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Found 9 results

  1. .MAP

    due to a lot of comments on my youtube video i have decided to make a tutorial for this, and yes it is very simple. first of what your going to do is go into the biped that you are playing as, scroll down to the flags and scroll down them until you see a bitmask with alot of unnamed options. scroll in it till you see able to dual wield, check this and poke/save. now for the final thing you need to do which is the exact same as halo 3, go to the weapon that you wish to dual wield and go to its flag and check the one that enables the weapon to be dual wielded. simple poke/save and your done. enjoy only few bugs i have had while doing this is i somehow managed to make it so i held the four weapons separately as well as my right arm fell off and ended up holding a weapon only in my left hand.
  2. File Name: ZanzieHunter. File Submitter: Akarias File Submitted: 16 Aug 2014 File Category: .MAP Mods -Installation- As basic as it gets: 1. Patch with the provided patch using Assembly 2. In game set your armour as Elite 3. Load up Last Resort -Meh- Click here to download this file
  3. ZanzieHunter.

    Version 0.1


    -Installation- As basic as it gets: 1. Patch with the provided patch using Assembly 2. In game set your armour as Elite 3. Load up Last Resort -Meh-
  4. [redacted] Process will / is automated in assembly now. /thread.
  5. Well, since alot of people have been asking about compiling the Injection branch of Assembly lately, I figured I'd make a tutorial to help them out. Of course, you can apply this to any source code you need to, but I'll be using Injection Assembly in the tutorial. What you'll need A source code - Injection Assembly (on the right side of the page, click Download ZIP)Something to extract the contents of the ZIP file (I think that Windows can do this automatically, but I use WinRAR.) 7-Zip should suffice if you need something free (found through a quick search on Google)Visual Studio 2012 or above. I believe Express should work fine as a free alternative to the full software, however, I will be using VS Ultimate 2012 in this tutorial. Have this installed before following the tutorial.xdevkit.dll from the Xbox 360 SDK. I won't be posting any links since it is warez. Google can help you out here.Courtesy of AMD: You might need the Expression Blend 4 SDK in order to compile it if you don't already have it.Step 1: Extracting the ZIP file Of course, the first thing you'll need to do is extract the contents of the ZIP file you downloaded from GitHub. With WinRAR (and I'm sure it's similar with other extractors), right click on the ZIP file and choose "Extract Here". When it's done extracting, you should see a folder named "Assembly-injection". Open it, then open the "src" folder inside. Inside, you should see a file called "Assembly.sln". That is our solution file, which contains the structure of the program's project. Now, assuming you have Visual Studio installed, you can double click on that to open the file in VS. Step 2: Adding the xdevkit.dll Reference Upon opening the file, you should see something like this: Now, if you've never opened Visual Studio before, you're probably clueless what's going on here, like I was the first time I opened it. The most important thing to know is the Solution Explorer on the left side (it might be on the right, depending on the version of VS you're using). Scroll down to the bottom of the solution explorer, until you find "XBDMCommunicator". If it's not already, expand it to see its contents. Right click on "References", and select "Add Reference..." Now, click on "Browse...", navigate to the location of your xdevkit.dll, select it, and click "Add". You should see something like this now: Click "OK", and we can move on to the next step. Step 3: Compiling Click the dropdown box that says "Debug" underneath the "TEST" menu at the top; and change it to "Release". Now, all we have left to do is compile our code. On the top menu, under "BUILD", click "Build Solution". Upon clicking this, you should see the Output box come to life: You'll know it's done when at the bottom of the output box, you see something like this: ========== Build: 8 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========Step 4: Where the Hell is my Program!? Good question! Assuming you set the build mode to Release, open back up the "Assembly-injection" folder you started with. Then open "src", then "Assembly", then "bin", and finally "Release". So in not so many words, you can find it in Assembly-injection\src\Assembly\bin\Release. You can copy this folder over to your Program Files folder, and rename it if you wish to do so. But, running Assembly.exe from this folder will start the program for you. It should be noted that the plugins included with this version of Assembly are outdated. You can find the most up to date plugins here. If you followed this correctly, you should have a working version of Injection Assembly, just like you always dreamed of. Yay! As always, if you've got any questions, comments, etc. Don't hesitate to post or send me a PM! Thanks Microsoft for the tools to create and build software. The Assembly team for an awesome program. AMD for fixing problems before they happen
  6. Modding

    This new easy method is now possible thanks to Ethatron, a modder and a true asset tot the TES modding community. If you want to buy him a beer or sandwich, you can donate to him via Paypal. I will take some credit for myself as well. I analyzed archives and researched and presented Ethatron with my findings. He did every bit of the programming and implementing though. How to repack Textures.bsa Download BSAOpt v2 or higher. If you get an error about MSVCP110.dll missing, you need to download and install the vcredist from the shortcut provided in the download. 1) Click Game > Skyrim (Xbox 360) 2) Click Compression > 0 (Off) 3) Click the bottom browse button and choose a destination (e.g. C:\Skyrim - Textures.bsa) 4) Click the top browse button and choose the original Textures.bsa 5) In the top window navigate to the folder with vanilla textures you want to remove. If you don't know which folder to look in, you can check the recursive box in the middle of the windows. 6) In the bottom window, uncheck the vanilla textures you want removed. For example, if you want to use the Quality map mod, you will uncheck these files: textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.-32.-32.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.-32.-64.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.-32.0.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.-32.32.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.-64.-32.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.-64.-64.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.-64.0.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.-64.32.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.0.-32.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.0.-64.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.0.0.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.0.32.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.32.-32.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.32.-64.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.32.0.ddx textures|terrain|tamriel|tamriel.32.32.32.ddx 7) Click Convert
  7. I was wondering if I could get some help fixing the dual wield feature in flags in a weapon. So, if anyone knows how to make it so the second weapon is upright, it would be much appreciated. Here is a link to what I mean if you don't understand:
  8. .MAP

    First you'll need to update your plugins to the newest version. all of the things in this tutorial can either be poked or saved in the .map. Then after you do that you will need to open 4 different files in the .map of your choice, For this tutorial i will be using the Wall_Coliseum. You need to open [bloc], [hlmt], [mode], and [phmo]. to start i will go to mode, scroll down to where you seen the bounding box and simple resize the X, Y, Z to your desired size. make sure however that the minimum value is a negative. for my wall i will keep it simple and change everything to be twice the size. during this you can poke to see the changes in your objects size as well being i dont want the texture to get bigger i will also change the UVW maps and double them to the texture remains teh same size repeated over the material. i recommend a calculator for these. now what you want to do is go into bloc and change the bounding size to a number large, being i doubled my size im going to double this number, thus making it so the object you resized will stay on your screen. this one doenst need to be exact now, for the final stage to make sure it stays on the screen delaying the LOD model, cause we arent going to be resizing that in this tutorial. Go into HLMT and you will see the LOD Activate and Remove, changing both to larger numbers (500 -800) work generally good for making the object never hit LOD on a map. And for the final step you need to make the object actually have a physical state. meaning you can walk on it. In PHMO you will see two different parallelepipedal parts, one is the basic physics and the other is the collision settings. you will need to change the XYZ's in both of these. You will need to change all chunks of it as well. Now when your done poking this final thing your object will now be whatever the new size is as well as have proper collision. The only thing i have not been able to find is the Forge Bounds(where you can pick up the object).