods would be. Now I don't want to be some "Halo Follower" and just rip YouTube videos without permission. I know how that feels, so all content will be credited to the respected creator. So I am asking you to post the best mods you have ever created or seen (with the creators permission.) Creator/Owner :Media link :Description : You can use this to post ^ All videos in this post will feature in the Modtage! Contact Skype: AHP_MasterChafe
  5. Request

    i was wondering if anyone could convert the Amethyst Hollows Dreamworld mod to be GOD compatible.
  6. Support

    How do I use the halo reach plug ins I have I've saved them to my configured USB and then put the USB in the Xbox but what's the next step !!!!!!
  7. Brahmin Launcher

    Version 1.0.0


    A missile launcher that spawns at the entrance of Megaton called the "Brahmin Launcher", shoots explosive versions of the mutated, two-headed cows we all have come to know and love. Video: Read me contains: This is the sole property of Ozzycow54, you may use it in videos without claiming it is yours. Installation: 1. Put the Brahmin Launcher.esp in the "Data" folder. 2. Put the "projectiles" folder in the "meshes" folder which should be in the "Data" folder. (If not created yet, make a folder called "meshes" without the quotes in your Fallout 3's "Data" folder. 3. Activate the Brahmin Launcher.esp in FOMM or in the Fallout Launcher. Have fun!!!
  8. Modding

    Introducing The "Navigation Menu" Navigation Menu is the first and only menu EVER released for a Halo game designed specifically to cater to modders, advanced users, and XLink Kai players. With it's stunning visual features including: Realistic Falling Snow Halo 3 Style Layout Remastered Text Remastered Lighting Once you use "Navigation Menu" for the first time you will promise yourself that you will never leave it. The download for the Ascension patch is below. Navigation Menu V1.ascpatch
  9. General

    I was wondering if anybody had some fallout New Vegas mods for a jtag?