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Site/staff Info Update!?!

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First things first. The Community Game Night friday and saturday are still being held. Just go to the portal page and scroll down til you see the original post and sign up.

In other news Derek will be away for the month of June so in his place is I (Who) that will be filling in his shoes. Also, the shout box is a privilege just like being able to go to school. Don't bring drama that is outside of XboxChaos such as real life problems like getting hacked, fairy tales, and other nonsense in full blown detail. If there is someone you do not like on the site please IGNORE THEM! If you fight with them in the shout box it is an automatic ban from using it. We don't mind if you sign in and are post "damn... i'm having a bad day" just as long as you don't go into anything that is personal. Over the past few months we have had members fight in chat and also complain about their real life problems that go way to far into detail and other members probably dont want to see it nor bother with it. So, if you dont watch what you say or release to much info we feel that is too personal we will issue you a temp shout ban. If you become a repeat offender we will perma ban you from the shout box. We are cracking down on this mainly because we see that this nonsense if occurring way to often.

Thank you for your cooperation.

~Community Managers

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