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Extensible Follower Framework By Expired

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Disclaimer: This use of this mod requires a modified console. Neither the author(s) of this mod nor I condone piracy. By downloading and using this work, you agree that you take full responsibility for the use or misuse of these files. The mod author(s) and myself are relieved of any liability associated with how you use or misuse these files.

Disclaimer for the mod author(s). While I may have received permission to repack and rehost these files, the author(s) of this mod has(have) not expressed approval of illegal or unethical activities including but not limited to Breaking EULAs of Microsoft, Sony, or Bethsoft. Therefore the mod author(s) can not be held responsible for any use or misuse of these repacked files.

Note from the mod author(s): These files were designed to be installed on PC. Any and all support for this conversion will be kept here. Do not contact the author or post on the nexus forums, steam website, or bethsoft forums with any problems that arise from using this mod.

This mod requires a JTAG/RGH console. If you don't know what that means then you don't have one. If you want more information on it, use your favorite search engine. If you need help installing converted mods, refer to my tutorial. If you would like to try to convert mods yourself, refer to my other tutorial.

Do not make requests in a release thread. If you want to request a conversion, make a request thread.

Extensible Follower Framework by Expired <- really, that's the author's name

This is much like Ultimate Follower Overhaul but actually works on the Xbox 360

Game Version 1.3 or higher

This mod contains three plugins, one of which is optional.

Please read the update description regarding the version you are updating to before updating. If this is your first time installing it is recommended you dismiss any followers you may have before doing so.


-Recruit up to 100 followers at once (set PlayerFollowerMaximum to X where X is anything lower than 100)

-Follower commands are executed via menu rather than dialogue (This means they can be commanded while in combat)

-Extra commands can be accessed through dialogue if menu is off

-Followers stats can be displayed and are categorized

-Followers mount horses if they own one and you are riding one

-Followers can "collect" or "harvest" specific item types when told to

-Followers will ride their horse to go "collect" if they own one

-Followers can "relax" or "sandbox" at point of command

-Followers outfit can be "set" from a list of basic outfits, or you can set to none and give them whatever you want

-Followers stats can be "updated" via the "Train" command

-Followers combat style can be changed to "Default", "Archer", "Berserker", "Mage", "Thief", or "Warrior"

-Followers can dual wield

-Followers "Residence" can be set to anywhere the follower is standing

-Followers can be assigned to be "Default", "Protected", or "Essential"

-Any available command can also be applied to the entire group at once

Optional Game Setting Tweaks (L - Lower than Vanilla, H - Higher than Vanilla)

fFollowSpaceBetweenFollowers - 64 (L) - Should shorten the single file follower length

fFollowerSpacingAtDoors - 256 (H)

fAIDistanceTeammateDrawWeapon - 0 (L) - Turns off Drawing Weapons when you do

fSandBoxSearchRadius - 8192 (H) - Should allow sandboxing to reach out to objects further away

iFriendHitCombatAllowed - 10 (H) - Allows you to hit your friends up to 10 times before hostile

iNumberActorsAllowedToFollowPlayer - 100 (H) - Not sure if this does anything, used to be 6

iNumberActorsInCombatPlayer - 100 (H) - Not sure if this even does anything, used to be 20

iAllyHitNonCombatAllowed - 30 (H) - Should allow you to smack around your followers 30 times before hostile


By typing I_AGREE for the password, you agree to the disclaimers above.

If you enjoy this mod please go to the original release page and endorse it or express your gratitude in a post.

v3.5.6 Non SKSE features confirmed working by me

Download GOD compatible DLC package from 4Shared or Google Drive

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