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Multi-Utility Mod By Selyb

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Hi sorry for my bad english. i'm trying to change the "Health" value i've tried but i dont get it :/ can someone please tell me how to do it? it's a 360slim (ps: please make it for a 6years old child) :) thanks

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On 2/10/2012 at 2:06 AM, selyb said:

Disclaimer: This use of this mod requires a modified console. I do not condone piracy. By downloading and using this work, you agree that you take full responsibility for the use or misuse of these files. I am relieved of any liability associated with how you use or misuse these files.

This mod requires a JTAG/RGH console. If you don't know what that means then you don't have one. If you want more information on it, use your favorite search engine. If you need help installing converted mods, refer to my tutorial. If you would like to try to convert mods yourself, refer to my other tutorial.

Do not make requests in a release thread. If you want to request a conversion, make a request thread.

Need help testing alpha version.

Check this post

Multi-Utility is a Skyrim mod that adds a menu with many console functions for Xbox360 and PS3 users. I will attempt to add requested features as time permits.

I have included some excel sheets with many IDs. The rest can be found at or at

Expand this spoiler to see the menu hiearchy.


Hidden Content

Regarding Form IDs for installed mods:

If you look up a Quest Form ID in TESVSnip (or similar) it will give you a normal looking number e.g. 02000DE6. The 02 at the beginning will be different depending on the load order of your mods. To determine load order for a mod that isn't in the info menu, look at the Add-Ons menu on the start screen and count from bottom up, change this to hexadecimal, and this will be close to the number you need. The reason this is not acccurate is because load order is determined by the number of ESM/ESP's loaded. Some mods (Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix) have no ESM/ESP, while others have many (Belua Sanguinare Revisited has 6). I will try to inform on the release page if any mod does not contain only one ESM/ESP per container.

So here is an example:

I have 27 mods on my Add-Ons list. The 3rd from the top is Convenient Horses and I need this number so I can stop the CH quest. Counting from the bottom, Convenient Horses is #25. In hexadecimal, this is 19. TESVSnip showed the Form ID for quest 'CH' is 01020329. My first attempt to stop the quest will be 19020329. If I get the failed message, I try close numbers so I will try 1A020329, 18020329, 1B020329, 17020329, etc.


Equip Multi-Utility from Powers in the Magic menu. I tried to make the menu as easy to navigate as possible. If something is really confusing, ask here and I will answer your questions and maybe change it so it will be easier in newer versions.

Known Issues:

1) Uninstall is broken in v5/v6. It will be fixed in v6.2.

2) Sometimes the number you enter isn't what is shown as current (Put in 4.2 and it shows 4.199999). This is not a bug with the mod but has to do with the way Skyrim handles it's variables. I don't understand it myself. I thought long and hard about a way to fix this but I've got nothing :-/

3) Some messages in the top left are very small text. This has somthing to do with my compile of messagebox.swf. I am looking into the problem.


This mod was inspired by Command360 by rankstar over at Xbox360iso but I rewrote my own from scratch. Source for the scripts are included.


By typing I_AGREE for the password, you agree to the disclaimer above


v6.1 4Shared or Mediafire

Old Versions

4Shared or Mediafire



Hidden Content


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