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Halo 2 Vista: Sharing My Modded Campaign Sppf Patches = )

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Halo 2 Vista SPPF Patches for Campaign description.


New Update and Final Release.

- Pelican Rocket Pod accuracy fixed;

- Phantom turret accuracy fixed;

- All modifications revised.

Final Release SPPF Patches 01/09/2014 


>>>><<<< >>>><<<< >>>><<<< >>>><<<< >>>><<<< >>>><<<< >>>><<<< >>>><<<<


New Update (12th) Notes [all levels]:

- Improvements on Banshee, Ghost, Spectre and Wraith Boost Rise/Fall Power.

(12th Update) SPPF Patches 11/17/2013


New Update (11th) Notes [all levels]:

- Wraith turrets accuracy fixed;

- Graphical issue on the level "Gravemind".

(11th Update) SPPF Patches 11/16/2013


New Update (10th) Notes [all levels]:

- SMG Stock restored as it should ever be on Halo 2;

- FOV increased;

- Phantom turrets accuracy fixed;

- Banshee model restored to Default variant.

(10th Update) SPPF Patches 11/13/2013


New Update (9th) Notes [all levels]:

- SMG Stock is now reduced, just like the SMG from Halo 3;

- SMG bullet damage improved;

- Weapon Melee and Energy Sword damage improved;

- And a few more little fixes made.

(9th Update) SPPF Patches


New Update (8th) Notes [level Regret]:
- Fixed the Marines ODST armor;
- Fixed the AI Char Battle Rifle firing time;
- Magnum bullet damage increased from 8 to 12 [all campaign levels].

New Update (7th) Notes:
- Pelican and Phantom flip / pilot strings are replaced with Hex Editor, has some other vehicles doesn't exist on some campaign maps i'm trying to make a decent text string.
- All maps have been fixed for new strings for the Pelican and Phantom.
- New Player Starting Profile weapons for all maps.
- Pelican cargo bay door is now closed.
- Default Warthog using Machine Gun is now changed to Gauss Warthog for all maps.
- Fixed the missing Scarab on the level The Great Journey.
Link from new SPPF Patchs below.

Last Update Time Zone: (GMT) Casablanca, Dublin, London, Lisbon, Monrovia.

All of this mods have been done with: Assembly (for real time editing); Gravemind V1.5; Gravemind V1.6B, Ambiguous V1.0 Beta (for real time editing); MR. Mohawk verions 1.0 1.1 1.2; and H2V Casca Beta to swap the projectiles, clone vehicles, clone AI on the map without replace it with MR. Mohawk.
And the Hex Heditor was used to mod the FOV.
Ambiguous Real Time Editor v1.0 Beta
H2V Casca Beta (works only with latest Halo 2 Vista Patch v1.0.4.129)


In this SPPF Patches the campaign is all modded by me, i got some help to change the Marines Armors and to make the Phantom flyable as well.
And making the Pelican using Rocket Pods

To install this you need the Original Campaign Maps in order to play, and i mean cleaned maps only! = )
Do not forget to backup original or modded campaign maps that you have!
Open Super PPF Tool, click "Map File" and browse it to your map.
Click "Patch File" and choose my *.sppf patch file corresponding with the map you opened.
Wait until is says "Complete" or something like that.

First of all you need to download Super PPF tool to apply these sppf patches.
Super PPF Tool
(9th Update) SPPF Patches

Last Update Time Zone: (GMT) Casablanca, Dublin, London, Lisbon, Monrovia.

Well the campaign consists of 15 levels, of which 14 are playable, so you don't need to apply the sppf patch for this *map*

*(* --> The Heretic - For failure such as this, no punishment is too great. (cutscene; unplayable)
( ---------> The Armory - Suit up, prepare for battle. (tutorial)
( ----> Cairo Station - Defend the station's MAC gun from Covenant boarders.
( ----> Outskirts - Rally scattered marines, clear hostile contacts from the old-city.
( ---> Metropolis - Take the bridge, break the Covenant's grip on the city-center.
( --------> The Arbiter - Infiltrate a Forerunner facility, quell the heresy within.
( ---------> The Oracle - Kill the Heretic Leader. The Prophets' will be done.
( ---> Delta Halo - A Covenant army stands between you and Regret. Get to work.
( ------> Regret - You heard the lady. Locate the Prophet, take him down.
( ----> Sacred Icon - Succeed where others have failed. Lower the shield protecting the Sacred Icon.
( --------> Quarantine Zone - Parasites, humans - no matter. The Icon must be found.
( ------> Gravemind - The Prophets have the Index and plan to use it? Over your dead body.
( --> High Charity - Cortana can handle the Index - stopping Truth is up to you.( --------> Uprising - This is certain: The Brutes shall pay for the blood they have spilled.
(> The Great Journey - Form an unexpected alliance, keep Tartarus from activating the ring.
( ------------> Manage the game by setting your Profile, Video Settigns, Controls, Campaign and Multiplayer.

Which moddifications are done on the following maps ?

All maps have the same moddification, that means all stuff is likely the same, don't forget do apply the patch to the details: New transparecy menu and Battle Rifle number plates removed. (Works on multiplayer)

BIPD: The Master Chief's FOV is changed from 1,22 to 1,50.

BITM: The SMG Reticle is changed just like the E3 Demo of Halo 2.

CHAR: The AI while using the Battle Rifle is calibrated. You will understand me when you start playing.
The Wraith Miniguns are changed, when you drive the Wraith they will shoot to protect you.

HLMT: All the Civilian vehicles have explosion, watch out when you are too close from it and you blow it because you can die from that.
In the map Outskirts and Metropolis the Marines can't die, the rest of the campaign maps they can die.
The Phantom can now be destroyed while using the cheat "One Shot Kills". This cheat can only be used with PaulusDevTrainer.
The Phantom Turrets Cannot be destroyed.

JPT!: The Vehicles explosion have more damage.
The Battle Rifle bullet have more damage.
The Frag Granade have more damage.

MGS2: The Pelican Thrusters have been fixed, they are more likely the Pelican from Halo 2 Xbox.

MODE: The Marines have been replaced with ODSTs armor.

NHDT: The Battle Rifle has the SMG ammo meter from 36 to 60 Ammo per clip.

SCNR: The Outskirts 1st BSP Sky has been modded as well, the 1st BSP uses the cinematic New Mombasa.

SND!: The Battle Rifle half reload sound is modded to complete reload sound.

VEHI: The Shadow is now drivable.
The Pelican is now drivable, entry strings, flip messages and look limits are adjustable and it has a attached Rocket Pods that shoots whenever they want even if you are driving it or the AI is.
The Phantom is now drivable, entry strings and look limits are adjustable, the turrets shoots whenever they want even if you are driving it or the AI is.
The Ghost can now shoot while using the boost.
The Banshee can now shoot while using the boost, the look limits are adjustable and the cockpit will not close.
The Warthog now uses a Gauss instead of a mounter machine gun on the level Outskirts.
The Wraith boost is infinite and the miniguns shoots as well.

WEAP: All weapons can be dual weild, all weapons have more ammo capability.
The Battle Rifle suports 60 ammo per clip, no numbers plate just like the E3 Demo, and shoots rounds of 1 by 1.
The SMG has no recoil.
The Shotgun bulet spread has been adjustable.

Any issue please contact me and i might have some time to re-re-mod the mod again.

I want to say "7hanks" to:

Shock120 / BoXiousNet

















I dare you 8D !

Edited by AltSierra117

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