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Found 3 results

  1. I have the Destiny (Beta, Jul 02 2014) version on my rgh and I was wondering if anyone has heard of and or discovered a way to play destiny on xbox360/rgh offline/solo. even if its just the tower it would be satisfying.
  2. This is a quick tutorial on how to change the RGLoader background 1. Download the correct and most recent version of RGLoader (I am using v295) 2. In the HDD-Filesystems folder look for a file called "xlaunch_unpatched.fdf" 3. Rename that to "xlaunch.fdf" and delete the original xlaunch.fdf that was in the folder 4. Do everything as you normally would and enjoy the stock XDK wallpaper *NOTE: I have found this by using crafty Google searching and I am still testing it to see if it has any negative effects on the console. I will update the pro's and con's list as I continue to test. If you know of any effects this edit does please don't hesitate to reply to my post and I will add them in.* Pro's -Your RGKernel looks like a legit XDK! Con's -On an 05' Xenon JTAG, this edit prevented the system from booting with this edit on v295 (Don't know about v305) *Note the xlaunch_unpatched.fdf is no loner included in the newer filesystems, you have to download it from the older 14719 filesystems. This is also no different than changing the xshell theme, just this isn't an XDK.
  3. this is hear to help guide new members and people who are starting out. just helpful tips on the many ways to install modding programs. remember to mod safely and have fun.