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Site Spring Cleaning

4 posts in this topic

We have made some changes to forum layout on the index to make it more organized. I will outline the changes below. There may be more changes yet as well.

  1. Gears Of War >> Now a forum instead of it's own category. It's under All Xbox
  2. Xlink Matches >> REMOVED (This forum had no use)
  3. HCEA Forums >> Moved under First Generation Halo forums due to lack of activity.
  4. Buy/Sell/Trade >> Moved to free discussion (Felt it was more appropriate there)
  5. Loyals Forum >> REMOVED (There is no Loyals Group anymore, also this is was a forum for Loyals to talk to staff if you are wondering)

Hopefully these changes make sense so far. If you have any feedback for the organization, please feel free to leave it in this topic. I am open to suggestions :)

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