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How To Edit Idle Animations

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  • Jtag or Dev Kit
  • Ascension
  • Halo: Reach installed to USB or HDD
  • A decent stringid list. Download
  • A mapped out jmad plugin. Download


1: Open a .map file in ascension and open the jmad tag of the bipd you want to edit. In this tutorial, I chose the Elite.

2: Scroll down to the "Animation Calls" struct. Now your screen should look like this:


3: In Halo: Reach, shoot or place the bipd you´ve chosen. By default an Elite clone looks like this:


4: So now that that´s done, we can analyse the state of our bipd. The state is needed to find the correct idle animation inside the jmad tag. In my case the Elite is standing and isn´t driving. Bungie named this state "combat". Since the animation calls struct already is set to "combat", we can leave it like that:


5: Furthermore the Elite is holding a needle rifle, which belongs to the "rifle" weapon category. So let´s set the "Object (Weapon)" struct to 5-11 "rifle":


6:In theory, we now could choose a specific rifle in the "Class" struct, but I want to keep this tutorial simple. Thus I´ll keep the classes untouched:



7: Good job! You´re prepared to start modding. First take a look at the "Full Animations". Every chunk stands for a different animation.

Chunk 0 triggers the idle animation. It is the most important one. But we want a new idle animation, so we´ll set the name to 0.


8: In Halo: Place or shoot a new bipd. The new should look like this:


9: Now the time has come to choose the new idle animation. Scroll through the different chunks until you find one which has an interesting name. I took the teabag animation from my video. It is called "land_hard" and is stored in chunk 12. When you´ve chosen your new animation, change it´s name to "idle". In, the string "idle" has the identifier 12:


10: The rest is trial and error. Spawn a new bipd. Usually its animation hasn´t changed. The only way to fix this is to null out the name of the chunk that comes before your new "idle" chunk. Then spawn a new bipd and hope that the stance has changed. If it hasn´t changed, repeat this step for the next chunks, until you notice a difference. For example: My new animation has the chunk 12. Through trial and error, I found out, that I had to null out the chunks 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6:


11: Done!. You now should have a teabagging Elite or something similar:



Chrisco, for his initial research and his tutorial. And, yes... I know that this tutorial is almost the same as his. I just wanted to describe this process a bit more detailed. Chrisco´s tutorial

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