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How To Install Disk 2 Content Without Burning To Disk

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So I downloaded halo 4, and I didn't have any disks to burn it into. When i tried to install disk 2 content it would ask me to insert the disk. So I found a way to fix my problem, and I havent found any tuts on this so i decided to make a tut on it.

1) Open to the root directory of your halo 4 rip, where the maps folder is. (if you havent ripped your iso look up how to rip xgd3 .iso with Exiso.)

2) open Content>0000000000000000. You should see a folder called "4D530919". copy that folder and paste it into a USB or any other storage device.

3) plug the storage device into your jtag and boot up FreeStyle Dash.

4) Go to file manager and on one side of the file manager go to where you saved the "4D530919" folder. On the other side go to your hardrive and go to Content>0000000000000000.

5) Now just copy the "4D530919" onto the other side (to the "0000000000000000" folder)

6) Now restart your xbox, boot Halo 4 disk 1, and you should have disk 2 content installed.

Not sure if this is comon knowledge but I figured it would help out.

I found another tut similar but that one is slighly more complicated. Here is the other tut. It's good if you plan to .map mod Halo 4

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