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Nate the Great

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I've never really played around with animations, finished the pelican having landing gear animations on seat power up / power down. :) Needs three physics spheres attached to the landing wheels to solve the tipping issue.



Coming soon to a max script near you ~ ~ ~ ~


Populate your maps inside of 3dsmax, yey. (The math is literately just shove the decimal two places, converts the units just like in halo CE)

Edit 2: Pathfinding in multiplayer.

As long as I am in range of a firing point, the AI will find a solution. Note that if I am in an invalid location the ai will get as close as he can until there are no more valid locations. You can see this best at the end where they make their way down to me. Them stopping is because they are most likely trying to fire, but have no gun.


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Incoming WUMBO, PART2 Wumbologists unite.
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