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Royal Bloodline By Xyks

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Disclaimer: This use of this mod requires a modified console. Neither the author(s) of this mod nor I condone piracy. By downloading and using this work, you agree that you take full responsibility for the use or misuse of these files. The mod author(s) and myself are relieved of any liability associated with how you use or misuse these files.

Disclaimer for the mod author(s). While I may have received permission to repack and rehost these files, the author(s) of this mod has(have) not expressed approval of illegal or unethical activities including but not limited to Breaking EULAs of Microsoft, Sony, or Bethsoft. Therefore the mod author(s) can not be held responsible for any use or misuse of these repacked files.

Note from the mod author(s): These files were designed to be installed on PC. Any and all support for this conversion will be kept here. Do not contact the author or post on the nexus forums, steam website, or bethsoft forums with any problems that arise from using this mod.

This mod requires a JTAG/RGH console. If you don't know what that means then you don't have one. If you want more information on it, use your favorite search engine. If you need help installing converted mods, refer to my tutorial. If you would like to try to convert mods yourself, refer to my other tutorial.

Do not make requests in a release thread. If you want to request a conversion, make a request thread.

Royal Bloodline by xyks

Ravenous1 says this doesn't work

Remove Better Vampires or BSR if you use either, install Throneroom first if wanted, then RoyalBlood, then BSR/BV. Xbox DLC are loaded opposite the order installed and RoyalBlood needs to load after BSR/BV.


This mod aims to add another level of epicness to the Vampire Lord and empowering it for the higher difficulties, while staying close to the original gameplay. However, most importantly it is supposed to be fun. This mod adds 6 new perks (including brand new abilities like flight) and some minor tweaks to the Vampire Lord.

The Throne Room mod file overhauls Harkon's/The Player's room in Castle Volkihar.


By typing I_AGREE for the password, you agree to the disclaimers above.

If you enjoy this mod please go to the original release page and endorse it or express your gratitude in a post.

Download v1.1 in GOD compatible DLC package from 4Shared or Google Drive

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I can't extract even typing I_AGREE for the password :bunny: 

Try again. I just tested and it extracts fine. If you were copy-pasting it, try just typing it in.

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